New APIs Released from HTCDev

Hey Android developers! This is our first time at Mobile World Congress and we are thrilled to have met so many enthusiastic developers throughout this week, especially in-person at our presentation.

Your excitement keeps us going and we are overwhelmed by your feedback about the HTC OpenSense SDK, and of course HTC One!  And now we have some great news that will definitely peak your interest!

This week at Mobile World Congress, during the HTC Developer Preview, we unveiled a new set of APIs that allow you to plug into some of the best features on the latest HTC Sense devices.  This new set of developer tools includes:

  • HTC Enhancer API
  • Lockscreen API
  • Mobile Device Management API
  • And soon a HTC MediaLink HD API

Yep, that means even more possibilities to differentiate your apps, without fragmentation, when they are running on an HTC device.  These new APIs really leverage some of the best new features of HTC Sense.  You can enhance the audio experience of your app with Beats Audio, integrate access to your app from the HTC lock screen, or perhaps enable your app to take advantage of dual screen capabilities using Wireless HDMI to your TV.  All of this is made possible by opening up these APIs as part of the HTC OpenSense SDK for developers.

In addition, we have some great ways to get apps that are integrated with these new APIs featured on various HTC channels, such as HTC HUB.  HTC HUB allows users to download relevant content that makes their device more useful and their lives more efficient, organized, and entertaining.  Most importantly for you, HTC Hub allows you to get better market reach, better visibility, and more downloads.

The HTC OpenSense SDK will be updated in the coming weeks, in the meantime, check out our new Application Showcase.  Here you can get a sampling of the possibilities when you review some of the best apps already integrated with OpenSense APIs.  Shout out to our good friends at Catch, DocuSign, Fuzebox, Orbotix, and Wyse!  We love you guys!!!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@htcdev) for the latest updates from HTCDev.  Give us a holler 🙂