We’ve Reached One

The news is out. We reached one and today at Mobile World Congress we announced HTC One. We’ve wanted to tell you for a while, so we decided to have some fun with the countdown; though we never expected the excitement it generated!

But what did it all mean? Certainly it was the number of days to our announcement, but as many guessed it was a bit more interesting than that.  The story behind the countdown is:

Five: HTC One X is powered by the new quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. It also features a lower-power companion core to run less intensive tasks, such as checking for email, helping improve battery life. So, five cores.

Four: Not only does HTC One feature the newest hardware, it also brings the latest software from Google and HTC: Android 4.0 and Sense 4. There are a number of innovations we’ve brought to Sense 4, from audio advances, class-leading photography, to the latest in entertainment. We’ll have a feature Sense 4 later this week.

Three: Three devices of course. Each one delivering an amazing camera, iconic design, and authentic sound.

Two: The amazing camera is one of the standout features of HTC One, and for good reason. We use a best-in-class f/2.0 lens, which lets in nearly 50% more light than the f/2.4 lenses used in many other high-end phones.

One: We’re proud to announce the new HTC One!

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  • CHH

    5, 4, 3, 2, One.

    I like it !

  • Nick

    Would love to see it action, hope it will be available soon…

  • Alex Ong

    I really love what HTC done with the new camera feature…really beats Iphone in the face…give a million thumbs up for HTC…but I don’t like the look of the home page for sense 4.0…it really look like the original Android 2.3…hope HTC will do something with it…Waiting for HTC Desire S ICS with Latest sense update…like…

    • Niels Brandt Partoft

      I agree regarding the look of sense 4.0!Where is the On-screen buttens? and why is it designed to look more like Android 2.3 instead of Android 4.0?

  • Mex5150

    I’ve been told you can’t change the memory card, this can’t be true can it? No Matter how cool a phone looks, if I can’t change both the memory, and the battery, the phone has no interest to me. Please don’t tell me you’ve blown it here.

  • http://www.androidreviewblog.com/ omurphy

    Very impressed. Wise move of HTC to concentrate its efforts on only a few models. 

  • Shizophren

    Great phones. Especially the One X.

    Could anyone tell me, if the HTC Sensation owners get an Sense 4.0 update as well as the One phones are on the market?

  • Manglemn

    wait… will the global htc one x work on tmobile’s network?  cuz i’d rather have it’s quad-core, 4.7in hd screen, and 32 gbs of storage, than the HTC one s… sorry to all those htc one s fans

  • rebel76

    htc doeas great quite complete phone 99% complete..
    HTC One X it’ld be perfetct if has :
    * slot micrsd hc/xc (i’m often in places with the connection is bad and 
      i need storage fror sog, offline maps and the movie fullhd that the phone can take, and to share 
      and watch pictures i can take with my bridge camera)
    * double flash led or better a real flash and one flash led to valorize the great camer built in
    * 1,5 – 2gb ram to be ready for the future and for valorize tegra3 with more application working
      at the same time togheter
    * usb HOST
    HTC One S … a removable battery! i don’t want a phone like iphone

    HTC One V … 1gb ram.. what do u want to do with 512mb ram tooday? 

    • blahhh

      I agree regarding the SD card slot!

      and really? no removable battery for One S? boo!

      I was also wondering, is it possible to get the black One S with a blue ring, instead of a red one? that will be super awesome if it is!

    • Niels Brandt Partoft

      Nor can I understand why HTC has not given the opportunity for MicroSD HC/XC card.

  • Vondutch

    Followed the “Want to learn more link” above and noticed that the U.S. is not an option under regions. Is this a sign that the phones won’t be coming to the U.S. any time soon?

  • Matt Noonan

    It would really be great if someone would actually monitor this blog, and answer some of the great questions posted on it.  I thought it was a great idea to start a blog by htc, but whats the point if you only post something once every 3 days, and do not monitor it?

  • Misreb

    Amazing features but not enough battery to enjoy it! at least give us the chance to have a spare one but with non removable battery it means I will have to keep my amazing phone in my pocket to make sure it will have enough juice to last me the day. HTC I am a loyal customer and I delayed my upgrade (buying high price for nothing) waiting for your coming phone but you sooo desappointed me. Booooooo

  • AFool

    Non-removable battery is the main complaint. Like it or not, but people need the confidence that they can carry extra battery, or if the phone is stuck for some reason they can reboot it by pulling out the battery. Happened to me at least twice with my Nexus 1.
    But, as I understand, some other HTC phones have uni-body with non-removable batteries, yet with some effort the battery can be removed. I wonder if it it the same deal with One series.

  • Sivakumarnadisan

    about time htc come up with something others can envy about.cant wait to get mine.

  • Gios

    only two question about htc one:

    1 will tegra 3 support a kernel 3.x  in near future?
    2 does htc one x have a dual channel ram?


  • http://kevinponeill.myopenid.com/ Kevin

    PLEASE bring a one-family Windows Phone to market! I love my Radar 4G but would kill for something higher end.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AruSh.CHikerSal Arush Chikersal

    This is a great phone! I loved this HTC ONE X …
    Everything in it sounds perfect.

    Though there are a few flaws, and these will be the reason for this device not becoming the Samsung galaxy S2 , Samsung Galaxy Note or the iPhone 4 .
    1. It does not have super amoled screen.
    2. It does not have removable battery.
    3. The battery capacity of the phone is 1800mhz, Its too less. It should be 2200mhz.
    4. It does not have micro sd card slot for memory expansion.
    5. It should not be of more than Rs 32000 in the Indian market.

    • Vishal

      “The battery capacity of the phone is 1800mhz, Its too less. It should be 2200mhz.”You’re SO DUMB. it’s not mhz its mah, milliampereshour

  • Cardslot

    What happened to the memory card slot??? I have a Sensation, but I guess my next phone is going to be a Galaxy S. Sorry, I can’t live with an Apple like phone. I just dumped my iPhone for the Sensation, now you’re making me go to Samsung.

  • Maoying


  • Jazz

    Please for the love of god, make a version with a bigger battery!!! I love my HTC but whats the point if I need to be tethered to a power point for nomal usage. I can tell you now, what will motivate me most when I upgrade my phone is not processing power but usability and nothing short of all day battery life!!! That being said you design beautiful phones and I find sense incredibly intuitive, but without a battery that will last me 24hrs away from a charger this is reduntant!

  • http://twitter.com/dashvee ian e

    I’m sorry, but the lack of a memory slot completely defeats the inclusion of Beats audio. 12.1 gb of usable memory … shame shame.  Hey HTC, haven’t you noticed that most carriers nowadays are stripping away unlimited data plans, so if you assumed we would be streaming all of our media content, you’re wrong – dead wrong. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/bikininspector Tanmay Agrawal

    HTC one V Mention 4Gb Internal Memory . But Gives Only 1Gb Memory . 3Gb Is Used In Application And OS . THEY CHEATED ME

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QM7QH5MP7XTDCB5QZOPMLHXVGU chinmay

       My friend also has this problem. They are saying that 2 gb is used in apps  and os and Even if it is showing 1 gb Internal memory still you can store more than 1 gb.

      My simple question : If you can only use 1gb of memory then why the hell you mention 4 gb of internal memory. ??

      Yes they cheated my friend.

  • Scott Johnston

    Come on Daren, give existing users a hope.  Please post an update to ICS updates….not a word since March

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IAY4QIPP2SXSNW3TBLNKBARIFQ beto

    i just got the htc one s…dammit i prefer my sensation..this damn thing doesnt have an easy transfer program like sensation when i first got it.Over designed piece of shit.I miss my sensation..This is what i get for leaping without looking..never again htc

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000887676023 Katie Hanen

      mine had the easy transfet program what i dont like about it is it doesnt have an sd slot 🙁

  • http://www.facebook.com/frans.eric.1 Frans Eric

    Better stop this blogs , HTC does not read our posts … they don’t care what we think, ask or avice ….