HTC One X Wins Two Awards at Mobile World Congress

What a show!  We knew there was excitement; from everyone attending the February 25th Barcelona meet-up to the reaction of those attending our press conference.  Today at Mobile World Congress brought even more excitement when the HTC One X was honored by both Laptop Magazine and Tom’s Hardware.

The quad-core powered HTC One X, with ImageSense and Beats Audio, was named “Best Smartphone of MWC” by Laptop Magazine and “Best in Show” by Tom’s Hardware.  We are honored to receive these prestigious awards.  Thank you for a great Mobile World Congress!




  • Guardian

    What about the rumored quad-core tablet….?

  • Poppy

    Agreed with Guardian! Where is the tablet? 

    Congratulations on the awards! The One series looks amazing. Can’t wait to upgrade!

    • BABY D

      what is the price for the phone and when it will be launching out?????

  • N8shon

    I love everything about the HTC One X. Please please please tell me that you are bringing this phone to Verizon Wireless in the US. Will this be replacing the Rezound? I want to support HTC and I love your devices, but the Rezound is just not competitive right now. I want this One X!

    • http://www.facebook.com/kenybbear73 Kenneth Wright

      I agree Please Please bring it to Verizon wireless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sebast1an09

      It’s only for at&t 🙁

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000168861200 Patrick Dahlke

        Also for sprint, 95% chance.

      • shenafanadia


    • http://twitter.com/JonLabbe Jonathan L

      Same here, want it on Verizon Wireless. Im ready for an upgrade but want to wait for better Ice Cream Sandwich phones and I love my original HTC Incredible. I could even deal with the HTC One S. Not sure if 4.7in is too big for a phone. The 4.3 on the One S could make me happy.

    • Chris

      Chances are the one S will replace it, but the rezound just came out in November as a replacement for the thunderbolt. Dobut it will go away.

      as a current rezound owner I’d pay full price for the one X. 

  • HTFan

    Bring this phone to sprint!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1638587191 Chris Davis

    where is the link to the phone???? i wannnnnnnnnnt

  • MC10

    Sprint! We need a new HTC phone!

    • Mahsoom Moosa42

      you got that….Sprint should be launching their first LTE phone or htc one x….you know what would happen to tegra 3 in that case.

  • http://profiles.google.com/matthew.palsson Matthew Palsson

    What kind of notification LED does the HTC once series have? is it nice and big like the nexus and can it do more colours than just green and amber?

    • Frbezar

      green and amber… a dot light comming beneath the speaker holes

  • OneX

    thank god its GSM!!! sprint service sucks at home and I will DEFINETLY be getting one of these!!

  • Beethoven Roman

    Es un gran logro para HTC en verdad se lo merece

  • CJ HTcfan

    please get an unlocked version , you will get popularity 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001211502980 Roberto Coronel

    Alguno Htc One para T-Mo usa?

  • Dkstatus28

    Bring It to Sprint. Sprint customers are loyal HTC customers!!!!

  • guest

    will any of these phones be on verizon pls?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000365697624 Utkarsh Katiyar


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=760690704 Jay Green

    Dual core (and NOT OMAP 5?) Mehh….NON removable battery? Lame!

  • Jacob

    on the specs page of the htc site, it says all 3 in the one series have a dual 1.5ghz processor? is this supposed to be quad for all 3 or just the xl? cause the xl is just too damn big to me for a phone and i think the One S is the nicest looking, but that was a terrible name choice, you now look like you were just copying samsung and apple.. 

  • Corwin1681

    it better be available for T-Mobile in USA!

  • Rezound

    Att? REALLY?? Why bring the best phones to the second crappiest carrier?? Where’s the cdma/lte love?? Holding out on my upgrade for an X equivalent on VZW…cmon now

  • http://www.facebook.com/tarunchaudhary1988 Tarun Chaudhary

    Non-removable battery and that too only 1800mah ? What the hell are you thinking ? 

    • Yassir_hmd

      exactly, everything about the phone screams average. Not a single spec of this phone stands out from the competition, very disappointed with HTC what the hell ar they thinking

      • shenafanadia


      • Mahsoom Moosa42

        considering that the phone is running on a 500 mhz A9 for most of the time and has a newer kernel. it should be sufficient. 

    • Mex5150

       Indeed, I have lost so much respect for HTC with this stupid design flaw.There are a great many people around here carrying HTC phones because I recommended them. There is NO WAY I will be recommending the iOne to anybody!

    • Chris

      non removable means a thinner phone. 

    • Mohit2109

      madarchod apny amma ki gaad me 1800 mah lagana .mr tarun choda

      • Anand Kothari

        pata nai bhadve ko battry ka matlab malum bhi hae ya nai..!! lol kids will be kids…agree to u mohit!!

  • Thomas

    Congratulations – but quick question. What about the tablet?

  • Liyang3880

    China mobile?TD-Scdma?

  • faizal

    When it gonna come to malaysia?and how much the marked prices?sorry 4 my bad english

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.mittal Jon Mittal

    Launch in India as fast as possible………….

  • Mario Estrada

    Come on sprint, don’t let me down!! 

  • davyjohn

    Non-removable battery – stupid decision!

    • Voice of Reason

      Why? No one knows whether Nvidea is telling the truth that the Tegra 3 will use less power. If it is true, will you acknowledge your wrong to say this?

      • shenafanadia


  • Chris

    i wont to buy it 

  • Amro99

    if this (or One S) get the same positive reviews, it will be my next phone for sure! my only concern is battery. if it doesn’t disappoint it can lead through the whole year, and what HTC will need is to release a refresh of these devices with ONLY bigger batteries and more storage and more optimized Sense, that’s it! no need to get busy with new designs and segmentations

  • Diane

    Congrats for the two awards!! I know HTC will get many more, especially with this new lineup!!! HTC One ROCKS!!!! 😀

    And for all you “haters” who are complaining about the non-removable battery.. I know that’s important but have you considered looking at all the other specs? The Dual-Shutter feature which allows you to snap pictures while filming a video is simply AMAZING!! Not to mention all of Sense 4. Can’t wait for its release!

    Good job HTC! 🙂 You never fail to impress me!

    • http://twitter.com/cheule Scott Gray

      Hi Diane,

      I guess many are complaining about the non-removable battery because sometimes your phone locks up completely, and the only way to reset it is to remove the battery for a minute. I’ve had to do this a few times on my HTC Desire so I’d expect it’d probably happen a few times if I were to get the 1X.

      Plus it completely precludes the possibility of a 3rd party manufacturer making an extended battery kit for those that want it.

      • Diane

        Hello Scott,

        I understand where they’re coming from, I had the HTC Desire a couple of years ago and now the HTC Sensation and if I ever encountered problems, removing the battery had come in handy a couple of times and was even suggested by customer support.I didn’t mean to disrespect those who didn’t like the switch to an non-removable battery. They have a right to not like it. I just feel there’s a way of communicating it and focusing on the bad with all the great features they’ve added with the new One lineup was just unfortunate.

        You bring up a good point about a third party manufacturing an extended battery. I have had to switch it up too when I ran out and wasn’t able to find a plug to recharge my phone. Hopefully they kept that in mind when they designed it.

        We shall see. Appreciate the feedback.

  • Kelawala Dharmesh


  • MuhammadSiddiqui

    What will be its price

  • Shane Willetts

    First (two!) of many…stick to your plan and advertise this beast to the hilt!

  • Phil

    It needs to be 4G LTE ready hopefully. Awesome phone though!

    • Diane

      It is. It’s code named HTC One XL. It’s technically the X but sold in the US. It’s LTE ready, the only thing is it’ll be a dual-core processor instead of a quad-core processor due to its incompatibility with the LTE technology at the moment.

  • Chetan

    Htc is going nowhere unless they release updates periodically.

  • Prislav

    Поздравляем компанию HTC с её достижениями!

  • http://captaindbg.com Shyam Sasindran

    First of all Congrats …. Great machine!

    For end users non removal battery is fine but Tweaks and Developers will have a hard time turn the device off when it bootloops. I hope there will be a hard reset that could turn off the device hardware level like cut off the power circuit or something.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      Hi Shyam,

      Thanks for the kind words.  There is a hard reset on the HTC One, pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds will force shut down the device.  It basically simulates pulling the battery. 

      • http://captaindbg.com Shyam Sasindran

        Thanks Larry. That’s nice to know. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/TESQSCYTBUIYATKH3FJWOMHKWY Nagy

        Simulates? you cannot fully simulate a power on reset via SW :). A battery pull is a useful tool that is being removed for aesthetic reasons. I’m not really liking this.

    • Mark Henderson

      Holding the power button down causes a hard reset independent of the software running. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002534160306 Ditya Aditya

    amazing.. i wonder how fast it is

  • Designericon1984

    Congrats …after desire HD … this is another great phone .I will never sell my desire hd .

  • Estads

    Non removable batterie?32g!

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  • http://twitter.com/figmentmnj Tim B.

    As nice as cloud storage is, it is currently IMHO not a good replacement for a MicroSD card slot, and a removable battery IS essential till such a time as there are ways to charge a phone when you are not near a power source.  As carriers are forcing tiered data plans down our throats, or significantly throttling the speeds of unlimited data plan users, we need to have removable local storage.  Some of us do end up in situations where using Cloud storage is a corporate or legal violation as well, has anyone seen the privacy policy of Dropbox?  

  • amjad ali

    well we can say tht HTC has brought new quad processor but unfourtunately if thy have gave some options like micro sd slot,amo led,and great battery timing like Black berry thn it surely wins the race….Htc should bring andriod and windows operating system in same mobile  can work on any of system which user wants at any particular time…

  • Yassir_hmd

    I am a massive HTC fan but have been disappointed by HTC ONE X. HTC have the money and huge profit margins but are doing nothing to stand out from the competition. Pretty much every specification of the phone is what other quad core phones have. I would have liked to have seen a 2500 battery or Super AMOLED screen. SG3 will own this phone in sales and HTC will lose out to Samsung again. I’m going to be leaving HTC come the summer…

  • htcdesire user

    If the rumours for S3 are true, I fear for htc.. The oneX was an improvement, the one S… seems just like a new improved XE. But I don’t see any greater innovation here, no surprises by htc. If S3 is going to have an edge to edge screen that is rumoured to be at 1080p, I will no longer be surfing this website but samsung’s.

  • Congo_prince

    people need to stop complaining about non removable battery and memory size. a) you hardly ever need to change your battery, if the lifes short deal with it its a phone, they dont last days on end. b) fml if you need more than 26gb of memory you really need to stop downloading crap. says 32gb i know but htc website says actaully will be 26 due to the os ect. but im good with that, stop you bludclart complaining.
     and + every phones gonna become like this. 

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  • Okjd

    Did half you commentors read up on the  same MWC that I did?
    On topic, This phone, imo, has only 2 real world competitors at the moment, hardware wise. The (unnanounced) SG3 and the Chinese quad core thing.
    Wait till this 1x hits the streets and then judge it. Same with the competition.
    HTC have done a great job here , i think. This will replace my ageing but still perfect HTC HD2.

  • Roylovelock

    thanks htc for making my mind up and upgrading to another manufactor. its bad enough with no sd card slot but not having a removable battery is a deal breaker for me and many others. ive had a battery swell and ruin a perfectly good gadget, not being able to remove the defective cell was the root of the problem.
    this looked like a ground breaking device like the desire hd was, sadly its one step foward and two back for the end user.

  • Steveindajeep

    having a removable buttery isn’t just about resetting the phone. its about not being a slave to a charger. i want the ability to pop in a fresh battery when i am out and about. i carry 2 spare batterys with me now. this non removable crap is a deal breaker for many of us. htc and other phone manufacturers take note!

    • Chris

      you still have to worry about making sure both batteries are fully charged. a spare battery means NOTHING if it isnt charged. 

  • Sammy

    wow,…waiting for d product…gonna rockup d market …

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  • D Gray370

    Mobile phone companies seem to have become obsessed and completely fixated over competing with each other slimness, while completely ignoring customers needs for practicality… having a phone 5 mm thick doesn’t impress me…. having a phone (even 15mm thick) that I can use to watch a youtube while on a long train journey or catch up on my email, text and play a game then still have sufficient power to make a call does impress me… not being able to upgrade to 3500 maH which is the absolute minimum (all phone manufacturers take note) I repeat absolute minimum battery size required by any smartphone. It can be octo core it could be 10 ghz with 512 gb storage with 10 gb ram but if the battery cannot match the aftermarket ability available to phones that can be made useful for 8 hours it is useless. Aftermarket batteries are not designed to improve looks they bulge and come with a cover to incorporate the bulge… handset makers could spread it out a little more evenly I don’t mind a phone 5 mm thicker as long as it is useable… by chasing the pointless title of who makes the thinnest phone…. manufacturers are robbing us of the thing we buy a mobile phone… mobility….. we can never be more than 3 hours away from a charger. I’m off to make a phone that’s the thickness of a human hair… it can only be turned on for 10 seconds between charges but it should put a stop to all the ridiculous posturing between companies and maybe they’ll concentrate on the customers needs instead.

  • dave gray

    Larry I hope these replies help you leave the corporate world and come over to the customers side for long enough to acknowledge the feedback…. I can remember the days when I used to have a note by the door so I didn’t forget my phone… I still have a note but it says… “don’t forget the charger” I have a second charger at work (which others queue to borrow) and the first thing I do once home is to put my phone on charge, instead of freeing up my life, my mobile has become a burden… If I was smart I’d buy a cheap phone that lasts 5 to 7 days between charges and a tablet… it may be a little more cumbersome but not as cumbersome as carrying the charger as well. Perhaps all future reviews should incorporate the size of the charger as well as the dimensions of the phone. Maybe more effort should be made to make the charger more user friendly and easier to carry… OR you can fit a practical battery to smartphones.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aanandoham Sunil Chugani

    HTC ONE X IS a good phone…. Its spec sheet is nice….

    My one query is, as the phone uses non-removable battery…. 
    How gud will be the battery life….
    As it has a massive 4.7 display but only 1800mah battery…
    Hey Larry, Can you assist me regarding this

  • http://twitter.com/jin_brasil Carlos Jin

    Larry, congrats to HTC for launching such a incredible phone, but please make them consider the idea of giving freedom for the user too choose wich launcher they prefer, stock ICS or Sense.


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  • http://dantech.tumblr.com Daniel Tung

    Hi, I have a challenge to HTC engineers:Can you create a device with a 7” screen in the body of a 4” phone? The reason – we need ONE single device that satisfies our desire for (a) a larger screen, AND (b) easier to carry.If you can, you will create a new lucrative market 🙂

  • xtr

    Please revise them like you revised their names! HTC One series looks like a good bunch but the lack of battery capacity and importantly EXPANDABLE STORAGE *MICROSD is not there? So what the hell? I don’t want to go back to LG.. It’s horrendous

  • Chris

    plus a non removable battery makes for a thinner phone. who doesnt want a thinner phone? 

    • Liqwidzero

      Me. Which is why I went ahead for the Rezound. The thickness of the device is just right.

      • Chris

        I own the rezound as well, butr given it came out last year and the one series isnt even out to buy yet your comment is useless

  • Philiphassialis

    What about SD card? I have used the same card from Desire HD to Sensation to Sensation XE. Do I have to forfeit my investment in this technology? 32gb cards don’t come easy (especially if you buy 2 of them)

    • Mikel Syn

      actually they do, but my main gripe is being able to use my phone as a flash drive, which as far as i know, is not possible with the internal memory. granted lots of apps and all on the internal memory but how much does it cost to just add a stupid micro sd card slots in?

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  • Tyron vomber

    What is it with all the people requiring extra batteries – Do you guys live in the bush?  Must be apple fans…  I can’t believe that people actually carry spare batteries around with them.  I have been using the HTC sensation (whose battery live could be better) and i can count the number of times i have run out of power on one hand. 

    • D Gray

      Your point might have made sense if you said your phone never ran out of power…. saying it’s happened on a few occasions with such a relatively new phone only validates the short battery life.

  • TonyGiannos

    Bring to Verizon please(:!

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  • FreeSlave

     “…a pain in the ass to send the entire phone back for repair if anything goes wrong with it.”

    Exactly. I walk in the country a lot, I like to take pictures, use sat nav, talk, text, read maps, and take video, I want the option of carrying a spare battery or two so I can use my phone as much as I wish. Sometimes I take long flights without being able to recharge. Sometimes I camp for a weekend and no I don’t want to carry a portable charger around and leave my phone attached to it for 8 hours in dim Scottish autumnal light, I want my phone with me and I want to be using it.

    If I decide I need a phone with a removable battery I will make my decision based on that. With that in mind my decision will be to not select this HTC phone and to choose something else.

    If you don’t care about a removable battery, good for you, this might be the phone you are looking for – enjoy it but stop being children and telling people what they do or do not want or
    need. HTC have created a product they believe covers a suitable market
    base, this looks like a great phone but it isn’t suitable for me so I will look elsewhere or at other models, thats all there is too it.

    • Rich

      8 hours in dim autumnal light? Im talking about ones that charge your phone in an hour flat through an internal battery pack, not some kind of solar trickle charge. Lets be realistic, a portable (and by that I mean actually pocketable) battery pack that can charge your phone 4-6 times is of far more use than carrying a single spare battery around if you know you are going to be using GPS heavily, or be away for man outlet for a few days. Or let me guess… carrying 6 removeable batteries around would be better, right? 😉

  • Nopen1278

    I plan on getting an htc one x even though there is no removable micro sdcard slot.  It should not be much of a problem since I plan on getting the 32 gig one.  But it would be nice to have the option of an sdcard slot even if one were not included as one could add more space and it is speculated that the iphone will be adding this feature while htc has removed it.  But as far as the phone in its entirety it would be a great upgrade for me as I have the htc hd2 with android running.  With the specs on the htc one x I would get over 4 times the processing speed plus 2 times the ram. I would also have 2 times the space and dropbox is a nice feature for moving files around.  I would probably use my wireless to move files between phone and dropbox as mobile data is limited.  All in all it is an amazing phone and a great upgrade.  I can’t wait for its release and to actually use it.  I will be getting the unlocked one as the tmobile version is rumored not to come with sense.

  • Stantastic

    Quad Core processor should make the battery last longer….

  • T Wilson73@yahoo.com

    No 4g LTE WTF lets buy a Lamborghini that’s restricted to residential driving only max speed 25mph.

  • http://twitter.com/LennartL Lennart Linde

    im really looking for forward to get my new htc one x the descion stand between one X and Note but i think one X can be winner it have better screen and quad core and about the battery its a li-po that will have a longer life span than an ordinary litium battery.

  • Guest

    I sure hope these new phones finally have a decent internal speaker.  The sensation ones aren’t a patch on the iPhone.  About time this gets fixed.

    • Mark Henderson

      I have the HTC One X and can confirm the speaker is much better than any previous HTC handsets (I had the sensation and many others) and it sounds in my opinion much better than my wifes iPhone 4S (which is good). No vibration thanks to the way the speaker holes are drilled into the case also very clear with a reasonable bassy sound for a phone helped by the beats audio which now works on any audio that comes from the phone and not just the music app.

  • Testicle

    only real reason why i feel that the battery issue is a problem, is due to the fact of all of the time that u need to reboot with picking out battery. If the phone locks how do u solve this?

  • shenafanadia

    dr dre beat speakers

    nuff said

  • shenafanadia

    your a terrorist
    i rebuke the terroist !!!

  • shenafanadia


  • Dully1994

    Unlucky ppl with small hands :). And as for the battery life. It is a disappointment. But! Im sure htc would have tested the battery life n shiz. So chillllll. Ppl. Oh yeah another thing. U can get one of those battery box things to charge ur phone or sumthin. So yeah. But im defo gettin the one x :).

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  • YT

    I own a HTC desire hd and after a year the battery barely lasts half a day. But it’s okay because I can change the battery. With the one x I can’t and it’s a deal breaker. So until a better design comes out, it’s another brand.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=747310338 Ajit Cherian Mani

       i think the battery is just not user replaceable.. but if u need to replace it the service center can do that..

  • Ben Gor

    It is a Li-Poly as apposed to a Li-ion battery so that’s a plus, I agree with the others, I’m a heavy user but There’s a charger in my car and USB ports all over the show, Furthermore I have a power Gorilla at my disposal so Thinner is better for me in this case.

  • Ady_aaa

    I think what people are forgetting is at least in the UK anyway all contracts are being shoved onto 24 mths and for a phone with a sealed battery? hmmm wouldnt like repai bills after a year or so,think i’ll pass on this phone.

  • Rustam Djakhangirov

    What are you talking about people? The phone is great. It has outstanding specs. and even the battery is ok for all included parts. Tegra was designed so that it consumes charge in big amounts only when it works on complex tasks. If you’re worrying about the loss while data transfer then you should just know when to switch of your 2G/3G/H/H+ connection, I think it should be done so when you don’t use internet. And don’t install apps with ads. included. That is what makes your phone run out of charge. Just be aware of stuff that is running on your device. The only point that for what I can blame HTC is the new sense which is way to animated. I don’t like the 3d effects. They possibly look well and maybe even outstanding but comparing with original ICS launcher it seems to be less user friendly. But as I mentioned its just my opinion and possibly when I will hold the device I’ll change my perception of the pnone.

  • yoshi85

    removable battery?! I’m a breath short from having a panic attack!

    have an EVO 4G which I love and the only real upgrade that Sprint is going to
    offer is the One X. Between listening to the radio, playing games and reading
    the NYT I run through 3-4 batteries a day. (Yes, 3-4 batteries a day). I’m not
    going to be charging the phone neither at the bar nor on the subway. Besides, it’s
    called a MOBILE phone for a reason. I don’t want to be walking around with a
    friggin charger connecting it everywhere like a fool. I want to be free.
    Motorola can make a 3300 mAh battery and all HTC can produce for a 4.7 screen
    phone is 1800 mAh? What gives? The battery is going to be half gone before I
    spit out my toothpaste.

    friends are constantly running out of juice on their shiny apple products
    because no, no one has figured out how to make energy compatible with
    technology yet. Thank god these tech people don’t manufacture cars; people
    would be walking on the side of the road with a bottle of gas on a regular

  • http://twitter.com/DahIzzo DahIzzo

    im the “ONE” who WONT buy this phone aswell.
    the fixed battery (inlc. only 1800mah) incl. the fix 32 gb (where only 2X GB will be availible for datas) killed my interests for this phone…
    sad. i thought HTC was made for Hardcore users aswell…
    rly seems like theyre going for the average costumer.
    right now im happy with my Evo3D.
    i can change my 2x 32 GB sd cards as i need em.
    and i ALWAYS have a 2nd battery in my pocket- and in 5 of 7 days i RLY need THAT extra power!! (even tho its undervolted and under-scaled cpu at 810mhz).
    HTC forces me to buy a Samsung or Apple next time…
    rly makes me sad. i loved htc sense… lol

  • chaki007

    I think the best part is that there is One XL guys. Check it out. HTC One XL is with Snapdragon S4 wich is with dualcore and same efficiency but with 28 nm architecture regardless to One X with 40 nm architecture. 28 nm is 40% less energy consumption. It is equiped with LTE modul. So, before you complain about a phone model better check out everything they offer…..

    • http://twitter.com/DahIzzo DahIzzo

      same chip as in the One S.
      but both lack in storage space.
      16 gb, where only ~10 gb are availible for data useage.
      And i cant use a dropbox account for my other ~20 GB of datas, because then my internet flat Limit of 3gb/month whould kinda explode…
      16 gb storage- is so oldschool, im feelin like living in 2007

      • chaki007

        Yep, you got a point there. I am using the Sens XL and got about 9 GB free space. I have many apps, games installed and some music. I have 4 GB free. I can’t imagine for what would you need more? Movies, pics? Yes 32 GB would be great. But external storage will do for me….i guess 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1169690809 Niraj Agarwal

    Hi, I am a fan of htc devices. I love the way it looks and its performance. looking ahead to buy htc one x. It will be great if it would have an expandable memory slot and 4G LTE enabled since 4G LTE services has been launched in India

  • Mark Henderson

    I for one (and people I know) have had many HTC phones with removable batteries and NEVER had the need to remove it. I have the HTC One X and the battery lasts the day which is all I need it to do. You dont here iPhone users demanding a removable battery and its never even really mentioned or a problem!!! HTC have just moved with the times, people who sit there with there stupid little stash of batteries are in the minority and you will find most would rather have a slimmer one piece backed phone like the new range of HTC’s have.

    Get used to the idea of a non removable battery my sad little friends as all phones are going this way eventually as is non expandable memory something else iPhone users dont whine about.

    Good move HTC I like the new design and the phone works great.

    • JT

      Whats up with the “you don’t hear iPhone users demanding” and “iPhone users don’t whine” garbage? This is an Android phone and people buy Android phones because they DON’T WANT a piece of junk iPhone. I occasionally have to remove the battery on my HTC EVO 4G (usually when the update through Sprint glitches) and I like have the option of having a second battery or swaping cards. If I wanted a one size fits all I’d buy a stupid iPhone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1655876386 Vrajesh Kothari

    Is the global version of HTC One X with quad core available in USA???

    • http://www.facebook.com/vinod.paryani Vinod Paryani

      I dont think so, as AT&T may not permit. But what i have read online, it that dual core One XL is better than One X on benchmarks.

      Also, i upgraded from Desire HD to One X about a month back, I dont see much difference in processing 

      And trust me Quads get heated if you play games for 15 / 20 / 30 mins

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lucien-Michael/100001520058371 Lucien Michael

    The battery is not the problem for One x! The real problem at this phone is itz factory display malfunction. Therz a factory problem at this phone that persits and can`t be fixed in a service or on the warnity. That problem hurts very bad. Shame on Htc by sending on the market the phone like this. I use EVO 3D, i-m very proud of it and i gladly recomend it. Keep your eyes wide open if you want to buy Htc ONE X!

    • http://twitter.com/basejumpbr j.ito

      I posted a article about the problem…but HTC censured it…^^//

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lucien-Michael/100001520058371 Lucien Michael


    • Alejandro Cedillo

      what’s the malfunction?.. my One X doesn’t have any problem with the display!

  • http://twitter.com/basejumpbr j.ito

    HTC is kidding with Japanese Market….They release a Quad Core device in some Markets and here a poor dual core device….to shame…Then we waiting for SAMSUNG GALAXY S3…SAMSUNG don t keep hang on yours powerfull devices…^^//

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000830739878 Pablo Rodriguez

      Quad-Core processors dont work with LTE, thats why both the Galaxy S3 and One-X have a dual-core Snapdragons S4 Processor in the U.S versions, but quad-cores in the European market. HTC wasn’t going to release a flagship device for the U.S. running on 3G.. A poor dual-core device? Hahahah, performance wise their almost the same, but the dual-core saves more battery. The One-X is easily better than the Galaxy S3, so I don’t know what you’re talking about calling it a “poor” device.. o.O

  • zin min thu


  • Warghost

    Yeah, I went with the Rezound from Verizon. I have seen li-po batteries explode, expand (cracking a phone display), and emit nasty odors. These instances are not from neglect. I wanted to stay with li-ion batteries because they’re safer. Also, quad-core processors aren’t being used as efficiently as dual-cores are, so there’s hardly a noticeable difference in performance. And lastly, I did put a more powerful battery in my Rezound, I got the replacement from Mugen. 1900mah vs the 1620 that came with it. I was getting good battery life, but still like to have more. The new battery is the same size, so no added bulk.  Why HTC doesn’t include a removable battery NOR a SD card is sad. I carry a lot of stuff on my phone, 32gb is not enough for me. The Rezound is definitely the way to go this phone generation.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U5OIJ6RH54OXCXCG25SKQ334XI Dhaval

    I guess they forgot to test the MULTITASKING on the phone before giving the awards. USELESS

  • http://twitter.com/kevinx1 Kevin Chapple

    Battery is RUBBISH, as far as I am concerned.. Pity  🙁

    Battery VERY poor (in my opinion). Yeah, okay, if I leave the phone on,
    receive 1 x 8 min call, phone receives tweets and downloads e-mail
    headers, but I DON’T TOUCH THE PHONE, then after 5 hrs there’s 80%
    battery left.

    If, however, I use it as IT SHOULD BE USED, in as much as I receive and READ e-mails, View Tweets and FaceBook feeds, and generally USE the phone (NO videos or music played) then after 5 hours I am generally down to about 40% battery. Now that is NOT good!

    In fact after 20 mins in the morning, reading and replying to
    Facebook, reading mails, and G+, along with a 5 minute call, then that’s
    12% battery used. 🙁

    Today, I called into a Vodashop, and was informed “interestingly”, “The first batch of One X’s didn’t have such a good battery life, but the second batch had improvements to the battery”…. Whether this was a “knee jerk” reaction from the staff member, I don’t know. STRANGELY ENOUGH, however, the display model (OneX) which I looked at was running 1.29! Yes, v1.29.. The version we are waiting for Voda to release, yet the shop unit already had this.. Thinks.. MAYBE his statement about the “second batch, better efficiency” could be with reference to 1.29 pre-installed?? Mine is running 1.28, which was received OTA a couple of weeks ago. Back to the HTC rep, he suggests the “battery should improve over time, 2-3 months!??” We’ll see. So, today.. OFF charge 06:31. At 10:55 (4H 24M on battery) = 44% battery balance (56% used)Screen use 49%  1H 13M 9S  Voice 26%  24MDuring that time, 2 images were taken, and uploaded to FB & G+Tweets and e-mail HEADERS were retrievedWiFi and BT were on for the duration. WiFi had been CONNECTED (but not used) for about 90mins. Bluetooth had been CONNECTED for about 15mins. At 11:17 (4H 46M 45S on battery) =42% battery balance (58% used)Screen use 51% 1H 18M 0S  Voice 24% 24MOther details remain the same. From the above, and tests carried out yesterday, it would appear that the battery is being depleted at a rate of 12% per hour, during normal use (NO videos nor music listened to). 🙁 Still not convinced all is well, and rather annoyed at the POOR battery performance  🙁

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/WUIXA6XJ6UMFQ33VVU7A74KGJQ Bonbon

      Hello there Kevin, have you tested other android phones to prove the htc one x’s battery life is rubbish compared to others? If you aren’t aware yet, connection to the internet consumes more battery (like maximum of 2-3 hours of wifi use from an iPod Touch user’s perspective), compared to playing videos (that’s roughly 6 hours use for 2d games and around 3 hours for 3d games, still from iPod use). Why not try turning your internet off, then play some videos, or even games?

  • http://twitter.com/kevinx1 Kevin Chapple

    From a number of tests I have been carrying out, I have come to the conclusion that the HTC OneX battery life IS RUBBISH. HTC take note..

    When they carried out their various reviews, it MUST have been with the phone on standby. Okay, in that manner you’ll probably get over 16 hours of use (non use).

    However, should you actually USE the phone, as one may NORMALLY EXPECT TO (albeit moderately), then expect at least 12% battery use PER HOUR, and that’s with MODERATE use, NO playing music, NO playing videos. Simply looking at Facebook, e-mails, and maybe a couple of web page views.

    Battery use is RUBBISH on the OneX

    • Alejandro Cedillo

      such a coincidence to read this now!..  it’s funny ’cause today I spent the whole day chatting through WhatsApp, sharing images and audio, I shot a few photos (and I’ve got the autoUpload option on in dropbox), I made a couple of short video-calls through skype, played a few videos, opened a news page to check something that a friend tweeted, installed and tried a new game, played one or two races in another game.. and all this using wi-fi and of course on battery, which lasted more than 16 and a half hours –as you can clearly see in this capture

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647625936 Jose Cecilio Buencamino

    I have a question, as far as picture and video quality goes, is there something that can be done about this? yeah, one x has all the right hardware to have excellent picture and video qualities, but where is the REAL problem coming from??,, is it the software or the programming on how the camera take shots? or is it hardware limitation?, or is this is the end of the road in improving the camera and video capabilities of ONE X when it comes to excellent details?,, please do impress us as one of the owners of ONE X,

  • zhi xuan woo

    I have a question, why there is menu button (three dots) show on the bottom of my htc one x screen ? It is very ugly, can i remove it without rooting my phone?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OTXBLIF4NDNGNZPZAESLIPJMBI reza

    all your devices are shit…..liars……….just samsung….you’ll never update your devices and will remove them from list like desire hd ,,,,,you must change your idea and update it 

  • Muthukaruppan Ramanathan

    Having HTC Wildfire S. A very good phone. The internal memory was very low to
    download app. Thanks to the HTC team

  • http://www.facebook.com/frans.eric.1 Frans Eric

    don’t buy these phones (one series) see the desire hd blog. in about one year , also these phones won’t get updates like the desire hd ….

  • http://www.facebook.com/kunal.buddha Kunal Buddha

    Friends, You all know about ICS update on desire HD. So I’ll suggest don’t go for HTC set bcoz HTC’s technology is not compatible with “Android”

  • Bashir Ahamed

    rewards? that is nothing if you can’t get customers. it will make sense, if you introduce a phone with quad core s4 pro processor, 2GB RAM, 32/64 GB ROM, sd support up to 64 GB or more, better slim sensor for camera, 2500mAH removable battery within DECEMBER , 2012. otherwise, you will always remain the LOSER.

  • Bashir Ahamed

    Why are you using a phone with a rechargeable battery??? just remain it connected to the electric line always. This will be good for you, MOOOOORONs…

  • Bashir Ahamed

    rewards? that is nothing if you can’t get customers. it will make sense, if you introduce a phone with quad core s4 pro processor, 2GB RAM, 32/64 GB ROM, sd support up to 64 GB or more, 2500mAH removable battery within DECEMBER , 2012. otherwise, you will always remain the LOSER.

  • Bashir Ahamed

    why are using phone that has a rechargeable battery? remain your phone connected to the electric line always, that will be perfect for you,, MOOOOOOROPNs

  • Bashir Ahamed

    @ Rich,
    Why are you using a phone with a rechargeable battery??? just remain it connected to the electric line always. This will be good for you, MOOOOORONs…

  • JT

    I guess Smart Phones are never supposed to go camping, hiking, fishing or anyplace where there isnt a plug, and if your cars electrical system goes out on a lonely highway at the end of a long day your boned.