One for the Road: Bangkok and Jakarta

Since joining HTC it has been wonderful to learn about the passionate, dedicated customers we have all around the world. They rave when we make great phones, and let us know when we need to improve. That’s why I was so excited to help with the meet-ups Charl posted about earlier.

Meeting customers and sharing HTC One

The travel schedule has been hectic, but so much fun. A couple days ago we were in Bangkok and the next day we met customers in Jakarta. I’ve only had a few weeks to try out HTC One, so I was as excited as they were to learn everything about the series.

The setup in Bangkok, as taken by one of our customers with HTC One..

With daylight waning, our Bangkok venue lit up with HTC Ones as customers checked out the bright screens and latest features. Customers quickly set about posing the new HTC One and Beats headsets for hero shots to share with their friends and family. Dinner was brought out, and we discussed everything from our new phones, the intricacies of the Thai language, and local food we should try. Before breaking for the evening, we sat down with everyone to hear their thoughts on HTC One which we’ll share soon.

A quick night, short flight, and we were in Jakarta, excited to do it all again with a group of new friends. Everyone came in a rush, and our small room was quickly filled with discussions about HTC One. They all loved the camera, especially the low-light performance, slow motion video, and continuous shooting. We had some Beats Studio headphones to try, giving each customer a chance to hear the artists in their element.

The enthusiasm was catching, especially when we’d gather a group to show off cool HTC Sense features. Business cards were exchanged, Twitter handles shared, and stories swapped. One guest toured Europe searching for a Nexus One by HTC. Another loves capturing the tiniest details, a delicate water drop on the tip of a pencil, with his HTC camera. One person drove two and a half hours to join us that evening. The night winding down, we pulled everyone together for a group photo.

We’re visiting Taiwan very soon, HTC’s home, along with several other countries, and are incredibly excited to share HTC One there too.

The One and Only Bangkok

Me on the river taxi heading up the Chao Praya river.

We also had the opportunity to try out the HTC One camera around Bangkok, from bustling markets to peaceful temples. We began with Wat Pho a 230-year-old temple complex in the heart of Bangkok. We jumped on one of the city’s many water taxis, which ply their way up and down the Chao Praya River. On board, Buddhist monks, in their distinct saffron robes, mix with sunburnt Western tourists. The water taxi is a great way to see Bangkok, quite a different experience from the dense urban streets that twist through the city.

Before entering the temple, we walked through one of Bangkok’s many markets. The distinct fragrance of dried fish and squid, piled high in dozens of bushels, announced its presence. The darkness of the market quickly opened up into an astonishing view of Wat Pho. The numerous spires gleamed in the mid-day sun. The mirrored glass intermingled with luminous ceramic tiles, giving each one a warm, radiant glow.

All the while we were snapping away with HTC One. HDR was invaluable with the bright afternoon sun. The filters also got a workout, with “Vintage warm” quickly becoming a group favorite. The resulting warm colors and deep contrast harkening back to an earlier time when distant lands existed in rich photos that fueled imaginations.

Even with hours of constant use, the battery held its own. My HTC One X, charged that morning, was more than half full late in the day, despite the heavy use. Indeed, the battery soldiered on though the evening. The day finished and an alarm set on my phone, we fell to sleep, recharging our batteries to continue the adventure the next morning.

Our next update will be from the streets of Paris, France!