HTC One Earning Rave Reviews

The excitement started at Mobile World Congress and continued through a series of customer meet-ups around the world.  Now, the reviews are coming in and they reaffirm what we have been sharing – the HTC One X is a powerhouse device ready to be your next smartphone.

But don’t just take our word for it; check out what the experts are saying — from Android Central to Engadget to The Verge and more, the HTC One X is earning rave reviews.

As we continue to meet with our fans and customers around the world we look forward to hearing from you.  Which HTC One are you most looking forward to?

What the experts are saying:

“The One X’s display is, without a hint of hyperbole, the best I’ve ever seen on a phone.”

Chris Ziegler
The Verge (Full Review)

“This handset looks and feels stunning, with top-notch materials and build quality, the most gorgeous display we’ve ever stared at on a phone, a fantastic camera that’s fast and easy to use and a laundry list of every possible spec under the sun. Sense 4 is thin and light enough to enhance — not detract from — stock Ice Cream Sandwich. Pinch us, ’cause frankly, we’re smitten.”

Myriam Joire
Engadget (Full Review)

“The HTC One X is an amazing smartphone that provides a ton of power in an elegant and beautiful package.”

Marin Perez
IntoMobile (Full Review)

“The leader of the next-generation HTC One series of smartphones has been a breeze to use.”

Phil Nickinson
Android Central (Full Review)

“Not only does the camera offer a truly magnificent user interface, with quick access to settings and controls of all sorts (even filters!), but it just takes great photos.”

Michael Oryl
MobileBurn (Full Review)

“The HTC One X is without question the creme de la creme of Android phones right now. It’s the phone Android users have been waiting for.

Todd Hazelton
TechnoBuffalo (Full Review)

“Best of all, this is a fast phone.”

Vincent Nguyen
Android Community (Full Review)

“It’s HTC’s superstar phone.”

Aaron Baker
PhoneDog (Video Review Part One) (Video Review Part Two)

“The HTC One X is an whopper of a phone. It takes every feature to the Nth degree in hopes of attaining smartphone perfection. It comes close.”

Eric Zeman
PhoneScoop (Full Review)

“The new flagship is distinctively designed and well constructed, has an admirable camera and a solid screen.”

Chris Davies
Slashgear (Full Review)

  • Christopher Skogh

    HOC is a phone with a lot of bugs at this moment…

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Christopher, Thanks for the link. I’ll make sure our product guys see the thread. I’ve actually been using the One X for about a month now and haven’t see most of those. The three button menu is an issue I’ve seen though. I also have seen reports of Tegra 3 compatibility issues with some apps and we’re working with Nvidia and the app developers on those.

      • Alon Goldfeld

        Take a look on this video….
        The guy is speaking in Russian, but you can see the problem of the screen…
        Really i am afraid to buy this phone.


        Can you tell me if the phone has worldwide warranty, since i would like to buy it Germany/Prague and use it in Israel…So, the question is if you have any official customer service that will fix my phone in Israel for free in case of manufacture defect(like on video)?


        • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

          Hi Alon,

          Thanks for sharing the video. I’m not aware of any other devices with this problem. I’ve used dozens of One X’s so far and have had my personal One X for about a month and a half now and haven’t had any hardware problems like this. I also have not seen this issue reported before, so it hopefully is isolated. Nonetheless, we take these sorts of issues very seriously and are investigating.

          Regarding the global warranty, we do have one, but it is pretty complex considering all the different legal statues it has to comply with. I would suggest sending an email to our customer support staff: http://www.htc.com/support

          • chaki007

            Mr. Krape i was excited to buy it too. But i have couples friends who are working in mobile stores. They gave me advice not to! Because there are 40% from each delivery with issues. How come that high end phones with such price have so much problems? I have HTC SXL and it is a nice piece. But before i buy another i will think twice…..Never have seen so much complains about a phone really! Not to speak that this phone is your Flagman….

        • Edy Rombout

          For that kind of money,i’ll think twice…oh man! it was a sony experia s or htc one x,but now…i have my doubts

    • anthony ang

      wat the hell is HOC means???

  • Paulo Almeida

    I have only One complaint, which is the One reason I don’t have a One X yet:

    It’s too damn expensive!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000124125562 Aniruddh Mehta

      IDK about expensive, but if the battery life would have been better, it would be on my must-haves list..

  • http://twitter.com/Pargadox anders salvesen

    Will the phone support tablet apps and games? since it is more powerfull and has the same resolution as the current Android tablets out there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1777752077 Leslie R Martin

    Everyday something new pops up that puts me off the One x. I so want to get this phone and plan to do so when my current contract ends. But things like this screen flex problem, just put me off even more. 


  • Cuanto lo Siento

    I dont think the web-browser work like it should do.in
    websites debattes ( EX: Dagbladet.no, there is no Cut and paste optiones in the
    “Comment box”this works ok with Opera, but not with the integratet browser,
    ( the Dolphin or Maxthon behaves like the integratet and does not work with the
    cut and paste in commentbox )in url line and other places at websites it
    works like i should do.i’m still waiting for reply from norwegean
    support.( they first ask me to delete date in browser, and if that diddent
    help, they ask me to remove battery while the phone was on.. )Well, do i
    still have my warranty if i remove my battery on my HTC one X ?? i dont think
    so.. ( Tom  , Oslo  Norway )

  • http://twitter.com/neneodonkor Nene Odonkor

    One thing people complain about HTC is battery life. What are you guys doing about it?

    • Cuanto lo Siento

      i was hoping the One x got 2400Mah not the bad little they do..

      lets hope they will get an X II with possibilyto to take battery of and may use unorginal batterys witch will last more than 1 day.. 🙂 sence HTC dont offer it them selves.

      • http://twitter.com/neneodonkor Nene Odonkor

        hehehehe you use unoriginal battery. That is very bad. I really like their phones and hoping to get one but the way people are complaining about their batteries. I wonder whether to get one.

        • Cuanto lo Siento

          Well you cant eaven change battery on the HTC ONE X

          • http://twitter.com/neneodonkor Nene Odonkor

            I don’t even plan to buy it. I was thinking old school. Desire Z. Am a touch & type phone user.

          • Cuanto lo Siento

            works excatly one day with “normal” use.
            but would have use my mobile more outdoor if battery was bether.

          • http://twitter.com/neneodonkor Nene Odonkor

            Gosh! BATTERY PROBLEM is the number 1 issue for mobile users. Please HTC why build a silky phone with weak batteries.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Actually the battery life is pretty good. HTC One X has a fifth core for low-power tasks which helps with overall life. I’ve used both the One S and the One X a lot for several weeks now. The X definitely is heavier on the battery, mainly because of the screen, but even with fairly heavy use I easily make it through a day. The screen is worth it though, it is stunning.

      The One S gets fantastic battery life. On Saturday I took a roadtrip to Olympia (Washington State’s capital, about 1.5/2 hours from Seattle) and was using Google Maps for navigation, Pandora streaming through bluetooth to my car’s speakers, Yelp for restaurants, WiFi tethering to get my laptop online, and various other things. I easily made it through the entire day and had about 20% battery when I plugged it in that evening.

  • Byzantic

    Getting it delivered tomorrow :p

  • Brijendra Chaudhary

    HTC Reader App  is missing, How can HTC Do this ?

    Please add the app as e book reader app is the best in the industry.

    • rogerbond

      Try Mantano Reader App. You will never ever miss the HTC Reader App.

  • Brijendra Chaudhary

     Please ask the developer to please add the app for the HTC One X
    ereader and My Shelf widget

  • Sebastian Kintzel

    All talking about the One X. One S is the better one! Better Processor, 28nm s4 qualcomm instaed of crappy 40nm tegra 3 which was built on an 8 years old platform aaand crappy driver support from nvidia ( mostly closed source!!!! )

    I really love my one s, its so damn fast  with that new sense 4 beauty. battery life is awesome ( 2 Days with heavy use -> no problem )

  • http://captaindbg.com Shyam Sasindran

    I been using HTC One X for a week now. I have to says it’s a beast. I feel like HTC has rushed the firmware. I found couple of glitches. Especially the device is Overheating while playing games but it’s not normal heat, but extremely hot. Apparently lot of One X owners have this problem. After one point you led starts to blink due to overheat we have to keep it down for a while to cool it off. At this heat rate it could damage internal components. It could be kernel related we are waiting for HTC to release the Kernel sources. The battery run out pretty fast as well. Some reviewers and some devices in France got an update that fixes the battery problem. So wait for an OTA soon. Overall i’m very happy with it. No lags what so ever, Camera is awesome, Sound is great but was expecting Beats headphones but it came with crappy HTC earphones not even in-ear that was really disappointing. The screen is gorgeous you don’t have to even zoom to read the webpage. It would recommend Chrome browser since the stock one has some glitches.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashprovide Muhammad Ashmaan

    how much the price??

  • http://www.theshadowgamer.com The Shadow Gamer

    it sure looks beautiful..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=634714425 Ee Wenhui

    screw the phone for having built in battery and no memory card slot

    • http://twitter.com/mydaydream89 Chan

      It’s same as world’s super favourite smartphone, though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rewaridoc Rakesh Rewari

    it is a stunning phone , distinct looks , quite affordable 
    informative and useful applications

  • tushar naidu

    hey Darren  will the fix for these bugs mentioned in the link will be available by when as im extemely tempted to buy this amazing phone just coz of the glitches im a bit confused !!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684891334 facebook-684891334

    Just to check.. reviews are using firmware 1.27 and there are news going around that 1.28 is in testing..

    may i ask when will 1.27 be pushed via OTA to the end-users who are technically using backdated product compared to firmwares on review units…

    this is a misrepresentation of the product as the performance the end-user can harness from the phone is not comparable to review units running on firmware 1.27

  • John Hackney

    When you set the phones countdown timer  and come out of the app and go back in to it, its added  1 hour, 1 minute and 1 second to the settings.
    e.g. If you set it for 3minutes 30 seconds come out and go back in it show 1 hour 4minutes 31 seconds

  • Amro99

    i was on the verge of getting the One S hoping there finally is a phone that needs no case, until i saw this scratch issue with the edges of One S. Also the speed & the camera (for all 3) seem to be not as good as reviewers were expecting…

  • Udit_H

    Where is the native video call support in One X? Are you people working on it? Or tell me a way in which I can get a refund. I have spent a fortune to buy this device only to find it lacks native video call support over 3G network.

  • http://twitter.com/mydaydream89 Chan

    Regardless of several point outs, I’ll definitely buy OneX within 20 days once my contact ends!

  • Supriyo

    In HTC One X mobile what about the sound. Is it having super sound technology like True Dolby Digital Surround Sound or having Full HD display. What I can see is that it has half HD display (720pixels) system in this phone but it can take video in full HD. In that case if I shoot any video in full HD then I have to watch that video in half HD as the display system supports half HD. Also, this phone does not supports 4G technology which is the latest Internet technology. And, also it doesn’t have USB 2.0 port in it and for audio recording it only supports .AMR for format. Without above features the price has made very expensive. 

  • YaoHuang

    I totally agree.  They have thousands of customers asking for updates and fixes but are totally ignored.  Releases little to no info or old info rehashed as new.  The phone is getting rave reviews but your company is getting piss poor reviews.  Ignore your customers and your customers ignore you.  Oh wait, sales are slowing down? Good. Your company deserve what it gets. You will not make money from me or my family or friends no more.  Stop making so many new phones and work on giving your customers what they want.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Yao,

      We have actually posted an ICS update on the products that we know about and have updated that post three times.  As we get more information we update that specific post.  As for fixes, is there a specific issue you are waiting on information from support about?  If you can give me the support ticket number I will see what I can find out for you.

      • YaoHuang

        Hi Larry,

        I must say you are one of the few that I know responds.  I am not talking about fixes for my phone but alot of people are complaining and no one responds.  I thank you for the offer but please help others who really need it (specially in the ice cream update).  The release of information are as vague as can be.  We already know which products are getting ICS but we want to know when.  I think everyone here is fustrated from the lack of information and response from HTC.  I bought a phone (rezound) that HTC says ICS is going to be released early 2012.  Then its later in the year.  Is asking for a time frame too much?  As a company who wants to strive to be better, leaving customers in the cold is not the way to do it.  I understand sometimes things happen and releases are delayed but HTC’s lack of information is just unacceptable.  Please dont tell me to look at the ICS update post because having models there does not give me any useful information.  I’m not trying to be mean or anything just looking for information.  I do appreciate and thank you for your responding Larry.

        • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

           Hi Yao,

          thanks for the note back.  As you point out, right now I don’t know the dates or timing on your specific phone.  I can assure you we are working internally try and provide you with more information and guidance.  Please feel free to drop me a note at larry_meadows@htc.com anytime with questions.  I will do my best to answer, but only with what I know (not what i think or speculate).  I know this is important to everyone and I want to make sure we are giving you accurate information.

        • Amro99

           Dear Yao / everyone else!,
          although ICS is probably the biggest update that your phone is going to get, waiting a bit longer than expected is better than receiving a buggy & irritating update like the one my brother got on his Sensation. his sensation’s wi-fi has completely gone after the update and has turned the phone into a phone with ICS but without wi-fi (I’m located in Middle East), and unfortunately HTC has been completely silent on this… so sometimes not getting such an update is the best thing that can happen to you!… i’ve convinced all my family to use HTC phones and tabs (Flyer) sunce their Hero, simply because of their innovations and their top notch qualities, but seeing the issues with the One series are simply disappointing % unforgivable! (poor battery & screen issueS with One X, questioning durability of One S & the underwhelming camera performance on the trio, etc!)

          • YaoHuang

            Hi Amro,
            As you can see, I am not asking them to release it right now.  I was asking for information regarding the release time which they cannot answer and it frustrate me and everyone else.  The main complaint is that they are ignoring us.  They are totally ignoring our request or telling us useless information or no information.  When I pay for a product, I expect it to be backed up by customer support.  The lack of communication is what everyone is complaining. Larry is good enough to reply but again no information.

    • Pierre Hunt

      I agree YaoHuang

      When my Desire HD was stolen and the app to find your phone was not available for my country (South Africa) from htcsense.com 

      Sadly it took a court order for false advertising to remove the part that they boast about from their website. They just sent me a silly apology and that was it.

      Check here:

      I had to buy software to protect my new phone.

      Can’t wait for my Galaxy S3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=768336773 Maxwell Xie

    My HTC One X’s screen got scratched magically by the cleaning cloth provided with the phone while I was wiping away the fingerprints. No drops, and I keep it in a HTC HD2 pouch. And the compass is going bonkers on me, often showing that I’m facing a different direction. No matter what I do, it refuses to show the right direction.

    Barring the compass issue, I want a replacement for the poor quality screen of my phone. I bought this with absolute confidence that it is very scratch-resistant, and your HTC guys even demonstrated that during the launch day. There were plenty of videos on the internet to show that fact as well. The absence of a screen protector and a pouch in the phone package shows that HTC is very confident in its durability. End up, it got scratched by none other than its own CLEANING CLOTH.

    It might sound absurd to you, but this is a fact. Don’t say I’m lying because I am telling the freaking truth and I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED IN THIS. What, the cloth gathered some kind of diamond dust and managed to scratch the darn screen? It’s “Gorilla” for fun?

    • Lovingdesigns

      A grain of sand would easily do that, can come from anywhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zaclim87 Lim Zhi Wei

    yup awesome reviews, sucky battery… 

  • http://twitter.com/adityaishere Aditya Chandel
  • stevercz

    I’ve got my One-X and loving it. All I need now is the Sync Manager software so that I can sync it with my macbook. Does anyone at HTC know when this will be released?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anil-Mathew/100000577511504 Anil Mathew

    Love my new htc one x. Simply amazing screen, camera and performance.

  • Guido Heckmanns

    How about the battery and WIFI issues posted everywhere? I hear there’s a fix in software version 1.28 but i’m still on 1.26 in the Netherlands…. Do you have any information on this?

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Guido,

      have you contacted support about this issue yet?  If not, please contact them at http://www.htc.com/www/contact/

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1522880333 Guido Heckmanns

        Hi Larry,
        Yes i have. After doing a simple test they told me battery life wasn’t very good (even after update to 1.28) and they wanted to send me a new battery. I had to explain myself that the battery is build-in so i can’t replace and then they asked to send it in for repair. That means i’ll be without a phone for 2-3 weeks. And according to their answers they should replace the phone anyway. So now i have to call them again to discuss how to do this.

  • Ace Alpha

    yes …. but until those ugly problems of manufacturing defects got surfaced…

    did they hide it under the carpet and concentrating on putting up a beautify promotional event 1st???


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kevin-Ong/650291962 Kevin Ong

    Who do i contact within HTC on phone (HTC One X) scratches? Especially one
    that wasn’t caused by the owner due to careless handling of phone? Micro
    Arc Oxidation process might be seriously over-rated… I have to still say, the hardware (within) is amazing… but the scratching over the ceramic chasis is seriously fast becoming a problem. Someone have to address this… soon.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Kevin,

      Do you have the One X or the One S?  the Micro Arc Oxidation is on the One S.  As for support, the best thing to do is open a support issue at http://www.htc.com/www/contact/

  • Zsolt Beke


    I’ve had this phone for over a week and I fully agree with the praises except for one thing: flickering screen when certain shades of gray are displayed. Is this a software issue which HTC is looking into or is it a hardware problem? Should I exchange it for a new one? I contacted HTC support and they told me to have the phone serviced, but then I came across several threads at forum.xda-developers.com where this issue is being discussed and it seems to be rather widespread. Please, advise.

  • http://www.facebook.com/VER15 Ver Oandasan

    and one more thing. Hope more accessories would be available for your devices especially the high end’s one. 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edwin-Bebit-Jr/1277976473 Edwin Bebit Jr.

    i love this phone.!!!!!
    its a masterpiece…
    i love the audio and clean resolution…
    hoping for more updates!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002205328683 Rey Berlodo Jeongco

    i like this phone good audio and resolution 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Anaburi Richer E. Andaluz

    audio enhanced by Beats® by Dr.Dre It’s AWESOME!!..  :]
    wish to have that one <3 <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1358719508 Ainah Garcia

    how much…?

  • Javed Khan

    I got my HTC One X which was great, until 2 weeks in it stopped reading my sim card. I exchanged the phone and was met with the same problem after 2 weeks of it working. It now is in a perpetual state of being unable to find a signal. More annoying is the time and effort it takes to deal with what is a pretty serious design flaw. I’m pretty unhappy. Here I come Samsung…

  • Rahul Upadhyaya

    I faced a few issues with my HTC One X
    * Phone gets extremely hot
    * after getting hot the screen starts flickering
    * The voice from speakers crack on maximum volume.

  • http://twitter.com/cywitter ciwitter

    I bought a onex in May, there were yellow dots and ripple on the screen despite device sent to repair 2 times problem not solved than they replaced with a worse one now.
     The replaced device has wifi and gps issue beside screen ripple.Now they say ripples are normal asking me to send for wifi fix (for the 4th times within 4 month)

    By the way the earphone quality was so bad, I could use only for one week in total now it is not working.
    Seems like htc is not taking build quality to serious…. 

  • mohammed otoum

    For me i think one x is agreat phone and i can tell one thing for all try it and u will see …i have it and its better than iphone and samsung s3 easy to use and powerfull mobile but ok the batary not that power but its good enough for me