App Spotlight: Digital Signatures with HTC Scribe


Ever since the release of HTC Scribe, people have been asking about innovative ways to use this pen technology. Last month we told you about Sphero, the robot ball from Orbotix driven by HTC Scribe. Really fun, but Scribe opens up many possibilities, such as digital signatures – as seen in DocuSign Ink.

After researching top e-signature companies, a simple phone call began our development partnership with DocuSign. At the time, they were in the process of launching Ink, a free app that uses an HTML5 wrapper to allow users to digitally “stamp” their legal signature into electronic documents

Light bulbs went off!  What a perfect business fit for the Scribe technology in our tablets.

Soon after we identified this opportunity, Chris Sarbora, DocuSign’s lead Android developer, had integrated the Scribe pen API into Ink, and they were ready to launch on Android. “We were able to get our arms around the OpenSense SDK quickly because the APIs are well built and documented,” said Chris.  “The HTCDev team was very responsive and within a few days, we had e-signature integration with Scribe.”

Since the launch of Ink we’ve featured DocuSign at trade shows, showcased them in HTC Hub (our Google Play recommendation engine, pre-installed on most HTC Android devices), listed them in our Application Showcase at, and even had them up on stage at some of our more important keynotes.

In short, the partnership between DocuSign and HTC really shows how companies with great enthusiasm for their products and innovations, given the freedom to explore and the will to ‘make it happen,’ can partner to do great things.

If you’re ready to test Ink, click here to download from Google Play.

You can also follow us both on Twitter: @DocuSign and @HTCdev

10 Responses to “App Spotlight: Digital Signatures with HTC Scribe”

  1. avatar Eric Bohren says:

    A big thank you from the DocuSign team. We love partnering with HTCdev!

  2. avatar tgonser says:

    Thanks ML!  HTC is doing great stuff in mobile, and we love the focus on signing! 

  3. avatar Sarah Cheng says:

    Doesn’t work with the Scribe Pen on HTC Flyer. 

    • avatar Leigh says:

      Hi Sarah – what are you running on Flyer? I have the app on my Flyer and it’s working just fine. 

      • avatar Oliver Clark says:

        I had the same problem – installed the app, accessed the signature screen (to capture my signature) and suddenly the pen interface stopped working. The pen selection wheel was visible but the screen wouldn’t recognise the pen’s contact. Standard UK Flyer, standard UK ROM, standard everything, but it didn’t work. Uninstalled.

  4. You shouldn’t promote a signing/pen application for devices you’ve abandoned.
    I think about Flyer and Ject device (and their derivatives).
    Our company develop application for mobile devices. Now we’re pushing features within the client we’ve developed for a BIG editor.
    We will support only s-pen from Samsung. Integrating Magic Pen support should a loose of time.
    Why a third part developer should invest if HTC, the device producer, silently is abandon its own devices!?

  5. Is this app available for Windows Phone users?

  6. avatar Murad Jafari says:

    How about you guys first fix the already existing Scribe apps, such as Notes, so they become less laggy and actually usable? Honestly without 3rd party apps that have much better performance and features, I would have sold/given away my poor HTC abandoned Jetstream long ago. I am now very reluctant to invest in any HTC made device.

  7. avatar Steve Quail says:

    I agree with comments below, the Flyer which has scribe has been ignored since you pushed out a Honeycomb update that stole valuable screen estate (for the status bar that cannot now be hidden). Please concentrate on fixing this first.

  8. avatar Dubon Saady says:

    Hi Leigh, what happens with Htc Flyer ICS Update and what happens with Scribe apps… HTC are leaving die this precious tablet. :(

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