Great Times at Mobile World Congress

After the excitement of our Sunday press conference at Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest showcase of innovative mobile technology, is now nearing its conclusion in the heart of sunny Barcelona.

The HTC booth has been a massive hit with conference attendees, with crowds itching to get hands-on time with the HTC One family. Particular favorites among visitors is a simulated in-car experience, showcasing the refined “Car Mode” of the HTC One X, and a chandelier made entirely of Beats Audio headsets.

NVIDIA, who partnered with us to build the quad-core HTC One X, has been showing off some of the great games, Sonic the Hedgehog: Episode II, Dark Kingdom THD, Eden to Greeeen to name a few, coming to the HTC One X in the next few months.

If you prefer playgrounds, ice cream and smoothies with your mobile devices, the Google Pavilion at MWC provides plenty of opportunity for fun. The Android developer appears to have taken inspiration from a fairground this year – giving out a near-endless supply of real Android-shaped ice cream sandwiches, snapping free ride photos for users of their two-story spiral slide and hosting a grabbing crane for attendees to win free Android prizes.  We’re having a great time here in Barcelona!

Well, while I get back to work, take a look at some of the cool things we seen at Mobile World Congress.  Stay tuned for more updates on HTC One and Mobile World Congress 2012.

The Beats Audio Chandelier

Nvidia Booth

Game Testing at Nvidia Booth

Android Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Ukscj

    awesome job with the ONE SERIES guys
    congratulations for a very successful event

  • http://www.spacejunkie.co.uk djlazarides

    Thanks! We’re really pleased you enjoyed the event – hope to see you soon.

    • Ukscj


  • Mio Starkid

    Will the Beats Audio Headphones come with the One X? Everyone is saying something else, please clear it up for us!

    • Mashud

      yes i want to know what kind of headphones it comes with!!

  • Diane

    Very excited about this new lineup! Hardest part will be deciding if I want to move from my current HTC Sensation to the One X once it comes out.. Hmm.. 😉

  • Vanda Hendrychová

    is there anything similar also for tablets…? Some Tablet world congress or anything? 😀

  • shashidhar L

    when will we get ics for incredible s in india