Amazing and Beautiful in Barcelona


Amazing. Beautiful. Fantastic. Surprising.  Those are some of the words we heard from a small group of people who were shown what we’ll be announcing on Sunday evening in the beautiful city of Barcelona.  We were humbled by their enthusiasm for our new products, and saw surprise and excitement written on the faces of each person who picked up our new phones.

Sunday we’ll show you all something fast, authentic, iconic, and amazing.

John Starkweather with HTC Elevate Member

HTC's Dan Lazarides with HTC Elevate members

Amazing Sights at Barcelona Meet Up

56 Responses to “Amazing and Beautiful in Barcelona”

  1. avatar TechFan5 says:

    Please HTC, make sure the OneX goes to Sprint and quickly!  This phone will be THE phone to have and the only phone that is worthy of replacing my trusted EVO.  Keep up the great work!  

  2. avatar Salamander189927 says:

    Can’t wait for something good. 2011 wasn’t a bad year but o hope this is one is as good as u promise. Hope at least one comes to sprint

  3. avatar Fisbuk says:

    Yea yea “amazing”. no mSD, built in battery and plastic housing? I thought its supposed to be a step forward, not an apple-inspired step back. Im jumping ship to samsung, gl with the trying to convert apple fanbois or who ever ur targeting with that, THC.

  4. avatar Ukscj says:

    It was a great night
    tonight is gonna be awesome ;)

  5. avatar Howard Wu says:

    Is that Victor in the photo?

  6. avatar blahhh says:

    will One S also have gorilla glass? and how about other minor things, such as FM radio, document viewer/editor, etc.?

    i’m really looking forward for the full specs, videos, and date of release! can’t wait :D

  7. avatar Ainars says:

    about what are you talking ?

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  9. avatar Ainars says:

    wtf OneS ?????

  10. avatar TheHammerMan says:

    used to be an htc fan. got the desire and desire z. htc is only focusing on getting new customers. you forgot that present customers will change phones in the future.

    sold both phones, disgusted with htc. now using an n9 as temp, while waiting for the next nokia wp or iPhone.

    • avatar Stefan says:

      Why stick to one phone brand anyway? I have several brands to play with. You must pay the cash though! But lets be honest…this whole smartphone market is based on making money…that’s business. Once in a while there’s real innovation.

  11. avatar TechSavvyJaz says:

    I am expecting nothing but a completely new design pattern, sick with the same “made from one block of aluminium” design.. it’s been same from desire to sensation..

  12. avatar Norgan says:

    Another boring Android. I’ve been a huge Windows HTC user but feel alienated by HTC now. Might go back to Nokia when my Lumia arrived.
    Remember who made you HTC ..hint…it was not Android!

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  14. avatar trini114 says:

    So excited I have been patiently waiting for HTC to tell me all the stunning details of my next Android phone on TMobile USA

  15. avatar Misreb says:

    In built battery!!!!!! why!!!!! at least if you want ot do that make it at least 2300mAh. Too shame. I was waiting for this one for a 2 months now. Looks like I have to go samsung Galaxy. I am so disapponted HTC. I will give you another chance to see the  other phone. Hope that wont come with an in built battery! 
    Still can not get it though! why?? what do you gain from making it non removable? 

  16. avatar Gazbo says:

    Gota say Fisbuk is spot on. No mSD, no removable battery, all the great advantages over Apple taken

  17. avatar Calumwardlaw says:

    sadly if the specs are true i will be moving phones the galaxy s3 looks like the best bet atm my DHD done me well and i just loved the feel of having a metal casing that felt solid but if they are moving to plastic then am off! no card slot and a built in smallish battery only 26gb poor show!

  18. avatar Diane says:

    Quel groupe de chanceux!! Hâte de voir toutes les caractéristiques officielles! :)

  19. avatar Shane Willetts says:

    Jealous :) – Beautiful weather in UK atm – hint hint ;) – maybe next time?

  20. avatar Flow_HotToCome says:

    Does the conference will be broadcasted in live by HTC?

  21. avatar htcfan!(: says:

    Can’t wait till the one X comes to Verizon ! Which I’m assuming it will since most of HTC’s best phones are on Verizon. Love htc and sense (:

  22. avatar Andrews says:

    is that for ICS update??

  23. avatar Typongtv says:

    When is HTC coming to stage ?

  24. avatar jaumeestruch says:

    Hi Jason, Dunn, John and the team HTC.
    Thanks for a great weekend, has been a pleasure to try beforeanyone new devices and above all, know you to you, you arewonderful people, really. Two days that will never forget and of course, we hope to see you at some other event.

    We left very handsome in the pictures!

  25. avatar Arianeta says:

    HTC & Barcelona Rules! :D

  26. avatar Peter Vernelen says:

    Thanks for the Amazing Evening guys, Grtz Peter

  27. avatar delia balsells says:

    It was amazing!! the experience, people and of course see the new HTC devices! You are the number one! Thanks!

  28. [...] tengo fotos propias de esa noche, pues hasta el final no nos devolvieron los móviles, aunque en el blog oficial de htc si que subieron algunos al día siguiente. Ahí podéis ver como Arianeta y yo miramos [...]

  29. avatar Pvernelen says:

    This whas such an Amazing evening

  30. avatar Peterv says:

    Thanks for the Amazing evening

  31. avatar Ukscj says:

    some pics for you guys

  32. avatar ugur islamoglu says:

    good phone, is high performance.

    accsesuar sales

  33. avatar Peterv says:

    John explaining the new integrated beats audio features, Awesome!!

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  35. avatar Monica says:

    Hola yo soy de Barcelona!!!
    me parece que por aquí las cosa no van muy bien con buestros distribuidores The Phone House y Vodafone.Bueno he intentado conetestar a un usuario en otra pagina vuestra que yiene un problema tecnico con uno de vuestros HTC y no me habeis dejado enviarlo, más o menos lo entiendo pero la verdad miraros lo que os estan haciendo por aqui THE PHONE HOUSE y VODAFONE porque  creo que no os hacen gran favo si teneis dudas de la autenticidad de lo que os escribo estoy dispuesta a enviaros por mail escaneado todo los documentos que verificam mi versión este es el comentario que no he podido enviar por si os interesa saber lo que están haciendo por aquí  con vuestros productos .


  36. avatar Monica says:

    Perdón seme olvidó adjuntar el comentario con mi caso.

    si has tenido algún tipo de problema
    ten muchísimo cuidado,lee la Ley de garantía de consumo de bienes
    vigente,no lo dejes pasar yo adquirí un HTC desire HD com
    permanencia de tarifa L de 70e con iva mensuales de muchísimos meses
    en the phone house en Cerdañola del Vallés con tarifa de vodafone
    que aparte de la permanencia de la tarifa L bastantes meses creo que
    18 la verdad no estoy segura me pusieron también tarifa de contrato
    de 24 meses o no se una burrada de meses tambien y despues de 1 año
    aproximadamente que me salió defectuoso de fabrica que no funciona,
    con 4 reparaciones infructuosas de un mes cada una de ellas, sin ni
    siquiera darme otro terminal de sustitución pagando unas tarifas
    astronómicas ni, the phone house en (CC la Farga de l´hospitalet)ni
    HTC, ni vodafone o timafone como prefieras llamarle me da ninguna
    solucion y todavía tengo permanencia ,sin móbil viable,habiendo
    pagado un pastón,perdiendo muchísimo tiempro preciado,dinero y con
    una impoténcia de tener que permitir que me sigan robando hoy dia
    24/3/12 aquí estoy sin poder dormir escribiéndote por el digusto
    que me he llevado hoy cuando he ido a reclamar mi terminal de nuevo
    ,se supone reparado por cuarta vez no estaba y llevándole al
    supuesto encargado de the phone hause la farga la Ley de ganatías de
    bienes de consumos vigente en la mano, en la que especifica
    claramente que tenía derecho a reclamar un cambio desde el principio
    no una reparación y menos 4 y encima ahora me dicen que otra más
    ,para flipar. El supuesto encargado me ha insultado de una manera
    brutal me ha llamado desde loca,que llamo a los de seguridad y te
    llevan a sant Boy psiquiátrico que hay en Barcelona ,que era una
    cocainómana de mierda por los dientes ,ya que tengo problemas de
    ansiedad y soy prusaria (prusarismo) desgasto los dientes por la
    noche sin darme cuenta ,me tengo que poner una félula de descarga,
    tengo alguna mancha pero el esmalte muy mal y no puedo blanqueármelos
    ,me cuesta arreglarme la boca 7000 e más o menos con fundas que no
    me puedo permitir ,aunque cómo amigos como estos que en vez de tener
    que pagar la cuota del dentista les pago a ellos vaya tela y mas
    insultos.Total lo siento por explayarme tanto pero es que lo mio
    es indecente un marrón impresionante sólo querría que supieras que
    te mires la ley vigente ley de garantía de bienes de consumo y no
    permitas que nadie te haga lo que me han hecho a mí que confié en
    ellos y ahora defensa del consumidor me lo ha explicado después de
    todo este tiempo que los puedo denunciar que me han engañado
    OCU, OMIC o cualquiera de defensor al consumidor, antes que fiarte de
    ninguno de ellos si llamas al 012 o al ministerio de
    telecomunicaciones que también te informarán ten MUCHISIMO CUIDADO
    POR FAVOR si necesitas verificarlo estoy dispuesta a escanear toda la
    documentación, reclamaciones y todo lo que haga falta mi emai .Cuídate ,Suerte.A sàbado 24 de
    marzo del 2012 a las 4:47 todavía histérica perdida :´((((((((((

  37. avatar Faris Haridi says:

    Hi Jason Dunn…

    As you are the Global Community Manager…

    We are asking when HTC will release the ICS Update to HTC Sensation (Original Sensation) in Middle East… It took so long time and we waited this update for long period of time… I contacted (HTC Team In Middle East Via Online Chatting Tool) but they don’t provide me with a perfect answer… When the update will hit our Sensations in Middle East… Why HTC released the update for Sensations in Europe and Nordic Countries and didn’t consider the customers in the Middle East???

    We are really frustrated from HTC support in concern to ICS update. Why HTC differentiated between customers in silly way??? This is totally unacceptable as WE are really thinking of HTC as powerful phone manufacturer???

    We are really asking for the update… Kindly note that other brands including Samsung, LG, Sony are already updated and enjoyed ICS 45 days ago… HTC Sensation is not yet updated and when we ask them, no perfect answers to our concerns…


  38. I am about to file legal complain against HTC India for giving me faulty instrument of HTC sensation XE which had problem of weak signals, they have replaced this phone and given me other phone which has even multiple problems including same old phone of weak signals.

    I have cooperated enough and given enough time plus visited local service centre more then 10 times. Now even after my written complain there is no proper response so I have decided to start legal action on HTC India.

  39. avatar delia balsells says:

    I love to remember this experience, I love HTC

  40. avatar Jason says:

    HTC cancels Desire HD update to ICS, 收撚皮喇你!!!!!!!