On the Road with HTC One

Photography is one of the most popular things we do with our smartphones.  It provides us the opportunity to capture and share memories as they happen around us.  During our time at Mobile World Congress, we put the new HTC One in the hands of a local photographer and asked them to put it to the test.  Here’s a sampling of photos they took in Barcelona.

Skateboarders in Barcelona

An Afternoon Treat

Pigeons in the Square

Street Musicians in Barcelona

Stand-up Bass Player

Now we’d like to give more people the chance to test drive the HTC One first-hand, so we are on the road visiting multiple cities around the world so you can see the quality for yourself.  On a recent trip to the dry Arizona desert we met up with Bobby and Deanna Culhane, who are current HTC device owners and XDA developers.  Take a look at what the Culhane’s had to say after using the new HTC One for a few hours last week.


We also have great photo examples posted on our our Facebook and Google+ pages.  Stay tuned to the HTC Blog, Facebook and Twitter for more information about when we will be in a city near you.