Peter Chou Unveils HTC One

The last few days have been a whirlwind – from our Barcelona meet up with HTC elevate members to Peter Chou’s press conference.  We are humbled by the overall response to the HTC One family of phones.  Watching the videos in this post and the featured video on the home page (Announcing HTC One), you will see not only our excitement about these new devices, but also the reactions and excitement of those who attended the press conference.  So take a few minutes and watch as Peter Chou announces HTC One and describes its features; from the amazing camera, to its authentic sound and the iconic design.  We trust you will be as excited about these new phones as we are.

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You can also watch the full press conference here.

  • Tim

    I’m just wondering if there will be a new tablet? Are the rumours about a HTC Quattro or Vertex only rumours?

  • Guardian

    I am wondering the same thing!!! I’ve been waiting for this quad-core tablet for ever… I am delaying the purchase of a tablet just to buy the HTC quad-core tablet… Any official updates please?

    • stevie145

       me too and I am getting tired of waiting….