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You may have noticed the big star on our Facebook page, or perhaps the customer ratings on our web sites. We recently launched a system that lets you review your phone through Facebook or the product pages of HTC.com. Now you can share your thoughts, and read what other customers think, about the HTC devices you carry with you everyday.

Why did we do this? We take customer opinions very seriously at HTC. In my role as the worldwide community manager, I often hear what people love and, well, don’t love, about their phones. Our community is so active that sometimes it is difficult to identify and distribute all the feedback we receive from social media.

With our new ratings and reviews tool, every review is read, categorized, and shared throughout HTC. Everyone from product planners, designers and developers, to senior management see what customers like you are saying about the phones you use everyday.

In just a few short weeks, we have received thousands of reviews in dozens of languages. But we want to hear more. Millions of you have bought our products, and we’d love to hear what everyone thinks. Love the design? Let us know, so your next HTC looks even better. Want software improvements? Share that too. It’s your phone, and your thoughts – tell us what you think.

  • Robin Harmsen

    I really would like ICS for my HTC Desire S.
    Any estimated time of availability (ETA)?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kurniawan-Suroboyo/1698423262 Kurniawan Suroboyo

    i’m using HTC Sensation XE, after OTA upgrade to ICS i think degraded performance than berfore version, take more time to run some games, please provide some improve for ICS version

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000130929065 Bruce Gooden

    I hate that I have been waiting since March for this stupid upgrade. T-mibile got me excited about the upgrade but now that they have become ho hum about giving all of us paying customes( HTC and T-Mobile) I don’t even care anymore and I am not looking forward to this crummy upgrade. Should have stayed with at&t.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ondřej-Vašata/1613373802 Ondřej Vašata

    Hi. I would really appreciate, if HTC would upgrade my HTC Desire S, because I am fighting with serious issue, when shutdown option/menu is not available. I have found out just a workaround on some Android forum page. But that’s not for ‘normal’ users. A fix should be released. ICS upgrade would be the best, if it would not introduce another serious issues like this one. Thanks

  • http://twitter.com/strandedPL stranded

    Exactly what others said, also I see no reason why wouldn’t Desire Z get the ICS update, the device is capable of Android 4.0 I know because hundreds of people (including my friends) already use the custom roms from XDA but I would rather get an official update from HTC than use some unknown piece of software.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phillymade Glenn Silvasy

    I came to HTC from Blackberry and never looked back. The HTC EVO 4G is my first android device. I am blown away with it and what it can do. To think the EVO 4G LTE  can do more is mind blowing. I don’t know why you would ever use an apple or non sense device. The use experience is second to none. HTC delivers on there sense based rom’s. I look forward to a long and passionate love affair with HTC and Sense. Thank you HTC for all that you bring to the Android community. 

  • http://twitter.com/hanrdodd Hannah Dodd

    I have a HTC Wildfire S and I hate it. It’s so slow, have to clear data constantly, the screen is unresponsive and slow. I love android phones, but this one is definitely a massive disappointment.

    • http://twitter.com/kristek15 Kristijan Gregorec

       because it’s cheap

  • http://twitter.com/LuketaD2 Luccas D. Sartori

    We need more HTC Devices in Brazil..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=766612980 Hilda S Laboy Plana

    I really love my HTC Inspire 4G, my only 2 concerns are the battery life and the pictures because I cannot control the light of the flash… besides that it is awsome!

    • http://webweenie.blogspot.com/ Stephen A.

      Don’t know if it will make any difference; but try the ICS camera available on GooglePlay. Not necessary to have ICS OS installed. I use it on my HTC Amaze 4G still using Gingerbread, unfortunately .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Di-Scipio/100000825619921 Chris Di Scipio

    I just got a Wildfire S and its fine for me, works perfect, only thing is i wish it had more internal memory

  • http://twitter.com/Mr____Orange Orange Fox

    I came to HTC Sensation from my Nokia X6… Sensation is the best! Like it, can’t live one day without it… Unlimited Internet gives me a lot of 
    facilities. What can be better? (: One negative sign is a not long battery life.. :C

  • http://www.facebook.com/susheel.bobin Susheel Kumar

     i have htc one v …its a grt phn but what i think is only 512mb ram is not enough …plus camera quality is not up to the mark ……but its grt that htc have released ICS in a very low price as compared with others… thnks

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001479767028 Vardan Nazaretyan

    I have an HTC P3300 Artemis, and i want to ask you, can i refresh my windows mobile, or install on it an Android?

  • http://twitter.com/kamalsavla Kamal Savla

    HTC Sensation XE is gr8 on Paper .. but not good performer in Reality … Very slow.. actually slower then Desire & Desire S.. You have to do something for this..
    I am Loyal HTC FAN.. HTC Touch, Diamond, HTC Desire, Desire S, Incredible S and now Sensation XE .. But I am now thinking of Shifting to other Brand

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phil-Purdy/883135182 Phil Purdy

    I think my Sensation is great, well, WAS great until the last software update! Now its slow, I can’t find stuff, & which idiot thought to swap the ‘OK’& ‘Cancel’ buttons around??? After loving this phone its now ready for the bin, How do I get it back to ‘normal’?
    & How do you set your own message notifications, NOT the quiet stuff that comes with it that you cant hear, uploaded ones? Volume compared to my Nokia is poor!!!

  • http://twitter.com/SartoriX Alex

     Got my One X on release date and it is both the best and worst phone I have ever owned. Best – gorgeous screen (apart from the yellow tinted one I had), fast, slick, a joy to use when it’s all working properly. Worst – Yellow spots on screen, tinted screen on one of them, gorilla glass not fitted properly on one, screen lift in one corner in one, Sense bugs, crashes, reloads, camera lense too exposed. I have had phones since an old Nokia Analogue mobile, and I, and many others have so many problems with the early batches of this phone. I am expecting my 4th replacement from 3 UK on Monday after which they say they will not replace any more, it would have to go for repair. Repairing a brand new phone? Do without it for a week or more? I’m afraid this is not good enough. I am paying top money for a flagship phone and if it is broken right out of the box as my other 3, I’m expected to send a brand new phone for repair? My old Desire had no issues, if my 4th One X has these issues, and I so want it to be perfect, then I don’t know what to do, fight my corner for a refund I guess. I want my faith restored in HTC, I hope this happens. Maybe you can do something about it, something needs to be done.

  • Aitor Jiménez

    HTC Desire HD, phantastic, but not longer batery. I wanna try with HTC One X, but the integrated battery don’t make me sure to decide myself.

    • http://www.facebook.com/m.galal2006 Mohamed Galal

      I WAS like u but i got the one X  and its battary last for long time than the HD 

  • http://twitter.com/Not_purum Vadim Kraev

    I’ve got an HTC Sensation. Everything’s great but the battery. If I use it for internet surfing it’s dead after 6 hours. This is really sad

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=505036548 Matt Anderson

    I had a DHD and just got a Sensation XE. My Parents have wildfires and even some of my workmates are HTC convertees, Having a top end phone is great while it is top end but with that many products being released with little differences you soon find (like I did with the DHD) that at 18 months old support for the device falls away. I loved my DHD and tbh was less impressed with the XE that I hoped for. one annoying bug was the fact that the screen on the XE goes all mental when charging. The build quality of both phones is great and I am busting to get the one x. The ICS update for the XE left me a bit disappointed and I found that the quality of pictures seems a lot more compressed with ICS. 
     I would love a more customisable interface by way of colour schemes and themes and some of the custom themes I have seen on XDA have been great but alas I would need to root my device which I am not confident with. Perhaps this is something that could be developed? a skin maker and market?

  • Michael Wade

    Had a Desire for 18 Months, Was a great phone if a little restrictive in the RAM area. Other than that, did pretty much everything that I asked of it. Have now passed on to my son and I have a One X. 

    One X is a real powerhouse, a fantastic screen and great features. Good quality sound (with aftermarket buds rather than the 99p buds that ship – No Beats to be seen). Great integration with the main social networks and some solid widgets. Feels like a quality device in the hand with coloured quality case rather than painted plastic and the curved screen gives that little bit of extra class.Downside is that it may as well  be a landline for the amount of time it stays on charge – Truly, truly shocking battery life for a mobile device. And it does come (from 02) with a significant amount of bloatware that you cannot remove without flashing with a custom ROM. 

    Gaming performance if first class with no lag in the resource hungry games like Need For Speed, runs really well, so well in fact that if more titles from larger gaming houses are scripted, it could give the Vita a real run for it’s money. Achilles heel here is – Battery, Battery and Battery.

    Overall, fantastic performer for social, business and gaming alike. Downside is the battery, sort this and you will be onto a real game changer in the mobile device market. And it may prevent me from chucking it through your window in Slough next time it flattens after 5 hours…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2UHOULPPSBCH3TXRF3H2UQ3PXI harvey

     I have a HTC Pro2 and the ultimate in phone and I am very pleased to have this shape has been very useful and easy to use. Harvey Noguera (Nicaragua)

  • http://www.facebook.com/ahmedali4400 Ahmed Ali

    HTC Devices are the best, Hardware and Software are compatible, Excellent Hardware that last for more than 2 years, body designs last with the user for 2 years also without scratching, unlike Nokia and Samsung that specialized in making crappy Plastic hardware, in another side the only feature that make HTC specialized in this field is (SENSE), which make all the devices manufactured by HTC have a special interface, this what make HTC in the top 4 me. but there’s a little problem can be solved by HTC itself,which is the prices of the devices and the varaity. 
    it seem to be that HTC deal with a specific category of people unlike Samsung that deal with all categories by making variants devices with variants specifications suitable for all people, another strategy used by Samsung and Nokia is everyday there are new devices.

    if HTC solved the problem of the prices and make a new strategy that support many devices suitable for all categories reserved with the quality of the device (design and body), superb Firmware compatible with the hardware, and at last surely the SENSE.
    thank u HTC for all ur devices and ur quality in manufacturing.

    by the way i have HTC Rhyme and i want to get one s or one x but i can’t because of the high prices. 🙁

  • http://twitter.com/SeanCeno Sean Briceno

    Every smartphone I’ve ever had has been HTC and my next phone will be the HTC One X on May 6th. HTCs UI, in my opinion, is the best in the industry. The subtle eye candy and easter eggs are incredible. Also, the skin is much more appealing than the other competitors (Motorola & Samsung look the exact same). I currently have the HTC Inspire 4G and I’m pretty happy with it. Great processing speed, screen size, and camera function. Browser activity could be faster. I rooted the phone and flashed a Sense 3.0 ROM on it and it runs quite well. The only thing I would ask, keep the continuous carousel going into newer versions of Sense 4.0 as I know it’s not incorporated. Being able to swipe continuously is more beneficial than one may think. Thanks for making such great products!

  • http://www.facebook.com/genovese.joe Joseph Genovese


  • KatTara

    I have an Incredible S and I love my phone! There is one bug I’m experiencing, tho. When I take a picture using the flash, my screen goes to full brightness. I’ve tried flashing several roms, but the problem persists. But that’s OK, not a huge deal for me. I just go into the settings, and set the brightness back to automatic. The one thing that does bug me is the speakers. I wish they weren’t on the back of the phone! When I’m reading an ebook and listening to music, the sounds gets all muffled when I have my phone on my bed. And when I’m watching a video or something, it’s kinda hard to hear unless I use headphones or angle my hand behind the phone in a way so I can hear. Am I the only one who finds having the speakers in the back annoying? But other than those two issues, I LOVE my phone and would definitely get another HTC! I want the One X!! 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1298949077 Yan Silentman

    I used HTC EVO 4G
    I just wanted to HTC developers improve battery life, if for other ktiteria I can still rely on HTC only the durability of batteries are a problem when using the EVDO network

  • mathieu isidro

    I’m sort of retro…I’m still on HTC’s Hero, yes I know, but I love it! Someone recently told me it looked like a phone from “Back to the Future”, I take it as a compliment! 

    I used to be Ericsson, but in 2010 decided to switch to smartphones. After extensive research, I learnt about HTC and fell in love with their style and their motto “quietly brilliant” which I immediately identified with. And HTC Sense was what I was looking for. I wanted an efficient smartphone with a big enough screen, a decent camera, tons of functionalities and a sober look. I haven’t regretted it since. What a revolution to have full widgets on your (multiple) screens! 

    Even though I love my Hero, it’s getting old and slow I must admit, and I’m looking forward to switching. I’ve been on the lookout for a few months, looking for a smartphone with a bigger screen than the Hero, but not too big, with a really camera, and with the same sort of user-friendly interface and full-fledged functionalities, and behold! the One series came out right on time. Once again, it’s exactly what I was looking for and so I’ll stick to HTC! I’m looking forward to acquiring the One S in June. Thank you guys!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Strat1989 Kevin Gerard Eccles

      I switched from HTC Hero G2 to HTC Desire HD 🙂 and love it

  • hollywoodfrodo

    Need to compete with Motorola by developing a sleek phone with all the specs of the One X but with more battery power. When I got my original Dinc, I learned right away that I needed more batter and bought a 3500mah extended. It’s been great for the last 2 years not having to worry at all about my battery no matter how I use my phone.  We all know LTE consumes way more power than 3g so even with the battery improvements through software, there is no substitution for a larger capacity battery when it comes to power users like me.  I’m afraid if HTC doesn’t release a top of the line phone with at least 3000mah battery power, I may end up with a Motorola as my next phone. 🙁

  • bubigrega

    Perfect device HTC One X.

  • aroe

    please please please, tell me why  my phone calls, every one keeps telling me that my phone keep having dropped calls, My friends and myself are getting a little angry about it, my warranty  is  over in June.So  could you please get back to me asap. I am begging you,  my email is write2annetteroe@hotmail.com  my cell number is 226787O637

  • aroe

    my HTC  Legend  keep  dropping  calls please help me my warranty run out in June this started a few months ago help me asap,please !!! people I talk to get frustrated and I do as well and am embarrassed  thank you for responding quickly Aroe

  • Milan Pożarowski

    My HTC Desire Z is simply the best ^^ every day i dig up something new on it! 🙂

  • Ayman Mohammad

    I have HTC Sensation. The home screen crashes all the time. I’m not the only one who’s complaining about this Also i’ve read that even the new update didn’t solve this problem. YOU SHOULD FIX IT.

    • creatorstar

      Root it and run one of the many One S roms on Xda-developers.com My sensation is now a One S. that’s why I love HTC. because I can do that. Now I looking into buying a One X because I like this Rom so much. HTC ftw

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Derek-Cox/1208077004 Derek Cox

    HTC Thunderbolt here.  Loved the phone but pretty fed up with lack of development for it and also lack of Ice Cream Sandwich

  • Rahul Ghadiali

    HTC One X here – it’s my first HTC and I can’t help but feel disappointed – have previously used Samsungs. The phone is very nice but I have quite a few problems – screen flex/ripple with screen coming away from the phone on the right of the screen as if not glued properly, dead pixels, camera not centred on lens, phone gets hot. 
    These are all build quality issues and leave me quite disappointed considering that this is my first HTC handset!

    • http://twitter.com/SartoriX Alex

       You’re not the only one, lots of issues with early One X’s at least, hoping my 4th replacement will be put together right

  • http://twitter.com/rtorres81 Ricardo Torres

    Hero, Evo, Evo3d. I liked the first two the third has been rebooting more than staying on. I guess its alright. The camera works. 

  • http://twitter.com/Alsalmany Zakareya AlSalman

    my story with HTC starts with HTC Touch pro then HTC EVO 3D and now its the Amazing One X. simply its quietly brilliant.
    after last update my device came unbelievable especially with battery using. its normal to work 20 hours WOW.
    ThanQ HTC.
    always waiting for new from you
    and on HTC we trust (y)

  • http://www.facebook.com/VER15 Ver Oandasan

    User interface in htc devices are very good and functional also the build quality is very good can’t say nothing but good stuff to that but the battery life sucks please make a phone that is atleast 2200 mAH and bring back the carousel effect that feature is very useful. Love your phone just need minor improvements. love the One S by the way hope it’s a 720p display like the one X and a bigger battery that would be a killer phone I’m pretty sure of that and 4” to 4’3″ is just the right size of screen for most of smartphone users. 

  • http://twitter.com/MobileHudson MobileHudson

    I have the HTC Arrive and I chose it because I wanted the Windows Phone. Since I am a Sprint customer, I only had one choice which is no choice at all. I don’t know who does the negotiations  between Microsoft / Sprint / HTC, but it is disheartening to not have multiple choices like I could have with other carriers. I like the Arrive. It is, unfortunately, very bulky due to the QWERTY keyboard and pales in comparison to the Titan II, but the Titan II won’t run on Sprint. What gives?

  • Lee Smeros

    I had my HTC EVO 3 D for about 7 months and the thing keeps rebooting on it own and just yesturday it froze on the HTC screen. had to take it in and do a hard reset on it which caused me to loose all my apps and some contacts., after sprint did the hard reset, they ran a diognistic check and told me it passed with flying colors.  well after spending hours to redownload my apps and setting everything up, it’s doing it again today.  I am so pissed off!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/dannya2005 Daniel Ordoñez

      clean cache memory

  • http://twitter.com/nascentt nascent

    HTC Desire-Z:  Love it, best phone I’ve ever used.  I had a G1 and loved it very much too, but the bulk and appearance were downsides. Once Android 2.0 was out I had to let it go.

    My Z is fantastic, I love it very much, the keyboard, the screen, the speed (pre-froyo) is excellent.  Even the weight and overall feel is perfect for me.

    I HATE the pointing device/touchpad.  It’s unusable.  It’s the thing I miss most from my G1 (the G1’s trackball was amazing).

    I would buy a more powerful, modern replica of the Desire-Z without a moments hesitation.  I hate touchscreen keyboards, and will only ever buy slide-out physical keyboard phones.  If HTC cease to build decent phones with physical keyboards I will go elsewhere/stick with what I have and change firmware.  Simple as that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1255305111 Adrian Aiello

    Ok i’ve got the Htc One X,having a slight issue with flickering screen on greyish backgrounds even after the 1.28 update,to me it seems like the auto light sensor which adjust the brightness is doing is doing it in stuttery steps or the voltage changes is not smooth when changing brightness which causes that flickering effect.

    When you record full hd video it is recording it in 1920×1088! it should be by 1080 also it skips frames,only managing around 21-23 fps and the video bitrate is way to low for full hd,with this phone having a quad core cpu it should manage full hd super smooth at 30fps if not 60fps.

    Also the photo’s are highly compressed,around 2mb for an 8million pixel shot??? should be around 4-6mb for best quality.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ayan15 Adrian Carlo Gonzales

      got the same problem and we have same name also.. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1255305111 Adrian Aiello

        Cool….it really is a top phone but these issues should not exist on a flagship device,

  • chimo29

    One x? 4th HTC phone. love it. got the battery right this time. the rest speaks for itself. thanks HTC 🙂

  • Thilo-Alexander Ginkel

    I was quite happy with my HTC Sensation. Excellent hardware quality, snappy user experience. Util HTC shipped the ICS update (firmware revision 3.32.405.5). Since the update, the phone is sluggish, pressing the power button sometimes takes around 5 s to wake it up from sleep, similar delays apply when starting applications that previously started in a fraction of a second.

    HTC, I am not impressed and this will certainly be my hast HTC phone if no update is shipped in a timely fashion, which corrects these issues.

  • Amy Oliveros

    My first HTC phone was the Desire…
    I loved it.. but since the lack of big storage gave me some issues, I have to replace it after .. oh well, almost 3 long years 🙂 Got my One X now and I love it!
    Main concern for both phones is that both get hot easily.. 
    I love the optical trackpad on my desire, and I really hoped that that’s available to One X too.. I opentimes touch that area where the optical trackpad was located every time I need to do some typo correction.

    Other than that, I love my HTC Phones!

  • http://twitter.com/sebsal Craig Graham

    Loved it till I dropped it and the screen shattered. Not loving the £169 repair bill

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chileno4Live Ingmar Hoorenman

    I have a HTC One X. In general I’m very pleased with my phone. The design (White One X) is very beautiful and I just love the fact that the screen goes to the side a bit as well. The screen is also very beautiful, I just love it. Sense 4.0 is also very good and simplistic, and I love its widgets.

    But despite all these positive regards, I also have 2 negative points to make. First off, I have 2 yellow dots on my screen. They are only visible when I am on a white or grey screen though, so it doesn’t bother me much. This is however a very expensive phone and because of that I want a perfect unit because that’s what I pay for. My second issue is the battery life. It really is bad and the update HTC rolled out didn’t help much either. 

    I hope you will look into my post and maybe it’ll help ya guys. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1355422887 Curt Brueggeman

    I have been a fan since the start of Android with the G1. Its like buying a car for me. If you like there brand you will continue to like there brand.  So I’m on my 4th HTC phone and this HTC ONE S has got to be the best one yet!! Whats important to me on phones are the “internet speeds” and “camera shutter” speeds and the HTC ONE S really shines  these two features off well!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/yinlungman Yin Man

    I am using my One X (2nd one) The first was returned due to over heating within 15 mins.  For all it’s flaws it is still Awesome device. However I think a larger battery would have alleviate some of the battery complaints and definitely better optimization is needed on the T3 chip and more transparency with your customer base which is the aim of this exercise.  Looking forward to quicker updates or patches as I believe the potential for the one X has not been unleashed yet.

  • gweilo8888

    I’m pretty pleased with my HTC One X overall,with a few provisos:

    The hardware is close to perfect. except that the lens cover glass is not recessed and will very quickly get scratched, even if it is Gorilla Glass (and I am guessing it isn’t). Also, the touchscreen is far wider than the LCD panel, so the hand holding the phone accidentally touches the panel, blocking touch input with my other hand or causing unintended inputs.

    I’ve had one total lockup on the boot screen, accompanied by the phone getting frighteningly hot. Hot enough it was close to painfully hot around the lens bezel. Seriously, it actually scared me. This was when charging, the phone is stock and unrooted, and the screen jumps to max brightness while the CPU seems to stay 100% fully utilized when the phone locks up. Between battery charging, screen backlight and CPU it causes spectacular heat to be generated, to where I’m concerned if I hadn’t been nearby to notice within a couple of minutes, a fire might’ve been the end result. My Asus Transformer tablet seems to have similar (although much, much more common) issues with lockups during boot and other reboot problems, but doesn’t generate nearly as much heat. I’m guessing this is related to either Google or nVidia code bugs shared between Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 devices, but whichever it is, please put pressure on them to get these reboot problems fixed, and perhaps consider changing your startup code to temporarily disable charging and use minimum screen brightness during the startup, just in case a lockup happens.

    The delay on accessories and especially cases is maddening. Even more frustrating is that all the cases either don’t protect the lens,or don’t provide access to the POGO pins for the speaker dock. Worse, as far as I can tell none of the cases work with the car dock. Why design a system full of compromises? Make all the parts work together next time… It should be possible to design docks that can accept a phone either with or without a stock first-party case attached.

    Sorry to be blunt, but Sense is terrible. I have stock ICS on my tablet and it is a much more coherent experience. The only Sense feature I’d miss is the burst speed of the camera app; if I could retain that and get stock ICS while keeping my warranty, I would in a heartbeat. Everything else simply gets in my way, especially the login screen (which if I want a login screen with a password means I have to swipe first past the Sense login screen, then past the Android one — daft!). The task switcher is also nowhere near as good as the stock one, because I can only see one full app and the very edges of two other apps at any one time, which makes it slow and clumsy to switch between apps when I have a bunch running. I also prefer the stock ICS launcher.

    Also, the camera needs control of compression ratios for stills and videos. Both are badly overcompressed, and there is MUCH more detail if I use a third-party app for recording. That, and videos also drop frames badly, even at only 720p resolution. If those issues can be fixed, and the 1080p resolution changed to the more widely-compatible 1920×1080 instead of 1920×1088, I’d be a huge admirer of the camera, though. The image quality for stills with third-party apps is superb, and it’s clear the camera is capable of much better quality than the stock app provides.

    The One X’s speaker is too quiet, and the Beats audio isn’t impressive on headphones. (It just sounds like a typical “bass expander” function.) That said, the audio quality isn’t bad either, just not all it’s hyped up to be.

    But on the other side of the coin, that display… Oh, my goodness! 🙂 That display!!! Seriously, it is stunning. Incredible. It’s a bit oversaturated and I wish I could dial that back a bit, but otherwise it is just awesome. Every bit as good as the reviews said, and better. Talk to Google. Shout at them if necessary. Tell them your customers want ICC profile support. If I could profile that screen for more accurate, less saturated color I’d never look at another phone again for the rest of my time on this planet. Seriously! 😉

    And I don’t know what your screen coating is, but I love it! Hides fingerprints fairly well, but doesn’t have almost any friction even when just cleaned… Wish it was a little less glossy but otherwise it’s about the perfect coating. My Asus Transformer’s coating is terrible, by comparison.

    I’ve heard complaints about the battery life of the One X. Well, if you turn the screen brightness down to something reasonable, I’ve found battery life is anywhere from great to superb. And the standby times when the fifth core kicks in are phenomenal!

    Would I buy my HTC One X again? Definitely. Can you make it even better? Yes please! 🙂

  • Raajiv Gupta

    Have to say HTC need better quailty control, This is my 3rd(after 2 faulty) HTC ONE X

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=734814442 Manendra Singh

    i Have HTC sensation.Phone is awesome and performance is too good,but lacking in low Battery and overheating problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/janmejaypatel1 Janmejay Patel

    i am using HTC sine last three years ( two diffeent model i used ) and will change instrument as per the coming time and new generation’s features but never change this brand , I love it , HTC IS BOSS in Real meaning…

  • Pramote Jenlapwattanakul

    Just bought the HTC One X two weeks ago, and thank you for a very fast frimware updated. However, please pay more attention closely to a better development of telephong power consumptions, and software developments. Otherwise, this is a very nice mobile phone so far that I have been using. Thank you

  • Vivek Dhingra

    I like my one x…plain and simple.
    But have some gripes. Overheating is a major issue, flicker and screen banding also occur but not commonly. But this all would be ok IF HTC COULD GIVE A STATEMENT REGARDING FLICKER PROBLEMS, TELLING USERS IF THIS IS A HARDWARE FAULT OR SOFTWARE…..thats all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1367454770 Jaime Berrios

    I have a Droid Incxredible 2 by HTC and am having severe battery issues. All of a sudden earlier this week, the battery (the one that comes with the phone) would not take a charge. After trying to charge it through different outlets in my house, my PC, and my car, it still would not charge. I went ot the Verizon store and they gave me a new battery (again, the regular factory installed one) and it looked like it was charging in the store. Brought it home, and it looked like it was charging, but would not hold the charge (was down to a yellow bar when I unplugged it after a few hours – when it should have been fully charged). Now, it is completely dead AGAIN and will not charge. I can’t even turn the darn thing on! I have read on some blogs that this is a problem with this phone and the battery – the chargers are all working fine, and the blogs said there is an inherent problem with the factory installed battery. I really don’t want to pay for another battery…seems if you get the “extended life” battery, the issue goes away. And that is $50! Anyone else have this problem?? I am at my wits end with this…thinking about changing phones all together. HTC – any thoughts on this?

  • majid25

    Extremely satisfied with my EVO 3D, love the design, screen, everything. All it needs is a ICS update and I’ll reach 100% satisfaction. It was a very huge upgrade coming from the EVO 4G in terms of hardware. Qhd is great as well.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kaleavi Kale Avi

       Same here..ICS for EVO3D please!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/kaleavi Kale Avi

       You are 100% right on that. All we need is ICS on our EVO and we will be the happiest bunnies on earth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002549149327 Karsten Borngräber

    I have an HTC Desire S and find the phone to fulfill all my requirements and the battery life a relatively good in comparison to other smart phones. I have only used other brand phones before and now have turned to HTC. If I can help it, this will be the last time I changed. It’s a very good quality instrument. HTC have given me the phone I want, need and desire. Thanks HTC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bobi-Bobev/100001146688812 Bobi Bobev

    Look at other retailers who are selling phones with 3300mAh battery. 21 hours talking time etc etc etc. You can only learn from them 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000967512882 Bidhin Raj

    Ma WFS havent got any Sense updates to Sense 3. I hate U HTC………..

  • http://twitter.com/hyperbluuue Janine Cervantes

    I really want to get the black HTC One S, but I’m going to put it off until HTC clears what’s been going on with the chipping issues and what’s the actual solution is.. i don’t wanna end up getting one and asking for a replacement over and over again.

  • http://twitter.com/outofmyelement Rory

    Got the HTC One X a few weeks ago.  Really like it for the most part. Love the standby time low battery usage! Always drove me nuts on other devices. The camera is pretty decent but can be noisy even in daylight.  The video is very choppy even at 720p and I am not sure the Image Stabilization option even does anything at all! The bitrate especially for 1080p is extremely low resulting in blocky image. Perhaps compression/bitrate options would be great to let the users decent if they want lower size/quality vs higher size/quality.

    Sound coming out of the headset jack is simply amazing. As for the built-in Speaker I needed to use Volume+ to up the speaker volume to better hear notifications and video chats.Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the device as a whole and the camera is more than wonderful but I really hope HTC improves these items and more via software.

  • Max –

    you’re a bad company you promise and not fulfill what was promised

  • Dinesh Prasanth Krishnamoorthy

    Got INCREDIBLE S last month. I’m waiting for ICS update. If it gets it, i’ll be more convinced because of the money that i spent. I’m waiting for that update.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dave332 Dave Smith

    I got an HD7 last July. Been fighting with HTC for 4 months with no real out come. I’m taking pills to sleep at night and can’t even imagine ever buying another one of your phones. You screwed me and didn’t even buy me dinner, now that’s just rude.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jay-Shah/100001269829952 Jay Shah

    Got HTC One V a few days back. Its a great phone except that HTC forgot about the processor. It pathetically slow and negates all the good that One V is all about. With that price tag of 20K, i expected much more processing power. Will not recommend to anyone. 

  • Lee Lundie

     Disappointed! I have just received my brand new HTC One S and unboxed it to reveal a nice brand new CHIP!!!!! on the edge of the phone. The same CHIP that everyone is complaining about over the top ridge of the phone. Now i have read about htc claiming that it probably has in some way been damaged by the owner but are willing to replace handsets. Well how do they explain me opening the box for chipping the phone??? For a top quality brand, this is very disappointing indeed. And what are they exactly going to replace it with, another faulty model that will happen sometime in the future again!!

  • Doug DeMarco

    I have an Incredible 2 (personal) and Evo 4G (work), both have been pretty solid phones.  Biggest complaint is the camera design and how the lens cover sticks out past the battery door and…..the stress crack by the power button of the Evo 4G, which is apparently a common problem.

    BTW can’t wait for ICS on the Incredible 2.

  • Stanislav Spuzyak

    I got Sensation 4G about 6 months ago. This is my first smartphone and I like it )
    But, I have one critical comment on it “why I can’t add/remove languages? why and why again?”

  • Lenin Diaz

    I got a HTC EVo 3d they promised ICS update since a few months and nothing is happened!! They will work hard to sell you a phone but will not offer software updates.. so I recommend not buying their new HTC one  cause probably it will lack support in a few months just like my HTC evo 3d does now..

    • http://www.facebook.com/kaleavi Kale Avi

       Dont loose you hope, HTC is not that bad, its annoyingly slow but i think they are doing the best they can.

  • Poonam Daga

    I am facing issues with ICS on my sensation xe. With the initial upgrade it seemed to make processing faster, but currently my phone’s performance has fallen considerably. It takes enormous amount of time to switch between apps and also apps to home screen. It will be really great if you could tell me how to fix this and if I am not posting in the correct portal, could you direct me to the right link where i can get this issue resolved. 

    The slow processing is really making me dislike this os and the phone itself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/h.s.sarkar Himadri S Sarkar

    I am having an WildfireS since last 6 months. By this time the Adapter & the USB cable stopped working.
    Releasing new phones is good, but what about the quality….

  • http://www.facebook.com/graziano.burlini Graziano Burlini

    we need usb host feature! i want a phone indipendent  from a pc or from an online service! i’m often in places where connection isn’t good so i need to transfer file from phone or to phone using  a usb cable, no drop box , no gdrive. it isn’t a problem if we need an external power supply (we can buy powerbanks), but we need usb host!

  • Petr Benkovský

    If i have an idea about software, but I’m not programmer, I just have idea. Where I can write it? I think, it Would be usable or something, but i can’t se way, where we can write about ours ideas!

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Petr,

      You should get in contact with HTC Dev at http://www.htcdev.com or through twitter @htcdev:twitter

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000948325448 Rishi Agarwal

    Isn’t htc limiting things ?like storage in case of one x …it could have better if there was a sd card option ..it would be amazing then!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3W6CSBXMCANDEGSLF7DAKT5OBE Jan

    I’ve got a fantastic EVO 3D and I am very happy with it.. Can’t wait for ICS


    • http://www.facebook.com/kaleavi Kale Avi

       Yes please!! Some love for our Evo would be great.. Thanks HTC

  • Vasilis P.

    I have an HTC One S for the 3d time, 3d handset that i had to get and return to the retailer for different things.

    1st handset, worked ok, but chipped away within days of use AND with the slim HTC cover. Chipped on USB port and on the top and bottom where the phone wasnt covered. Never fell down or anything, just used with my jeans.

    Replaced by amazon immediately (sim free phone), and second handset, no chipping, used a gel case immediately, BUT, wifi problems dropping the signal while in use, and going into idle.

    Amazon replaced the phone again, and now the latest one works ok, but was delivered with chipping on the USB already….

    Im happy with this one so im keeping it BUT as i have already explained to HTC support UK there are rumors and inside reports that HTC is improving their MAO coating on newer handsets, BUT is not mentioning this officially.

    I believe this is outrageous, because it leaves customers like myself who went and bought the device in full trust of HTCs products as a pre-order, thinking that it should deliver its promices, hanging in the wind with handsetst that may chip away in the future and obviously with the need of always being covered with a case, when on HTC official videos, its advertised against it!!! because of it’s durability.

    Comments like: MAO is strong but not unsucceptable to damage are logical, but when damage is done by normal everyday use, then either something is wrong with the coating, or it shouldnt be advertised that its tough enough.

    Bottom line, the phone is gorgeous, it delivers good results when the software is not buggy, BUT i strongly believe that the handsets that HTC knows as being more succeptible to damage, SHOULD be replaced by HTC with no questions asked, either through direct contact to retailers letting them know that specific S/N phones should be returned for replacements even after the 30day warranty, OR through HTC themselves somehow.

    IF HTC is NOT changing their coating production method, then this should also be officialy said and admitted.

    Vasilis P.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bobi-Bobev/100001146688812 Bobi Bobev

      Well i got mine with burned pixels and dust under the screen, they wont exchange it. They are pushing me to give it for repair!!! Nice job HTC. You cant even stay behind your products…….. for me personally its a lost cause. Guys never buy HTC!!! You will never be satisfied with what so ever. After they take your money they will never speak to you again. Its like in the DARK AGES with the WITCH HUNT

  • Sandeep Mahadik
  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1138987722 Kim Seidelin Prip Schrøder

    Why is it no longer possible to locate my phone via HTC Sense in case its stolen ?

  • MeQ2

    Well yesterday I posted my opinion and it was removed! So I guess HTC is not interested in my particular opinion, eventhough I’ve been a loyal customer for almost 6 years.
    Why was it removed? I was a bit angry/dissapointed/frustrated, but I didn’t insult anyone and didn’t use any strong language! Or was it because I mentioned the name of the competitor that is beating HTC to the punch with the ICS roll out?
    I only asked for a expeditious roll-out of ICS to my EVO 3D (which I’m happy with) or at least a roll-out date (be it pessimistic) that HTC is willing to commit to. Is that asking for too much?
    As I said yesterday, this long wait for the promissed (!) ICS roll-out is influencing my HTC-experience for the worse. This experience hasn’t been improved by having my comment removed. So I wonder how long this comment will remain in place…

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi MeQ2,

      We have a post on this blog about the ICS rollouts and updates.  That is the appropriate place for comments about ICS.  This post is looking for feedback and reviews of the features and functionality of your phone.  We understand, the OS on the phone is important, and Evo 3D is on the list to be updated.

      • MeQ2

        Hi Larry,

        Thanks for responding.

        I understand full well that you have a post on the ICS roll-out; I look at it several times a week!

        The point of me posting about this here anyway is this: ICS will provide some features I really look forward to. I experience this as “missing features which are long due”.

        As mentioned in my previous post (which was deleted by you or a fellow moderator), the fact that I’ve been waiting on the ICS roll-out for months is affecting my HTC-experience in such a way that I’m considering my next phone NOT to be a HTC, after years of brand-loyalty. And since all the complaining done on the “correct” post hasn’t yet lead to so much as a pessimistic timetable as to when ICS will be rolled out per country per device, it seems to me perfectly appropiate to try this post where according to the posted text “my opinion will be valued”.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kaleavi Kale Avi

        Yes larry it is on the list and it would be even easier if that list had some kinda dates of its release to all them devices there. Thanks

    • http://www.facebook.com/kaleavi Kale Avi

      +1 for my EVO

  • http://www.facebook.com/sayful.islam Sayful Islam

    OK so my ever since I upgraded to ICS my phone keeps crashing and i have to turn it on every time which in the takes 5 minutes to re boot as it keeps saying “android software upgrading – out of 35” which I wouldn’t complain if it happened now and again but it happens as soon as it re boots another 6 times before the phone is stable and by then it kills my battery I have gone from 89% to 8% within a space of 10 minutes of my phone crashing and re starting, is there a way I can downgrade back to gingerbread please? (p.s its a HTC Sensation)

  • http://www.facebook.com/cetindk Dogukan Cetin

    Well I’m from Turkey and I got an Gsm EVO 3D. Technically great phone. Real fast.
    Design is really good but its all meaningless when I put on my extended battery with its back cover because the battery life on the stock battery is like a joke. I barely can see a day when I use it on light usage but come on, I want to use my phone to its full potential!
    Just answer my question; is there ever going to be an update to improve the battery life? It would be extraordinary if a battery improvement came with the ICS update.
    Am I dreaming or are there anything for the battery life?

    Edit: By the way, will the speakers be any louder than this. That is also my issue because its not that satisfying. I would’ve made some modifications to the speaker settings through QPST as I found on the net but I cant do that QPST settings because they are not supported on GSM.
    Will there be anything official for this?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500195887 Cramik Maharjan

    I have been using Desire S from past one year. Great phone from every aspect, never got bored of it. But nowadays i can see so many dust particles inside the screen below the earpiece region. which is actually visible when i am using in sunlight. Doesn’t bothers much but its kinda not good. Thinking of changing to another HTC phone and my eyes are on ONE S. But sadly its not yet available in my region actually i live in Nepal. Hope it arrives soon and i will have wallet full of money to buy it 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=723324696 Rajat Banerjee

    Hi Larry,
    I have bought an EVO 3D last month. I am HAPPY with the way it performs. Quite amazing gaming experience, specially 3D games, runs as a magic on EVO 3D. An amazing HTC Sense UI. I am loving it. I am also wating for an update to ICS. But will wait, as I don’t want a fast upgrade with lots of bugs. So ready to wait and get a stable update. So far very happy with HTC. I just wanted to know a few things. I have a GSM EVO 3D here in India. Its not locked with any operator. I want to buy a docking station for my EVO 3D. I am unable to find the accessories list on HTC website for my EVO 3D. The 2nd question that I have is, on the features list is says it supports upto 32gb of external memory. But I have read on lot of blogs that they are using 64gb cards on EVO 3D. So would just like to check whether installing a 64gb card is recommended and in any case would it anyway harm my phone?. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/ufukerdogan61 Ufuk Erdoğan

    evo 3d ıcs 4.0 what?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=830569661 Aamir Rehman Lodhi

    i have just bought an HTC One X, unthinkable response. but camera sucks when its zoomed in. i hope its just a software update 🙂

  • Daniel Wojtko

    First of all, i really love HTc devices, i started wih the Universal, head over to the TyTn II , the Desire and now i am a proud owner of a One X. To repeat Paul OBrien “HTC devices are like comeing home”. BUT……… There is one point in the new devices that is terribly anoying: The way you lock he phones!!! In the past i always saw HTC as a company that is open and gives users what they want, but the way you lock down the new gen devices is horrible. With every of my old HTCs i got custom roms, even earlier before other newer devices i got new android versions and i could create me a phone that is really quietly brilliant. But the way you use the HTCdev unlock portal is a bad. On your page you write “may void your warranty” but your support tells it definitly will void your waranty, on XDA-Developers you read about people that returen their One for repair cause of a yellow tint (which is definitly a production failure during optical lamination process) but you won’t repair under waranty cause the device is unlocked. Thats a no go. Other companies like Samsung handle it mouch easier.
    The thing is i don’t want a Samsung nor any other manufacturer, i want an HTC but not if i can’t do the things with the device i like to. The One X is a brilliant thing of High Tech, the camera is for an amateur photograph like me a reason not to buy an extra cam, but please continue your old way and let us use the device the way we want to, and the reason why we decid to use an open source OS like Androd. I know your Hardware is that intelligent that it won’t explode, before it will shut down.

    So HTC that’s your choice to become “really brilliant” instead of “quietly”

  • afonja

    I was really excited when HTC changed their strategy to HTC One line, and I expected (as many other people out there) that those 3 phones will get an equal amount of love from HTC.

    I got my HTC One S from day one, and I do really like every aspect of that phone, but it seems like we are abandoned by HTC at the moment, all their focus is One X, even though I understand that it’s their flagship phone.

    As far as I’m aware HTC One X owners already received a couple of updates to deal with bugs that were present in early versions. Unfortunately there was no word from HTC why One S owners still didn’t get any updates that will solve connection issues (where network constantly jumps from 3G to H which makes it almost unusable).

    More to that, I am really disappointed of how HTC handles One S MAO cover chipping issue. I do know that there was an official statement from HTC about it, but still nothing concrete. I myself have one, and cover is chipping around the corner and micro USB port. I do realise that HTC tried to do their phones more durable, but you still cannot admit that there is an issue in production somewhere. I would like HTC to tell us, finally, when they will sort that problem out, so we can swap our faulty mobiles(or if it’s not solvable to change them to Grey finish). I can see many posts from owners (on xda-developers) that some people followed HTC’s advice to swap their phone again and again, and some of them already did that 3 or even more times, but problem isn’t solved, so chipping reappears.

    After seeing HTC reps saying that this phone is more durable, scratch resist and doesn’t even need a case – it sounds more and more misleading, especially when company keeps silent.

  • MedX172

    I was very excited to get my HTC Thunderbolt when it came out, but truly feel like Verizon and HTC have failed to address many of the issues with the device.  The number of random reboots, freezes and glitches on a stock Verizon device are unacceptable.  Now that both Verizon and HTC have moved on to newer, shinier stars in their line up, I feel pretty abandoned.  I haven’t felt this way since I foolishly purchased Microsoft’s Vista Ultimate Edition. 

    It’s sad really, because I love HTC’s intuitive interfaces and reskinning of stock Android. So much time has passed that I’ve given up hope of the device’s issues being resolved. I feel that Verizon is just waiting out the contract and hoping that Thunderbolt users will drift off into obscurity as contracts wind down. Neither company has done an adequate job of righting this wrong. Needless to say, I am hesitant to purchase another HTC product.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anandsharma.andy Anand Sharma


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CDGE7O73VT7TLNEFATIODAJ7IE ahmet

    Are you planning to upgrade the android version of wildfire from 2.2.1 to another. the performance of the phone has been getting worse because of the apps.

  • Luís Cruz

    Hi… I’m with my new One X for a week now!
    Just love it!
    The only thing is that I’d love to have USB host support, specially if we fill the 25Gb with movies and need to download them without having the PC with me on my trips.
    Sure I could just use another rom, but I’ve been missing Sense on my Hero! 🙁
    How about a OTA update to the kernel adding this support? If third party developers are doing it, how hard could it be for your developers to do it also?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000525133460 Vincent Mendoza

       Mr. Luis,
      is the one X really that great? in spite the issues that its having of lag? knowing that its running on Quad-core?

  • Lionel dybowski

    I have had a desire Z for a year and a half. It has been a great phone; I have replaced a broken screen when I dropped the phone and fell a few meters below (tks ebay for screen!!). The display is not as bright as on new phones, and it may be slower than most recent models, but it has been a great tool. I use it every day as a modem for remte machine access, and it’s hardware keyboard is great…. it’s a shame that this design has been dropped from the produc line…

  • http://twitter.com/vaskor vas kor

    HTC One X is so cool! Love it already. I don’t care about small issues, i am sure HTC will make things fine. Very good company HTC, the phones you create are fantastic.

  • bobby buckley

    What happened to the Beats Headphones? I thought they were included!

  • http://twitter.com/famoque Fahmi Hamid

    hello HTC,

    I used a HTC Sensation XE and just update the OS to ICS and loving it. The Battery life expanded, the browsing speed better, and nomore “hang” issues. I love the fact that the phone included the Beats earphone and the sound just so incredible.

    I just have one issue to highlight though, the fact that the phone build with front facing camera it doesn’t support 3G video calling. I’m a travelling executive, most of the time distance from family. the 3G video calling is a very important features for me. I’m aware that I can do that if installed a 3rd party apps like fring, skype and others I will be able to do that. Unfortunately not all of my family members used the latest smartphone. Most of them still using Nokia mobile phone but still they support 3G video calling.

    What make me sad is that previous HTC smartphone have the 3G video calling features, for example HTC diamond. I used Diamond last time and loving it. Last time I heard that with ICS updates the 3G video calling will be available but sadly it doesn’t happen.

    Just to highlight how important the 3G video calling features is, Samsung kept it rolling and widely used by my friends that used Samsung Galaxy S2 and Note. I think HTC should give us some firmware update and make the 3G video calling features available back. It would be awesome.

    Just a humble comment and thoughts from a user.

    Best Regards,

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000525133460 Vincent Mendoza

       Hello there HTC,

      I am new to HTC mobiles for I am a long time Nokia and Samsung user. ( when I saw your latest phone called the HTC One X, I was really amazed and wanted that phone especially that it can video an event and at the same time take pictures. However their are many issues regarding your mobile “It’s the one” I hope at least in this web page of yours some could kindly tell me if the HTC One X is really “good” or “not”. [ oh! by the way I hope what you stated here is true that your clients are your most priority? ]  I can see that Mr. Hamid’s statement has no reply yet.

      • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

         Hi Vincent,

        First off, thank you for coming to HTC and being a customer.  Of course I believe HTC phones are good, but I would refer you to read the reviews from industry experts and what they say about the phone.  We have collected many of them and they can be accessed through a post on this blog at http://blog.htc.com/2012/04/htc-one-earning-rave-reviews/.  If there is a support issue you have, the blog is not the best place to go, we answer as often as we can, but the best bet for any support issues, like Mr Hamid referred to above, is to go directly to HTC support at http://www.htc.com/www/contact

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Fahmi,

      I understand your use as I also travel quite a bit and use Skype on my phone to video call with family.  Personally, I am not familiar with how you are using 3G video calling.  Have you reached out to the customer support team about this issue?  If not, they can be reached at http://www.htc.com/www/contact/

      Thank you for being an HTC customer.

  • droidsg

    HTC One X is the “One”.But I want a bigger battery at least 2000mAh.Because 1800mAh is just not enough for a day.Hopefully the next phone HTC release will have a bigger battery then I will get it.Currently I’m using my 1&1/2 years old HTC Desire and my contract is due on August.  

  • Antony Gichanga

    fix the video camera capture on the one x (under 30fps), video not smooth and definitely not as advertised and the laggy sense browser, everything else is great.

  • http://twitter.com/kairumk David Corcos

    Please , help us to change the ROM on old phones, i really want to try another ROMs

  • tinimusa

    Hello HTC,

    I just buy a new HTC One X, but I got problem with the phone. The phone getting hot while charging n got problem with the battery….I’m so disappointed with HTC services. Today, I send back the phone to the HTC HQ in KL and do report about the problem but the services is so bad n not get a good respond from the services centre.. when I buy the HTC One X, the seller told me that the phone have 2 years warranty and HTC will change a new phone if the phone got problem (1 to 1). But HTC won’t change the phone.HTC One X not good. TQ.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Tinimusa,

      have you already reported this issue to customer support directly?  If not, please do so at http://www.htc.com/www/contact/.  If you have, please let us know the support ticket number and we can follow up on status.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000018424359 Eduard Malynovskyy

    Hey, I’ve got my HTC one X a week ago and I think HTC should change the batteries or something because I spent my battery in like less than 5 hours of normal usage and If I play some Tegra 3 game it ends in 2 hourse or so, If its a smartphone, in my opinion the battery should last for more time. Thankyou.

  • http://twitter.com/dtmsnsmhl saudações terráqueos

    I am in love with this phone! There are just some HTC Sense 4.0 details that me and a lot of other users that I talked to are not satisfied with.
    1- the app switcher takes too much space of the screen, you could make the tiles smaller so we would be able to see more apps at a time without having to scroll (similar to stock ICS)
    2- the folders have an annoying “+” button that nobody uses and makes the UI ugly. You really messed up with that!
    3- when you open a folder it also takes too much unnecessary space on the screen! It is a row larger than on stock ICS, which was about the perfect size. Stock ICS folder management was perfect, you shouldn’t have changed that! Keeping only that the same would not disfigure HTC Sense.
    4- folders don’t open as quick as on devices running stock ICS (such as galaxy nexus)

    So, much of my concerns are folder-related. I really hope that Sense’s next update will clean things up… you are doing a great job so far, I am loving to see how committed you are!!! Keep giving as updates and feedback, it really makes a difference  

  • Garry N

    I was totally loyal to Nokia until I bought their 5800 (their first touchscreen phone) and found it to be rubbish. A friend of mine showed me his HTC Desire and I went out the next day and bought one. Since then, I have had the HTC Desire HD and now have the HTC Sensation XE. I love everything about these phones but I would really like to have a folder that I can save text messages in. Are there any plans to include this feature into software updates?

    • http://twitter.com/Darth_Sideous Dantius Palpatine

       In the Messages/SMS/MMS menu, there’s a Back up feature, it will create a back up on your SD card, in the SMS_Backup folder.

  • editornpn

    I bought a new HTZ desire Z less than 3 months ago and was told it would get ICS 4.0 Android now I see it not listed. I am never planning on recommending another HTC product to anyone in my area. I am a journalist and can’t believe how poor the upgrade path is for new devices. I am in a 3 year contract or I would throw away this piece of crap. Constant re-boots without warning and it does the same on my wifes identical phone. I have factory reset as told and still it reloads the home screen so much I am tired of waiting.  I was approached by a waitress who saw my phone and she too had major issues with her Desire Z. Recall anyone.

  • Daniel Wojtko

    Well done HTC i just returned my HTC One X nd buy me a GS3, your locked bootloader and warranty voiding on HTC dev is a joke, it’s a shame that you rape an Open Source OS so mouch

  • Dudditz09

    What do I think?  
    I think my One X is getting sold.  
    I think I am getting a SGSIII.  
    I think HTC’s attitude to the unlocking bootloader voids warranty issues is ridiculous.  I think there is a lack of support for developers from HTC.  
    I think I want HTC to fail hard. 
    I think this will be the last HTC device I ever lay hands on.I think you should listen to your customers more.I think your stance towards warranty and unlocked bootloaders would fail to stand up in the EU.I think me and HTC are done.I have always had HTC phone, I have always like them, but the bootloader on the One X is, for all intents and purposes, unlockable.Never again will I purchase from this company.

    • Daniel Wojtko

      Yeah, thats my opinion, too. Why should someone dev for HTC when you can’t do with the device what you want. Samsungs are never locked (what i think is a reason why they are no1 Mobile Phone manufacturer). It’s really a shame i always loved HTCs and Sense but not with that locked and waranty things. And by the way, the method you want customers with unlocked phones pay for repait for example a bad display is ilegal in the EU)

    • http://twitter.com/Darth_Sideous Dantius Palpatine

       Well said. Yesterday, I went to a Vodafone-A1 (Austria) because of a screen flex issue. Verdict: 1 to 1 swap and 2 weeks to wait. Oh wait, 2 weeks? A few days before the Samsung Galaxy S3 goes on sale? Time to sell the One X as soon as it comes back and jump ship. HTC fan since the Windows mobile era, when EVERYTHING was possible on a device. Now, we have Android, which I don’t really like but I’m not buying any Icrap, Windows phone is a joke and Nokia, well, no way. On top of that, as if I were not frustrated enough, HTC started to lock seriously their bootloader when others unlocked it (Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S, S2, I guess S3…). I didn’t buy any Galaxy phone because of the iPhone-esque Menu button. Now I will buy one because of the unlocked bootloader, overcoming my disgust of the above mentioned button and at least I’ll have a phone I will 100% own and considering the price tag of the One X and the Galaxy S3, to own it 100% is a must.
      Bye HTC, it was nice to use your phones for that long, but now it’s time for a change.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kunal.buddha Kunal Buddha

      more than correct

  • Phil Hungenberg

    I really like my new HTC One X. But when i started the HTCDev Unlock procedure I was surprised by the info, that this void my warranty. Well under this circumstances I am not sure if I#m going to keep this device once the Samsung Galaxy S3 hits the market. 
    As much I love the design of the One X as much i hate the bootloader policy.

  • Per Ivar Lura

    I think it’s okay that you want to lock your bootloader to make people think a bit before rooting or changing the ROM on the phone, and a great idea to make it possible to unlock your bootloader by registering, and by this make people aware of the problems this might cause.

    However, I do not agree in the policy where this completely voids your guarantee, as its your phone and you should be able to install or do whatever you like with it.

    When you buy a computer, the warranty isn’t voided by installing Linux instead of Windows. It isn’t voided when you change your MBR on the hard drive, if you mess up your bios update, or whatever.

    However, if you mess up your computer software, you have to pay to get the service center to return it to get it back up and running unless you are capable of fixing it for your self. The hardware however, is still covered by warranty.

    Why should this policy be different on computers? Todays phones are basically the same as a small computer, and therefore the same rules should apply here as well.

    Considering almost all inventions and development on the computer platform roots in the ability to test and developing your own stuff, isn’t this policy preventing people from making new ideas and by then developiaving the mobile software industry?

    My advice to HTC is to stop this policy regarding unlocking the ROM, make people able to S-OFF their phone, but inform them that if the software they install somehow messes up the SOFTWARE on the phone, not the HARDWARE, the phone is still covered by warranty.

    By doing this, you will be more open to the public, and for those people who are stupid enough to unlock and S-OFF their phone and not knowing what their doing, you could charge a fee to reinstall the original software, but by this I mean REINSTALL, not changing the whole PCB of the phone.

    Now the phone feels like having a corporate computer, with no option to change anything, no administrative password, and an impossible it help center. It just feels amputated.

    I’ve used Qtek phones, and HTC since they first came on the marked, and I will probably keep using them for the futures, as I’ve become quite a fan of your software, but it bugs me that you’re starting this cat and mouse game for developers, and professional users, as I said before, it’s preventing new ideas and development from the common public.

    If computers had been like this since the beginning, we would never had Linux, to make an example, and if there where no Linux, there would be no Android OS either, which is one of the biggest mobile operating systems today.

    Please HTC, do something about this… you are heading in the wrong direction!
    Start thinking with the professional end users, and stop putting sticks in the wheels for all the developers who want to think outside the box.

    • nelson casquinha

      +1 to that Sir.

      @ HTC
      90% of the users simply need root access to restore something as simple as a Titanium Backup, or install the same rom but deodexed or with minor tweaks.
      It’s ridiculous to have the warranty voided just because users want to be able to restore their data. 
      If any trouble is found, it’s simple:
       – Flash the RUU, and it’s as good as new.
      The software is easily found on the internet, there are tons of topics,threads,forums that explain how to do it if needed and they are even noob proof. But it would even boost your sales if you just had a FAQ page with the information for it.

      In adition to this, if one knows how to flash a ROM, a recovery or how to provide S-OFF to a device, then I’m 100% sure that the user will not return the equipment for a simple software flash due to a corrupted ROM. 
      It will simply fix it by doing it so himself. 
      The only reason for a returned device, will be a hardware fault and that I believe can be easily tracked if it was caused by the user or not.
      I can even give you my personal example.
      I unlocked my bootloader, afterwards simply gained root access and after two days my sensors (G-sensor) simply stopped working.
      I tried all the things I could think of like flashing RUU’s, relocking bootloader, factory defaults, but it was actually a hardware fault and I had to send it back to the store for an exchange. 
      I didn’t do anything that could cause the G-sensor to fail. NO WAY.
      But still, HTC would surely deny me warranty and would not fix/replace the phone free of charge because it had a “unlocked bootloader”.

      So at least stop fooling your customers when they unlock their bootloaders at HTCDEV.COM, and on the “bootloader unlocking agreement” write the correct words. 
      It’s can’t say “can void your warranty”, it must have “WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY”.

      When people buy a laptop or some other identical device, their OS administrator rights aren’t locked by manufacturers. 

      I’ve been a fan for a long time and had several of your devices like QTEK: 9090,9100, HTC: HERO, DESIRE and now One X (actually waiting for my third. Hardware problems ont the previous two) but with these company policies and defects on your flaship device you are not going towards a nice direction.

      As a final point, I’ve had a Samsung/Google NEXUS S and unlocking the bootloader didn’t cause customers or both companies any sorts of problems.
      Simply boosted their sales and reputations. 
      You should have the guts to do the same.

      You have been warned by several customers, and I honestly hope you change your policies.

      • fadi shanshal

        HTC, you know people are getting replacements for all the bad screen flicker devices, and devices with S-ON, So stop locking these devices. We will get S-Off anyway.. its just a matter of time..

    • http://www.facebook.com/rdjakhangirov Rustam Djakhangirov

      What about the cases when the cpu is overclocked. It means that if someone will mess up the hardware because of access privileges then he or she will still be able to claim free services. While you will be able to make physical damage by software improvment , no root and warranty. And that is alright.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WEINRJZDVSR3AFUXXTC3AQLOJM Funny

    First of all, I must tell that for the Hardware part, HTC made brilliant work. This phone is beautiful ans has nice specs.

    But in a time, in which HTC isn’t going that well, and there are other killer flaghips like the S3 comming out, I just can’t understand why you give yourself the opportunity to cancel expensive researches on how to lock the phone, when giving it unlocked and with a better and more interesting developper support just gives this phone another comparative advantage over some phones. You will never ever have a plus point for locking something people bought with their money.
    If I buy a car or a bicycle, I have the right to change parts, in order to enhance it or to arrange it to my needs.I’m seriously thnking of selling my One X to buy an S3 now, when I see the given dev support. Samsung understood it, you don’t seem to.
    And even if you now know, I have allready bought the phone, so “Who cares ?” Well you will also know I will not any ever buy HTC devices again if nothing changes. And when I say me, this will repercute over my family and friends I mostly help choosing their tech hardware.

    So do the math, I’m not the only one, you give out money to find new ways to block people from doing what is their right with the things they bought. You losse angry customers and you don’t win any customer because of things like : “Hey look, you can’t even use our phone like you want, buy it !”I know this is done to avoid getting phones with software related problems and having to repair them, but there are other ways :
    – Say the customers explicitly what they risk.- ask for a fee to look up if the problem is user related or not. This will chase down 99% of user which know that it is their fault and covers your expanses…

    Think about it, before it is too late, and HTC becomes another manufacturer killing itself. It would be a pitty for the nice products you make.

  • Cyril Cabale

    Contre l’annulation de garantie en cas de déblocage du bootloader !!! je pense passer chez la concurrence 

  • Dudditz09

    And now my One X appears to have developed a screen flicker today.

    I’m out, not wasting my cash on an HTC device again.

    I can’t gain root access to MY OWN device due to HTC not covering warranty and now it is defective and I have only had it 8 days.

    Cheerio HTC, it’s been fun, but you have gone down hill rapid and it’s time for me to jump out.

  • wade goh

    Seriously i know everyone would like to get S-Off as soon as possible because as now we unlock through HTC dev will void warranty..Hopefully,HTC do something for advance user..

  • http://twitter.com/Darth_Sideous Dantius Palpatine

    Your phone. Your thoughts. Tell us what you think

    It’s not fully my phone, it’s still a bit yours. When it will be mine fully, I’ll tell you what I think.

  • http://twitter.com/F4Flake Flake

    I don’t rent my phone, I own it.  Unlock it, stop lying about supporting developers.

  • JosephH

    I have been using HTC phones for a few years now. I started with the HTC Touch Pro 2. I have to say I am a bit disappointed with the quality of the One X. My first handset had a yellow spot on the top right corner of the screen. Luckily my 2nd one is pretty good. But I don’t understand why have the bootloader locked. Yes I can go to HTCdev site and unlock it but why?
    All HTC devices should just come with S-OFF and be done with it. I know that not many people care about custom ROMs. But limiting those people who would like to use them is not the way to go. HTC could learn somethings from the devs that create custom ROMs.
    If HTC have S-OFF in all their devices they would see a change in the market. It may not be much but it’s better than people walking away from HTC devices altogether.

  • http://twitter.com/StuBlake13X SB13X

    Your phone? HAHAHAHA Now to tell you what I think…your build quality is abysmal, your customer support is dire, you’re dev and community support is poor at best and just downright deceitful at worst regarding how the warranty “may” be voided. You don’t give two hoots about the end user and this is all subterfuge. The lame assed htcdev unlock on the Tegra One X and the complete lack of support for the AT&T One X(L) shows all you’re interested in is the carriers and the cash from them. This leaves direct purchases of non branded standard HTC handsets up a certain creek without a paddle and it is they who feel cheated the most. I had at one point two HTC One X devices, one went on ebay and the other through my airtime contract will stay in possession only until the defects start to occur. Any screen flicker and off to the Galaxy Nexus I go. My carrier can then decide what they want to do with the device and hopefully the more they get back the less inclined they’ll be to carry your phones  in the future. 

    Oh all the branded firmware that goes out is borked and carriers refusal to update promptly is farcical and is why those on contract devices rely on the dev community and why they don’t mind taking your devices on contract. You shafting them without a thought again will impact future take up of your devices by carriers.

    Add to that fact the amount of devs out there that seem more capable than your in house dev team to fix issues and improve your devices from stock shows how happy you are to adhere to the modern corperate culture of allowing end users to be beta testers for as long as they own their devices.
    HTC is not quietly brilliant more clearly inadequate.

    • http://twitter.com/Darth_Sideous Dantius Palpatine

       So well said!

    • JosephH

       Bravo! Now that’s a statement. Well done!

  • Nico Achtert

    “HTC is committed to listening to users and delivering customer satisfaction.” REALLY? I’m not a satisfied customer, because HTC is NOT listening to what I and many other people want: OWN A S-OFF SMARTPHONE!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=549833362 Matthew David Hill

    Remember a while back when you said that you wanted to be more open and allow developers more access to your phones… What happened HTC? The One X for example is even more locked down than the Sensation was. Given your feedback to various users I find that you either a) don’t care about your customers b) fob customers off with ‘security’ related non-sense or c) just plain ignore them. 

    Your HTCDev unlock program is a complete and utter joke. How is any developer supposed to make use of an unlocked phone boggles the mind with your restrictions on flashing boot images from recovery, restriction of usb access to recovery making accessing the phone from a computer impossible without adb and your latest stance on completely voiding warranty if you’re unlocked. That’s just borderline illegal, if not illegal completely in the EU.

    It’s time for HTC to make a choice about their future with their customers. You can either:

    Support developers by allowing them access to the phones they own, for kernels, roms and recoveries by making a HTCDev unlock the same as a near S-OFF of the phone. We own the devices that you supply to us, we paid a lot for them. It might be your software but it’s not your right to stop people using other software on their phone. You don’t see computer manufacturers preventing users from installing other OS’s on their machine/laptop and then void the warranty because it’s “illegal software”. It’s a users choice, not yours. Support the hardware for hardware defects, not software problems. Furthermore, replacing a mainboard for ‘illegal’ software is just plain stupid, reflash the OS, Hboot, etc.. via Jtag/Nvflash. We can and have done in the past without your help.


    Step away from developers, remove the HTC Dev program, lock your phone down and watch how some talented group breaks your security and makes your look foolish. Groups have done it in the past, gained root, S-OFF’ed your phones because that’s what the users want. If you choose this route you’ll only lose more customers and they’ll go elsewhere to your competition.

    Choose your future – Your customers or your company.

    • Dudditz09

      Well said that man.

      Got it on the money right there!

    • http://twitter.com/SeeingStructure Drew Skau

      I came here to comment, but I see someone has already left exactly what I had to say. +1

    • Margus

      Matthew, have to agree. Also I used HTC HD2 when it was promised as first MS platform phone to get Win7 upgrade. Year later with ridiculous explanation (one extra button) it was dropped. Before that I was great fan of HTC. Still have HTC phones “graveyard” at home because HTC did not gave ANY upgrade as other companies did. Now, family and friends “converted” to other market leaders. This year I almost thought to buy One X, but for the reasons Matthew clearly described, turned that down.

      Also, example from this year. Got my tablet GPS hardware upgrade for free because built in one is not so great. Shouldnt software upgrades be cheaper?

    • Shane Willetts

      ^This – I fail to understand how HTC can offer a service which invalidates the warranty. Despite the fact that the warranty ONLY applies to hardware. How can a broken volume rocker be denied repair under warranty because the phone has been unlocked using HTC’s own service – it defies both logic and reason.

      • Fifth313ment

        They can’t, well in many US states they can’t! It’s no different than a car company selling you a car with a turbo and then complaining when you bring it in for repair when you drove it hard! I’m done with HTC phones… OG EVO, EVO 3D, EVO LTE >>>> NEXT PHONE IS A SGS4!

    • disqus_qLLYneqkdd

      I totaly agree htc should make S-OFF and give more freedom to developers

    • radhoy

      I totally agree HTC should MAke S-OFF for its devices give more freedom to developers

  • Dane Abi

    Hello You Guys
    I have signed up a new contract today and I will receive my HOX probably next week.I must tell that I am very disappointed with S-off things, invalidating warranty etc.I do not have a problem to use the stock ROM but I need a good back up tool like Titanium and as you may know I need the root access to be able to have it.
    Unfortunately either I will choice to do it via HTC dev and invalidate my warranty or just to wait somebody finds a way to make this happen without HTC dev.
    I am seriously thinking to send the phone back and cancel my contract and look for another device which has no such restrictions.

    PS Besides everything, refusing repairs under warranty which absolutely not related rooting but purely hardware issues like yellow spots on the screen is disgraceful    

  • Carolyn Lim

    Please please re-instate the phone tracking service for lost phone especially the ability to send a message to the phone so that hopefully the good samaritan knows how to contact us ny reading the message as they can’t get to our address book when the phone is locked.

  • DaveBobson

    I think the one x had the potential to be great but htc failed. In general usage it does not feel any faster than my almost two year old galaxy s. It still lags and stutters when displaying websites and scrolling around in places such as the play store. The wifi signal on the phone was excellent then I received an update to 1.29.401.7 and it became very poor it is almost unusable. The touchscreen is meh and the screen itself flickers under some circumstances, htc is screwed if their ‘flagship’ is this mess of a phone. A least its a mess that’s nice to look at, 

  • Peter Å

    Bought a HOX couple of days ago, very disappointed about this s-off sh*t.
    Going back to Samsung

  • meagain34


    This pretty much explains whats wrong with the HTC one x.

  • http://twitter.com/sebsal Craig Graham

    Unfortunately my one x has spent more time in repair than it has in my hands. I really like the phone when it works. It really is the best ive used but it just keeps freezing and becoming unresponsive.

  • http://twitter.com/adamsweeting Adam Sweeting

    Please give us S-OFF for the One X (Tegra 3). We can really make this device soar with complete freedom. We do own the devices after all

  • Chris chris

    Have buy a debranded One X few days ago and was thinking i made a good purchase.
    After a couple days of use, i have had some problems with flickering screen and wifi poor reception (can change with an future update)
    But worst thing i find is that this phone i bought (cost me an arm) cannot be custommized to my needs because of locked bootloader !!!
    I have had and liked many HTC phones before this one, but will think my oppinion about HTC’s policy has changed.
    I will consider selling my One X and buy a SGS3, because of Samsung’s policy is way better open to developpers.
    @HTC: you lost me as a future consummer!

  • OkanMiran

    Great hardware but horrible battery life, can’t get through half a day on a full charge and charging takes forever. Getting the s3 instead although I love the Tegra 3 chip, I don’t see the point of it when the battery life is worse than any other phone out there.

  • http://twitter.com/Adrianiiii Adriani

    Support developers, give us S-Off  or phones or next phone will not be HTC.
    Starting to get tired of HTC not leting us choose what we want to do with our phone.

  • Victor Stastra

    Remember a while back when you said that you wanted to be more open and allow developers more access to your phones… What happened HTC? The One X for example is even more locked down than the Sensation was. Given your feedback to various users I find that you either a) don’t care about your customers b) fob customers off with ‘security’ related non-sense or c) just plain ignore them. 

    Your HTCDev unlock program is a complete and utter joke. How is any developer supposed to make use of an unlocked phone boggles the mind with your restrictions on flashing boot images from recovery, restriction of usb access to recovery making accessing the phone from a computer impossible without adb and your latest stance on completely voiding warranty if you’re unlocked. That’s just borderline illegal, if not illegal completely in the EU.

    It’s time for HTC to make a choice about their future with their customers. You can either:

    Support developers by allowing them access to the phones they own, for kernels, roms and recoveries by making a HTCDev unlock the same as a near S-OFF of the phone. We own the devices that you supply to us, we paid a lot for them. It might be your software but it’s not your right to stop people using other software on their phone. You don’t see computer manufacturers preventing users from installing other OS’s on their machine/laptop and then void the warranty because it’s “illegal software”. It’s a users choice, not yours. Support the hardware for hardware defects, not software problems. Furthermore, replacing a mainboard for ‘illegal’ software is just plain stupid, reflash the OS, Hboot, etc.. via Jtag/Nvflash. We can and have done in the past without your help.

    • http://twitter.com/Koopsoid Fabien


  • Daniel Woods

    Who cares about s-off atm, hows about making One X’s without faults. I have gone through multiple handsets with problems like screen flicker, dead pixels, dust under the screen, yellow spots and creaking of the housing. The only problem I haven’t had yet is the screen ripple.

    I don’t have a One X now because I can’t find one without a fault..

  • Gary Bliss

    HTC you’ve lost my business for ever; I’ve been a massive fan since the old Touch and every phone since then has been HTC but the whole S-ON joke is ridiculous, and as for unlocking the boot loader invalidating your warranty well thats just borderline illegal to be honest.

    To make matters worse your flagship phone isn’t even fit for purpose, 4 hour battery life if i want to read an ebook!?!?  The One X is a joke, and unfortunately many of us fell for it.

  • http://twitter.com/t0Msha t0Msha

    Fix video recording which is well under declared 30 FPS 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P445WVWU5KVNOJNI2OYSYOFAIE abc27

    Can I ask the reasons for which HTC impose draconian software restrictions on their phone?

    Samsung don’t and you’ve given them a marketing advantage for no good reason. Remember who people ask for phone recommendations. The number of phone “enthusiasts” is on the rise and they’re the ones who people ask when they want to buy a new phone. Guess who “enthusiasts” like more? The open company or the company that locks down their phones? Shareholders take note.

    Let’s run through a few potential arguments:
    “Security” issues? That’s rather embarrassing. HTC, a company that makes by and large better software than Samsung cannot “secure” their phones whereas Samsung can. Not something i’d be admitting to anyway.

    Carrier issues? For one, not an issue with sim-free phones and secondly.. Samsung by and large distribute their phones through the same channels as you do yet can afford to have all their phones free of software restrictions.

    Warranty issues? Impossible to be an issue. There are two possible faults: Manufacturer-induced fault in which HTC is always responsible or User-induced fault in which the user is always responsible. Being vague and saying “may” or trying to justify locked bootloaders for “warranty reasons” isn’t a good idea.

    HTC have a good phone on their hands but with the build quality/update fiascos of previous weeks and this unreasonable S-OFF/S-ON business HTC are going to have a hard time convincing enthusiasts to recommend the phone or indeed future phones.

    In short, if you want to stagnate or gradually forfeit your Android market share to Samsung continue your policy of ignoring reasonable requests from customers such as full ownership of their phones. If you want to make your customers happy at little-to-no cost to yourselves and also ensure the continued survival of your brand’s previous good reputation in the world of smartphones, do the right thing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sigmund.michfreuds Sigmund Mich Freuds

    HTCDEV is only a joke – shame on you HTC !

    Support developers by allowing them access to the phones they own, for
    kernels, roms and recoveries by making a HTCDev unlock the same as a
    near S-OFF of the phone. We own the devices that you supply to us, we
    paid a lot for them.

  • Simon Horn

    S off or F off 🙁

  • http://www.facebook.com/sibbor Robert Olsson

    I’m with all those who wants S-Off. I fail to see how unlocking the bootloader would void the warranty. Sure, if you manipulate clock frequencies or the voltages of the hardware, but just installing another software (ROM)? LOL! Damn facist rule.

    Hardware issue: My display is starting to fall off, just days after the DOA period has ended… I’d like to see better QA for the hardware. Come on, the unibody construction is hot and rigid, but what does it matter when the glue or whatever is holding the display in place lacks quality…
    H1X is a great phone, but lacks in both software and hardware. I’m starting to think that my LG Optimus 2X was greater. The only hardware fault I had their was noise when calling. The ISP display was firmly in place during 1 yr+… not just 1 week :-((

  • Gude Wie

     We want one x S-off please 🙂

  • http://profiles.google.com/screenio John Andersen

    Get the WIFI working reliably.
    Get the screen repaints and app restarts to stop when switching tasks.

    Then this is a perfect phone.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/L5HOMDJCBL6VRR5JGKWT2PSHLE vinny

    S-off please

  • Brodie Dalton

    S-off, it is a must! otherwise we’re off to Samsung.

  • http://twitter.com/Chugfrenzy Dave McIntosh

    S-Off now or I’ll be Huawei / Samsung bound and taking everyone I can with me. 
    I realise that all the posts here will mean nothing to HTC in the global market but enough tiny ripples can form a sizable wave…….

  • Arthas Menethil

    S-off even it can void our warranty

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Singh/1415905241 Ryan Singh

    Give us s-off even if voids the warranty or give us our hardware warranty back from using your crappy htcdev

  • http://twitter.com/B_A_H Barry Hughes

    I can understand HTC wanting to protect themselves from user induced damage.  But the One X has a number of quite common physical issues that clearly wouldn’t be impacted by s/w.  Why would HTC want to refuse repair (other than reducing expesnse) to cover an issue clearly and solely within its control?

  • Jeremy Thia

    Release proper kernel sources and allow people to S-OFF their devices. Period.

  • J Downey

    That’s part of the problem though, isn’t it? They’re not really “our” phones.

    HTC: Your biggest competitor is on the rise and they are quite happily shipping fully unlocked/unlockable, developer friendly devices that are great sellers with a fantastic reputation in the broader market. They also have, by many accounts, quite good customer service. When talking smartphones, “Samsung” is on almost as many lips as “Apple” these days.

    On the other hand, you still appear to be on the decline from the peak of the industry where you stood just a few short years ago. You are shipping locked-down devices with many avoidable manufacturing defects. More than that, you are instructing your service people to play silly games with customers by telling them that third-party “illegal software” (whoever instructed your CSR’s to use this terminology ought to open a dictionary some time) will void their guarantee of defect-free hardware. This is borderline unlawful in some places.

    Are these REALLY the factors you want to have differentiating you from a powerful, growing competitor? Draconian policies regarding software, dodgy hardware and a cynical attempt to take any available avenue to avoid your responsibilities to your customers?

    Phone “enthusiasts” are a growing segment and they are your best chance for positive, grass-roots marketing. Everyone knows at least one “phone guy”. When they see these people owning a device, enjoying a device and recommending it, they take notice and want one too. But all the billboards and clever TV spots and good reviews in the world won’t help when these people are telling all their friends, family, workmates and clients (not to mention the entire internet), “Don’t buy HTC, they won’t let you have your own software, their hardware is full of problems and their customer service sucks.”

    Let us actually own the devices we’ve purchased (give us S-Off, or better, don’t lock down the devices to begin with), sort out your manufacturing problems and stand by your products and your customers with robust, honest customer service that don’t seem to have instructions from management to, at all costs, avoid servicing the customer. Then watch your reputation do a 180 and start traveling in the right direction again.

  • Jack Fan

    Give me back Beats Pro & Studio profiles + S-off please~~

  • TeniusGG

    I want my one x get s-off,Give it to me!

  • ANicholas

    Double post

  • artymarty

    Dear Darren Krape, and HTC.

    You ask us to tell you what we think.  You call it our phone and ask for our thoughts…

    I have been a loyal HTC customer since the HTC Desire.  It was actually the first smart phone I owned. You might think I was a bit ‘late to the game’ with smart phones – and believe me I am a high technology gadget freak. I had been waiting two years to jump on board. The Desire was my entry to smart phones as it was the first phone that had nearly all the things I wanted in a smart phone.  Before that all the phones I looked at were a case of “if only it had this feature”  or why the hell doesn’t someone make a phone that combines ‘xx’ from this phone and ‘yy’ from that phone…  You get the idea…

    Over the next year and a bit I had pushed the HTC Desire far beyond the limit of your shipping standard model could do, rooting it, adding some more virtual RAM etc…  Making it my own. 

    When The HTC Sensation came out, I jumped on board with that.  again, rooting it, customising it, making it my own. Adding a few features that I liked which were different from shipped.

    Now the HTC One X has come out.  I grabbed that too.  Even paid to get out of my contrarct because I really wanted the quadcore and better screen.

    The previous HTC phones were Rooted and S-Off developed shortly after or even before my purchase.

    The HTC OneX is not, and I have been waiting for over a month now.

    It puzzles me WHY you feel the need to S-On your phones.  In the past it has been shortly broken.  Has it cost you anything?  Not really.  I have recommended HTC phones to all my friends and they have bought them.  I have said that if they want to run standard they can, and if in the future they want to do some custom stuff, they can.  They have the option.  To be honest only ONE of them did root their pone and get S-off, but they ALL bought HTC phones because they had the option to S-Off..

    The One X is an awesome phone.  I purchased it in Europe, and bought it back to Australia.
    It worked fine until the HTC over the air update came out.
    Now the GPS does not work. – It just randomly jumps around while you are driving so navigation is impossible.

    There are a few ways I can fix this.  Roll back the Radio to the previous version.
    Update the GPS.conf file to have more “Australian friendly” settings
    Add Addition locale setting for Australia.

    HOWEVER I CANT without S-OFF.

    I am not going to use your HTCDEV site as it only partially unlocks the phone, and also voids the warranty.

    It makes me very sad that a manufacturer that I once adored and raved about, who has the best phone on the market at the moment is doing this.

    Now I have to tell my friends who ask about HTC this:
    “You know how I’ve told you not to buy Apple products because they cripple and lock down their phones, and only let you use them they way they want you to use them?  Well, HTC have decided to go the same way, so you are better off buying a Samsung phone.  The quality is not as good as HTC , they have a very plastic feel to them, but at least you can use them how you want to.”

    If I RENT a car, I can not modify it, change the stereo, put in better speakers, put on better wheels and rims, put extractors on the exhaust system.  I do not OWN the car.
    If I BUY a car, I can modify it, change the stereo, put in better speakers, put on better wheels and rims, put extractors on the exhaust system.  I OWN the car.Sure, some of the modifications I can do will void warranty.  And some wont.If the engine blows up and I have only changed the wheels and the radio, it’s still under warranty.  If I have changed the exhaust system, it’s probably not under warranty.IT’S STILL MY CHOICE, I OWN THE CAR.

    Would you buy a car from a manufacturer that put tamper proof screws on everything, and a big padlock on the bonnet so you couldn’t get into the engine bay?   I wouldn’t.

    So by locking down our phones, and all this S-On rubbish, you are making this phone a RENTAL phone.

    I bought my car so I could own it and do what I wanted to with it.
    I bought my house instead of renting so that if I wanted to put in a veggie garden, paint the walls a different colour and hammer some hooks in the wall to hang a few pictures I could.

    And I bought my phone instead of renting one so that I could modify and tweak it the way I wanted it.


    Phones are not phones any more.  They are virtually a laptop computer replacement.  People ask me why don’t I have a laptop computer if I am such a technology freak.  I pull out my phone and say “Don’t need one, this is my laptop”

    I can buy a desktop computer or laptop computer from any manufacturer. 
    I can install what ever software or operating system I want on it.

    Please give me S-OFF so that I can do the same with my phone computer. 
    My phone computer that I paid for with MY money.  
    My phone computer that I OWN


    • David Elstob

      artymarty, it is a myth that using the HTC developer method to unlock your phone will void your warranty. When you return a phone to stock, as you would when handing it in for servicing, you have to lock the bootloader and it says ‘security warning’ ‘re-locked’ so HTC can still tell your phone has been messed with. I’m sure that as long as the phone hasn’t been affected by rooting or flashing a cutom rom then there shouldn’t be a problem when returning a phone for service.

      Otherwise, great letter!!!

  • Reinhard Schäfer

    “In just a few short weeks, we have received thousands of reviews in dozens of languages. But we want to hear more.”…
    What do you want to hear? S-Off, S-Off, S-Off………….

    I´m very disappointed after a short time with my new device. The 1st problem was not made by HTC, but by the seller; i bought an unbranded HTC, but when i got some days later my micro sim, i realized, that the device was branded from o2 Germany. No problem, i thought. I made the dev unlock and flashed a rom from XDA which supports all providers, like i did with every HTC before. But the problem is, that the network is not really good, because i think, o2 branded the radio deep inside, so other networks have problems with less reception quality. I can´t flash a rom with radio without S-Off and now i´m sitting here with my phone and have a bad experience when i´m surfing in the web.

    And in the last days i´ve found a hardware defect: The lower right corner of the screen has come loose. You can push it. It emits creaking noises. This wasn´t there in the earlier days. When i contact HTC supoort, they tell me, they can repair it, but i have to pay 300 € for a new motherboard, because i have rooted my phone and flashed another software.

    It´s HTC policy to send back the device in delivery status.

    What the hell is this?

    If a manager of HTC has bought a new mercedes, let the motor tune from a workshop, fit spoiler around his car, and after four weeks the seat suspension is defect, what would he say, if Mercedes says, we can repair your seats, but we also exchange the motor and remove the spoilers, it´s our policy to bring it back to delivery status.

    They should repair the hardware defects, not torture and torment the customers.

  • antipesto93

    ONE X S-OFF!!

  • Johann Lo

    Fix your quality assurance – far too many of us had to replace/return our first unit due to faulty hardware
    Fix Tegra3 CPU scaling please, battery life is poor and culprit is CPU going to 1.5Ghz just idling

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=519665608 Henric de Waern

    Dear HTC,

    One month ago I bought the polar white HTC One X. It’s fast, got a great screen etc etc. But I’m sure there must be something wrong with this one as its’ supposedly polycarbonate unibody is already becoming all polished on the back from just one month of usage. Comparing it to the phones in stores, there is a huge difference. The matte finish was one of the great trademarks of this model and I hate to see it go away after just a month. And it’s not because of oil from my hands or anything as I have tried to clean it many times without succeeding in bringing the matte finish back. Besides this, the olephobic coating on the screen has also started to come off, making it much less fun to operate as fingers now tend to sort of stick to it instead of just “floating” on top of the screen. Is this normal behavior after just one month of careful usage? Before this one I had the HTC Hero and the Desire HD for several years without a single scratch or dent. 

    – Henric

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002089359131 Erik Mursu

    Give us S-OFF via HTCdev and everybody is happy 🙂

  • randyjj

    We want S-OFF via htcdev, we don’t care that you will turn your back on our hardware warranties because of different software.

    We want S-OFF!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Kronberg/634243420 Daniel Kronberg

    I’m very happy with my One X. The only complaints I have are that the radio is a bit wonky, I lose signal relatively often in areas where I shouldn’t, and I want S-OFF!

  • liberator72

    I have only had my One X for 2 weeks, and it seems as far a build
    quality goes I am one of the lucky ones. No Creaking, no loose screen or
    screen bleed. None of the screen flicker that’s been widely reported.
    Build quality wise, I have to say I have an exceptional piece of
    hardware. Software is another matter altogether though. The bugs and
    glitches in Sense 4.0  are so frustratingly annoying and it is something
    that needs sorting with the greatest of haste. Live Wallpapers freezing
    when swiping between home screens on a quad core handset is pathetic
    when we never had problems like that on lower powered devices such as
    the Desire or even the Wildfire! Stock browser is shocking. The top and
    bottom menu bars just randomly appear and dissapear as when they want,
    with little or no user control over when it happens. Since the 1.29
    update the option to disable stock browser has also gone so opening
    links from with in apps goes straight to stock browser instead of my
    third party browser downloaded from the Play Store. The battery has
    improved slightly, but this needs a lot more work as using any app
    continuously kills the battery within an hour or two, and using apps
    whilst plugged into a charger is a non starter due to the risk of then
    overheating the device. Then there is the massive storage bug. Still not
    sure what’s causing it, moving apps to internal storage, updating apps
    from Play Store connecting to PC via USB cable and copying files such as videos or music to the phone
    or maybe all of these causes memory on the internal SD Card to just be
    randomly lost. With 25Gb of memory available to the user, after
    transfering 4Gb of music and just under 1Gb of photos to my device, you
    would expect there to be +/- 20Gb of space remaining (with a couple apps
    moved to SD storage too). No, I was left with just 6Gb!!! There are
    several “small” bugs and I could go on all day about them, but they are
    all fixable with an OTA, but you have to pull your finger out and spend
    more time concentrating on getting these fixes to your userbase, rather
    than spending the time teaching your CSR’s to talk complete nonsense to
    us when we call in to complain. Do you not realise that we are a lot
    more tech savy than the people you have employed on your end of the

    Then there is the whole S-Off situation. Your phone. Your thoughts is
    the name of this page. Well yes it is our phone, we pay good hard earned
    money for this, and like so many people have already said, we paid it
    to OWN it not RENT it. Locking the Bootloader, creating a security flag
    (S-on) is locking us out of our own propertry. It’s like me going to buy
    a new house and thinking, I know, I’ll go and redecorate, maybe remodel
    a little, change the house how I like it. Only to find when I put my
    key in the door, the company that built it has changed the locks and put
    a security guard at the door so I can’t take my tins of paint in!!
    Unlocking a Bootloader and giving us S-Off should never void a warranty.
    Having it there in the first place is not the problem, in fact I agree
    with having it there in th first place as it prevents novice users from
    going too far and damaging their phone. But giving more experienced
    users and developers access to tools to unlock it without fear of
    loosing warranty status is the only way forward for you because people
    will jump ship, and when we do, we will be taking so many people with
    us. If we unlock our phones, do something silly like overclock it or
    play with the voltages that could cause a hardware faliure, then yes,
    our warrant is void and it’s our own fault. We know the risks, we’d
    accept that it was our own fault, and you’d have ways of knowing. But
    flashing tweaked versions of you own Roms, or other custom created Roms
    or even just gaining Root access to allow use of particular apps from
    Play Store, or to make minor adjustments that cannot be done without
    Root access is not going to cause hardware faliures and as such is no
    reason to lock us out and then tell us if we break that security our
    warranty is void!!

    You really need to take a look at what you are doing HTC. You make
    wonderful devices but the policies you have currently in place are going
    to destroy you as a global contributor in this market!!

  • matija ceh

    i have bought one x , had almost no problems with it exept the on screen battery time which is at best 2 and half hours — when will this be fixed?
    tegra managment is not at its best, cpu when idling is at 1.5 ghzi had particially unlocked my bootloader using htcdev but then relocked it beacuse i had no use for it. now if anyting happens to my phone my waranty will be voided.
    dont be like Apple 

  • http://twitter.com/zerozoneice gg

    Great sexy device, but please address this in a future OTA:
    – improved video bitrates (15+ mbps @ 1080p please!)- force 30fps when recording video (Samsung’s been doing it for 3 generations now)- improve slo-mo video resolution (720p should be fantastic!)- image flickering on grey backgrounds (i.e: expanded battery graph, etc)Hardware should be 100% capable of handling these, we’re talking about Tegra3 and dedicated imaging DSP.Thanks!
    European carrier-free OneX @ FW 1.29

  • Darko Roje

    Battery life is bad, at most 3 hours screen time but most of the time less, usually 2  or 2 and a half. The battery often drops by 3-4% in one step. When trying to play a game the phone gets very hot. On 3 UK if the signal is lost (e.g. when moving out of a coverage area) the phone will not reacquire the signal once I enter a coverage area again. I have to switch airplane mode off and on to get signal back.

    I cannot recommend this phone until this problems are fixed, if they ever are

  • OkanMiran

    exactly the same problems I am experiencing. Im getting the S3 instead, returning this HOX today.

  • Peter Å

    I bought a HOX couple of weeks ago, and I´m very disappointed.
    Can´t understand why you still have this silly  s-on, It´s my device, and I want to use it my way, not be locked out by you, I FEEL CHEATED!!!  

  • Desmond Yeo

    S-Off or I am going with Samsung Galaxy S3

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1548445111 Felix Hochleitner

    Give us s-off to really make it OUR device

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566335603 Charlie Berridge

    My phone with a voided warranty because I want to customize it? Oh dear…

  • loskristianos

    I’m not going to say anything that hasn’t already been said, but it needs saying again and again until it gets through.


    Quite apart from the arguments already made, it’s absolutely ridiculous that, as it stands, it isn’t possible to fully restore a backup from the phone itself. As the security restrictions don’t allow the boot partition to be written from recovery, if something goes wrong and I need to restore a backup I need access to a computer with fastboot in order to restore the boot.img, otherwise I’m stuck. That simply isn’t an acceptable situation to be in.

    As many have said, I’ve paid £500 for a device which I’m restricted from using. If I buy a laptop I don’t expect to be prohibited from removing Windows and installing my preferred Linux distribution, and I certainly wouldn’t expect the manufacturer to refuse repair if the screen subsequently fell out.

    I love the device, much as I’ve loved every HTC device I’ve used since my first Desire HD, but this sort of restriction is completely unreasonable and, in my view, unacceptable. I could maybe (at a push) accept it on carrier-branded and carrier-subsidised devices if the carrier requires it, but I’ve paid for this piece of equipment.

    Please, just let me use it.

  • http://profiles.google.com/supaiku CJ O’Reilly

    I am on the fence about regretting my decision to buy it:
    1. No USB-OTG. Why is this not a feature? I mean.. is there even a good reason?
    2. No external SD… I mean… maybe you wanted to keep a small form factor – but really? At the expense of a such a great thing? Expandable, exchangeable, quick storage is a great, and necissary thing. It was not included, AND USB OTG was not included. WTF?
    3. Battery life: I would rather have a thicker phone with more batter life. That said, it’s sufficient, and I understand the compromise was made to please a bunch of wussy thin phone fanatics.
    4. No S-OFF? Lame.
    5. Bunch of useless HTC software. At least it gives the hobbiest developers something to do… Not that the Sense lock screen doesn’t look pretty cool :p
    6. Still has bugs to be worked out!

    The good:
    *Camera is nice.
    *Battery life actually well managed – the screen’s just a high consumer there – which the battery was bigger!
    *Screen is nice.
    *Build quality seems good based on user drop incident damange reports.

    Still, I may find myself regretting this purchase. Hard to say. Hard to hate myself for it… Who knows… maybe I’ll try another phone that’ll come out end of the month – maybe I don’t have the money…

    • liberator72

       The fact there is no removable storage or battery is not really a valid argument or complaint with the HOX. We all knew before we purchased the phone that the battery and 32Gb storage card were built in. While I agree the battery should have been bigger at the expense of a slightly thinker handset, we all knew the specs before we got it. What is totally unacceptable is the totall lack of support and the disrespectfull way we, as consumers, are being treated after finding multiple bugs in the software that should have been ironed out before release of the phone. Bugs I have listed in my post down the page such as Live Wallpaper freezing, up to 15Gb of storage just dissapearing for no apparent reason, and many many more, including various Radio problems when dropping signal etc…. The whole 1.29 OTA roll out fiasco is abismal. Users across Europe getting it yet in the UK not one person getting it (despite the UK being part of Europe) unless they run the leaked RUU. CSR’s telling us all that it has been released to us but the servers can’t handle the load!!! Rubbish, I’ve not seen one single UK handest recieve it without the use of that RUU!

      The locked bootloader and S-Off argument is a completley valid one though. How can HTC as a company sell a product to us, and then not let us use it as we wish. On top of that they have the audacity to create a page headlined “Your phone. Your thoughts”! As things stand it is not our phones at all! The secuity restrictions in place prevent us from truly having claim to the HOX (or any other HTC device) being our own property. Android is open source and other manufacturers do not lock their handsets down this way. If HTC want such tight security on their phones, maybe they should concentrate on a closed sourse platform only such as WM7, or get into bed with Apple and work with them!

      I say again, HTC you need to sort this out, keep your customers happy or you WILL loose them! Android users are by and by pretty tech savvy hence why they use this OS. We are not iOS sheep who just want a smartphone to look cool with the in crowd, we want a bug free smartphone we can customise to our liking to stand out from the crowd. Fast software bug fixes OTA and true S-Off without the threat of an invalidated warranty is the only way forward now, or you will see even further losses as you did last year

  • Ziyaad Dhunny

    No external SD is pretty annoying. But One X is actually a great phone, with one big (big!) flaw : I don’t want to rent a phone from HTC, I want it mine ! Need full S-OFF !
    Think I’m going to buy a Galaxy S3, only because it doesn’t have this kind of restriction.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marek.soltys Marek Soltys

    HTC One X:  Please can we have some options to control the compression level on photos, and also improved bit-rate (and consistent frame rate) on video recording.  You’ve got the optics nailed and the camera GUI is great – just need to stop limiting performance with over-the-top compression.

    Oh, and the task switcher is rubbish compared to stock ICS – can it be changed?Otherwise, great job on the One X.  Improved Bluetooth stereo quality has made me happy – it was unusable on my old Sensation.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=595356804 Samuel Ong

    I have always been a supporter of HTC phones since my Nexus One. Love the build and Sense. But come on HTC, step up or you are going to lose to Samsung big time. I dont want to have to consider using TouchWiz in the future. The One Series has been a step in the right direction but I’m hoping to see continued support for it!
    Main bugs:
    – SD storage that seems to disappear
    – stock camera compression that cripples the awesome camera hardware
    – better audio profiles that justifies your branding with Beats
    – battery life and power management for Tegra3 chip
    And pls, remove the warranty policy about unlocking bootloader. Its bad and it might turn out to be the main cause of your downfall that I absolutely do not want to see. I will keep my faith in you.
    -Sincere HTC supporter

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      We’re working on a patch that will address several of the issues you mention, particularly battery life.

  • H89P

    Remember a while back when you said that you wanted to be more open and allow developers more access to your phones… What happened HTC? The One X for example is even more locked down than the Sensation was. Given your feedback to various users I find that you either a) don’t care about your customers b) fob customers off with ‘security’ related non-sense or c) just plain ignore them. 
    You think you do a good job, but actually others do, not youYour HTCDev unlock program is a complete and utter joke. How is any developer supposed to make use of an unlocked phone boggles the mind with your restrictions on flashing boot images from recovery, restriction of usb access to recovery making accessing the phone from a computer impossible without adb and your latest stance on completely voiding warranty if you’re unlocked. That’s just borderline illegal, if not illegal completely in the EU.It’s time for HTC to make a choice about their future with their customers. You can either:Support developers by allowing them access to the phones they own, for kernels, roms and recoveries by making a HTCDev unlock the same as a near S-OFF of the phone. We own the devices that you supply to us, we paid a lot for them. It might be your software but it’s not your right to stop people using other software on their phone. You don’t see computer manufacturers preventing users from installing other OS’s on their machine/laptop and then void the warranty because it’s “illegal software”. It’s a users choice, not yours. Support the hardware for hardware defects, not software problems. Furthermore, replacing a mainboard for ‘illegal’ software is just plain stupid, reflash the OS, Hboot, etc.. via Jtag/Nvflash. We can and have done in the past without your help.ORStep away from developers, remove the HTC Dev program, lock your phone down and watch how some talented group breaks your security and makes you look foolish. Groups have done it in the past, gained root, S-OFF’ed your phones because that’s what the users want. If you choose this route you’ll only lose more customers and they’ll go elsewhere to your competition.Choose your future – Your customers or your company.

  • antipesto93


  • Leonid Beliak

    I’m an owner of HTC ONE X international.
    I’m  not going talk about S-OFF. or about build quality or about bugs (for bugs actually I have hope).
    I will talk about overheating. Phone overheats, a lot!
    For example if you play 2D game and try to charge it after 10/15 minutes it overheats. Overheats the way it starts blinking red/green light and a battery status (*#*#INFO#*#*->Battery) clearly states – overheat.
    Ok. Fine. Let us then use notebook as a charger.(instead of using HTC branded 5V charger). Not good again – in this case the phone will not overheat but it will actually start loosing the charge (during USB charging sic!.) and 2D games.
    Same happens with high resolutions movies. (The ones which HW decoded can’t decode – which basically most movies though)….
    And a story of 1.29 update in UK (look in HTC ONE X General forum at xda-developers) is just disgrace.
    At least my old HTC HD – I could take to fly to play with, using notebook as my charger. no longer 🙁


  • http://twitter.com/picxar marius

    I already had 4 One X and ALL were faulty, probably HTC is one of the most incompetent companys out there!!! I hope you will get what you deserve, screen flicker, screen flex, yellow spots, not working vibration and so on and thats for about 600€, more than disappointing

  • Gernot Spiessmaier

    my thoughts abtout HTC One X and HTC:
    – HTC misses the chance to   get back into the race vs. Samsung and the others – in case of Hardware comparement to the SGS3 there is not that much difference – except SDCard removable battery support and stronger battery – BUT now the world looks at Samsung because they have a hughe community who supports the phone/company

    reasons – HTC one X could be the best phone but:
    – camera and audio (incl. bluetooth) support is not as good as expected
    – lack of build “quality” – great design, fine materials, superior screen … but faulty yellow dots, gaps……
    –  lack of community support – allow the easy customization and modding of the software like samsung
    – Software bugs and Sense –  Sense is great (u love it or hate it) but the UI must not suffer from performance issues, lags it needs to be smooth in any way – UI glitches, flickering screen, driver support (GPU, Bluetooth), and so on – make it rock stable and fast and you are able to differentiate from Samsung or others
    – When u open the phone there is a std. battery with an quite a space around it – HTC when you decide to make a closed system make sure you get everything right – the one X “could have” a stronger battery at least same power as SGS3

    … so thats the most important, nevertheless i love my HTC one X this time… HTC change ur mind or next time many customers ll switch to Samsung or Apple

  • Kris Cairndhu

    I am now on my second One X due to faulty screen. This would be easier to swallow if HTC had provided us with S-Off. This will surely be my last HTC handset, which is disapointing since this is my fifth HTC phone over the past few years.

  • Nw_adventure

    The hardware and design of this phone are top notch – most features work really well except anything in regards to multi-tasking. I am very disappointed that its missing basic functionality I thought should be pretty standard these days especially on a flagship device. Case in point – Usa today app, its always been really nice while traveling since I can sync it before flying and read all the articles while in-flight on my iPhone during airplane mode, with the One X any open browser page or related app becomes a useless blank page when airplane mode is switched on. Heck even the picture I had open in the gallery section closed and took me back to the main gallery (picture) folder and of course this does not need an internet connection.

     It looks like Sense 4.0 has eliminated multi-tasking, as much as I like the device otherwise I just cant give up so much basic functionality that I have been enjoying for years on other phones… Will probably have to return and go back to my iphone 4 for now.. Bummer –

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1457530150 Heather Gould

    htc one x junk simple as that, the screen problems are a joke

  • Ade R

    I really like the design and quality of One X, but too many units had issues. Mine is on HTC Repair Center for 2 weeks due to screen flex problems. It is unnceptable for such a high-price phone. When friends come to me showing interest in HTC One X, I have to say to them that right now the best is to wait for better batches.

    A great phone like One X SHOULD HAVE removable battery and SD slot! Galaxy SIII has it and it’s as thin as One X. I trully hope you don’t go “apple” way, since it’s a huge turndown for HTC fans, like myself.

    Regarding software, I really enjoy Sense 4.0, but I think menu button bar on non ICS apps was a really bad idea. Also, HTC Dev unlock should not totally void warranty, that makes no sense.

    Thanks for giving consumers an opportunity to express their thoughts.

  • Mahesh Kumar


  • Manish Kumar


    1. screen flickering issue.2. overheating3. too little free ram available. if this is what sence 4 does, it shud have had 1.5gb ram minimum to begin with.4. multitasking is a joke. background apps are killed like carzy !5. battery life is not good. cummon razr maxx is so thin still it has such a powerful battery… cudnt u put in 2300mAH atleast for such a powerful device ?
    6. camera lens seems exposed to scratches
    7. we want s-off
    8, in some places warranty is not being honored for hardware issues like dead pixels, flickering screen, yellow spots on screen etc just because the bootloader was unloacked. HTC cant wash der hands off these issues and their responsibility towards customers like that. unlocked Bootloader and such hardware manufacturing defects are not co-related. HOW CAN HTC DO THIS ???
    9. we still dont know whats causing the flickering screen? software or hardware ? HTC should atleast accept the problem and give an explanation.
    10. its really difficult to wake the phone using one hand. u shud have put the power button below vol buttons for ease of access.


    1. BEAUTIFUL DESIGN (looks specially elegant in white)
    2. excellent screen (other than the flickering issue n yellow spots etc)
    3. tegra 3 produces some excellent graphics rendering
    4. Camera is FASSSSTTTT !!! and one of the best.
    5. phone is fast overall. but needs more free ram.

    I love the phone, but could have been better even THE BEST. and wasnt expecting build quality issues in a phone that costs 600€  and is the flagship model of a reputed company like HTC.

  • http://twitter.com/HyperM3 Alex Demsky

    Regarding hardware, I guess I too am a lucky one. My screen looks just fine and theres no creaking or bleeding. I do have a gripe with the connection bugs though. My wifi like others never stays connected. My bluetooth in the car drops all the time and actually froze the other day until I rebooted the phone. And my signal strength is typically a full bar less in the same areas as my previous Skyrocket.

    The only other thing I’ve seen that makes me nervous is I’ve found some very very fine scratches on the glass right below the AT&T label. Nowhere else on the glass can they be seen. Im worried that the G-Glass isn’t as strong as Id hoped.

    Things like the battery and no SD card complaints seem like people whining. You knew when you got this phone what the specs were. Why get the phone and then complain about it? Just dont buy the phone….

    My battery life has only been getting better over my first week with the phone. All I need a phone to do is last through my hectic day until I put it on the charger at night while I sleep. This phone is doing that so far. In terms of storage, Ill never put anything on here that will take up all that space. Im happy so far.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/77HTCQ5MBFC3EV2NVGPYH4QTDI Anshuman

    I’ve got the international version of HOX, so:

    1. Beautiful screen. I bought the phone in the first week it was on sale, so I guess I’ve been lucky to get a seemingly flawless screen.  
    2. Beautiful design, feels great in the hand. 
    3. Calls are crisp and clear, more than the Samsung Gal Note I had before this. 
    4. Decent camera performance, though the image quality is a tad underwhelming compared to the hype. Good enough though.

    1. BATTERY!!!
    This battery on this phone is atrocious. And irreplaceable, which makes it doubly frustrating. I can literally watch the battery drain away on the indicator icon when the screen is on. Under regular usage conditions for me, the screen on time lasts about 2 hours at most. That’s with sync disabled.

    I get barely 1.5 hours if I leave 3G data on and synced. The phone gets ridiculously hot when pulling data. It gets ridiculously hot while gaming or playing 720p video (45+ celsius) and the battery just craters then, lasting barely over an hour. Even just web browsing on WiFi drops the battery at like 1% every 2-3 minutes. 

    It seems like power management on the Tegra 3 is completely borked. Beautiful phone, but I doubt I’ll ever be an HTC early adopter again.

  • Pratik Agarwal

    pls fix the static sound in stereo sound recording…. the money paid for the device was hard earned…atleast give what its worth of

  • Reinhard Schäfer

    Not any comment of HTC??????????????????????????????????
    Why did we write here, if noone answers inbetween?

    • Daniel Wojtko

      I think when the Blog guy goes to work tomorrow he fell of his chair

      • Reinhard Schäfer

         I hope so

        • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

          Close. 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1625802734 Sanja Bastic

    Hy! I have HTC Radar and I like my phone very much, designi is beautiful,I know that everybody complains but my battery lasts up to three days… I don’t know how I use it for music, net, games but it still lasts long… But I have one problem I can’t connect via bluetooth with anyody it always sais that it’s not supported and in store they told me that windows phones can’t connect with other phones for file transfer, so that’s a big minus for this phone….

  • http://twitter.com/forbannad Kinne

    I have the One X, awaiting my third device as I’ve had to DOA the first two. They had all the screen issues that many have. Strobe like backlight flickering and screen flex causing distortion with normal touch on the edges of the screen. What you should do to not make so many customers angry is to fire those responsible for such a lousy first batch. And get a serious quality control.

    Software wise I haven’t really had the time to gain much experience of sense 4 as I hardly have had the possibility to use the phone because of the DOA’s, but as many others I think that S-Off should be standard! And OTG!

    For the future I also wish you to start talking with canonical about providing ubuntu for android for the One X. I know I’m not the only one who wants this. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Potts/547953889 Andrew Potts

    I returned my One S (after the power button broke and the paint fell off) and exchanged it for a One X.

    The screen flickers, the battery is terrible (2 hours screen time if I’m lucky) and the reception is terrible.

    There is an update (1.29) but not for the UK.

    HTC make good phones. Like the Desire HD, but not the One X.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Andrew, We’re working to get the update pushed to everyone, which will help with the battery life.

  • Gude Wie

     we want a way to s-off our phoes “FREE YOUR PHONE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shahzad-Ghori/574908901 Shahzad Ghori

    I want to be able to s-off my phone

  • jimmy belobraydic

    I want to be able to s-off my phone

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bart-Heuts/100002071008673 Bart Heuts

    The good part:
    – I own the international version of the HTC One X and absolutely love it.
    – The screen is amazing, the design is beautiful, and the phone feels extremely robust.

    The bad part:
    – I am disappointed about the fact that Sense 4 is far from optimized, as there is STILL lag when switching between homescreens, when browsing through my app drawer, and when using the gallery app. I would have expected the lag to be completely gone with such a high-end SoC (read: a consistent framerate of 60FPS when scrolling).
    – Also, the bootloader unlock policy is completely ridiculous! I would have been able to understand the voiding of the warranty when you could achieve S-Off through Htcdev. However, not repairing a screen with obvious issues due to the fact that the bootloader is unlocked is beyond me.

  • benjamin

    Here’s what I think (since you asked). I have the AT&T One X.
    *** The good–the very good, in fact:
    – This is an amazing device, especially in terms of its overall design and gorgeous screen! I thought such a large device would be too big but could not be happier, in this respect. Wonderful use of good-quality materials.
    – The HTC weather app is wonderful. This may sound silly to many but this is my first HTC device and I have never found a weather app or widget that I really liked–until now (including ones that supposedly emulated the HTC app).
    *** My quibbles have been mentioned by others and the two that can and should be fixed IMHO are:
    – The app/task switcher wastes a lot of space showing only one app at a time; something much more like the stock ICS switcher would be a great improvement.
    – Not being able to properly multitask using the switcher is a big disappointment (and this worked perfectly on my previous-generation Moto Atrix 4G). However, I don’t know whether this is a Sense or an ICS issue.
    Really, if HTC could fix these switcher two issues, I would be very happy. The other issues I perceive are easily solved with third-party apps (launcher, keyboard, etc.). This is a wonderful phone overall.
    Thanks for listening!

  • Kabir Bhasin

    I’m on my third One X. The build quality varies from phone to phone. Even this third one isn’t perfect. Screen flicker is unresolved. You need to make it easier for us to S-Off our phones. There is a rattling noise inside some of the phones, battery life is poor…. Apart from the really variable build quality, I would hope the rest could be resolve with an update, but the problem is updates take far too long to roll out and when they do, they do so on a country by country basis for some weird reason.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Kabir,

      We’re working on a patch that should help with several of the issues you’re dealing with.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KIFRACGYQUU2CWPEII5NEOGWG4 PankajK

    Hardware “defects” should be covered under warranty phone being unlocked or not. You can’t just say “Oh your phone is unlocked, sorry sunshine warranty is void”

  • Cristian Espinoza

    Bit disappointed that I picked up an HTC Sensation XL in Australia about 1 1/2 months ago and just received boring, normal and extremely uncomfortable HTC earphones…no Beats earphones or headphones which to be honest was a buying factor. Now I’m stuck with it in a 2 year contract with no way…absolutely shattered and gutted 🙁

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=674365950 Lewis ‘TheSolution’ Cianci

    Screen flickering on my HTC One X. Can only get it fixed if I send it away.  Paid $650 for my phone, month and a bit old.  Dissapointed. Avoid.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      We’re working on a patch that should correct the issue. In the mean time, if you purchased it from a store, have you tried getting a replacement from them?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sujoy.kahali Sujoy Blue Heart

    Where is the ICS Update on HTC Incredible S (India)?

    PLease Rply …. about the date …. 

    Thanks ,  Sujoy

  • Nico Achtert

    My thoughts are:


  • Grzegorz Gutman


  • neil plant

    HTC One X, I gave up after returning the 3rd one. First one had really bad screen flicker and yellow screen at the top and the bottom. Second one had dust under the screen which I noticed after having it for 2 days, it also had a loose volume rocker. Third and final one had a massive yellow spot right in the centre of the screen which was clearly visible as soon as I turned the brand new phone on. I have now given up on the One X which I am very disappointed about. It is a great phone with some excellent features but unfortunatley the poor build quality is really letting the device down. I think it may be time to look at moving away from HTC and giving Samsung a try.

  • http://twitter.com/RossMacgill Ross MacGillivray


  • Nicolai Baun Jensen

    Got a HTC One X, really really really great phone!! just wish I didn’t have to void my warranty, just to get root.. face it HTC we will get S-OFF, with all the skilled devs around the world!

  • http://twitter.com/Darth_Sideous Dantius Palpatine

    Dear HTC,
    Diamond, Topaz, Blackstone, Leo, Desire, Desire HD, Sensation, Sensation XE, One X. Remeber these names? Here stop the series. Don’t give me S-OFF, don’t better quality-control your phones, don’t pressure carriers to roll out OTAs in due time, keep voiding the warranty for an “unlocked” bootloader (it’s still S-ON anyway), don’t improve and don’t come back to the top, I DON’T CARE ANYMORE.
    My HTC One X is back from repair in 2 weeks, the Galaxy S III will be for sale at almost the same time. I’m OFF to Samsung and will never buy HTC again nor will I recommend it. Yes, I’m a “phone enthusiast”, you know, the guy who tweaks his phone so much that if you “own” the same, you think it’s another one and you disciover the possibilities of your phone. That guy you go and ask for an advice when you’re due to an upgrade, the guy some call “tech freak” who is registered at XDA, MODACO, ANDROID-HILFE, ROOTS WIKI and the likes. You know, the guy you’ll ask on your knees to go with you help choosing your next phone because you don’t trust the Carriers people. You know, that guy you just screwed of €600 who is so pissed that he will sell his phone as soon as it returns from “repair” without even opening it and will give the recept + warranty to the “lucky” new owner of an HTC One X, that guy who, from now, will only buy “plastic Sammy” just because when he will buy one, it will be his, not Samsung’s.

    Forelli, also known as @Darth_Sideous or Palpatine.

  • http://twitter.com/GMC82 Gavin Cordell

    Unless you all pull your fingers out this will be the last HTC phone I bother purchasing.  The phone in itself is good however if i wanted to be told what i can and couldnt do with my phone i would have bought an APPLE.  While you keep locking people from using the phone the way they want to your just going to lose more and more of the market share.  IF something doesnt get sorted with s-off soon ill be moving to samsung something i didnt think id be saying.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Gavin, we’re committed to unlocking bootloaders, but security is left on to protect things like the radio, and SIM lock. We’re open to suggestions of course, so I suggest contacting our HTCDev program here: http://htcdev.com/contact

  • Grzegorz Gutman

    Yup, I am also starting to lose my patience. Gonna sell HTC One X soon and never buy HTC phone ever again if the S-OFF and warranty voiding through unlocking the bootloader won’t change.

  • Herb Mighty

    everything has already been said.
    it’s just poor, there is no single reply from htc…

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Responding now. 🙂 Sorry, manage a bunch of communities and dropped the ball on this thread.

      • Charlie Nash

        …perhaps it would be a good idea to employ more community managers then? What is the point of asking for feedback when you don’t apply the resources to actually react to it? Seems strange that comments praising devices get a response and those with issues get a lacklustre reply at best. It’s very unprofessional to to respond to a legitimate, well worded complaint with a few partially related words and a smiley face, which is all that is happening here. If HTC have decided to adopt breaking promises and ignoring customers into their business model then I fear the end is near for what was once a great company.

  • Daniel Wojtko

    Don’t ignore us HTC, there’s no silence from us to come, the only silence will be in your wallet if you keep ignoring us

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Yup, I exist. At least I think I do… 😉

  • http://twitter.com/jeremydrysdale Jeremy Drysdale

    Where is 1.29 for the One X in the UK? We have been told that it was released on May 1st, but in Britain not a single soul has received the update. Why?

    • Martin O’Donnell

      You beat me to the punch!..i have just posted the same question, although it’s delayed while it gets approved!

      There are 100’s of people on the forums who havent had this update, in fact no one in the UK has advised that they have it yet via normal OTA.

      I have phoned HTC twice now on this matter, who basically only advise to be patient as it was released on the 1st May!!!

      • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

        Hi Jeremy and Martin, I’m checking on this.

  • Mindaugas Krukauskas

    HTC One X it is cheap made phone,have some much issues and no one try to sort them. HTC this product is biggest mistake you made, and you even don’t try to sort everything. You just ignoring you customers.  

  • Fidel Benson

    Im a lucky customer with a so far ” flawless ” One X but in still on 1.28 in Ireland
    still no official word on when 1.29 will be launched and would love the improved battery life !

    • Martin O’Donnell

      Fidel, where have you been living the past 2 weeks ???

      The official word is on HTC own website under help for htc one x

      Officially it was out in 1st May….everyone is up in arms, as no one in UK reports that they have this “phantom” upgrade!!!

  • Daniel Wojtko

    “There has been overwhelmingly customer feedback that people want access to open bootloaders on HTC phones. I want you to know that we’ve listened. Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices. Thanks for your passion, support and patience,” Peter Chou, CEO of HTC.   (May 2011)

    I don’t know which bootloaders he talks about, but not the ones we got on our phones…..

    • Martin O’Donnell


    • http://twitter.com/FrankShwa ly a metalhead

      This man, what he said – who cares what ATT said, release it on TMo then!

  • george pouliopoulos

    I am just another satisfied customer of htc.Is there a plan about htc sense 4.0 in sensation xe with beats audio..?because i saw something in youtube that turned my
     curiosity on

    • CmAliNXS

      Yea probably or Custom Rom 😉

  • jimmy hor

    Please make the One XL with LTE available in Singapore ASAP. I have alot of problems with the One X tegra3 version. Overheating, flickering, display corruptions, poor battery life. Otherwise will be going to Samsung for my next phone. 

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Jimmy, Have you contacted our customer support staff? http://www.htc.com/support These problems are not typical (my daily driver is the quad-core HTC One X).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P445WVWU5KVNOJNI2OYSYOFAIE abc27

    It’s amazing how HTC don’t even acknowledge their customers.

    • Daniel Wojtko

      It’s the Apple complex

  • antipesto93


  • Ellech

    Hello Die Hard. I am an owner of your flagship device the HTC One X. This is a great phone but unfortunately it lets me down because of all the problems I have with it, both hardware and software. It would be great if we could unlock it without loosing hardware warranty (my screen is flexing and rainbowing but I cannot send it for DOA anymore since I found out too late). In my opinion the developers over at XDA forums are a tad faster than you guys in fixing stuff and optimizing the phone for better batterylife and speed.

    I have contacted HTC’s customer support concerning my phone but they have not sent me an answer after almost 2 weeks now. 

    Enough complaints from me. This is looking to be my last HTC device, Samsung will probably learn how to design a phone in 1-2 years. 😛

    Oh yeah one more complaint! Fix the camera app will ya? Camerazoom FX produces much better pictures and lgcamera records better videos which is a joke.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Ellech,

      What is your customer support ticket number? They should have gotten back to you pretty quickly. I can check up on it.


      • Ellech

        I didn’t get one, or at least I don’t think so. My name is Nisha Younadam can you check by name?

        • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

          Sure, I can try with your name. What country are you in?

          • Ellech


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000969572058 Michael Rößler

    Great phone but with too much quality issues. This is not the htc i knew

  • CmAliNXS

    Don´t follow the example of Apple: Design and also Hardware are usually good, but higher prices(acceptable), Bootloader with S-On(very disappointing) and the “Apple-Way” e.g. no SD Slot or no changeable battery. Hope you do what you can do best your own way.

    • chiefmasterbridgebuilder

      I completely agree to CmAliNXS!!

      I looove HTC, but please don’t do the same faults as Apple does!
      Keep listening to your customers, that’s great!

  • http://twitter.com/FrankShwa ly a metalhead

    I got a HOX, would love to replace the OS with a quality Cyanogen Mod without SenseUI and other carrier bloats.  Great phone – hate the execution on the software side.  Why HTC has taken ICS and ruined it, I’ll never understand. 
    Unlock the bootloader and re-ask this question and I think you’ll get a much better response.  We know it’s AT&T’s fault – but seriously, don’t fold like a lawn chair – stand up for what YOU believe in.

  • Martin O’Donnell

    This is regrding the lack of 1.29 HTC One X update:-

    I know it’s like talking to a brick wall with them, but i feel the more they get hassled from me, the more chance I’ve got of them doing something about it.
    At this point, that’s basically our only chance. They apparently won’t escalate calls regarding this, so our only hope is to waste enough of their resources (it costs money to answer phones) that they are forced to pay attention to this.It is now two weeks since the update was supposedly released, according to HTC themselves. We still don’t have a single report of a single UK, retail phone that has received the update.That in itself is enough to be seen as proof that the update has not been released in the UK, no matter what HTC claims. It is simply too great a suspension of disbelief required that out of the hundreds (or more) of UK HTC One X owners we have here, not a single one has received the update by some weird coincidence if it’s actually available.I am not sure I would label HTC as incompetent, but (and I say this as somebody who spent years working technical support myself) I would label their level one tech support as completely and utterly useless at this point. We have numerous reports of the same individuals in HTC support being contacted about the lack of UK availability for this update, so they are well aware this is a widespread issue. Two weeks later they’re still clinging to their script, when they should long since have escalated this inside HTC, and pushed the issue to get an answer — if not for the sake of their customers, then for the sake of their own call volumes and workload.It’s pretty pitiful that apparently nothing at all has been done.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Martin – Let me check on this and get back to you.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Martin,

      have you contacted customer support about the update to 1.29?  While we do our best to read all comments, the best place to direct any support related question is HTC Support.  they can be reached online at http://www.htc.com/us/support/

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Just checked on this, we’re working to roll it out and it should be out soon. Unfortunately I don’t have a specific date because it varies between carriers/countries, but you won’t be waiting long.

  • Thomsn

    I’m a user of Desire Z and I like the design of the phone, the hardware keyboard, the OTA update process without the need of a Desktop software.

    I hate the bloated Sense that makes the phone slow!! Also I don’t like the sound output and the Sense browser (its usage is much more un-intuitive and complicated then the Android standard browser.

    htcsense.com was a key argument for me to buy the phone. But this page never worked for me. Software is the key distinction mark for smartphones, better QA and well-conceived software is important in smartphone business.

  • Kris Perry

    HTC, your lack of response to customer complaints speaks for itself. The last thing the world needs is another apple-style dictator. Sort it out HTC, stop locking bootloaders, simple.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      We are still very much committed to unlocking bootloaders. Unfortunately in some select instances we have been forced to add additional restrictions.

  • Udo Spreu

     A good device. But the support is bad. The glass of the camera is flush with the housing. The glass is scratched with time. Such a costly device should not have a fault. Navigon and not charging possible. I am disappointed by the approach of support.Sorry my bad English.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      On the One X camera the glass actually well protected by the metal ring. I’ve been using mine without a case and it looks new (and I’m pretty rough on my phones).

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WEINRJZDVSR3AFUXXTC3AQLOJM Funny

    Please HTC, don’t get ridiculous… Saying one thing and making the opposit, lying to your costumers (only way to make money ?!?)

    Unlock our bootloaders, give us AOSP device trees etc… It won’t hurt you more that It’ll give you profit

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Funny,

      Any questions or concerns about bootloaders, etc are best directed to HTCDev.  They can be reached at http://www.htcdev.com or on twitter @htcdev:twitter

  • Tony O’Dwyer

    I’m glad I took the time to research the one X before buying. That would have been my fifth HTC but now that you’ve decided to go the Apple business plan route I can save myself the bother and buy a S3 instead. Pity because I was looking forward to the new phone, but not at the cost of locked bootloaders and sh*t build quality… Such a shame you went this route… I’d be surprised if you manage to regain many customers trust. It’s even gotten to the point where Amazon have stopped selling your phone because of “quality issues”. Well done!

  • Simon Rekz

    Android users buy Android phones because they DON’T want iPhones. 
    Give us microSD, replaceble BIG batteries, devices with keyboards, free bootloaders and all the things that made you successful in the first place.
    Everybody hates that you push out way too much phones with only tiny differences. 
    Develop less phones with more differences! Offer a sense and a vanilla ROM with faster updates for each device! Cut the beats audio crap! Nobody wants to pay extra for a software equalizer and an extra logo on their phone!

  • Daniel Wojtko

    Don’t wonder if your non reaction is on Modaco, xda-developer portal, engadget, heise rootz wiki, android hilfe, and so on. It’s a shame that a company that always was the opposite to apple for me ignores it’s customers so mouch, so many comments and no word, how many people should write here about their disadvanteges?

    My name is legion for we are many, your name is just a company and without us you are nothing

    We don’t do this cause we want to nerve you, we do this cause we love the hardware you produce, sense is imo the best ui for android, but we want the possibilities to do with our devices what we want, you always talk abou your phone, but thats a lie. We simply could buy other manufacturers devices, but we want HTCs but not if you ignore us.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Daniel,

      I see you have a lot of comments and questions related the bootloader and policies about that.  Have you contacted HTCDev about your questions?  They are the best party to answer.  They can be reached at http://www.htcdev.com or on twitter @htcdev:twitter

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      We work very hard to respond as much as possible, but given the sheer volume of conversations it can be a challenge to answer everyone’s questions. Is there something specific you are referring to?

  • fst luxe

    The reason why I Hate apple, is because its Not customizible, Now you HTC are going the same route, I was planning to Buy the one x, But I’ve changed My mind.

    First : with this FuckedUp buildQuility, I cant Risk  to Unlock My Bootloader, because If the device fails due to the build quality problems, you Fucking htc not going to fix it.

    I have also told All my friends to not Buy this crappy product.

    They all are going for SAMSUNG GALAXY S lll !!!!!!!! 

    Well Done HTC. Atleast we have a good replacement, They SAMSUNG Galaxy S3!

    • Daniel Wojtko

      I can completly understand your feelings,  but please let’s use the same rules as on xda. fucked up isn’t nice, let’s ay apple or nokia like, that hurts mouch more

  • fst luxe


    I have Had my 14th HTC ONE X, And I’m going to exchange Mine tomorrow for the 15th one!!! WHY? Because it has BUILD QUALITY DEFECTS! The Vodafone store told me they had allot of customers coming back for Replacement phones.

    Dead Pixels every where, yellow SPOTS, And I’m going to replace this phone aslong as needed, In till I have A good device, And I don’t care if I will hit the 100 devices.

    And Fix the bootloader. Its Insane.


    I Wish that I have waited 1 extra moth for the GALAXY S3 🙁

    • Daniel Wojtko

      k, after 14 devices, i can understand you feelings, but please no f**k words

    • Daniel Woods

       I’ve gone through 8 and I though that was bad. I don’t even have one now. I’m probably going to get a SG3..

  • ido ashpiz

    Hi, darren is alive! he posted here a whole month after the last ICS blog update.
    well darren,
    when should your tablet users expect ICS update? you’ve been beating around the bush for months now.
    hope you’ll stop ignoring us

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Yes, thankfully I’m still alive. 🙂 We’re working to share some more information about ICS.

  • http://twitter.com/StuBlake13X SB13X

    Still no response? Is this how you manage your community? Herd us into a pen (this blog) leaving us here to rot away and die, quietly brilliant diabolical plan! I have taken every single post on here and will quite happily register a domain and put them on there and direct every possible tech and gadget news portal to it if you fail to respond by weeks end!

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi SB13X, Really sorry about this one, rather dropped the ball I must admit. Alas, I wish I was smart enough to hatch a diabolical plan like this… but alas, nothing so sinister, I was focused elsewhere (I also manage our global Facebook and Twitter pages).

      Anyhow, going through the comments now and replying…

      • http://twitter.com/StuBlake13X SB13X

        Thanks for apologising for dropping the ball for not getting round to remembering this but how far down the list did you go before getting bored?

        Here is my previous comment that is quite a few pages down still awaiting reply:
        “Your phone? HAHAHAHA Now to tell you what I think…your build quality is abysmal, your customer support is dire, you’re dev and community support is poor at best and just downright deceitful at worst regarding how the warranty “may” be voided. You don’t give two hoots about the end user and this is all subterfuge. The lame assed htcdev unlock on the Tegra One X and the complete lack of support for the AT&T One X(L) shows all you’re interested in is the carriers and the cash from them. This leaves direct purchases of non branded standard HTC handsets up a certain creek without a paddle and it is they who feel cheated the most. I had at one point two HTC One X devices, one went on ebay and the other through my airtime contract will stay in possession only until the defects start to occur. Any screen flicker and off to the Galaxy Nexus I go. My carrier can then decide what they want to do with the device and hopefully the more they get back the less inclined they’ll be to carry your phones  in the future. 
        Oh all the branded firmware that goes out is borked and carriers refusal to update promptly is farcical and is why those on contract devices rely on the dev community and why they don’t mind taking your devices on contract. You shafting them without a thought again will impact future take up of your devices by carriers.
        Add to that fact the amount of devs out there that seem more capable than your in house dev team to fix issues and improve your devices from stock shows how happy you are to adhere to the modern corperate culture of allowing end users to be beta testers for as long as they own their devices.HTC is not quietly brilliant more clearly inadequate.”

  • Daniel Wojtko

    they think if they ignore us some days, everything will continue as it was – lets take them the fun

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Sorry, dropped the ball a bit on this thread. Jumping in now (as you can see).

  • Deadeye0815

    Dust under the Display, slow Sense 3.6, framework bugs, Bad ICS Integration it feels not like Dual Core , ist Single Core with 1Ghz. my old X10 works better …
    build quallity is bad. the Sensation wahrs my Last HTC

  • http://webweenie.blogspot.com/ Stephen A.

    Like others are saying; where in the hell is Ice Cream Sandwhich?! I know, I know it’s been released apparently. 7 days later I still haven’t got it.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      We’re working hard to get it out on all phones we’ve announced and are working to share more information on timing. Once we’ve announced a release it can take up to 45 days (and sometimes more) to get it to everyone.

      • http://webweenie.blogspot.com/ Stephen A.

        Working hard? Just put it up on the web and let us download it. This Isn’t rocket science.

        • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

          Heh, I really wish it were that easy. 🙂 That would make things much easier here!

          • http://webweenie.blogspot.com/ Stephen A.

            As a developer I know it is that easy. Just leave out the branding sw include your HTC drivers and give us a vanilla ICS!

  • ericgirard

    I loved my HTC One X for the two weeks I had it…then the USB charging port broke. I have sent the phone to HTC for repair and I’m hoping they don’t charge me to repair a device I paid a lot of money for because of my unlocked boot loader.HTC has had my phone for 5 days now and I’ve heard nothing. Apparently it takes several days to get from the loading dock to an engineer who can begin the process.

    Interstingly enough I once had a jail broken iPhone 3g on which the screen died. An apple genius repaired the screen but broke the earpiece and blamed it on my jail broken software. I called apple who directed me to a different apple store near me at which they replaced my phone. This all happened in one day.

    Get your act together, HTC. If you’re going to release a device with so many build quality issues then at least streamline your warranty process.

  • ericgirard

    I loved my GSM HTC One X for the two weeks that I had it…then the charging/USB port stopped working with no discernible cause. I sent it to HTC for warranty repair last week. They have had my phone for 5 days now. I called and there is no update. Apparently it takes several days to get from delivery to someone who can fix it. Efficiency at it’s best! Now I’m worried that they will void my warranty because of my unlocked bootloader, essentially leaving me with a $669 piece of plastic unless I agree to pay whatever fee they assess.

    Interestingly, I used to have an iPhone 3G that was jailbroken. One day the screen stopped working so I took it to an Apple store for repair. The Apple Genius fixed the screen but broke my earpiece and blamed it on the jailbroken software. I called Apple and they directed me to a different Apple store near me where my phone was replaced. Efficiency at it’s best! (literally, this time) This all took place in one day.

    I think the One X is beautiful and mine was a great device until it stopped accepting a charge, but if HTC is going to release devices with so many build quality problems then the warranty process needs to be streamlined.

    If this situation is not resolved to my satisfaction this will be my last HTC device (my first was the G1). I’m glad Google purchased Motorola and am anxiously awaiting to see the next Nexus phone.

  • Timo Müller

    The One X COULD be a very nice phone. But there are some issues beyond SD Cards or built-in batteries:

    I don’t like Samsung very much. The design of the Galaxy S III for me is just ugly, the UI actually is disgusting! However I consider to buy it! So why is that?

    Apart from the design Samsung seemed to think everything more further than HTC did:

    1. Many of them App manufacturers haven’t placed the menu button to the top bar. So the screen then in fact isn’t really bigger than a 4,3″ device, because of the additional menu “button” at the bottom. Why not setting up long-press options to your hardware buttons? Could have been so easy to avoid that problem: A hardware menu button and a long-press for multitasking.
    The bottom line would be, no bottom line on the screen!

    2. Manufacture: Never noticed such a high returning rate as on the htc one x. Built-in battery and reports about heat development act as a deterrent.

    3. 1800 mAh –> Many complains about battery life. HTC said: Necessary for a low construction height. Samsung said: We put 2100 mAh in the S III plus SD Card Slot and the phone is even SMALLER!!!!
    By the way: How can you dare to state that customers prefer a low construction height before a satisfying battery life? Look at all the comments and complains made in reviews…

    4. Software Features: Okay… many of those “new” features on galaxy s III are quite useless. But at least Samsung thought about some new gimmicks. I wish HTC has the brains to implement such features, too, maybe in future.

    5. Benchmarks: Of Course they’re not to be overestimated. But by the fact the S III seems to win nearly every contest with the one x, how can you launch a quad-core flagship which is even defeated by your own mid-range smartphone HTC One S? That certainly is a downer!

    I’m writing this ’cause I’d loved to be satisfied with the One X. That again is because I just love Sense and the designs of your phones.
    For me it’s not the question if you can fix some further issues with a new update. But it’s the question when you launch a completely revised One X without those clear disadvantages.
    In the end: That WOULD be my next HTC!

  • http://www.facebook.com/manolis.1908 Manolis Peppas

    I think this is the best phone i ever bought..


    I have already sent 2 devices back to the shop because of yellow spots on the screen.. UNACCEPTABLE!

    if 3rd device has any problem i am going for a samsung galaxy s3..

  • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

    Whats up HTC, ignoring the customers, heh?

  • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

    cool, someone of them is looking this as my last post disappears………

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      We very rarely delete comments, though sometimes they do get caught in the blog filters.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      Hi JeckylHavok,

      I do see you have one post in a pending state because it contains a direct link to Darren’s personal Twitter account. We do not allow the spamming of our employees personal accounts and as such that post does not meet our comment guidelines.

  • http://twitter.com/Xmoo Mohammad M

    Please add 3.x kernell for USB OTG support!

  • Harry Schulz

    I own a sensation and I´m very happy. The device is of good quality and material and the software work well.
    It´s ways better than plastic crappy Samsung.
    The only thing to mention in my opinion is, that Sense 4 is missing. It has a few nice feature and look that are nicer than in 3.6

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Great to hear you are liking your Sensation!

  • cust0mworx

    PLEASE HTC… don’t fill the Phones with so much BLOATWARE nobody needs!!!!
    The HTC One X has 1GB RAM and allways after booting the Phone there are 800+ MB used RAM….

  • Fritz Vollmer

    Currently I own an EVO 3D (GSM), previously I had the Desire (bravo GSM).
    I like the HTC Androids and I like also (most of) Sense add-ons.
    BUT: please allow easy deinstallation of bloatware (Stock index, Laputa stuff, and so on) they just use CPU -> battery
    Your bootloader strategy is on the right path, but please move on and do it consequently complete (open up the phone 😉

    nag nag nag faster update nag nag nag still waiting for ICS nag nag nag

    AND, PLEASE please please please…. consider a smartphone which has a decent size (<=4 – 4.2 inch) AND a good battery life!!!!!I like my phone so much, I live in the cloud and use the google services as much as I can
    BUT looking up google maps all the time in the city, being a whole day off from any plug is risky!!!!

    It would be so cool going around using goggles, GPS, camera all the time without sucking battery in a few hours.


    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Yup, we’re working on ICS. 🙂

      Have you checked out the One S? It has a 4.3in screen, which might be closer to what you’re looking for. The battery-life on it is crazy. I typically was getting close to a day and a half on high usage: https://twitter.com/#!/dkrape/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Fyfrog.com%2Fobws2ndj

      As for additional software, often that is at the carrier’s discretion. For things that are built into the phone, those that have background tasks can typically be disabled.

  • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

    It would be ok if you say, we have to talk internally about open bootloader /waranty policy change, we give an answer in 1-2 days. But to ignore us is a slap in the face, and a no go for a so called “Global Community Manager” which community are you talking about?

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hey JeckyllHavok

      • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

        Hi Darren, thanks for the answer, we are talking about the genaral bootloader politics, i for example don’t need complete S-Off (would be nice to have, but for the moment not necessary) But rooting the phone would be great, for example if you buy a laptop (and hey my One X has more power than some PCs) you also want admin rights. But you read about a lots of people that got a Hardware defect and shall pay the repair due to unlocked bootloader. We want a more dev friendly policy here, as said we love HTCs (it’s my fifth) but if we could use the as we want would be great, if you give me an e-mail i would write you are more detail mail (and with your ok later post it on XDA-developer (which was originally founded just for HTCs like my old Universal)). I mean if we wouldn’t like our HTCs we simply would buy samsungs apples etc. but we want HTCs and so we fight to make you really brilliant instead of quietly (i love this sentence)

        Best regards

        • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

           Hi JeckylHavok,

          this question about bootloader politics is better with HTCDev.  You can reach them at http://www.htcdev.com or on Twitter @htcdev:twitter

          • Amsterdam Schiphol

             Yeah as if they cared. All they care about is warranty expenses.

          • http://twitter.com/StuBlake13X SB13X

            Stop avoiding the bootloader questions. We are not best redirected to a contact us form that will result in an ignored e-mail and a stock auto response. You work within the company and as you are the community representatives it is your responsibility to communicate with the community and find those answers out before coming back with such a pathetic pass the buck approach. Of the companies I’ve been employed by in my time the ones who are good at their customer service do not deflect from one dept to another as you don’t want to be seen to be so unorganised that the right hand can’t communicate with the left.

          • Daniel Wojtko

            Hi Darren, Hi Larry,
            first thanky for your answer, i will send a message to HTCdev tomorrow. So here is my more detailed letter:
            I think you find many simmilar stories all around the communities.
            First, lets start at the beginning, i start with HTC several years ago, when i start to earn money and i want a great HighTech Phone with my first contract.
            I went to a Vodafone Shop and wanted a Nokia Communicator (never heard of HTC or Qtek)
            The Salesman showes me the HTC Universal and it was a love on the first look, looks like a mini Laptop but when you flip the screen it was a PDA.
            I started to play around with that thing and sometime later i experienced XDA-Developers. I start to unlock it and install custom Roms, mods and so on.
            2 years later i bought a TyTn II, now under the name HTC instead of Qtek, (most people i know never heard any of them) bu all say wow, what a nice thing, specially the flippable Display.
            I unlocked it too, installed an engeneering Bootloader and set it to Super CID, i never liked windows mobile that mouch but the Touch flo Surface made it mouch nicer, thanks to XDA i got later the HTC diamond touch flow on it, and another time later the great dev DZO starts bringing android on it.
            I flashed that thing nearly 1000 of times.
            Then i got an HTC Desire and i loved it (first revision with AMOLED) i created own custom roms (again ENG hboot and S-OFF) and that thing lasts with Android ICS (Thanks Nikez and Sandvold and ll involved)
            So, my question was which device comes next, the Sensation series wasn’t great enough (i always liked High End Phones)
            Bu then the One series was presented on MWC and from the first second i knew it would be the X.
            I got the X the first day it was released in Germany and i love it from the first moment (you know I’m the one you are waiting for)
            I had to replace the first due to a yellow spot on the Display but hey noones perfect.
            My second One X is perfect no fault at all. But i’m a flashing junkie, i always want my phones better and cooler.
            I know you can’t include everything in a ROM, but for me therefor Android is an Open Source OS so i can make it the way i like it.
            But when i read about your Bootloader policy i was a bit p****d off, HTC was always the company for me that was open, listend to it’s customers, and let us use the phone the way we want it.
            I’m working in an IT company that belongs to a company group with more than 5000 employees and i’m administrating the mobile devices.
            I customized the phones for example included Open VPN in the kernel, several UIs, locked them from changes and so on.
            Just today i got a Samsung Galaxy SII to repair, and i  always have fear that i break that damn plastic thing in two parts specially the back cover.
            I don’t like iPhones cause i don’t want a company that tells me how to use the phone.

            So, i talked to your customer support three times:
            The first told me that the basic unlocking will void my waranty
            The second one didn’t even know what i’m talking about
            The third allowed me to root the device under warranty
            (Maybe you could take this to your support team)

            The thing is, you know that it is very hard to break your phones, the community is very helpfull and can nearly fix every problem.
            If someone send you a phone that is just software bricked charge them 50 or 100 bucks, reflash it and send it back, so people will think twice before send it in and first try to fix it itself.
            If you would give us even APX mode the phones were un soft brickable, there are some phones on XDA which you nearly can’t brick.

            I don’t expect a perfect software from you, just the possibilitie to fix what i want, after two weeks i cant whitstand and unlocked my OneX through HTC dev, i flashed a custom rom, and change some things for me. Now i got better battery time, smoother sense and so on.

            I love your phones, i always did, from design to Sense (best Ui imo on Andorid)

            If you could send this to the right departments of HTC i would be very thankfull.

            Please rethink your policies and stay the open company i ever saw you that really listen to the customers, and you could be one of the market leaders and especially the iPhone killer company (The Galaxy SII is so ugly, the cam is a copy of One X / s and the speech recognition is  SIRI copy from Apple)

            Thanks for your ear, and as i previously said, get really brilliant instead of just quietly.

            And by the way, i love my One x, the camera is perfect and in 2 days i got the media link HD to use my custom romed (Tegra) One as a gaming console (that i first can after rooting 😉

  • Scott Johnston

    My phone, my thoughts, your delete button.  Fair enough, my dollar though, and it wont go towards HTC again.

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      Poetic epic 🙂

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Scott, I just looked through all pending, spam and deleted comments and I don’t see one from you.  Usually a comment will get moderated if it contains obscenities, contains insults directed at other parties or is about a topic completely unrelated to the post the comment was placed on. 

      Since I didn’t see any from you I am unsure what may have happened there. 

      If there is a specific item, related to the review of your phone, please repost and I will keep an eye out for it.

  • http://twitter.com/philipp_rausch Philipp Rausch

    I have the Sensation for about 10 Months. Hardware is top (I had the Touchscreen-bug at the beginning…it’s gone now…WLAN Deathgrip is sometimes annoying).

    The bad thing about it: The Software. I bought the Sensation because of Sense. I had a Legend before and compared with other Launchers (Samsung, native Android) it was the best i could find.

    But I think you didn’t give the Sensation enough RAM to handle Sense 3.0+. And it’s not well tested. The whole software of the Sensations has lags! Look at the thing with the Screenshot that was taken by itself when you pressed the Power Button. This bug was in the software for months and nobody did fix it!

    Sense restarts up to 10 times a day. I’ve done factory resets…it appeared with different OS Versions (no Custom Rom…just what HTC delivered). Sometimes it happen more often, sometimes it keeps away for a few days.

    Sense looks nice but it’s no peace of good software anymore. In comparison with the Galaxy S2 it is slow and absolutely not smooth.

    As a former fan of HTC I must confess: In former days Sense was the reason why i bought a HTC phone. Now Sense and the rest of the buggy Software is the reason why my next phone will not be a HTC anymore.

    I want a smooth phone…it doesn’t matter if it’s 10 or 11 mm thick!


    PS: This Multitouch problem that came with ICS is also horrific. Although you only recognize it in games (and i don’t do a lot gaming..). Absolutely unacceptable!

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Philipp – Have you tried contacting customer support? http://www.htc.com/support You’re experience is very atypical.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chriscpritchard Chris Pritchard

    I have the One X. Good phone, few niggles with the OS that comes with it, and I do prefer stock android. Dislike how the unlock you provide is crippled and rubbish, you took ages to disseminate the mess of a kernel source that you uploaded and how you’re refusing warrantee replacement of what are clearly manufacturing issues because of an unrelated unlock…

  • http://twitter.com/pemko123 pemko

    i have the htc trophy and the design is very nice, but you didn’t bring new windows phones… i want to buy a new one but i didn’t see any new phones 🙁

    the htc radar wasn’t good 😉

  • Fisben Fisban

    Got a good old 2 yrz old desire but that’s gonna be my 1st and last HTC product. Imo you guys “lost it” after the Desire HD.

    Sensation was simply “meh”, one X is an android OS iPhone, almost.. but I guess that’s the next step, forcing something restrictive like iTunes and ur good to go, on the next flagship perhaps?
    BTW wanted to point out what a brilliant idea it is to replace the menu
    button with fancy 3D multi-tasking that doesnt even work (all on utube)!
    ..talking about buttons and apple-inspired products, you might also want to consider leaving only the home button!

    Srsly the more user comments I read about 1x the more I want a GS3 already. >.<

    Hope you guys get back to ur "senses" or just go bankrupt after all those returned One phones.

  • http://twitter.com/StuBlake13X SB13X

    Stop avoiding the bootloader questions. We are not best redirected to a contact us form that will result in an ignored e-mail and a stock auto response. You work within the company and as you are the community representatives it is your responsibility to communicate with the community and find those answers out before coming back with such a pathetic pass the buck approach. Of the companies I’ve been employed by in my time the ones who are good at their customer service do not deflect from one dept to another as you don’t want to be seen to be so unorganised that the right hand can’t communicate with the left.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DespotovicIgor Igor Despotovic

    Stop trying to be more iphone… u have good phones and u dont need to compare to any other… patch those holes in sofware and take care of people havin older phones…
    htc sensation

  • Kris Cairndhu

    Still no reply to the bootloader issue?! What about APX mode

  • Amsterdam Schiphol

    My review of the One X: I need an Unlocked phone + Warranty

    It’s the best piece of hardware designed for android yet, if you’re lucky enough to have one without the production issues. However the software geniuses at HTC totally dropped the ball, the handset is more laggy than my 2010 HTC desire.

    I need root to fix and apply fixes to software issues HTC won’t fix or won’t fix timely enough. I never use my phone for more than a year, so I can’t wait 2 months for HTC to come up with fixes and bundle them in updates, I have to get them from XDA where any problem is usually fixed within a day or two.

    HTC-DEV gives me root; HOWEVER:
    Your vague warranty disclaimer and proven practice (see xda stories) of voiding the phone’s entire warranty for unlocking the bootloader has kept me from unlocking it.

    HTC might not think much of few people installing custom roms and kernels on their phones, but I guarantee your failure to unlock the bootloader on the Sensation lead to your disastrous financial figures in 2011 paved the way for samsung’s success with the SGS2. The guys over at XDA shape public knowledge and opinion in this market
    and as of now, they are certainly not happy with one x’s locked
    bootloader and wide range of production issues that require warranty to get fixed. Google HTC one X (which
    most customers will before buying a phone) and you get a list of threads
    on xda full of complaints by unhappy people powerless to fix the product they own.

    Remember that any monkey could have clocked the sensation’s processor to
    1.5ghz which might have saved that phone and saved you the trouble of the Sensation XE, which nobody bought anyway as you were about 6 months too late.

    Thus, please HTC, because I love your hardware; I need root and retain the hardware warranty on my device. Either give it to me or I’m going to be all over the SGS3. And so will all the tech people that write reviews, read xda and tell their family members and friends which phone to buy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jkeeso Jodie Keeso

    I shouldnt have to buy a new phone every year. My htc desire z that i bought the other year did an automatic system update & now isnt working properly… why???

  • RAJIV Gandhi

    When will we get official ICS update for Sensation XE India

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001477120610 Kamlesh Bachani

    i cannot get htcsense,com page from where can i ring….

  • Herb Mighty

    about 90% of the post here are complaining about no s-off or no convenient way to customize their devices.
    so i’m just wondering when are you going to push this to higher instances…
    i mean, come one guys, samsung, asus and other companies are showing it’s possible without that restrictions!

  • http://twitter.com/jayjenti jay

    Worst software for sensational XL….

    it restarts frequently…plz dont buy it

  • http://twitter.com/ch4k ch4k

    ‎”There has been overwhelmingly customer feedback that people want access to open bootloaders on HTC phones. I want you to know that we’ve listened. Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices. Thanks for your passion, support and patience,” Peter Chou, CEO of HTC

    That seems to be a blatant lie, since all phones since have the bootloaders locked, including my OneX

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QRPBOXEF772FLQQLUFNJEVDZHE Vas

    I have now returned the HTC One S with the micro arc oxidation back to the retailer for good. Your customer service view is that any chipping of the ceramic, even out of the box or happening within 1 week of normal phone use without knocks/drops/etc is NORMAL wear and is not even covered by warranty. When your customer service was told that HTC claims this phone is so durable that does not need a case, they were not aware of it.
    This is shamefull and outrageous from a company wishing to build high end phones. Glamourous materials and claims ought to be well thought before advertised, and not misleading. HTC really needs a proper lawsuit on this one, as its going too far

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=547740192 Dubon Saady

    Hello Darren, can you tell us about the ICS update for HTC Flyer?…

    • akerstrand

       dont think they really care…

  • http://twitter.com/essakas Mirko Basic

    I love my One X and also Sense 4.0 but I also like to have full control of my devices, so please unlock the bootloader and give us S-OFF.
    Else, this will probably be the last device I have bought from HTC.

  • akerstrand

    Bought a HTC Flyer recently, when do we get the ICS update for it??

  • Christopher R.

    I totally agree with Mirko Basic. I want to have full control over my device which means S-OFF. Otherwise I will by the SG3.

  • Julian Brooks

    Remember a while back when you said that you wanted to be more open and allow developers more access to your phones… What happened HTC? The One X for example is even more locked down than the Sensation was. Given your feedback to various users I find that you either a) don’t care about your customers b) fob customers off with ‘security’ related non-sense or c) just plain ignore them.
    Your HTCDev unlock program is a complete and utter joke. How is any developer supposed to make use of an unlocked phone boggles the mind with your restrictions on flashing boot images from recovery, restriction of usb access to recovery making accessing the phone from a computer impossible without adb and your latest stance on completely voiding warranty if you’re unlocked. That’s just borderline illegal, if not illegal completely in the EU.
    It’s time for HTC to make a choice about their future with their customers. You can either:
    Support developers by allowing them access to the phones they own, for kernels, roms and recoveries by making a HTCDev unlock the same as a near S-OFF of the phone. We own the devices that you supply to us, we paid a lot for them. It might be your software but it’s not your right to stop people using other software on their phone. You don’t see computer manufacturers preventing users from installing other OS’s on their machine/laptop and then void the warranty because it’s “illegal software”. It’s a users choice, not yours. Support the hardware for hardware defects, not software problems. Furthermore, replacing a mainboard for ‘illegal’ software is just plain stupid, reflash the OS, Hboot, etc.. via Jtag/Nvflash. We can and have done in the past without your help.
    Step away from developers, remove the HTC Dev program, lock your phone down and watch how some talented group breaks your security and makes your look foolish. Groups have done it in the past, gained root, S-OFF’ed your phones because that’s what the users want. If you choose this route you’ll only lose more customers and they’ll go elsewhere to your competition.
    Choose your future – Your customers or your company.

  • artymarty

    Darren, I have a problem with my One X
    It was purchased in Europe, and has all the correct frequencies for Australia.
    I live in Australia.
    Everything worked till the over the air update came out.  Now the GPS no longer works, and it jumps around basically showing random direction/location while the car is moving. When you stop it slowly figures out where you are.
    Basically it is useless for navigation however.

    I had a similar issue on my Sensation when running a custom Rom, and it was caused by some country specific settings that were not ‘friendly with Australia’ in the system/build.prop file and system/etc/gps.conf file    A quick edit of those files fixed the problem.

    As I have not rooted/unlocked/s-off my One X, I cant change those files. If I do root/unlock/s-off My phone I void the warranty.  So I am not prepared to do that.

    HTC Australia support tell me to change the location settings to Australia.
    There is no setting for Australia.  That is also something else I could fix with root/s-off access.

    So what do I do?

    The phone clearly has an issue and it is under warranty..
    If I send it to HTC Australia to fix it will they fix it or tell me that its not a HTC Australia Phone, it sucks to be me, and just send it back still faulty?
    If I send it to HTC Europe to fix it will they fix it or tell me that it works fine in Europe, they don’t support the settings in Australia, it sucks to be me, and just send it back still faulty?

    The phone is covered by HTC warranty. It has nothing to do with carrier frequencies not being compatible.  so please advise what I do to get this issue sorted under warranty.

    I think HTC phones are amazing, and I upgrade nearly every year which I have been doing for 4 years now.

    The fact that I can’t fix a simple software fault because HTC have decided to lock down the phone is very annoying. I cant be without a phone for several weeks while HTC look at it, with all likely-hood of passing the buck and just sending it back still faulty.
    I remember Peter Chou saying HTC would no longer lock bootloaders. That would be nice if implemented as promised, however as it has not…

    For now though Darren, please advise do I send my phone back to HTC Europe to get the GPS issue and Country location sorted under warranty (and if so I think HTC should pay for the postage and insurance) or do I send it to HTC Australia to have the GPS  and Country location fixed under warranty.

    Warmly, Marty

    • artymarty

      I do need a reply too Darren – it.s a big problem for me not being able to use GPS

      Cheers Marty

      • http://twitter.com/Darth_Sideous Dantius Palpatine

         You bought the phone, they got your money “so screw you!”. This is the way I see it, reading all these complaints and not even a press release or at least some direct answer HERE because they want “to know what we think”. But hey, why do you complain? It’s not even “your” phone…

  • http://twitter.com/_TMadsen Tobias Madsen

    It is by now a long time ago that the released update for HTC Sensation and Sensation XE when you expect to publish the update to Sensation XL?

  • dan winick

    I have the Vivid, which i love, but i would add more options for the clock widgets. I would like to see digital clock+weather widgets(4×1, and 4×2), with the option to adjust the transparency of the widgets. For people like me, who don’t root their phone, it would be great for customizing the home screen.

  • devu_desai

    Darren,I will like to know that,why in htc android phones, in contact, i.e. people, we can not custom the label, it is very essential feature, other product in market working on the same platform it can be changed,as for example name of spouse, children, manager, assistant, name of two different office.please include this in your future models

  • devu_desai

    Darren,I will like to know that,why in htc android phones, in contact, i.e. people, we can not custom the label, it is very essential feature, other product in market working on the same platform it can be changed,as for example name of spouse, children, manager, assistant, name of two different office.please include this in your future models. just now i am using HTC sensation,prior i used  diamond,before that i used O2,before that i used Imate, i am a fan of HTC

  • devu_desai

    Darren, One more thing,In contact while editing notes, it is very very difficult  to pin point cursor and edit, have you ever tried? a whole new window should open in edit mode after clicking in notes area,please think in this matter

  • Amro99


  • mike mitas

    Guys are you going to fix the HOX ??and when??
    i want to buy it but am scare

  • don day

    I switched for an IPhone 3 GS to the HTC Vivid one week ago. It worked great, but the battery life went down fast, when a forced Upgrade was applied. It takes some time to figure out the Vivid. It siad I had ver 4.0  When I click on my message box it goes to a “Loading Screen” for 10-12 sec. When it comes back to life, I click on my message box again and it goes to a “Loading Screen” again. This is not the OS I was hopeing for. Will there be a 4.1 to fix the bugs?

  • Gibran Khalil

    it’s a great phone but the locked bootloaders just suck, its the only reason i never buy a HTC phone

  • Gustavo Gomez

     Fix the multitasking. sense is too bloated. I do not have facebook or tweeter if I want those apps I can get them from the market. Listen to your customers and new customers. don’t be snobbish  like apple.

  • http://twitter.com/gwynlewis37 Gwyn Lewis

    lov my desier hd ,BUT wish you would tell us when the up date for ics will be??? sooner this year or later??

  • Ang Kian Ann

    enable multi tasking pls….

  • simran mann

    htc one x is a good phone but its battery life is not good. Htc should launch another version of one x with big battery like droid razr maxx

    • http://twitter.com/trojanere Kev T

      Keep the screen brightness to a minimum

  • http://www.facebook.com/hkgoh60 Hk Goh

    I am using the HD Mini but I had problem using a FULL version of Facebook on my phone. No share, no posted of photos from FB. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/hkgoh60 Hk Goh

    My ROM kind of OLD, should I recommended to UPgrade to new version but I do not like to re-install others pre-install App.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vishal-Pandey/1829121278 Vishal Pandey

    hTC explorer too good for a phone.. but not much as for a smartphone.. Internet browsing is not much good.. apps getting crashed often, lock button misbehave at times, but is managable. Internal memory is low. just 90MB

    and and and and and, my fav app , temple run isn’t smooth as much as it should be.. hangs in between, right when i am about to get pass my highscore :Pi enjoy the contact sync, UI is lovely. though my phone is not stand out as it should be as an hTC product. still love hTC 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vinod-Kumar/100001330262687 Vinod Kumar

    why htc evo 3d is not featured with video calling on operator network????

  • ken ywk

    SGS3 get rooted even before sale, learn from this HTC!! I’m going to sell my One X and get SGS3 instead!! fxxx off HTC!! I’ll never buy HTC again!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ferlezcano Fernando Lezcano

    I got my HTC One X yesterday… BEAUTIFUL PHONE but REALLY SUCKS that we can’t get S-OFF… 

  • artymarty

    To unlock or not to unlock….

    * You put S-On phones and annoy the heck out of your users = FAIL
    * Carriers ask you to do it, but the hacking community keep removing it anyway = FAIL
    * The head of your company Peter Chou said that you would not lock phones any more, yet you still do, so your and his credibility trust and honour is massively damaged (actually destroyed) = FAIL

    Stop it now… Ship your phones S-Off & Unlocked. Your users will love you, Peter Chou gets reputation back…

    The only point above that is not covered if you ship unlocked phones is the carriers. In response to that – The Samsung Galaxy III has been cracked and rooted BEFORE its release. Do you seriously think the carriers will refuse to sell it now? Of course not!!! The carriers will still think Samsung is their Golden child.
    Samsung does not care that their phone was cracked. All the phone enthusiasts will move to Samsung instead of waiting for the HTC One X or your future phones to be cracked and rooted. 

    The One X will be the last in a LONG line of HTC purchases I have made if I don’t get full access to my phone that I paid for in full and OWN soon. 
    I will probably switch to Samsung. Samsung’s build quality and finish on their phones is horrible compared to HTC, but at least I can have full control over the phone I own.

    HTC used to be the ONE to look up to in the phone market. How the mighty have fallen (along with their shares). Have you given up? or do you want to get back in the game?

    HTC, by shipping S-Off, unlocked phones you AND your users benefit.
    You can rectify the situation in a day. 
    Release all your new phones S-off and tell the carriers “Sorry, that’s just how it is” (hint: They will still sell them!)
    The ones that have not been unlocked by the hacking community yet, and you unfortunately have existing agreements with the carriers that they are locked,  – just leave some anonymous hints on the XDA.developers forums to speed the hacking process up.

    It is a SIMPLE problem to solve.
    It is simple to save face and get your honour and reputation back.

    Sincerely, Marty

    • http://twitter.com/trojanere Kev T

      My phone actually came S-OFF but was boot patched on the first OTA.. DOH! If I’d have know I wouldn’t have updated it with the original OTA

  • http://twitter.com/danizmax Daniel

    Got I switched from Nokia N95 to Desire S for a bit more than one year ago and one of the first things I noticed that speaker for use in car is totally useless I never understand what people say. Second thing I’m dissapointed that you can’t turn off your phone without enabling user credentials in settings every time. This bug is known for a year now and it’s still not fixed. Otherwise it’s pretty stable and battery is still good. Also it would be nice if you would tell aprox. time of the ICS release  for desire S. Instead we all guessing for two months now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=601872038 Ketan Dongre

    I bought this phone on 25 April 2012. As 
    i was just getting into the aircraft from Chennai(India) to
    Jakarta(Indonesia), the phone suddenly just died. I tried to charge it but
    nothing happened, kept pressing the power button for 1 minute but no response.
    I have all my contacts and important files stored on the phone, and in an alien
    country, when i needed it most, the phone has let me down. I am very
    disappointed with HTC and for my purpose, i have bought a cheap Samsung phone
    until i get the HTC phone fixed. I hope i can get my contacts back atleast. And
    this is my first Android phone, expected a lot more from HTC. Very unhappy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000087878887 Isabel Roberto

    Hi.. is there an app that can capture screen shot for my HTC Incredible S?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.sullenskasid Jessica Sullens Kasid

    I am buying the HTC vivid for At&t! I just wanted to know if anyone has tried to use this phone on the At&t prepaid service? If so does it work well? 

  • Abhishek Mitra

    My HTC Desire S loosing it’s body color, Service center says body paint not under warranty, charging me Rs.2000/- ($37 approx) for repair 🙁

  • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

    It’s funny to see that a global player like HTC only has 2 employees for the blog and that it takes more than a week for them to answer

  • Yousef Abdekhaleq

    9/10* but u guys seriously need to talk about the battery life, its a phone. zzz any apps u suggest to make it longer/? i mean,battery save.

    • http://twitter.com/trojanere Kev T

      The screen eats the battery, minimise the brightness to absolute minimum indoors this will extend the battery quite considerably. I can use the phone quite happily at this setting. Outdoors is another matter you will need to make it brighter but try to keep it to a minimum.

    • http://twitter.com/Darth_Sideous Dantius Palpatine

       When indoors, the minimum brightness is enough, when outdoors, use the Automatic brightness, consumes less battery than the manual one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CerebalAssassin Main Man


    I just bought my brand new HTC One V. I’m lovin it.
    The only problem with it is that, it doesn’t have the carousel 3d effects.

  • sntaylo2

    I love everything about my HTC Wildfire except that It has very little internal memory which keeps me from using a lot of the phones neat features or capabilities. Is there a way I could upgrade the internal memory?  

  • brent_diamond

    i bought my One X for 619usd about 1 month ago. i thought HTCDev unlock would unlock my phone, but it doesn’t. it voids a warranty that i never had due to importing it and it is too much work to switch between roms. i did not have this problem on the Samsung phone i sold to help pay for your phone. i hope that someone at HTC can leak how to get “s-off” to someone at xda soon or i will go back to Samsung and never buy HTC again. it won’t matter if you change your position later because this is the phone i have now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jonas-Gormsen/677172232 Jonas Gormsen

    I think bought my HTC One X a month ago, and I have been really happy about it. When that is said, it do have some issues which occasionally pisses me off. The sudden reboots that I experience from time to time, livewallpapers freezing when I switch between the homescreens and that the device is slow considered the quadcore machine it is.
    These reasons can easely be removed or fixed, but you guys at HTC are too slow, when working on it. I could unlock my bootloader through the htcdev homepage, but that would hurt my warrenty, and I wouldn’t want that. Also it doesn’t give me S-Off, which is a pain in the a**, considering how good the phone would become if we were allowed to have full control over it, as the SGS III user will have.

    It’s a great phone, and the only reason I didn’t waited and got the SGS III instead is because of HTC Sense. But still, you guys should consider giving us the S-Off. In the end we aiming at the same goal as you are: The best Smartphone in the world, please help us make that a reality with the One X! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Page/100001123488772 Simon Page

    So if you spent more money buying a HTC Flyer tablet less than a year ago you get shafted beacuse HTC never sold enough ? Yet people over at XDA developers are working on ICS without any financial benefit ??

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6TCXIGQRCNYNWHTDJE726QRDY4 Darcman_44

    Ever since the ICS update for HTC sensation 4G (TMobile) My phone has frozen, gotten hot versus warm and it restarts all of the time. I am happy that I could Chrome on it but Im honestly considering going back to Gingerbread. Its more stable

  • http://twitter.com/trojanere Kev T

    Dear HTC DEV
    I have recently read the reports on HTC’s stance with regards to multitasking on the HTC One X/series.  I have the HTC One X and I love it to bits, its such a wonderful phone to use. BUT would it not be an easy thing to let the user choose if they want true multi-tasking by means of a check marker in the config settings?  Yes of course, I as a user would expect more battery consumption but if I want some programs to run in the background while doing other tasks then I should be able to have this option surely?

    Please can you add this option in the config options on the next OTA!


    • http://twitter.com/Darth_Sideous Dantius Palpatine

       Next time you have a S-off phone, never ever do an OTA again! Just go to XDA and flash stock rom with the OTA without the bootloader update/patch.

  • Grzegorz Gutman

    THANK YOU HTC, just sold One X and bought again an iPhone. I don’t want any your phone ever again. Learn how to build with quality and a good customer service. Cheers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=707544199 Shammi Shailaj

    Bought an HTC(Sensation z710e) first time in my life but I am not completely satisfied. My phone has death grip issues and drops calls on full network strength when I use GPRS. WHY THE HELL DOES THIS HAPPEN???

  • varusaikasim mohideen

    Fantastic phone , amazing camera result. 

  • varusaikasim mohideen

    Fantastic phone, amazing camera result i have ever seen, hurray

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=681216315 Julian Doyle

    Seriously what is with everyone whining about locked phones? 

    I’ve never had an android phone before.  Bought a One X last week and figured out how to unlock and root the phone in a day from the excellent info available online. 

    Re-locked it installed an OTA update, then re-rooted it and restored from backup.

    If you are a power user and want the phone unlocked to play with then you will find a way.  HTC locking the bootloader is an annoyance at worst, nowhere near a dealbreaker.  HTC are trying to protect casual users from malicious software and ensure a uniform experience.  Do you hear iPhone users btching to Apple to make Jailbreaking easier? 

    Keep up the good work HTC I am really impressed with the phone.  Camera has made my point and shoot redundant. 


      Unlock, no problem….voids warranty and gives VERY little access to the phone. We want s-off NOT unlock.

      Your post shows how little an understanding of your phone/android you have. Can you flash a new kernel? radio? Is the bootloader unlocked? There are so many ways to get a better experience from these phones and the limited version HTC has decided to ALLOW us on the phones WE own is ridiculous.

      Your iphone reference is redundant, IOS is like windows….it’s a paid software owned by a company, android is OPEN SOURCE ie:freeware… free to be used, tweaked, rewritten, improved whatever you want to do with it. Ask for the source code and you get it….Try asking apple for the source code to IOS.

      Please try and understand what you are talking about before you have a go at people who know what they are talking about. 

    • manfred elsing

      my 1x has the unlock;itßs rootet and i flashed it with the ´Charmeleon Rom!Absolute fantastic,much more dtails to use-Tweaks-I did this at my desire too,there it was-is-much wonderful and i have to day:great work HTC,thank you for the nice time in my live ,for thr experians und for the great 1 X!!

      best reguards


  • http://twitter.com/Gewoon_Pim Pim oudejans

    Can you please put HTC Sense 4.0 on the HTC Sensation too? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/amit.heartbreaker Amit Heartbreaker

    there are couple of things that irritates me in my incredible s.Like, i cant rearrange icons in my app drawer as i want to. my phone has just two options to rearrange icons-alphabetically and date wise. and other that whenever i delete something from ‘downloads list’ it also deletes the downloaded item. i just want to clear the list not the item. otherwise its a great phone m very happy with my incredible s


    For the love of god give us who want it s-off!! It is not an unreasonable request. And voiding warranty for those that do use the unlock option YOU supply is an absolute joke. My brand new one x wouldn’t even charge the first time I tried to use it, has been sent back and will continue to be sent back the second I find any flaw with it. Seriously dropped the ball on this one guys!!

    Listen to your customers or lose them, I’m sure the other manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank considering how many HTC lovers I know have now forgone the brand entirely and sold off their devices. I will probably do the same when I finally get my one x back. For a flagship device it is really pretty pathetic to have so many issues in software, lots of build quality issues, non removable battery, no expandable memory and piss poor customer service.

    HTC, the “apple” of Androids eye….

  • http://firstyouleap.tumblr.com/ First you leap

    So so sad.  The signal strength on the HTC One S is Terrible!  For some of us.  I have been looking online after I found my new phone couldn’t hold a signal (from 4 to zero in 2 seconds).  I used to have a great signal just about everywhere but this was awful, It was a glorified camera.
    I only had a couple of days before I could get my old contract back so have returned it and am waiting to decide what to do next.  I am definitely going to consider other phones now and may even switch carriers.
    I see this issue all over forums, US and UK.  Please acknowledge it and FIX.  Upset that I haven’t seen this as a known issue from HTC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jehad-H-Eid/628655134 Jehad H. Eid

    My current Evo 3D is my 3rd HTC phone. Like the first 2 before it, it’s working flawlessly. The Evo 3D is rock solid, very fast, very reliable, beautifully crafted, does almost everything except of course the cooking. It is simply a pleasure to use and indispensable in my everyday life. Now I am only waiting for the ICS upgrade which I hope will come this June as promised as I am in no doubt that it will transform the Evo 3D even further. Later on I hope to go for the current king of smartphones the X One which I bought and programmed for my in-law last week, just awesome. For now though, my Evo 3D companion holds the fort for me.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/U5OIJ6RH54OXCXCG25SKQ334XI Dhaval

    I left Iphone and came to HTC and used the DHD for 1 and half year and was absolutely satisfied. NOW HERE COMES PROBLEM, I went and bought STUPID HTC ONE X,  the MULTITASKING is useless, i am just very very pissed off, I just cant wait for any other port like MIUI or AOSP so i can take of this Rubbish sense software, i loved the sense with my HTC Desire HD thats why i bought HTC ONE X, but i may have to just leave sense ROMS all together. if i can i might even sell my HTC ONE X as i am now out of my trial period and cant return it.

    As far MULTITASKING goes, HTC ONE X is FUCKING waste of TIME

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=656813542 Ae Ng

    HTC Desire HD. Are you aware how stupid it is that there is no physical button for the camera while taking self pictures? you end up quitting the camera app while still smiling stupidly and trying to fit your head in the picture… or aimlessly zooming in to your forehead without being aware of it. 
    I assume that ‘no one’ at htc really tested this… Other than that it is an overall perfect device really. very fast, slim, best phone I ever used. ICS should come out faster. thanks

  • tobeda

    I really wish I would have read all the comments about the HTC Wildfire before I purchased it.  I am so dissapointed and am now stuck with this phone.  It is completely awful.  Can’t do anything with it because the memory is soooooo low!!!!! Can not transfer anything to the SD card.  I hate this phone!!  Lots of program issues too.  It tends to freeze and stop working and resets itself. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/henry.w.mascarenhas Henry Wilfred Mascarenhas

    I am an HTC One X (international version) user. I noticed that even if I have a number of a friend, whenever they call me, their number is displayed as unknown. Please advice as to why this happens?

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      Have you tried another phone, maybe they didn’t send their number

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003047490621 Jane Hudson

    Vodafone gave my Uncle, who is an IT manager a HTC One X, free to renew his Vodafone contract! Previously he had a White, 64gb iPhone 4S. The HTC lasted tow days before he sold it on eBay and went back to his iPhone! The main reasons were; There is NO Battery percentage perminatly displayed, like the iPhone. The is NO autoexposure, so then when you are about to take a photo, you touch the screen and the phone automatcially adjusts the exposure, like the iphone, and that there is NO decent satnav app! On his iPhone he has a TomTom satnav with Darth Vader’s voice! WAY KOOL!!! In future software updates could you please address these failings! Thank you and best regards!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=723324696 Rajat Banerjee

      ASK TO UR UNCLE TO BE WITH IPHONE. HE DOESN”T DESERVE AN ANDROID DEVICE. If you need everything to be identical with iphone then better go for iphone. Android has its own unique features and let it be like android and not like ios. And FYI HTC has an widget which you need to download and it will show you the battery percentage pemanently on the screen …you moron. First learn to use a device and then come up with your comments.

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      Jane, if you root ur HTC you can do a lot of cool stuff and customization to it, but due to the bad (and in some countrys illegal) terms of warranty you will loose waranty by doing so.

  • antipesto93

    S-OFF ONE ONE X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/jayjenti jay

    Can you please put HTC Sense 4.0 on the HTC Sensation too? 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/C35B4F7VD6VCPVLMKST7CSL7AQ Raj

    My HTC Inspire (unlocked ATT Phone) shows Desire HD and an Android Platform 2.3. Is this ok?

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      Yeah, both are the same devices except that Inspire 4G supports AT&T’s HSPA+ 4G network

  • Simon Keen

    S-Off for One X!!!

  • http://calebwoodbridge.blogspot.com Caleb Woodbridge

    Really pleased with my HTC One X overall. One or two minor niggles:
    1) Please give an option to hide the three dots menu button that appears in certain apps – this is particularly annoying on fullscreen games, which often don’t use it at all anyway. I want to make the most of that beautiful screen! Maybe you could map the menu action to a long-press of the multitasking button.
    2) Improve the multitasking
    3) Keep working on the battery life!

  • Keith fowler

    I can’t believe that HTC would release the One x with so many issues, and some that are quite problematic.
    1, wifi reception from 10ft is less that half but my old desire has full reception at 30ft.
    2, network reception fails but will not reconnect without manual intervention.
    3, build quality issues
    4, widgets crash every couple of days

    I could go on and on

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Keith, have you tried contacting our customer support staff? http://www.htc.com/support You’re experience is very atypical.

      • http://twitter.com/Xmoo Mohammad M

        Why are you only reponding to this and not the other 400 comments about S-OFF?

        • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

          Cause HTC isn’t interested in what it’s customers think and want, they simply try to ignore us here for several weeks

        • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

          We have been replying to other comments relating to S-OFF. You can see our full policy on S-OFF on our HTCDev site: http://htcdev.com/bootloader/faq If you’d like to comment on this, you can contact our dev team at: http://htcdev.com/contact

  • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

    So i think we should make this public to some news sites, as it seems that HTC gives a sh*t on it’s customers, so long and no reply…

  • Kjell Olsson

    I like my HTC One X (grey), finally i find one smartphone, my very first smartphone too. One thing, i like to have a backup program, look like all backup-program need too root my phone, but i don’t like to root my new phone..

  • Kjell Olsson

    After the warrantyperiod i may root my HTC Ome X, because i need to make backup. but how to root, i don’t know ?

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      Google adb Backup, in Android 4 there is a built in backup option

  • Kjell Olsson

    I have learned; never stop charging a battery before it’s fully charged.
    And that is a disaster now, because if i put my HTC One X on charging, it’s stucked there for about 3 hours or moore, even if the battery was half loaded before.
    Is it anything wrong with my phone, charging take very very looong time ?.

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      My One X (tegra based) also takes about 3 hours untill it’s fully charged

  • http://www.facebook.com/agam.trehan Agam Trehan


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Irfaan-Ali/753094987 Irfaan Ali

    pls release ICS update for htc evo 3d..

  • Dimitris Ball

    htc one X: great – fast – internet & video at their best.
    2 drawbacks:
    a) Why there is no way to put a ring-tone in a group of people ? I group my contacts and want to know who is calling me the moment the phone rings. Do i have to do it manually for its and every contact in the group ?
    b) battery time. Got to keep charging it (in the car) to make it through the day.
    One day i was using the gps (Navigon) and i get this unbelievable (to me) message: The phone is consuming more energy than the car charger providing. The phone will shut-down. !!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T6QMJBYNE6AVU6RNTT5RCANAW4 Tony J

    Hi, I have now owned a Desire HD for one year and all I can say it is simply the best, better than all of my previous phones.

  • hellmo

    Owner of a Desire S: About Sense: The default Sense 2.1 when buying and installing the phone looked veery nice. Then came the update with Sense 3.0 – It became too much carousels and animation of weather and stuff. Now awaiting the 3.6 update, hopefully all these “too much” will be gone. I will miss the curvey navigation bar and also the lock screen from Sense 2.1 – because the navi bar in 3.6 aint that much Sense anymore – HTC, bring it back!!! …anyway …I really love the Desire S – HTC is the best – good job  🙂

  • Eric Von Stetina

    I just need the ICS camera drivers for my Inspire, so the camera will work on my ROM ported from the One V. Other than that, I love my phone, and I love my Sense 4.0 ICS ROM.

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      They aren’t interested in support custom Roms

  • http://www.facebook.com/maddin.e34 Martin Guz

    The camera standing out of One X’s back is a design fail. It scratches very easy. Either the camera shouldn’t stand out or at least the lens should be made out of Gorilla Glass.
    Further the quality issues are annoying for a 600€-smartphone, the blue light of the softkeys is shining into the display, there are blue shadows visible when displaying dark content.

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      I use a silicon case where the Camera is covered so if you put the device on a table the lens won’t touch the surface

  • Ben Smith

    Hi i have a sensation xl and have git ics with sense 3.6, although i love the phone and the new upgrade is good but is there anyway more elements of sense 4.0 could be incorporated into it, like htc car for example as that looks awesome. cheers.

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      If you got root / s-off you can install custom roms with sense 4.0, 

      • http://twitter.com/jayjenti jay

         Hi can u explain how to instal sense 4.0 on sens xl???

        • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

          Check out the Sensation XL section on xda-developers, there is all you need

  • http://twitter.com/Cosmic_Kakapo .

    I updated to ICS on my Sensation in April, and the new software has made my phone far worse. Battery life is unreliable, the phone randomly reboots if battery drops below 50%, then “updates” all my apps (despite me doing a factory restore to try & fix this).

    Reading various Android forums, I can see that I’m not alone in experiencing these issues – something  HTC don’t appear to be prepared to acknowledge and aren’t planning on resolving any time soon (if ever) – they just want you to buy a replacement phone

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      My personel tip: s-off and root the device and put a custom rom on it, there are non-HTC devs out there that offer a mouch better support for free as HTC does

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TYEKRBL33Z3YIIV6AQHWG4N724 Pranav

    i had htc one v (worst phone on globe) in ten days i have changed the phone 4 times each and every time some new problem comes… i think htc have earned a lot in ten years and now they want to drop there brand image so they are putting such phones in the market… never ever go for the HTC phones

  • Abhishek Suresh

    I have a problem using this HTC Desire HD A9191!

    It’s the HTC Nav app that auto starts (i guess its part of the locations app). Even more annoying is that now its asking me to purchase a licence for the premium nav portion every time it autostarts. This is an awesome phone with a VERY annoying feature, if it can’t be stopped!!

    • http://twitter.com/JeckyllHavok JeckyllHavok

      If you got root you need to uninstall the following apps:

  • leeshinloon

    I wish that HTC will become a company like Apple And Samsung.I think this is HTC’s challenge-To make smartphones as prefect as Apple’s smartphone and Samsung’s smartphone!
    Well done,Htc.You are going to change the world if you listen to your customer’s thoughts and put more effort in making smartphones!

    Don’t forget to test it as many times as you can before you sell it on the market.So that your customers will love it very much.Believe me,HTC.You are really going to change the world!

    Daniel Lee

  • Selim Marcos

    gives us access to the boot, allow S-OFF

  • http://ebelin.myopenid.com/ Evgeni Belin

    Please unlock AT&T HTC One X bootloader.  Locking does not prevent us from doing things, just makes it annoying and inconvenient.  And annoyance does not translate well to loyalty.

  • Ahmed Mohammed

    i can’t move apps to sd after last update 2.3.5 on chacha 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4MHD3S5PBCULHFOFYUOCQB3MDQ Raamis

    i have a sensation 4g and still haven’t received an ICS update. any particular reason for that?

  • russell pennington

    The phone is ‘OK’.  This was a beast of a phone less than a year ago.  Was expecting ICS to make the camera usable (andriod issues mainly). 
    Feel utterly let down on the time it has taken to update these handsets.  Off contract in a few weeks, and looking for a new handset.  Due to my experiences with the wildfire and EVO3D, i’ll be looking at the Galaxy s3 instead of the one X. Nice one HTC, hope you learn to service customers better in the future.  Such a shame as the hardward is awesome.  But without the updates, it feels like your just another unit shifter.

    • rvichar

      Samsung updates are even worse. Have you ever had an galaxy phone ? It was a nightmare just getting my captivate onto gingerbread. Part of this problem isn’t solely HTC but rather the Carrier customization and testing which they aren’t willing to finance. Also Google should help out with the defragging more, it’s slowly improving with ICS.

  • glukosio

    open it!

  • khuram. mana

    htc world best phones and so so so ood htc desire no more

  • khuram. mana

    htc desire so good phone no moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • khuram. mana

    i want talk with your chef ( peter chou )plz send me phone number or email adress

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1294167524 Abanoub Maher

    i carry htc rhyme,i love the accessories and i do not know why u don’t put the accessories of the rhyme in the other phones people will love it and iam a boy by the way 

  • http://www.facebook.com/nduduzo.ntombela Nduduzo Ndut’s Ntombela

    I love HTC but i must say the flyer is nice just hope the guys can hurry up with the android 4.0 before sumsang and iOS out class us .please htc please

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000891052765 Keshav Agarwal

    Please increase the battery life of One X!!

    It runs just 16 hours…:(

    • rvichar

      16 hours sounds great I get 8! That’s because I’m glued to the one x like the HTC logo.

  • Gajaba Weerasignhe

    please enable more customization options on the htc sense relating to visuals, (transitions and wallpaper scrolling). Im missin wallpaper scrolling on my desire hd..

  • http://twitter.com/BrooklynBeka BrooklynBeka

    Wondering why my finally here HTC EVO 4G LTE didn’t come with a manual like every other phone I’ve had??? I’m confused about some things AND? no manual. 

    • rvichar

      To save paper. There is a built in users manual on the one x and it’s great. Just go to the icon called “show me”

  • Dean Brown

    I have had the HTC EVO 4G for 2 years.  I have enjoyed the phone very much,  but if the software is not easily upgradeable to newer and better Android versions its obsolescence is almost guaranteed regardless of the hardware benefits.  Since I am at the end of my contract I will probably transfer to iOS6 and the iPhone even though I like the HTC hardware design and benefits better.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Frank-Kroeze/100002185575835 Frank Kroeze

    Enable S-off for one x trough HTC dev

  • http://www.facebook.com/kenya.graham Kenya Graham

    EVO 4G LTE:
    Hotmail client / Hotmail via ActiveSync: Fails to sync most of the time. Not able to send email via Hotmail account at all.
    Allow for pinch resizing.

    Car Dock: Bring back the search features that EVO 3D / 4G had.
                    Allow the status bar to be seen.
                    Allow for Portrait mode like EVO 3D / 4G had.

    UI: Allow for landscape mode on the home screens especially when car docked (and the Car Dock app not running). Currently the home screen will work in Landscape after exiting the Car Dock app but it will not stay.
    Bring back the quick access to the radios via the notification bar

    Bluetooth: Very slow to automatically connect media profile to my car (2010 Acura TL). Relatively quick to connect phone profile

  • FlexPlexico

    I have now had my One X for two months. I really like the phone, but … the HTC-stuff/Sense drives me crazy. 

    Example: HTC Locations sucks compared to Google Maps. Of course I can just use Google Maps directly but when I use the calendar then it goes to locations. Same thing with the dialer/phonebook. Why did you spend time and money on Locations? Especially since you do not have a chance of delivering maps/streetview/3d of the same quality as google worldwide.

    Why does the phone play a tune when I turn it on? If I am sitting in a place where I do not want to make noise, then I cannot turn the phone on or off due to the tune. This is 2012. Everybody knows the phone can play music. No need to advertise it that way.

    And then there is little stuff. Like the calendar widget I have it on my home screen. Why have you put in just a little bit more spacing in the calendar than the standard google widget? Why? I means that I can show one less appointment on my home screen compared to the google widget.

    And little stuff like the clock app, which takes 2 secs. to load due to the 3D globe animation. Why spend time on stuff like that.

    And the silly beats stuff. I have never used the phone in anything but “Beats off” mode but it still takes up space in the notification bar.

    HTC you make wonderful hardware but you provide little value in all these customizations. I think your dialer is nice with the easy search for contacts compared to the stock android dialer. But most of the things you have changed are just for show. For those things you provide no value over the stock android UI.

  • rvichar

    Has anyone tried to fix the multitasking? Slow / 0 updates or lack thereof on ROGERS Wireless since launch. Panoramas don’t stitch properly, zoomed in photos are a bit blurry. Don’t get me wrong I love this phone but it would be perfect if I can switch between apps seamlessly picking up where I left off without page reloads, refreshing etc. Ps rate my phone link didn’t work for me from the one x.

  • Sharath Gujar

    I have htc one v…. i like the phone lot….the problem is when i send the files form Bluetooth to my phone i cant transfer more then 5mb and its goes to phone storage…..i need file to sd card……..how can i do that one?

  • Jurij Kocjan

    Please improve the following on HTC One X:

    – camera: yellow tint, which can be improved by lowering saturation, but then as a result I get too bright pictures (comparing the pictures to sensation xl, then sensation wins, because it produces more life like colors); HDR does good when taking landscape pictures, but when I take a HDR picture with objects in motion (lice car, people, bicycle,… ) then this objects get layered, e.g. arms are duplicated and transparent and so on… on sensation xl this doesn’t happen; my previous iphone 3g made better pictures and it was 4 yr old; in low light conditions video and pictures have a very high noise

    – battery: I got max 21h out of it, but that was when I didn’t use it for half a day, on my normal daily use (browsing, wifi, facebook, gmail, weather, calling, sms, mms, pictures) I get max 6h or even less; recharging takes 4 hours or even more

    – mms: thumbnail size of received pictures, what is it with this picture compressing and low mms video resolution? I see this problem only on HTC devices, my old iphone had no such limitation and compressed no pictures when sending or receiving, so I got and send pictures in their original size, same with mms video (my wife’s old samsung had better quality mms videos)

    Will you review my post or this is something that HTC doesn’t care about? I switched from iphone, because I thought that I would get a far superior phone with the best camera and overall performance, but the above things make me very unhappy with it.

    I also sent this to HTC support (through htc support site) two weeks ago and I didn’t get no notification that they received it. When I contacted apple’s support for my iphone, I got notification back immediately and also the answer shortly after. Take this as a superior customer relationship experience, opposed to yours where I even don’t know if htc support got my complaint.

  • Jurij Kocjan

    Just one more thing, according to my current HTC experience, this sentence “We take customer opinions very seriously at HTC” is completely not true.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q7OX3CAJ24YO3WBKRVVSXTSXJI Mr chaoscore Grind

    after read all comment down there, seem HTC smartphone ( the newest models ) got so many prob, hope you guys in HTC take note about this, i really love my EVO 3D and cant wait to get ICS update….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000030348852 Kenneth Ian Navarro

    we want HTC SENSE 4.0 on our HTC SENSATION XE!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001769796692 Billy Xu

    we want HTC SENSE 4.0 on HTC SENSATION XE!!!!!

  • Peter Watson

    I’ve had 2 HTC desires and 2 HTC sensations – ALL had a problem with HTC Sense re-setting continually.  This is now beyond boring and am thinking of getting Galaxy S3.  Any ideas before I jump ship?  Help desk and repair process as much use as chocolate fire guard !!

  • Kevin J. Wangler

    Went to review my phone, and it’s not even listed. Is HTC pretending the EVO 4G LTE doesn’t exist? (I wouldn’t blame them — my review wasn’t going to be positive.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=695597698 Mahesh Katkar

    Today I bought the HTC Desire V in singapore. However it’s first sim slot doesn’t getting network. Intially it worked and then suddenly network disconnected. I tried sim swap and confirmed that sim is working. Kindly advise.

  • http://twitter.com/MarlenaRosie MarlenaRosie

    If I purchase an unbranded HTC Rhyme gsm will I be able to update it to ics somehow?

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachaelredding2110 Rachael Redding

    to be quite frank my htc wildfire s is not worth half the money i paid for it! it freezes, shuts itself down, the battery gets so hot that it becomes uncomfortable, the internal memory is practically non existent yet you have no facility to send to a 16gb sd card, htc sense keeps not allowing me to sign in, facebook for htc sense has disappeared and however much i try i can’t get it back, etc, etc! this phone has so many problems and they’ve been there since i bought the damned thing. i thought that perhaps it was a problem with my handset but after reading through thousands of posts and talking to phone shop sales staff, it appears it’s a problem with them all. i phoned c.s to be told that the wildfire s was not top of the range as if  at £140 it shouldn’t work! i am disabled and on benefits but i NEED a phone to stay in touch with the outside world and i simply can’t afford a new one. i am so angry and disappointed i can’t express how much! when i finally do save enough to get a new device, it certainly will NOT be a htc!

  • http://www.facebook.com/minhlyspecial Nguyễn Thị Lý

    I’m really waiting for Android 4.0 ICS OTA upgrade for my HTC EVO 3D X515m in Vietnam, please tell me when it could be possible?

  • CiprianTapaszto

    Hy. I heave a big problem with my htc phone. I heave an HTC Sensation XL, i broke the screen of it. I’m from Romania and i don’t find any screen all over the country,about 2 mounts i searched. Please tell me what i can do ? If i don’t find a fast solution i tell everyone in romanian forums to not buy this phone.I am irritated because i can’t use my phone for 2 mounts because i can’t find a complete screen(+ touchscreen) all over the country. I find something in China on ebay , but i don’t heave trust to buy from there.I wait your answer ! THANK YOU !

  • http://www.facebook.com/yournepenthe Habib Ali

    My HTC Sensation Z710e was a waste of money, I’ve had to root it, install a custom ROM and fiddle with tweaks JUST to get it to run lag-free. It DEFINITELY sucks that there is no official Sense 4.0 update for the Sensation when Developers on modding sites have managed to make it run with only Wifi-Tether and HDMI-out as issues. LOL and I can’t even use my phone that I paid £350 for to do everything I bought it for, i.e MULTI-TASKING, having apps at hand on different screens as EVERYTHING drains the battery. It’s ridiculous. I had a HTC Hero before my Sensation and even THAT was more reliable. Seriously HTC, take a look at what the independent android developers are doing on forums such as XDA-Developers, and instead of just releasing new devices left, right and centre why not give proper support to those customers who paid money for a phone only to find that a few weeks later a better version was out. 
    I will certainly be selling my Sensation and DEFINITELY will be buying a Samsung, possibly an S2, because the damn Sensation has depreciated so much when at one point it was a flagship device. The S2 even has 1gb of RAM (like the One S/X) and to really top it off has the Super Amoled Plus screen, and BETTER BATTERY LIFE. It SUCKS, because I love the HTC Sense UI and hate Samsung’s Touchwiz, and so I’ll be buying an S2 and putting a custom AOSP ROM on it. HTC have majorly disappointed me, I will certainly not be buying from HTC again. 

  • http://twitter.com/ItsMeTungy tungy thanh

    Dear HTC firmware developer(s)

    Can you please add more language to your smartphones’ firmware? I mean c’on in this time and age, most of people who own a smartphone (HTC One X for example) can speak/write/read more than just one-two languages from the area. We (HTC users) really need a phone that can keep up with us. There are users in the UK who fluent in English/Japanese/Thai/Vietnamese and vice versa, who has to download and install so many different third-party applications so they can write in the language they wish. I have 3 different third-party keyboards on my HTC One X, which is a massive pain to switch between them, and this is not “intuitive” or “smart” or “One” at all!Just to mention the competitor Apple iPhone has more than 50 official system/writing language to choose from, so does Samsung phones, and Blackberry although they don’t ship with all the language they allow users to add their own official system language or keyboard, which myself and I bet thousands of users out there find extremely useful. This is not a hard task, I think HTC already had different international firmwares why don’t you just combine them (I know this will make the system heavier, more complex) but a few hundreds extra Mb doesn’t really mean anything when you have this amazing phone. Better yet, let the user decide what language to keep and delete the others.Please look into this, I’m sure you’re trying to make your phone(s) as universal/intuitive/smart/competitive as possible right? To increase product output of course; then why stop at a few regional languages?Regards

  • absolutlegend

    My HTC sensation was fine until I updated the software and now it is TERRIBLE. I’m getting more and more annoyed with how slowly it runs, how much it crashes and  I hate the new interface as well. Basically- sort it out.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/7QA2OF3RRZODA6P3IQV4PPJLGA MelanieW

      Ditto.  Lost some great features and apps

    • htcamator

       same here. No WiFi since the update. I am not happy!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7QA2OF3RRZODA6P3IQV4PPJLGA MelanieW

    Please find me a replacement for  VOICE DIALER!!  I use my Bluetooth all day.

  • Shaheryar Jawaid

    my htc evo 3d screen keeps on turning on even its locked and i don’t even touch it.. any solutions please?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WGZ5JRYHF3WMONUEWE2RGP2REY mushfek Saikat

    few days back i bought a htc one s from a friend, the kernel version is:3.0.8-01136-g9d2ad31 root@@ABM012:disqus #1 SMP PREEMPT wed Apr 25 19:50:43 CST 2012…is this phone rooted??? please help!!

  • Haryo Timur

    i have HTC One X it fast but the multitasking is very bad, it always close my browser when move to other apps, facebook also closed by the os when we move to others apps, i have HTC flyer and it does not have behaviour like the One X does, its very annoying and frustating.. please  HTC bring back the multi tasking android have …

  • Nuta Lucian

    I have HTC EVO 3D since feb 2012 🙂 best phone that i ever had:D can wait for ICS update here in Romania

  • http://twitter.com/BopityBopper Bopity

    My wife got the Samsung Infuse.  I got the HTC Inspire. As usual, she was right. The compass doesn’t work.  When I told them they said they hadn’t heard there was a problem. Kinda weird to answer a letter you haven’t read. 

    It keeps killing the SD cards. 

    Battery life, well uh, forget it.  

    It gets so warm when used as a navigation tool, it stops charging.  Without continuous charging while using GPS Navigation the batter won’t take you to the nearest 7-11.  

    Other than that and a host of other annoying problems, it’s perfect.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000888148840 Georgie Chatfield

    well i was wondering if anyone can talk me through how to to this: 
    i can recive messages but as soon as i click on then to open and read it just loads for ages and i dont get to read my texts. i can only send messages if i create a new one myself HELP !!

  • ronnie176401

    I have an error that shows up that says, “Authorize HTC Sense” What do you have to do to get rid of this?

  • Richard Schlamowitz

    Newest update to the incredible 2 has made my once perfect phone almost useless. Please fire the idiot that is responsible for not testing the update!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ORYGNA7BGCG5KZOHHPZFX7QFHU Aqua

    I’m having a promblem I downloaded zune onto my computer plugged my htc arrive into the usb and i was updating my phone and it was restoring and I accidentally unplugged it and now it restarts to the htc landing screen over and over again please help i dont know what to do

  • http://zexxesthemercurian.blogspot.com/ Zexxes Mercurian

    I like my phone for the most part. But what I don’t like : Updates take waaaay too long to be released. It’s that reason alone that I may consider never buying an HTC product again. Battery life issues. Burns batter bad. The culprit? I think it’s none other than Sense. Last but not least… Locked boot loaders. I’ll tell you what. If that ICS update isn’t out by this Monday I’m strongly considering rooting my phone, installing Cyanogen ICS and screw the warranty and HTC. I BOUGHT this phone in Oct because you guys said you would release ICS for the Evo 3D. 9 months later and the Evo V has had it for a month now? Come on! Never again. It’ll be Samsung for me next time. Besides I can have the beautiful ICS and use GO Launchers superior interface.

  • Tebeth Zunze

    i got a HTC Smart, model F3188 and believe you me it got me frustrated for one simple reason, i an not download WhatsApp on it. i have tried more than a million times but it just downloads and then says file can not be read..i mean seriously?? I was expecting the phone to be perfect and it proved me wrong. The battery is also another a problem that has to be worked on because at the end of each day it goes flat.

    So if there is any way that can be used to download WhatsApp please do help. Other than that everything else is ok

  • Aadil Wazir

    Just bought an HTC Desire C and the speed of the phone is incredibly slow. Like other good companies at least put a decent processor and a better camera on a budget phone and don’t forget to include flash. TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000232151102 Garrett Lajoie

      You had to realize when you bought it that it is an entry level phone! Sorry to say, it is a budget phone and you get what you pay for.

  • amankumarsharma

    Bought a HTC Sensation around a couple of months back trusting HTC to provide ICS update soon but terribly disappointed in HTC as they have not provided ICS update in India for Sensation yet, 

    Secondly the phone has a poor build quality and it creaks from everywhere you touch it, as the back panel does not fit properly. I had raised it to HTC India customer care but they are obvious enough to tell me that they are least bothered.

    Despite being a well documented and recognised issue with HTC Sensation, India HTC Customer Care just does not want to admit it and provide a satisfactory resolution. It has been around one month now since I raised this issue with them but till date no resolution.

    A very disappointed HTC customer and a very determined one also not to buy HTC ever again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dhanrajrajbhar Dhanraj Rajbhar

    Hello HTC people…….can u look at the below mail and have some one to reply on this or atleast acknowledge this mail……… I think no one cares regarding service at HTC……….

    –Forwarded Message Attachment–From: dhanrajrajbhar@hotmail.comTo: asia_pr@htc.com; htcpr@wagged.com; htc@nelsonbostock.com; in_service@htc.com;
    Subject: RE: Technical IssueDate: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 17:53:14 +0530
    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}

    Can some one please reply back to this, or atlease acknowledge this mail. Sorry to mark the mails to others as this is getting frustating day by day. called the service center for the 10th time today and it took me 3 attempts to get to and customer care executive. The first one irfan disconnected the call at 06:20 mins. The 2nd call seems like no one responded for more than 2 mins from the other end evenafter picking up the call. The third one was answered by Omkar, who seemed to be over smart coz he was telling me as if i have made a mistake be calling the customer care number. Even after asking him several times to handover the call to his supervisor, he repeatedly said the same thing that ‘I cannot hand over the call. And even they would give you the same reply that i gave’ Thanks,Dhanraj Rajbhar+91 9819328555 From: dhanrajrajbhar@hotmail.comTo: asia_pr@htc.com; htcpr@wagged.com; htc@nelsonbostock.com; in_service@htc.comSubject: RE: Technical IssueDate: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 01:50:51 +0530
    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}
    Hello All, Can some one reply to the mail, or do i need to get the top authorities. Also please let me know if i can get an upgraded handset, as i think sensation is not performing as expected. Getting to the service center everytime is very painful. Thanks,Dhanraj Rajbhar+91 9819328555From: dhanrajrajbhar@hotmail.comTo: asia_pr@htc.com; dhanrajrajbhar@hotmail.com; htcpr@wagged.com; htc@nelsonbostock.com; in_service@htc.comSubject: RE: Technical IssueDate: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 16:17:54 +0530
    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}
    Hi There, Is there any one who can respond back to the mail. In addition to the below mail, i would like to let you know that i had called the India service @ 18002663566 on Thrusday and i was assured over the call that i would receive an response within 3 day for which i am still waiting. Today i again called the service center and had a word with ‘Pooja’ who told me that she has no updates for the request. Marking the mail to all the contacts available and i am getting response from no where……not the call nor the mail to asia_pr@htc.com in a hope that at least some one would reply. Thanks,Dhanraj Rajbhar+91 9819328555From: dhanrajrajbhar@hotmail.comTo: asia_pr@htc.comSubject: RE: Technical IssueDate: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 10:21:01 +0530
    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}
    Hello All, Can i receive a response on this. I can be contacted on +91 9819328555 Thanks,Dhanraj Rajbhar9819328555 From: dhanrajrajbhar@hotmail.comTo: asia_pr@htc.comSubject: Technical IssueDate: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 13:11:02 +0530
    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}
    Hi, This is Dhanraj from Mumbai, India and i am a HTC lover since HTC had come in India with HTC touch. I was really very much annoyed with the quaility it provides. After Touch it was legend which also was awsome and still i am using it. After that i had purchased a sensation in August 2011, which gave me lots of trouble. Since i have purchased sensation this is the third time i submitted it to the service center. It is very painful to travel around 50 Kilometers all the way to submit the handset to the service center. Two times i had submitted the handset to SALORA international, Dadar and yesterday i had submitted it to SAP Mobile Service Center, which was pathetic. As soon as i entered the center it was like a fish market and lots of rush. HTC can afford a dedicated service center, if i am not wrong. It had sony, blackberry and dont know what else service at the same place. And they can even arrange for a XEROX as the person over there is shouting and saying everyone that please get XEROX of your bills. Now let’s come to my handset problems: Yesterday was the third time i had submitted my handset for the same issues as below: (1) The phone automatically reboots.(2) After browsing for long i.e. around 15-20 mins or after exiting from some of the applications, it takes me once again to the start screen where we get a HTC logo (reboot screen).(3) Screen becomes unresponsive sometimes after i get it out from my pocket to answer a call. For the previous 2 times the panels have been changed everytime, but still the problem persists. Also i would like to know what is the use of ‘Tell HTC’ feature, as i have done it everytime and got no response any time. This time i want the handset to be replaced or get my amount reimbursed, because after this kind of response it’s very hard to stick with this brand. Wainting for an response. Thanks,Dhanraj Rajbhar

  • Abhishek Srivastava

    Hello Darren,
    Can you please share some update on the availability of the ICS upgrade for Incredible S in India? I understand that it is being worked upon but is there a definite timeline..

  • Petru Pop

    Hi HTC people! Can you please help and fix the sync option. it’s resetting. I set facebook and skype for no sync and after a week or two i find it changed back to sync again. Why? Is a 4.0.3 and 3.6 on a sensation xe. i like to have only one contact list, and what is the idea with linking the contacts. Please make it stop, is so annoying. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YLVJ5UERNKWGAXBAZ2QW6QA67M Nedim

    Before I got HTC Desire HD I had had several phones including the first version of iPhone. As an iPhone user I had a lot of problems to get used on environment, i still miss iTunes since I listen a lot of podcast that has become the main source of information that I get. However last year and so I have been more then happy with HTC Desire HD. Phone has almost everything I could think about. The most important is hi quality over all. It works perfectly so far I have not had a single incident that would forced me to restart the handset. Despite the fact that I put my DHD in same pocket with car keys I can not find a single dent or any other sign of physical damage. I hope that this phone is going to get proper ICS upgrade that is going to allow me using this phone next two years because I do not need better phone. This is like an old VW Beatle just put fuel&oil and drive . HTC thank you for wonderful experience 

  • Ahmed Abdurahmanov

    Hello HTC people, can anyone advise why FriendStream’s Peep [twitter] for HTC does not work? When I bought my HTC Sensation Z710e almost a year ago peep worked and after some updates (don’t know exactly what updates) it stopped working. Any solution? Plurk on FriendStream and Twitter for Android work well though. Facebook and LinkedIn are blocked by our provider but they also used to work with FriendStream’s FB for HTC and LinkedIn for HTC regardless they are blocked. I tried to clear app data, reinstall app, yet no positive results. Shall appreciate if i get a proper help. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/InLov3WithU Cheong Chee Hou

    ello =)) Sensation XE upgradeable to HTC sense 4.0? thanks =))

  • http://www.facebook.com/jay.shurman Jay Shurman

    can you please release the source code to your kernel 3, i have a HTC desire s here badly wanting ICS as the rollout is apparently never coming, Samsung released their sources for some phones even before they released the physical phones with some variants of the SG3!! HTC needs to wake up and keep the home brew crew happy or their gunna find all the “people in the know” recommending other brand phones due to better client interaction and support! id like to say my next phone will be a one XL but the sg3 has better support from the manufacturer and thus has created a buzz which will keep the products being favoured for some time to come….

  • Kiyadh Burt

    Hello, HTC Inspire software upgrade to 4.0 ice cream sandwhich would be appreciated!

  • SoNotAmazed

    I am on my 6th HTC Amaze and all I can say is the camera works great. The phone however has been a huge disappointment. I have never been so disappointed in a product. Every replacement continues to have the same issues so that tells me it must be an issue with the phone. I want a refund!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000673817992 Tobias Brodd

    Hey! I would like to see more cool features in HTC Sense, and not only for the newest devices. And faster android updates to the phones! And a more stock android experience. Because at this time, HTC Sense is beautiful but a very heavy android skin, but it’s not as heavy as before HTC Sense 4.0, which I think is good. But don’t remove the beautiful widgets and don’t remove to much from the HTC Sense visuals. 

  • Virag Jasani

    I have HTC Sensation XL. After ICS update and HTC Sense update, 3.6, the messages app has gone wrong. I can only see the conversations but when i try to open any, it will keep loading for hours but the conversation just wont upon. Tried restarting the phone, killing the messages app and restarting the app..nothing is working. Kindly suggest a solution.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000232151102 Garrett Lajoie

    At times my text conversation will scroll up right to the top for no reason, and I have seen many others online mention they’ve had the same problem, with different phones. However, you might’ve fixed this with Sense 4.0, I don’t know. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/tatenda.chinyuku Tatenda Chinyuku

    I dropped my Flier in a river. It was in The water for 20 seconds and nothing happened. Awesome it works I just unlocked it with the ring. Thank you HTC. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/CerebalAssassin Main Man

    I’d love to see 3D effect on the One V.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VJMHMIWGTBEU5ARFDTPQQJOKYA tom

    HTC DESIRE S 2011 model Great phone but one annoying feature that will probably stop me from going for another one once the contract is up, that is it crashes all the time. The operating system should be more stable. there is no excuse for this poor reliability. Poor reliability means that you lose customers, which is exactly the reason i replaced my old HP laptop with a Toshiba, rather than buy a new HP.

  • becky7492

    how on earth do you remove the annoying ring as the lock screen?? its the worst update! i much prefer the previous slide down version. very unhappy with it. useless.! 🙁

  • becky7492

    HTC know how to make alot of people ticked off. Useless updates! 🙁

  • Eko Jaya

    I have a issue with LCD flex/ripple it is normal or defected?

  • lucky raut

    The over heating problem on HTC one X is annoying. my fingers burn after just 10 minutes of gaming. This is looking like HTC cheated us. 
    I dont think any of us payed the high price of HTC One X just to find out you cant use to the fullest.

    HTC should fix this or atleast provide a replacement.

  • ahmadjie79

    just i want “live wallpaper”  on my HTV One V…

  • inandoutagain

    Without HTC Sense to find, locate and backup my phone, I will switch to the iPhone when my contact ends in September.

    • rvichar

      iPhone’s get lost for a reason especially when they are so tiny compared to the OneX

  • http://twitter.com/electronicpunk Patrick

    “There has been overwhelmingly customer feedback that people want access to open bootloaders on HTC phones. I want you to know that we’ve listened. Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices. Thanks for your passion, support and patience,” Peter Chou, CEO of HTC

    Please S-Off your devices as promised, your unlock is not a true unlock and it is still heavily restricted. We can’t flash official RUUs in this weak htc-dev unlocked state! Please fulfil your promise!

  • dAverkTv

    wanna S-Off

  • Mixalis Kapetanakis

    LOVE my one x but I can not understand why htc lock the bootloader.
    This way the company loses customers, especially now that there is strong competitionPlease think about it again and have s-off to  our phones 

  • AdamLange

    I would like to know what is the definition of “may void some parts of warranty” when unlocked. This kind of statement is not applicable by European Union Law. , if i cant unlock it because i will loose warranty in fully, then where i can give up my hox and get money back? 

  • Sagi Golder

    S-OFF Please!!!

  • Samuel Uwajeh

    i love htc chacha b can’t seem to access my sd card contents.
    pls, how do i view/access my sd card content.
    its very urgent!

  • Pedro Pereira

    I sell my white one-X, like new, reason is because htc restricts s-off…. going for s3

  • Leo Bilagher

    Great initiative, I would love to have s-off on my htc one x, thanks!

  • Richard Martin

    S-OFF please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ASarge23 Aaron Sargent

    OMG, so many complaints in here. but to be honest id expect nothing less, not because HTC suck or are crap, but i worked in the Mobile industry for 8yrs and people just whinge and complain about the smallest stuff with phones. Lets remember people these things are man made and are not perfect….

    i have just purchased a ONE XL here in Australia and LOVE it, best phone i have ever owned – so far…  
    does everything i want it to do and oh so much more!!!   Yes there are some things it could have or do that it doesnt, but over all its frickin brilliant!!! 
    I Love my HTC and would highly recommend it!! 2 thumbs up from me…

  • http://www.facebook.com/paris.chalkida Paris Chalkida

    For first time after 4 years,i want to leave the samsung android phones kai go to htc one-x.But..the locked bootloader of the one-x is problem for me and for this reason i think my selection will be for another time the samsung (s3)  (:   unlock it!!!!! give us the S-OFF

  • Roy lovelock

    s-off is a must, but also the failure of releasing accessories is a kick in the teeth for early adoptors., htc advertised the desk dock with cases and they have yet to materialize, 3rd part items are now the only real accessories for the device.
    also why do you wait a fortnight to release firmware to the uk – last time i check we are a part of the EU – EU gets the updates but UK has to wait???!!!!

  • 将夫 曽碩

    the thingy is that htc sense consumes lots of battery. so, plz make it much much better performance and battery life. So, i stay on HTC phones for next phone.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5SGWY3ZZQQGOXZL7QVFS3WTR5Q edjohnson

    Hi , my HTC Wildfire is running very slow.i don’t use much applications on it. yes my saved texts are 1000+ in inbox…still , it takes much time to open any particular application …buffers always. can i run it faster ? if yes , then how ?? please help me out…:(

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5SGWY3ZZQQGOXZL7QVFS3WTR5Q edjohnson

    also..poor battery backup ..but i love my HTC ..

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.wattis Richard Wattis

    Htc Desire HD, had the phone for almost 2 years now and i love it. The battery life is terrible as everyone tells you and have to charge daily on normal use but this phone is still keeping up with the newer alternatives. It is that bad that i have the option to renew but cannot find anything that seems like an upgrade.

  • http://twitter.com/BackDaws Mr Dawson!

    Is there a bug draining the battery on the HTC one S ? im getting about 10 hours out  a full charge with moderate use and no gaming. i love the phone but this battery life is killing me 🙁

  • http://twitter.com/cellhead cellhead

    I like my phone, hardware wise, Rezound, but am extremely disappointed by the fact that we were promised the ICS update the beginning of the year yet more than halfway through the year we still don’t have it. You need to get this done quickly before you lose me and I’m sure many others as customers!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001769796692 Billy Xu

    HTC Sensation, XE, and XL deserves to get Sense 4.0 update and they also should get Jelly Bean update if these phones can support the software.

    • nagakumar799

      HTC Sensation XL Supports JellyBean with Sense 4.0????????????. Reply me Please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=546272018 Hüseyin Hıdır

    I am a Desire Z user from Turkey. There is one thing i am sure of is the i will never buy HTC product again.

  • Puhi EightySeven

    You guys need to make a simple way to downgrade from ICS to Gingerbread. ICS sucks all the life from mine (and others) Sensation XL. It has killed our phones and they are unusable. I presume it will be in the shop for 3 weeks because the XL can’t support something that HTC said it could. I suggest (and I guess others suggested this) that you take back the ICS and make it work. (Issues I had since I used ICS : Phone jack not working. Slowness. Battery dying. Can’t mount phone. Lag when typing). There is nothing wrong with my phone, just the crap you guys said we could have. I would thank you for your hard work of creating it so that we could use it…but clearly harder work should have been put into this.

    • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools


  • Scott Tetz

    My Inspire spontaneously reboots every 10-15 minutes, I’ve even switched my device with a warranty, wiped the memory dozens of times, changed the battery and changed my memory card. I’m at a loss. I’ve sent probably thousands of reports to HTC. 
    This error has been the most recent “smd arm9 has crashed” The battery life is atrocious, I do get many dropped calls and my phone does overheat constantly. It isn’t rooted, no exotic apps just bland music and social apps. I cannot wait to get out of my contract so I can switch. These aren’t just annoyances, they seriously impair the function of my phone. I will take stable over fancy if it means usable. Right now I cannot rely on anything with the phone except for frequent reboots and battery loss. 

    • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools

       what a load of bollocks

      • paulf78

        > what a load of bollocks
        How do you know that?  You’ve posted a lot on here Dinkyrools and I can only assume that you’re either a blinkered HTC Fanboi or a paid HTC Shill.  Who are you to denounce someone’s experience as “bollocks” or “ABSOLUTE TOSH”?

        It is interesting that the vast majority of comments on this thread are deeply unhappy customers reporting rather serious problems with their handsets, along with a lackadaisical effort from HTC to rectify things.  Even if, say, only 50% of them are genuine, that is still a big ratio of unhappy to happy.  If I was HTC, and I wanted to stay in business for any noticeable amount of time, I’d be deeply worried about this and be hurriedly doing something about it.  There are only a few companies out there that can repeatedly treat their customers like crap and get away with it, and HTC most certainly isn’t big enough or crucial enough to be one of them – no matter how good you, Dinkyrools, think their products are.

  • http://www.facebook.com/poetic.lover Okyere Akwasi Opoku Emmanuel

    My  HTC Desire HD is far behind compared to end devices running ICS….. please update our phones for US.

    • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools

       july august……and i got desire hd and its gorgeous still with no 4.0 update….


    my htc doesnt connect to my HTC sync manager in pc 🙁

  • Husnain Ali

    overall wildfire S is okay
    but the small amt of internal space provided is a big problem, Also a no of useless apps for social networking should be on users discretion whether to intall or not, e.g plurk, twitter, facebook etc

  • http://www.facebook.com/sujoy.kahali Sujoy Blue Heart

    Any News about ICS Update for Incredible S in India ?

  • Md. Ishtiaque Haque

    Please make a slight update regarding unicode font in HTC Desire S… in Bangladesh, India we use a lot of HTC set… bt we can not see our mother language in web browser, facebook app… However Sony updated and give unicode support in their set… 

    I have a question to Mr. Darren Krape, Is that ICS update include unicode support? Please give a feedback, if not then I will switch to sony or samsung those give unicode support…..

    Waiting for reply and waiting for ICS update… its July 8….next week is July half… My HTC Desire S is not getting any update… will u publish the update in this month? or we people have to just wait for this whole year? 

    Please reply 🙂 Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Maneck Tandon

    When can we expect OS updates for HTC Sensation in India?
    Why is it taking so long?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ash-Khan/100002563304642 Ash Khan

    well ! I bought a HTC Sensation here in pakistan.It is brand new phone imported from UAE.But it worked for only few days after i  installed an update of system software it start to crash and reboot then it was rebooting again and again and then it stoped charging and now itis almost dead.COULD anyone help me on that what should i do with it?

    • beznuts

      I have one too. It kinda did it also. Take the battery out for twenty.minutes let it chill and try it again.

  • Ahmed Abdurahmanov

    I have posted this 3 times already, still hoping to get some feedback from HTC. Hello HTC people, can anyone advise why FriendStream’s Peep [twitter] for HTC does not work? When I bought my HTC Sensation Z710e almost a year ago HTC Peep worked and after some updates (don’t know exactly what updates) it stopped working. Any solution? Plurk on FriendStream and Twitter for Android work well though. Facebook and LinkedIn are blocked by our provider but they also used to work with FriendStream’s FB for HTC and LinkedIn for HTC regardless they are blocked. I tried to clear app data, reinstall app, yet no positive results. Shall appreciate if i get a proper help. 

  • Viyat Bhalodia

    Why don’t HTC have a version of their HTC sync for Ubuntu and I think their sync software is too much memory intensive ??

  • Boney Kay

    I love my new HTC One X but the battery life is the worst I have ever come across!!! The beautiful screen and the quad core processor are sorely disadvantaged by the low capacity battery.

    HTC, Please do not take a step backward with your next phone by saddling it with a wheezing battery and non-inclusion of a micro SD card slot. If Samsung can do it with their SGS III, so can HTC and HTC is by far the better manufacturer any day.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TRIXKOBY Frank Kwabena Appeahkorang Jr.

    My Desire HD battery runs out too often. I love my phone so much but the battery running out so often worries me a lot, what can i do

  • Ekow MacEyeson

    Just come back to HTC’s but am dying to get back onto Samsung… cant stand these locked bootloader’s… no lte HTC will ever do right by me

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002350568306 Hiang Hong Seah

    You want me to share my experience with my HTC phone?  Well, how I wish I could.  Fact of the matter is one month after I bought your so-called top of the line come back phone, I’m still waiting for one that works.

    I bought my One X on 10 June.  It turned out to be defective – the auto rotate function did not work.  I was given a one-for-one exchange on 22 June.  The replacement set died within a couple of days –  it could not take calls or send/receive messages.  Now, more than one week after sending back the set, I’ve yet to hear from HTC.  When contacted, your staff told me that the request for one-for-one exchange is pending management approval???

    Come on, HTC.  Is that how you treat your customers?  I’m a repeat customer (first set was HTC Desire Z) and I’m extremely annoyed.  I would have thought that the logical thing to do is to get the second faulty set replaced with no delay – because it is so embarrassing and reflects badly on your quality control that you want to get the issue resolved immediately.  Sadly, you have decided to drag your feet.   Such a disappointment.

  • Ahmed Abdurahmanov

    Did anyone get any feedback/response from HTC after posting your comments etc? I posted mine several times now and got no feedback. If HTC does not react on our posts, what are we doing here? Why are we posting our issues here? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/kabrarajat Rajat Kabra

    I bought a sensation XE in 20th Nov 2011…Its hardly 6 months and my phone is giving me a lot of problems…Initially after 3 months it was just the excessive overheating of the phone along with it getting restarted automatically…Now its touch has gone crazy and has eventually stopped responding ..I mean this is ridiculous…its been just 6 months, I have tried everything the customer care guy told me to do right from restarting it to restoring the factory settings (due to which i have now lost all of my valuable data).

    I am really disappointed with this phone quality and i definitely did not expect this from a reliable brand like HTC.. please help me out…my phone is still in warranty…

    Looking at its current state,even if i get it repaired from an authorized service center is there a guarantee that it wont trouble me again???And once the warranty lapses even you wont entertain me and eventually paying Rs.33000/- for the handset, using it for only a year… I will have to shell out more money to get it repaired again and again..

    Now the real question is, whether the handset is really worth the money I spent??
    I would appreciate if my handset is replaced…

    • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools

       Got a desire hd never a prob phone works better now than when i bourght it……

  • http://www.facebook.com/kabrarajat Rajat Kabra

    After HTC’s telephone support and email support were of no
    help to me I had given my phone(Sensation XE) for repair on the 22 June 2012 ;
    and I am still waiting for my phone to be returned.

    Last week when I contacted the repair center I was assured
    that my phone will be returned on the 9th of June which was Monday and this was
    later confirmed by a call from HTC. But then Monday when I called up the repair
    center they acted as if they have no clue about it and that the it will take
    another week. Its 19 days now which is beyond incompetence for a big brand like

    19 days (and still counting) is just unacceptable.So
    apparently HTC does not want the customers to stay loyal.

    In today’s market which is all about customer satisfaction I
    simply fail to understand this attitude of HTC.

    Truly Disappointing!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=533735513 Sushil Ghodke

    i got my HTC Sensation updated to ICS this morning on July 11th. The phone lags and restarts when ever i press home button thou the memory isnt full. can anyone tell whats the problem? Gingerbread was much faster and smoother. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=533735513 Sushil Ghodke

    and ya i’m in india… HTC officially launched the ICS updated this week…

  • ghadi bou jaoude

    hi i have an htc desire hd ,when i use my phone for 10 min i feel the heat  on my screen where there is the menu bar and back bar is it dangerous?? or normal plz reply thx htc ur the best

    • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=702504398 Chris Gray

    Good phone,but after only 3 weeks,the camera lens is scratched,its not set far enough back,so soon my pics will becoming blurry,bit of bad design me thinks.Ps i look after my phone and only ever put it on a soft surface.Dont no what htc are going to do about it in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=702504398 Chris Gray

    Good phone,but after only 3 weeks,the camera lens is scratched,its not set far enough back,so soon my pics will becoming blurry,bit of bad design me thinks.Ps i look after my phone and only ever put it on a soft surface.Dont no what htc are going to do about it in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hariratan Hari Ratan

    Just now I am pissed off with the HTC ONE V phone – I just exchanged one phone this afternoon after 3 days of usage, the phone would not recognise the SIM card nor the SD Card and now the phone I got in exchange has a yellow spot in the bottom left of the display, seems to be a common problem with HTC ONE phones on reading similar complaints in many android forums.

    • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools


  • kmcelhannon

    Angry that my phone is not on the list for ICS I own an inspire 4G

  • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools

     careless….HTC fault

  • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002350568306 Hiang Hong Seah

    This is getting ridiculous and beyond comprehension. 

    It is now more than one month after I bought your One X and I still don’t have one that works!!!!!!  I’ve been given two defective sets so far -.well done for that perfect score.
    I’ve been promised a new set will be delivered to me today.  Nothing happened.  I called your customer service support at 5pm and I was told to be patient as delivery will only end at 9pm.  Well, it’s 9pm now and I’m still waiting.

    So, HTC, when am I going to get my phone? Don’t ask me to show more patience – I’ve shown loads of that.  Now is the time for you to take responsibility and deliver the product for which you have been paid.  And stop those empty promises!!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QDVRGVMV76GJVAJ4OKAAX4A5FE Arun

    hey this is  arunmeeran i just bought a htc explorer the phone is really good and i love the camera quality only draw back i feel is the phones internal memory is low , as impressed with htc am going to buy a higher version oh htc smart phones!!!


    Hi I am Sunil Rathore, I had taken HTC One V and after 7 days mobile was not able to detect any SIM card hence hopitalize in service center for 10 days and HTC has given me in written that they will provide me new phone however customer can not contact to HTC team only u can call customer care and they are always unable to connect you with HTC. Customer care team is not able to do any thing in this regard moral i did not get my phone back and new one is so far like dream.
    Request to thing hundred times before go to HTC.

    • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools

      I,m Gutted for you…..but stick in there or you`ll end up with a phone you don,t really want……HTC Rocks    Full Stop…..Chill Relax ………it,s gonna happen for ya…..


    Hi I am Sunil Rathore, I had taken HTC One V and after 7 days mobile was not able to detect any SIM card hence hopitalize in service center for 10 days and HTC has given me in written that they will provide me new phone however customer can not contact to HTC team only u can call customer care and they are always unable to connect you with HTC. Customer care team is not able to do any thing in this regard moral i did not get my phone back and new one is so far like dream.
    Request to think hundred times before go to HTC.


    Hi I am Sunil Rathore, I had taken HTC One V and after 7 days mobile was not able to detect any SIM card hence hopitalize in service center for 10 days and HTC has given me in written that they will provide me new phone however customer can not contact to HTC team only u can call customer care and they are always unable to connect you with HTC. Customer care team is not able to do any thing in this regard moral i did not get my phone back and new one is so far like dream.
    Request to think hundred times before go to HTC.


    Hi I am Sunil Rathore, I had taken HTC One V and after 7 days mobile was not able to detect any SIM card hence hopitalize in service center for 10 days and HTC has given me in written that they will provide me new phone however customer can not contact to HTC team only u can call customer care and they are always unable to connect you with HTC. Customer care team is not able to do any thing in this regard moral i did not get my phone back and new one is so far like dream.
    Request to think hundred times before go to HTC.


    I am highly disappointed with HTC and do not even think about HTC. 


    Meaningless commitment Of HTC with Customer. Do not trust even on written commitment of HTC.


    Peoples are not ready to take my HTC One V in free , they said u r giving it in free but who will pay to service centre every third day.


    Now I will go to Consumer court and lodge a case against HTC.

    • pruikki mana

      tell me how it turned out please! wanna know

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IIWFQOO7CIV6WA67SUZO7JOB5A Thomas

    Wow!, I loved the HTC One S, but today my phone is stuck on the white Quielty Brilliant screen!  It looks like the only alternative is to do a factory reset. Does that upset me after setting the phone up and getting it the way I wanted. I didn’t have this problem with my iphone, though this is a better phone.  At least I hope so

    Truly Fustrated

  • JaVaDaVe42o

    HTC Thunderbolt SUCKS. Thanks HTC for LOCKING Wi-Fi hotspot. I’ll never get another HTC phone.

  • JaVaDaVe42o

    Thanks for the HOTSPOT LOCK HTC. Now I have just another piece of junk antiquated phone that can’t hotspot without paying the ridiculous, seriously ridiculous, prices Verizon charges for their hotspot service. Now I just have a junk phone paying way too much for normal service.
    THANKS HTC! I’ll never get another HTC phone as long as I live.

    • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools

      I heard this as well, if true i don,t get it…..WHY would you do tha,t is there some explaination for this from  HTC ….

    • acqua206

      foxfi, free hotspot, no root required. 

  • http://femgeekz.blogspot.in/ Swathi

    ICS update on HTC Sensation XE is very slow 🙁

    • James Riggio

      Does your consistently power off as well?

      • http://femgeekz.blogspot.in/ Swathi

        +1 ! Yeah! With Google Maps it does :'( So slow … too :'(

    • Howard Matthews

      I agree,email HTC about it directly, I have the same problem, they need to sort it out but wont listen! Everyone needs to email them directly so they see that is not just a one off problem

      • http://femgeekz.blogspot.in/ Swathi

        +1 🙂

    • Will O

      the battery is a problem , it overheats till 44°C 🙁 

      • http://femgeekz.blogspot.in/ Swathi

        Yes! True…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002713865381 Toby French

    Ah, what’s happening to my Sensation?! First, Android updates EVERY time I switch it on, then it freezes randomly (goes back to the start screen and reloads) and now won’t accept my SIM. Since that has happened many apps are freezing or not working at all. I can’t even use Skype to call anyone! Is this something other people find?

    • Howard Matthews

      HTC released a small software update the other day, the android upgrading thing has gone! If you email HTC direct the first thing they will tell you to do is a factory reset

  • http://www.facebook.com/sharadh.srivastava Sharadh Srivastava

    Does HTC market any CDMA+Android phone in India?Whatever happened to the proposed HTC Desire VC launch for India?The HTC EVO 3D also comes to India only as a GSM handset!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4JL2275655T3WLSNLTC7UL3JNU ahmet m

    I want to have  HTC Connect  support at HTC EVO 3D.. I hope HTC Corp. do not forget its users except than HTC One series users…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002350568306 Hiang Hong Seah

    An update on my previous post, reproduced in full below.
    I called your customer service hotline today.  Despite given the re-assurance, I was not given a return call to explain why my phone was not delivered as promised, and when I can expect my elusive phone to turn up.
    Throughout the whole episode, HTC has not demonstrated the willingness to resolve the issue.  Promises were repeatedly made but never kept.  You promised to deliver a phone to me last Friday.  It failed to materialise.  Your customer service agent promised to get her manager to call me.  Not surprisingly, this promise was not fulfilled.
    My simple question is for how much longer do I have to wait for my phone??I’ve already paid you for the product.  Is it unreasonable to expect you to deliver a product to me that works?  It’s been five weeks and I’m still counting….

    This is getting ridiculous and beyond comprehension. 
    It is now more than one month after I bought your One X and I still don’t have one that works!!!!!!  I’ve been given two defective sets so far -.well done for that perfect score. I’ve been promised a new set will be delivered to me today.  Nothing happened.  I called your customer service support at 5pm and I was told to be patient as delivery will only end at 9pm.  Well, it’s 9pm now and I’m still waiting.
    So, HTC, when am I going to get my phone? Don’t ask me to show more patience – I’ve shown loads of that.  Now is the time for you to take responsibility and deliver the product for which you have been paid.  And stop those empty promises!!!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools

      i personally have never had any probs with HTC in 3 years …..sorry your having such a hard time…

  • James Riggio

    The upgrade to ICS was the worst decision I have ever made. So far it’s caused me nothing but problems. Phone will not stay powered on. Apps don’t work. And recently with all the problems with the phone shutting off it deleted all my text messages from the past year of having the phone.

    • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools


    • jayblor

      Sorry for you and for being a sadist but I am DHD owner got cheated by HTC, I sincerely hope this to happen for all HTC ICS users and for all the HTC owners to reverse back to Android 2.3.5 that is what the latest firmware I get from HTC for my 1.5 year old phone.

  • Jetro Jeune

    I need some helps with my phone HTC Sense…It drops calls constantly,, no signal, often runs on 2g instead of 4g, can’t access facebook. terrible experience….help please!


  • Simeon Drakich

    Updated my Rouge, now it is a mess :lost contacts, accounts no longer synched, constantly having to remove battery to reboot the phone to get my English keyboard, screen freezes, etc………what a disaster

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.alkalaey David Alkalaey

    htc one x problem call Signal drops, should come back but doesnt restart cure this also the folder limit to 15 item

  • Aditya Kulkarni

    i’m unable to download apps from google play through internet pass-through on my htc.. it says waiting for network and never starts downloading,i can browse and download other things,even browse play, but cant download .. plz help!

  • Ekele Fred

    I am using an HTC sensation XE with ice cream sandwich update and yet it seems to be very slow at all times when I try uploading applications. what could be the cause?

  • Austin26

    My with has the Desire S, son the Desire and I had the Sensation…

    Sensation was awesome
    Desire is nice, but drops WiFi if the signal is 140Mbps +
    my Sons Desire alway has low mwmory problems / warnings

  • Howard Matthews

    The ICS update with sense 3.6 is getting very laggy and slow, sense crashes when leaving the browser, the messaging app saves a draft of my message even when it has sent. The last OTA software update 3.33.401.106 released just the other day hasn’t helped. There seems to be even less RAM available now. 

  • cooldoc

    please increase frame rate per second to 30fps while recording videos on htc one x…………please….please ……..

  • cooldoc

    please increase frame rate per second while recording videos in htc one x,at least 30fps………….please please please…..is annoying to have bad video recording in a superb phone…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000847806194 Lior Abel

    I’ve got the HTC Sensation 4G with the 4.0.3 Android and Sense 3.6.
    The phone is really great, I’m having fun with it since I bought it (few months ago).
    But the most disappointing thing is that the device is getting hot very fast.
    Except this, I’ll really be happy to see the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update available for HTC Sensation and HTC Sensation 4G soon.

    • Shriram Raj

      Faceing same problem

  • Shriram Raj

    i have sensation after ICS update it become slow and after running one application when i go to home screen it show white screen and HTC and then loading for some time plz fix it as soon as possible, hope sensation will get JB update

  • Joe Collins

    Ice Cream Sandwich is good, but no voice dialing
    very much missing this app, hard to make calls in car

    • Howard Matthews

      go to play store and download Vlingo

  • Howard Matthews

    You can’t be happy that they have cancelled the ICS update for it though!

  • Howard Matthews

    disable fast boot from the settings>power menu

  • Howard Matthews

    turn off fast boot

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1011223311 Tony Zerafa

    Got a One S. Great Phone! However, I seem to be having some issues syncing my Outlook Calendar. It syncs everything else from Outlook (Contacts/Emails/Folders) when I’m on the move, but my calendar only syncs when I plug in. The little icon just keeps turning and it never seems to sync. Does anyone have a similar issue?

    • uAnthony John Benbow

      I have a similar problem. My One S will not sync with Outlook 2010 and HTC “help” staff say it’s because I’m running Vista SP2 on my PC.  Seems their “htc sync” won’t work with Android 4, and the new “Sync Manager” won’t work with Vista SP2.  What a useless lot – Samsung here I come!

  • http://twitter.com/k8vin Kevin Hyde

    ill tell you what i think, HTC needs to seriously look at its repair and support centers, they are costing you customers…… here is my story



    Thank you for your quote to repair my phone on ref 12GBC270003960, I refuse the
    quote based on the following facts. The quote clearly states that the
    fault/damage is not covered under warranty however your quote contradicts this
    statement given the faults I reported to you, I returned my phone with the
    issue of a very hot device possibly battery, a rear casing that had disfigured
    (bulged, only slightly due to heat) and the resulting cracked screen. I now
    have some questions that I need confirmed to me as I am taking this matter very
    seriously and feel that some legal issues exist namely you may have breached
    your contract with me under the terms and conditions of the warranty.  Q1) if this results in accidental damage why
    are you requesting a replacement battery, when its only a cracked screen (phone
    works fine with the exception of the heat issue) according to your report no
    other fault exist Q2)Screen shots show battery temp around the 60 degree and
    clearly shows OVERHEAT so why is this not warranty (warranty as in it results
    in higher temps and screen cracks disfigured rear casing)  Q3) you can see clearly from the screen shots
    sent in that the phone is working perfectly well(with the exception of the heat
    issue) so why does the LCD need changing, Q4) again as you can see from the
    screen shots that I was able to type on the screen so why does the digitiser
    need replacing??.. All this quote does is prove that it is faulty yet you
    refuse to cover under warranty, this I don’t understand. I would like you to
    confirm to me as the burden of proof is upon yourselves during the first 6
    months how I have damaged this phone, their are NO marks on the phone casings
    (only the heat marks) and no marks on the screen to suggest any damage has
    occurred due to operator or general usage, this I am 100% certain of because I
    know I have not had any incidents with the phone., if as you maybe and I do say
    maybe suggesting I damaged the screen myself why are you not just quoting for a
    replacement screen ???, I hope you can see my issue here and request that the
    phone be replaced, not repaired due to the overheat issue as I am both
    concerned the phone may be a safety issue and possibly explode and with the
    quote for things that did not need replacing the phone may never have been
    inspected for safety issues.  I will give
    you 14 days to reply to this official request. I do hope we can resolve this
    issue amicably without the need for further action and inconvenience to us
    both. If you need any further photos of the phone please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1533395125 Cristian Susaña

    Please HTC don’t push us to buy OneX stopping ICS for DHD, don’t be evil….

  • http://www.facebook.com/radoslav.ivanov.9822 Radoslav Ivanov

    i think htc make me feel like stupid! More then 5 years with htc phones and this is the end. NEVER EVER HTC! Happy DHD owner and future EXOWNER!

  • Craig Antos

    ICS for the Desire HD. There are ports running Sense 4.0a that run more or less fine. Seems kinda of a lame cop out – hell just release the source for the devs at XDA, they’ll fix what you can’t.

  • kahn-

    I have Desire HD. I feel worry. I won’t buy HTC branded phone any more…

  • http://www.facebook.com/fess.dos Дмитрий Щассстье

    I have DHD. And I’m pissed off by your attitude to DHD users.

  • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Walkthrough on Nexus 7!

  • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Walkthrough on Google Nexus 7

  • http://twitter.com/doctorlirio Doctor Lirio

    HTC Flyer here. The best 7″ tablet ever, even today. No Samsung, no Nexus 7, no NOTHING. Features and manufacturing QUALITY outstanding, it simply has no rival.
    BUT the Flyer does not have the proper OS to show what is capable of. Gingerbread is for phones, Honeycomb is a mess on this device and takes away functions customers paid for, like the hardware keys. And HTC is denying the Flyer the update to ICS that would make this device owners all happy. 

    Flyer was released to market MAY 2011. ICS was presented OCTOBER 2011. Not even 6 months of updates support. Great.

    Now HTC is developing a new tablet… good luck trying to sell it to any of your current tablet users, you’ll be more successful selling ICE to people at the North Pole.

    No more HTC devices here for sure.

    • Silver Back


  • jayblor

    My phone: HTC Desire HD Running latest android version 2.3.5 in India in July 2012 (from past 1 Year and 7 months, plan to move to Samsung in few weeks)
    My thoughts: HTC cheated me. Planning to spread awareness about HTC in all social media platforms. With this comment I am also going to remove HTC from my facebook.

  • Jörg Heinle

     At least leave us the Android 4 source files for DesireHD on HTCdev…
    Unbelieveable… feeling cheated for more than 6 months they promised ICS for DHD………………..

  • technozid

     My desire HD is exactly one year old. i bought 1 week before the
    sensation was released for 599 Euros. I was waiting for 4 Months to get
    the ICS update promised by HTC Blog. Its very poor to get no update and
    getting fixed the unsolved issues, like Speaker turned on every time i
    do a call, like the poor gps fix times more than 1 hour and speaker
    quality like a condensor microphone recorded Vinyl.

    I ever loved HTC Products and had 3 of them,but in that case my next Smartphone will be a Galaxy.

    You should really take more care about your customers!

    • Marek Baloun

      Exactly, my Sensation XE is 6 months old and still, when I try to find ICS update, my phone says I have the latest version of Android. Oh, and one notice, Sensation and Sensation XE were got ICS as first! HTC promised this on 03/29/2012! Wake up HTC, something is wrong with your systems, I am from Europe (from Czech Republic) and I still have Android 2.3.4 this is not okay!

      • http://www.facebook.com/mryzia Agnieszka Żmijewska

        I have HTC Desire Z (android 2.3.3) and the same problem with find ICS update,????

  • beta tester


    As an old longtime genuine customer of HTC i feel irritated
    & would like to really know the answers to the following points  :-

    1) Why is there a service contact centre setup when they dont know anything.

    2) Why is the customer never told about the things that are included in the update.
    Why does the customer service centre never know any realities &
    like to lie about many things including that the latest htc indian
    language update patch was not released by HTC but by Google & only
    google releases all the patches for the phone & let it be any
    software that is installed on the phone it doesnt matter who is the

    4) Why isnt there an escalation matrix.
    5) Why isnt there a clear policy for disclosure of security vulnerabilities in the software
    6) Why isnt there a clear policy for filing of bugs.

  • stawol64

    I think to cancel the ICS-Update for the Desire HD is a great effrontery from HTC.
    I hope with this change HTC will lost so many customers that HTC’s end is near, good bye HTC :-/

    • Chris

      Do ANY of you not understand that your “precious” phone only came with a few gigs available on storage? They couldn’t give you ICS, because it would have taken up ALL of your phone’s internal storage. They can’t push the update to your SD Card, a lot of people don’t have those. You shouldn’t all get mad at HTC and hate them for that.

      • lynnette lynn

        Really I have a 32 gig sd card.trust me a ics update is not that large!

        • Chris

          Haha no! It’s the internal storage. They can only push the update to your internal (I think it’s 4 GB total internal?)

          So no matter how big your SD card is, they can’t give you the update to your SD card.

  • NK94

    Dear HTC,

    When I got my sensation I was told by the guy in my carrier’s shop that it was the top of the line android phone. The galaxy was exactly the same price on the same plan but I chose HTC because I preferred the feel of it and I still believe that samsung use cheap plastic sh** for the backs of their phones- including the galaxy nexus. 

    September/October 2011
    I was very happy with my sensation despite the various problems that I am reminded constantly by my friends saying I got a “lemon”  and I contradicted them by saying that it was until the XL came out the top of the line android phone. 

    Jump ahead to 30 June 2012

    Just upgraded to ICS- looks great, love the facial recognition unlock idea but It Doesn’t WORK!!!…. anyway not a big deal my computer one doesn’t work either but everything is fine.

    3 weeks later…. 

    UN HAPPY…..

    Every time I open the camera the phone turns off. Every time I go on facebook the phone turns off. I tried to answer a call today and IT TURNED OFF!!!!

    It just turns off in my pocket with out me doing anything AND by making it reboot uses a whole stack of power causing the battery life to go down.

    Now I am still under contract and htc has a one year warranty and I have emailed support and hopefully they will respond. If not I will  buy Galaxy nexus for $500. When I got my phone on a 2 year contract so therefore it should f***ing remain usable for 2 years!!!!. 

    The other problem and someone else has posted about this is the phone gets REALLY hot.

    I hope in android 4.1 these problems are fixed. I will also look into the one XL but it better be good 

    • paulf78

       I have the same problem with random turn offs.  I removed an app called TasKiller which seemed to resolve the problem.  The recent OTA update 3.32.401.5 to 3.33.401.6 left my phone lagging and slow.  HTC advised me to clear the cache partition.  Doing this brought back the random turn off problem – where the screen just goes blank.  It can happen while in use, or when it is sleeping seemingly at random.  It absolutely sucks for a £500 handset to do this.  HTC quality is non-existent.  It’s my last HTC phone.

  • Yong Jun Lim

    My HTC Wildfire S is GREAT, EXCEPT for SOME REASONS.
    Firstly, the STORAGE is way TOO SMALL.150MB is very small. The internal STORAGE should be 8GB. So the HTC Sense, preinstalled apps would take up about 3GB, there would STILL BE 6GB for the user’s installed apps. 
    Secondly, the BATTERY LIFE is too SHORT. I use 3G for the whole day, and it DIED before I got BACK HOME.For phones such as the HTC Wildfire S, try putting a 1450mah Battery.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1623963618 Mark Pointon

    I Love my HTC One X – I HATE My carrier (TelecomNZ) For taking FOR-EVER to “test” software updates – we’re still stuck on 1.26!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AONSNI5U4MSQOGLHILJTTCLIHU Haoying

    Faith, fancy garbage because its own system,Replacing the phone will only consider Google、apple、Samsung

  • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

    My phone (Desire HD) is great! ..but I want ICS for it and waiting to revise your bad move on cancelling the update on our phones

  • Vietor Liu

    quickly ics update for every one. quickly, quickly, quickly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/emeritom Emerito Montilla

    My phone is a HTC vivid 4g, i like this stuff. from Dom. Rep.

  • paulf78

    I’ve owned a HTC Sensation (z710e) for 13 months now.  I bought it just after launch in the UK SIM free for £500.  For 9 of those 13 months it has turned itself off at random on a regular basis.  No graceful shutdown – the screen just goes blank.  It can happen while being used, or on standby in my pocket.  I’ve had it happen 20 times in a day at peak.  Charging from USB or Mains makes no difference.  The shutdowns usually result in big gaps in the battery usage graph.

    Total support effort from HTC was “Do a factory reset” – even when sent screen grabs of the battery usage graph going up and down with each random turn off.  No effort to debug and figure out the cause.  They just couldn’t care less that a £500 flagship (at launch) handset doesn’t work right.
    I am not prepared to do a factory reset unless HTC can 100% guarantee:
    1. It will resolve the problem completely
    2. The problem will not reoccur
    They cannot because they do not know what the problem is, and if they do not know what the problem is they should be attempting to diagnose that problem not giving out data destructive solutions like “Factory Reset” in the hope that it may make the problem go away.I’ve found information from others online, and in this thread, that have had the same problem with Sensation and its variants. Some of those have also reported that a factory reset doesn’t resolve the problem.
    This is my second and last HTC handset.  Your attention to quality control and debug is utterly lamentable, and your attitude to your often loyal customers is completely disgusting.  That’s not to mention your attitude to supporting older handsets.  At least one major smart phone provider updates its smart phone OS every 2-4 weeks with fixes and is still supporting a handset that is over 3 years old.  My HTC Hero hasn’t seen an update for years!  It was an achievement enough to get the update from 1.5 to 2.1, after 9 months of promises from HTC.  And now they cancel the DHD update to 4.0 ICS.

    HTC you should be ashamed of yourselves.  You do not deserve to be in business.

    • http://www.darrenkrape.com/ Darren Krape

      Hi Paul,

      Sorry to hear about your difficulty. Could you provide the ticket number that customer support provided you when you discussed your problem?

      • paulf78

        Thank you for replying.  I would be happy to provide you with details of the appropriate tickets.  Is there a way I can send these to you privately rather than publicly through this forum?

  • Drake Connelly

    I have an HTC Vivid, and it is by far the best phone I have ever used. The screen is great, I love the design that some have called the “Pontiac Aztek of Phones,” it is very zippy and the camera is great. Even though I have a 2 year contract, I feel like this phone will last me for at least 4 years. I am on Android 4.0 and I hope I get upgraded to 4.1. Thanks for making such a great phone, HTC!

  • Carlos Santos

    I used to love my HTC Desire HD, full of the good stuff in any way, good RAM, smooth.
    I even got happier, 2 months ago when I saw is this blog the announcing for ICS upgrade to this lovely device.
    Only to find out today, the most disapointing truth….
    HTC lied with all their teeths, and DHD won’t get ICS upgrade after all.

    What I think about my phone? I think DHD is worth a shot on ICS. I think the consumers that bought this device, recently like me, fill totally ripped off.
    I even think we deserve more respect, not LIES!

    Bye HTC, good luck on your future.

  • beznuts

    Hi, I’m on my second sensation. My first one had power problems like many on here have stated. Luckily I noticed it in the first week of having it and my carrie took care of me. This is my first android devise but second smart phone. It has alot of unsmooth irregularties. Like for some reason it lags when typing in this box. Second it doesn’t like to be shaken. I am a runner and lifter. And this phone will freeze up with the music playing and moving a lot. I’m not saying it happens every time but when it does its a bi$%+. My iPhone never did that

    This product isn’t intuitive at all. Apple has taught us international smart phone buyers that a $500 dollar phone is supposed to be exceratad, to know what is going on and be smart for us. You guys don’t even do updates to fix the problamatic equipment you ineffeciantly produce.

    And after reading everyone else post on this wall of “why we love our HTC” I’m just not seeing the love and will go back to apple when the time comes. I have hunch that says you guys will be out of business without a revamp in ten years.

  • beznuts

    HTC should really try quality over quanity. As soon as I bought my phone you guys released something new and improved. I have had my phone six months now and I can’t even begin to tell how many phones have been released. And yet your products are sub par. I have owned a new phone every year for the past 15 years and can easily say you are making as $hitty products as LG.

  • Tim Jahn

    I used to love my HTC Desire HD, full of the good stuff in any way, good RAM, smooth.I even got happier, 2 months ago when I saw is this blog the announcing for ICS upgrade to this lovely device.Only to find out today, the most disapointing truth….HTC lied with all their teeths, and DHD won’t get ICS upgrade after all.
    What I think about my phone? I think DHD is worth a shot on ICS. I think the consumers that bought this device, recently like me, fill totally ripped off.I even think we deserve more respect, not LIES!
    Bye HTC, good luck on your future.

  • Saurabh Tripathi

    All i need is a Jelly Bean If anyone can help me in updating my phone to jelly bean.. i’m using HTC ONE X

  • http://www.facebook.com/martin.borisov.391 Martin Borisov

    My phone: Desire HD .. yeah the one that won’t get the ICS upgrade.

    My thoughts: Has a good camera … has a good display … and that’s it.

    Tell you what I think: I didn’t even believe at first that a 2 yo phone will get an upgrade to ISC 4.0, but you seemed pretty sure about it … figures I was right. All my friends told me NOT to get an HTC, and why didn’t I listen … My next phone WON’T BE an HTC !

  • Damon Hickman

    I liked my HTC Thunderbolt when I first got it, but as time went on, it became frustrating to know that it took a long time to fix problems with the firmware, and it’s frustrating to know that I still don’t have ICS, which isn’t even the latest rev of the OS. I’m about to be 3 revs behind. I also do not like the fact that with a decent amount of use, the battery is dead by lunchtime. My experience swayed me to get a Samsung for my wife, instead of the One X, which would have been my first choice. I’d like to see HTC continue to compete well with Samsung, but step up their CS dept and HTC Sense updates. 
    Edit: I didn’t have comment 666. Maybe that’s a good sign. 😉

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3N435MXQYNPUCQFEDHVW77HS3I George

    well, Mr Krape (is that spelled like crap?)
    cause your company’s support and “like-meter” sure sound like they are… crap…

    it’s a pity, being a global community manager and obviously not letting all the other company members know what is going on in here.

    After seeing all this “Desire HD=No update”  “Desire S=Yes update” situation, i am sure that i will NOT buy an HTC phone again nor advise any people i know to do so. I am NOT considering an HTC phone for any of my next upgrades only because you don’t seem like you are a serious company. 

    Treating customers like they’re ignorant and idiots by telling them that ”
     After extensive testing, we’ve determined that the current version of HTC Sense with Android provides customers with the best experience on the HTC Desire HD. When we consider new versions of software, we weigh a number of factors, but ultimately the customer experience on the product is the deciding factor. We apologize for any confusion this change may have caused our customers. ” while Desire S, (which has the same cpu and less memory making it inferior to the Desire HD) does get an ICS update, makes me feel like you are telling me “I, HTC, am calling you stupid, in your face, expect you to accept it and do come to me again to give you the possibility to call you again stupid in your face and expect you to accept it once more”.

    Well, i know i’m not stupid and i don’t like people calling me such a thing.

    I was really happy when i purchased my Desire HD a year ago and liked showing it off to friends and colleagues, but now i’m really disappointed by your policy and lies.

    Maybe it’s a marketing trick (bad publicity is still publicity, which is good) but it’s unethical, unnecessary and it makes people angry. And you should start (even now) pay attention to “the people” because they DO have the power to take you up or down.

    I will give my Desire HD away and never “come back” since, being honest and ethical is a way for a company to earn my trust. And you surely lost it.

    Happy “downfalling”, HTC. You surely act like you’re craving for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/metin.dogukan2 Metin Dogukan

    I used to love my HTC Desire HD, full of the good stuff in any way, good RAM, smooth.I even got happier, 2 months ago when I saw is this blog the announcing for ICS upgrade to this lovely device.Only to find out today, the most disapointing truth….HTC lied with all their teeths, and DHD won’t get ICS upgrade after all.
    What I think about my phone? I think DHD is worth a shot on ICS. I think the consumers that bought this device, recently like me, fill totally ripped off.I even think we deserve more respect, not LIES!
    Bye HTC, good luck on your future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/metin.dogukan2 Metin Dogukan

    I used to love my HTC Desire HD, full of the good stuff in any way, good RAM, smooth.I even got happier, 2 months ago when I saw is this blog the announcing for ICS upgrade to this lovely device.Only to find out today, the most disapointing truth….HTC lied with all their teeths, and DHD won’t get ICS upgrade after all.
    What I think about my phone? I think DHD is worth a shot on ICS. I think the consumers that bought this device, recently like me, fill totally ripped off.I even think we deserve more respect, not LIES!
    Bye HTC, good luck on your future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/suresh.kandukuri.75 Suresh Kandukuri

    Dear Sir,

    Country India  Imei no : 351816050176506 Model : t-320 HTC ONE V case number : 12INC300006718 Its more than a month sice the mobile was picked up. no answer on when it will be returned and very very lousy Call center response. Mobile was Purchased in april and crashed in June. My mobile number +919663332351. / Defective mobile number +919901958921. Please help. Not at all happy with call center response.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001352204182 Constanze Schmitz

    Ich habe mir ein Desire HD gekauft, weil ein Update auf 4.0 erfolgen sollte. Der Kundenservice von HTC bestätigte mir das auch. Jetzt gibt es kein Update?? 
    Das war mein erstes und letztes Handy von HTC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shaun.hollingworth Shaun Hollingworth

    Done with (H)i (T)ech (C)onmen…  The fact you won’t update the ICS or Jelly Bean software on HTC Desire HD when you intend to on other models with the SAME hardware soecs is diabolical. You think your customers are STUPID it seems ? Perhaps a Desire HD is too old to be a concern commercially for you, and you want people to buy new phones ? Not from you I won’t Not after this. I’ve bought a Galaxy s3 and will be throwing the Desire HD in the bin where it belongs. Perhaps I’ll even go back to Apple one day. At least their after care is much better than yours.

    PS: Unlike that other Desire HTC, I don’t wish you good luck. I hope you get what you deserve. Bankruptcy and a spell on the unemployment register where you can thing about the mistakes you’ve made with your customers.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OTXBLIF4NDNGNZPZAESLIPJMBI reza

    don’t be liar please .please.pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    .please  ..just update htc desire hd …pleaseeeee…you can do it

  • http://www.facebook.com/radoslav.ivanov.9822 Radoslav Ivanov

    i think that many of us learn a lesson: GOOD BYE HTC!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/martin.borisov.391 Martin Borisov

    Guys go to “Smartphones” and click on All Smartphones. Try finding Desire HD 😀

  • Silver Back

    HTC Flyer here. The best 7″ tablet ever, even today. No Samsung, no Nexus 7, no NOTHING. Features and manufacturing QUALITY outstanding, it simply has no rival. BUT the Flyer does not have the proper OS to show what is capable of. Gingerbread is for phones, Honeycomb is a mess on this device and takes away functions customers paid for, like the hardware keys. And HTC is denying the Flyer the update to ICS that would make this device owners all happy. 
    Flyer was released to market MAY 2011. ICS was presented OCTOBER 2011. Not even 6 months of updates support. Great.
    Now HTC is developing a new tablet… good luck trying to sell it to any of your current tablet users, you’ll be more successful selling ICE to people at the North Pole.
    No more HTC devices here for sure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jignesh-Shah/823509373 Jignesh Shah

    My Life’s Worst ever decision i made was by choosing and buying HTC ONE X.  This company has no ethics. It sells substantially poor stuff with a big bang. There are no service center who can repair  the phone. Help ourselves by banning and refraining from buying crap products from HTC.  It’s simple. Its waste of time, hard earned money and blood.

  • Nikhil Verma

    very poor servicing! i took me a 1 MONTH to repair HTC SENSATION. Still haven’t received it. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jignesh-Shah/823509373 Jignesh Shah

    Hopeless Torture Classless = HTC

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jignesh-Shah/823509373 Jignesh Shah

    they say that they want to hear from us  and when we share, they delete. How Hippocratic

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlos.e.lopez2 Carlos Eduardo López

    Hi guys, I´ve got a brand new HTC inspire 4G, and I´ve been charging the batery for almost 24 hours and still blink the orange led, it suppouse the show a green led when it´s fully charged, so it is normal or what? Please need some help…

    • pruikki mana

      it full allreadt, it just a bug. get battery indicator app

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlos.e.lopez2 Carlos Eduardo López

    Hi guys, I´ve got a brand new HTC inspire 4G, and I´ve been charging the batery for almost 24 hours and still blink the orange led, it suppouse the show a green led when it´s fully charged, so it is normal or what? Please need some help…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacqdongen Jacqueline Ineke van Dongen

    I have a HTC EXPLORER, but did you not put a flash in the camera in it. I cant take pictures in the dark.

  • Anoop Ravi

    when will the htc desire s updated ito ICS..announced period was june-july and now its the end of july??? waiting desperatly for the ics update.

  • Giorgos VLXS

    ok i ll tell you what i think mister krape…i believe you are  a lier and a f**kin basta*r*d…go to hell…we want the update for desire HD…  you are a loser community manager and you know it

  • Pedro Morais

    You promised an update to ICS on THC Desire HD. I only bought the phone due to that promiss. You should give my money back and support Real Capitalism on the process. 

    • Giorgos VLXS


      • Rahul Electra


  • nachogazpacho

    ICS is probably the most important version of Android since its inception and you choose to break a holy promise you made to your customers.Any Desire HD owner in their right mind will inevitably choose another brand the next time they buy a handset. So will their friends, family and colleagues. And any other person who happen to stumble across these blog posts. Since you posted your lame excuse last week, every time I happen to pass by a phone store I lay out the facts for the store owners to educate them about your polices.
    I hope you lose customers in the thousands due to this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amccammon2 Aaron McCammon

    Hmmmm i posted here about htc releasing the ICS update for the sensation and how it ruined all the sensation owners phones and how htc wont do anything to fix the phones they destroyed and how they just ignore hundreds of thousands of customers who got a phone that dont function now because htc released a bad ics update and within minutes it was deleted….
    Its called freedom of speech HTC go ahead erase one more of my postings that are only stating the truth and I will make you regret it. I could have “Truth about HTC bad customer service and immoral practices” advertisements up and running all over any and every cellular phone site in a matter of hours Trust me i have the time to cost you millions in lost revenue by letting potential customers know what a pile of crap company htc has become

    • http://twitter.com/mustaavalkosta Niko Hyrynsalmi

      It indeed seems to be that they’re subtly just removing all the negative comments. At least, I can’t 2 of mine anywhere. Of course there’s always a chance that this Disqus thing is flawed but wouldn’t that flaw have appeared quite conveniently when crap hits the fan.

    • http://www.facebook.com/davidcrafthomes David Craft

      This ICS is not what I wanted. If I had known it was going to do what it did. I would have not updated my phone.

  • Δημήτρης Σίμος

    I “was” a big fan of this company (diamond, touch hd, diamond 2, HD2, desire HD) but this is the end. I am so frustrated and disappointed on you guys, I paid for the last device on February 2010, 585 euros and now you are “saying” (with youw decisions) that this phone is crap. No more HTC, you lost one more…

  • Димитър Стайков

    I think HTC should stop being a b*tch and release the DHD’s update

  • http://twitter.com/mustaavalkosta Niko Hyrynsalmi

    I have Desire HD. Great phone hardware-wise (if you forget bad speakers), crappy software and ever crappier update development team. If you want to stay up to date with latest software, choose Nexus. Stay as far away from HTC as possible. Even if they promise you the update, they can and will just cancel it in the last minute.

    And to you Darren Krape, nice escape from Android 4.0 update post. You sir, are an escape artist. Almost none noticed your cunning trick.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3N435MXQYNPUCQFEDHVW77HS3I George

    there IS a good thing though… with all this Desire HD flop, we, the HTC users, will have one company
    less to choose for our next upgrade.

    there, it’s not all bad. there is a plethora of smartphones to choose and we chose HTC for it’s “you ask, we hear” strategy.

    now we DO know that it’s all a huge lie and we can (i will) choose something different.

    even if i don’t like Samsung, i can’t but recognize their will to stick to their commitments as well as provide a user experience that’s really ahead of others.

    Sony looks like it’s going on a better “path” than before.

    oh well, this is a goodbye post to HTC

    see ya (not)

  • YaoHuang

    LOLz. I guess HTC didn’t think before starting this. Seriously? You guys are not reading the ICS blog that you created? You should know the negative impact this have. I for one as everyone are pissed off and “promise” not to buy your phone in the foreseeable future. Unlike your promises, I keep them. My phone my thoughts….My phone is missing ICS….my thoughts are HTC is one POS company. A company that cant keep its promises multiple times. Almost a year since the release of the phone and no ICS as promised. At least you guys helped me out for my next phone. One less company means it narrows my search down. I already recommended family and friends do the same. I love how you guys piss off mostly the people who actually have influence in other’s people’s choice of phone. Thanks again for making me drop your company and narrow down the choices. Dont worry, you will never hear my rants again once I get a new phone.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3N435MXQYNPUCQFEDHVW77HS3I George

    mine was also deleted

    yes, it’s a good thing that HTC screws customers like this. we will have one company less to choose for our next upgrade.

    it’s a pity HTC. i really thought high of your company. but after all this i really AM changing to another company in the next months.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3N435MXQYNPUCQFEDHVW77HS3I George

    again they deleted my post. that was really fast………

    you are not a serious company HTC

    never again will i buy an HTC phone. and i will advice my friends and colleagues to do the same.

    shame on you

  • http://www.facebook.com/radoslav.ivanov.9822 Radoslav Ivanov

    I think HTC become miserable company! Never ever htc phone…

  • http://www.facebook.com/radoslav.ivanov.9822 Radoslav Ivanov

    why you ask what i think, when you delete my posts?

  • Maxime Martin

    We take customer opinions very seriously at HTC”
    So there is only one solution, you have to give us ICS for the DHD.
    If there is no kernel, or any other sources released before the end of August, you can be sure that I won’t buy a new HTC and I will tell to all my friends to not buy HTC too.
    And I’m sur a lot of DHD owners will do the same thing.

    You’re so lame…

  • Maxime Martin

    ” We take customer opinions very seriously at HTC”
    So there is only one solution, you have to give us ICS for the DHD.
    If there is no kernel, or any other sources released before the end of August, you can be sure that I won’t buy a new HTC and I will tell to all my friends not to buy HTC too.
    And I’m sure every DHD owners will do the same thing.

    You’re so lame…

    (Why did my first message was erased ?)

  • Cos Bat

    Major disappointment that you have decided not to release ICS for Htc Desire HD. When I bought this phone I had to choose between DHD and iPhone4. Apparently I have made a poor choice.
    You should have invested more in bringing the ICS to DHD.
    I find it incredible how you treat your customers, and we’re not talking here about a 1 EUR phone.
    SHAME ON YOU. I will change my phone to something else, as HTC seems to treat its cusomers like dirt (to put it nicely).

  • David Stoddart

    I have an HTC Desire S, and my eyesight isn’t as good as it was years ago !!, I need to be able to see the contacts with their phone numbers bigger than it currently is. I contacted HTC who said that there was no current way to do this on my current firmware version (Gingerbread). They said there might be 3rd party applications, but could not comment on any. Does anyone have a solution please 🙂

  • Cos Bat

    It’s really not nice to delete comments that you don’t like. I was saying in my previous post (the one you deleted) that I find it outrageous how to discard DHD users with such lame excuses.
    At this point I’m looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy S3.
    I feel like HTC has cheated on me with this device.
    Never again HTC.

  • http://twitter.com/yuksbg Yuksel Saliev

    I have Desire HD and I won’t buy HTC branded phone any more…..

  • Anna Karaoulani

    I am living in Greece and I had the phone HTC desire S from April 2011. I had problems with this model. Everytime i making calls or they call me the phone closed and did restart. I sent it to service two times but without result and now I send it again for third time. At the service that called “arvato” they answer me again that they will fix it. I ask from the first time from the HTC to replace it because there was problems from the beginning. The end of this story is that they refused and they say again to fix it so many times till they find the problem. The price of this phone was 500 euro so it was very expensive and must not have problems. My last move is to send to the company a complaint with the help of “consumer advocate”.

  • amit gupta

    I am HTC EVO 3D user. I recently upgraded to ICS. Features are cool, however battery life has deteriorated significantly. I have noticed that is has deteriorated by 50-60% in battery life. I have done everything suggested by Sprint but nothing helps.

  • http://twitter.com/NathanOdong Nathan Odong

    Trust me…you do not want me to tell you what I think…

  • Göran Wiklund

    We DHD owners will never forget an injustice

  • Martin Malátek

    I have DHD… but never ever will buy another HTC product again… you blame us all…

  • Really400

    The phone sucks. It goes dead so fast and after a while it doesn’t hold a charge. Conveniently is now out of warranty. Want to make me happy send me a replacement so it won’t turn me off and then force me to buy a Samsung on my renewal

    • Really400

      Email me at mr.franklin@rogers.com if your interested in making a upset customer happy. I own a HTC 4 G with the 3d picture

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000182177261 Nikola Nikolov

    I have Sensation. If you don’t update it to Jelly Bean I will never buy HTC phone in the future!

  • http://www.facebook.com/karsten.jensen.184 Karsten Jensen

    Let us DESIRE HD users make the choise to update or not.
    It would be a nice move from HTC.

  • Göran Wiklund

    I just love my HTC Flyer, but get so disappointed when so many apps are not compatible with HC. I really regret the upgrade from GB.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wojciech.kurzydlo Wojciech Kurzydło

    DHD user , first and last phone from HTC

  • Deepak Jaybhaye

    i have DHD..
    ok..give ICS 4 or my money back..
    & bye bye HTC Forever………………..

  • Atul Sumbly

    Hi i have an incredible s , earlier there used to be an option of phone finder, after the ICS update tat option is gone…is it no longer available?

  • http://www.facebook.com/davidcrafthomes David Craft

    If you have not downloaded the ICS system, you may want to read up on it more. I have Sensation 4G and can not longer bluetooth photos to my computer. Had I know this was going to happen I would not have downloaded the program. Just spent 1 1/2 days trying to figure what happened and then read it was part of the program. Untethered downloads should be a basic operation of a phone anymore. This was a step backwards. RIDICULOUS.. I use my phone for business not movies or music. Very disappointing!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Chris187 Chris Kechaidis

    Thanks guys for the IncS ICS update so far. But is there something more to come? Something like a bugfix? My phone is very laggy. I tried hardreset, installing RUU, hardreset after hardreset but nothing helps. Some german android-forums and XDA are full of dissappointed users. I think this update strategy is a reason for me, and many others to take a look around for something new. That was my first Android phone and i guess my last HTC. Only nexus do it right.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lakhbirnz Lakhbir Singh

    i have htc desire s and i am not getting ics update ….

  • http://www.facebook.com/prajwal.bangera.14 ‘Prajwal Bangera

    Htc sucks never buy such crap brand..samsung is far better then htc..

  • kennethn

    I have had 5 HTC phones until now. The broken promise on the ICS update for HTC Desire HD is the reason that my relation with HTC ends now. A very loyal customer is now leaving the ship…

  • http://profiles.google.com/paulrtierney Paul Tierney

    Just installed 4.0 and 3.6 on my HTC Rezound. I wasn’t using Sense or the native messaging, email, gallery, keyboard and browsing apps but I will check out your native apps for a bit and see how they are. If they aren’t going to get used I will want them to go away. I heard that there is some ability to stifle bloatware in ICS and I hope that is the case.
    I have been using Go Launcher, GO SMS Pro, Gmail, Maildroid, QuikPic and Dolphin and Maxthon.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001609153773 Ryan Moreno

    lies lies lies……htc im not happy with you, and the fact you have given up on the desire hd/inspire. i have taken upon myself to flash a custom rom running the lasest version of sense and ics and it runs quite well. So telling owners of this amazing phone that it wont run well and that gingerbread is the best experience is just lies. My next phone will be a galaxy nexus so i no longer have to jump through hoops to get updates.

  • Sandeep Dwivedi

    I bought an htc one v phone around 2 months ago and it got completely dead and headphones were not working just after few days of the purchase, so i submitted it to htc service center on 3rd july at thane in eternitiy mall at ccom services.

    I was informed that I’ll be getting my device within 10-12 working days so I waited for that span of time, but when I dint got any response so I called and they informed me that due to shortage of some parts they will need few more days.

    I kindly waited and called back again on 16th of july and I was told that my device is under repair instead of replacing it i’ll get back my device on 19th, whole day I waited but I dint got any reply so again I called on 19th july and again they said due to shortage of some part my device is not ready yet and again the date was postponed to 24th, again I had to wait, so I didn’t complain but was happy that I’ll get back my device.
    But again on 24th I didn’t got any response, so again I called and I was given the same excuse about my phone and again a new date was given of 29th july, but again I din got any reply, so again i called and i was told that they have received the part and they will get my device ready very soon and i’ll get it surely back on 5th of august.

    i got a confirmation call and an email from their senior executive that i’ll surely get my phone back on 5th, when i asked if again the date gets postponed i was informed that i’ll suerly getting the phone by 5th but if they fail to do so they will take some strict action against my complain.
    Again on 5th I waited but I didnt got any call from their side, so again i waited for one more day but the next day i.e 6th august i din got any call so i called in the evening and then i was presented a whole new story where i was informed that my device was got repaired twice but it didnt work out so they have now thought of providing me a new device for which they need few more days and i was given the date of 8th august, i even gave them an alternate option that instead of mentally torchering me and providing a new excuse every day please give me a refund for the device and keep the device with them but they said they cant do it, so i thought of waiting till 8th.

    But when today i.e 7th august i called to check the status of my device i was again presented with a new story that my device is under repair and on 11th august may be I will get the device, I was really frustrated with their response.So i demanded for a refund for my device
    They are not providing me any clear picture about my device nor they are responding to my complain, instead they are postponing the dates.

    Again for headphone,I have to complete a whole process again to get it back. I had informed the service centre that both the headset as well as headphone is not working on 3rd july at that time they told me that they accept one problem at one time. Now today is 7th Aug and i have not recieved my headset and they are telling that I have to wait and for headphone again i have to complete the process and have to go through the same procedure of waiting for my headphone andheadset.

    It has been a pathetic customer service display by HTC and still today ie 9 Aug 2012 no one is able to give me the status of my phone and the representatives of HTC are really pathetic and arrogant to talk.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zincjunyi D Arh Ziinc

    i found some bugs, pls fix it on next update and kindly to reply an email to zincjunyi@gmail.com
    my phone open screen there, the Message icon(one of the four icon before pull the ring to unlock)always shows 1 message, even i have more than 1 msg, or no msg at all the time, i cant fix it, even i restart,
    second, the mobile network monitor cant remove the triangle in the notification bar even i stop it. quota still there, i cant remove the triangle mobile network usage warning

  • http://www.facebook.com/designwebs Johnny Miller

    I want ICS for the tbolt, where is it. Just tell us yes or no and we can move on. Tired of waiting.

  • Gary Yang

    HTC MyTouch4G/Glaicer/Panache – crashes, screen wobbles – replaced with scratched screen, dusty front camera. Poor customer service and phone experience. Will not buy HTC again.

  • john sauer

    there should be a tentative timetable posted for each phone that HTC manufacturers for implementation of a new ios written by google and if that phone’s technology is current for that ios. One shouldn’t have to wait over a year for a new update of an old ios.

  • http://www.facebook.com/xiangken Xiang Ken

    i have a DHD and was looking forward for its ICS upgrade but thanks to HTC for ruined my hope. well i was planning to get one X previously but i dun think i should ever trust HTC anymore as one X might face the same problem in the future as well

  • Fawad Ahmad

    internal memory of Htc wildfire S is very, even more apps cannt be installed. what can I do ????? fawad_041@yahoo.com

  • http://twitter.com/dondog32 Don Ludwig

    i love my HTC one X the only problem i have is .my dog knocked it out of my hand and now the glass is broke and it cost way to much to get it fixed.
    other than that i think its awsome …idk why nobody else likes theres.

  • Michael Jensen

    Why don’t you just release the ICS upgrade file to Desire HD users, to be able to download it, and upgrade it manual, just make a disclaimer, that you have to scratch your phone, before installing and that you can’t get any support for updating. That way advanced users could upgrade their phones, and we will maybe consider stay on HTC next time we switch phone. Right now I won’t go for HTC again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.kasak Daniel Kasak

    The camera / video functionality on my Desire HD has not worked since I
    upgraded to ICS. I’m now on Jelly Bean, and it’s still broken. HTC, if
    you are unable to provide a software upgrade path to ‘most people’, you
    could still at least follow the SPIRIT of the GPL and release kernel
    updates, so people who are taking over development of ICS and JB ROMS on
    your behalf can provide working camera and video. Otherwise, I’m not
    inclined to believe the excuses of lack of storage / RAM / customer
    experience / whatever … and instead interpret your stance as “you
    should buy a new phone more often”. I would have thought that with
    customers migrating to Samsung en-masse, you would be doing everything
    in your power to keep remaining users happy. And surely this path of a
    code drop is a cheap way to do that.

  • dodgy_rodgy

    I have a DHD and feel ripped off and let down by HTC why not offer the update for those who want it. I will go with a Samsung when i upgrade.

  • http://www.facebook.com/akhi9980 Akhilesh Kesavanunnithan

    HTC service center in India Sucks

  • http://www.facebook.com/akhi9980 Akhilesh Kesavanunnithan

    I am facing yellow tinting on my HTC one X… HTC should be screwed for this and also for the screen flux issues on the device.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kunal.buddha Kunal Buddha

    Nothing has to say, it’s more than a disappointment that HTC desire HD will not get ICS. This if first HTC handset (DESIRE HD) i bought bcoz this phone having good hardware & having all which required in a smartphone….but it’s was my mistake & wrong analysis…. this phone is dead & out of “Android” world.So this becomes my last HTC handset of my life as well.
    But I want to say thanks to HTC bcoz you have announced this cancellation on right time bcoz some of my friends was planning to buy HTC phone but I stopped them, So thanks HTC.

    Desire HD user.

  • http://www.facebook.com/damanpreetsingh.ghuman Daman Preet Singh

    i have a htc sensation and it has a big problem with this …phones power button is not responding and light issue with the phone is bigger than bigger on day by day….phone light is automatically on and off and home button is capturing the screenshots..i have android 4.0 ice cream sandwich…please help me..m very confuse…this is not a hardware problem this is a software problem on it…please htc help me…i like your phones..so please give me
    good service for my problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/damanpreetsingh.ghuman Daman Preet Singh

    i have a htc sensation and it has a big problem with this …phones power button is not responding and light issue with the phone is bigger than bigger on day by day….phone light is automatically on and off and home button is capturing the screenshots..i have android 4.0 ice cream sandwich…please help me..m very confuse…this is not a hardware problem this is a software problem on it…please htc help me…i like your phones..so please give me good service for my problem.nnn

  • http://www.facebook.com/steffen.du Steffen Duerø

    Desire HD why is the update erased, Dear HTC if you want customers keep your promises, my next phone will be a samsung then

  • http://twitter.com/JamieMurphy4 jamie M.

    the dhd is almost 3 years old guys. I feel for ya about the promise and retract. this goes to show why they need to stop selling outdated phones as soon as the newer ones come out.(thunderbolt still for sale now even though its been outdated for a year now with its single core and under 1g ram.)

  • Peter Miller

    I have an htc X1 and want to download music from my new toshiba laptop which has windows 7 … when I plug the phone to the computer, it doesn’t recognise it.. There is no indication that the phone is connected. How do I get around that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1125047919 Russ Penman III

    Since I updated my HTC Evo 3D it doesn’t have 4G connectivity as it once did. Is this a known bug?

  • gennaro massa

    I paid my Desire HD € 589,99 …… and now you guys want me to stick with 2.3.5 Gingerbread forever ?

    Thank you for forcing me me sell my DHD on ebay and then buy a brand new SAMSUNG Galaxy ……

    I was a good customer of you since long time…..Blame on you HTC !

    p.s. I don’t care if other brand have the same problem of upgrading their
    phones to DHD ! i
    I was counting on your reputation HTC…BLAME ON YOU

  • htd2007

    I upgraded my htc design to ICS but the UI is less responsive. especially for making phone call.

  • Jared Bercea

    I have been rocking HTC phones for years. Currently I have a Droid Incredible 2 on Verizon in the USA. I am seriously happy with my phone, but also seriously disappointed with the decision to not bring the HTC One to Verizon.

    I understand that the Incredible line is well branded and a top seller, but I would have been over joyed to buy a HTC Incredible ONE. I am turned off by the smaller screen and lack of all the features from Sense 4 that are not on the Incredible 4g.

    I believe you guys are a great company and have to deal with Verizon’s over-reaching control on your devices, but some times its better to stick to your guns for the sake of you loyal HTC customers. I am not sure what phone I am going to upgrade to now because I certainly don’t want the Incredible 4g.

    How about you make a special HTC One X to run on Verizon, and I will buy that directly from you guys? Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.muth Michael Natürlich

    hi htc team, i have a one x and im so happy with the update ics 4.0.4 but what i really miss is a real equalizer (not just presets). and a solution to play music from folders. i dont want to use a app like player pro or something. coz the htc player is great! just add this functions and you will make a lot of users happy 🙂

  • Spark Rutherford

    I have a Sensation XL & have recently been upgraded to ICS. It’s looking like the next phone will be a Nexus. The HTC phones I’ve owned seem better made than the plastic Samsungs, but the update cycle is far too slow & a “vanilla” updated android is preferrable to an outdated android version & not even the latest version of Sense.
    I know that nobody @ HTC cares about the comments here & I’ve taken that into account, not expecting any reply & too scared to ask about the Jelly Bean update for the Sensation XL.
    I’ll probably buy a new phone next Febuary, so I guess HTC have until then to get with the program & I’ll be watching the whole time.

  • Dwayne Pascoe

    LOL….worst customer service….updating to ics bricks the sensation….have had 5 htc’s and WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER. NEVER

  • Jason Knight

    Hi HTC. I have a HTC Desire C and am Canadian. I wish there was an option to use the default android UI. I like the dark backgrounds and blue text of default android Ice cream sandwich. I could root my phone and install a custom rom to get that, but it seems like a workaround I shouldnt have to do, plus it would void my warranty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sameer.dhanumali Sameer Dhanumali

    india is awaiting htc to wake up as customer service is below mark ,brand image is also not as global poor publicity

  • http://twitter.com/GuidoConrad Guido Conrad

    I’m a HTC Amaze owner. Sense 3.6 is too damn bloated. Why not just releasing Sense 4 for the Amaze? Sense 4 should’ve been a standard by now.

  • http://twitter.com/vipin_rajan Vipin Rajan

    please please pleeeeeease bring out an update for the sensation xe with the image compression turned off…. the otherwise lovely snaps are ruined once they reach the gallery…

  • http://www.facebook.com/sameer.dhanumali Sameer Dhanumali

    i have incredible s quite happy with it but htc in india is not making sufficent efforts to make it brand wake up htc

  • Petru Pop

    Hi, I have a Sensation XE and the only
    problem i have with it is that i can’t choose my contacts. the phone dose this
    for me. I only want to have only one phonebook not hundreds. i don’t want to
    see all the contacts from all the accounts in my phone book. I did everything i
    could to make it stop sync the contacts but he still managed to do it behind my
    back. i don’t want to linked any contacts. i just want them independently one
    account from the other. Please help! I still believe HTC is the best.

  • Manu Mehra

    pls make ics update for wildfire s pls

    reply fast

  • Cristian Saitos

    I’m the proud owner of a Desire S for 1 year now. Had the Legend before that, the Tatoo before that, and that Diamond Touch. Heck, I even had a HTC phone before you called the company HTC 🙂
    I’m happy with the products, will probably keep buying HTC phones, but never, ever, ever when they are brand new. From now on, I’ll wait 1 year, and see if the price drops and UPDATES actually come. Cause you guys suck at update speeds, and if you add the fact that I live in Romania, where we usually can calculate at least an extra 3 months for the update to reach us … you can just imagine my frustration. So please HTC, listen to your customers and give a bigger budget to your developing and testing department, and for God’s sake, buy some servers and CDN services for faster OTA deployments.
    I know you have the money, we gave it to you 🙂


    Please give ICS for my Desire HD please

    Samsung and sony users are laughing at me please help me give us something 4.0 or 4.1 Promise me take your time but promise us that you will give me for sure

  • Dave G

    My new HTC one X works for me sure, there’s some software niggles and sense needs to be more fluid and should be resolved, particually in light of competion from Samsung and Apple.

    My poor old HD2 died the other day, very sad. That phone was a legend, highly configurable and ran Nand android beautifully.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cb.c.rodman CB Rodman

    My HTC 4G LTE is AWESOME!!!!!!!!………………Cliff

  • A pet

    any news about release date of the update to androit 4.0 for the Htc Flyer ?

  • Mohamed

    my Sensation XE is 4 months old and still, when I try to find ICS update, my phone says I have the latest version of Android. Oh, and one notice, Sensation and Sensation XE were got ICS as first! HTC promised this on 03/29/2012! Wake up HTC, something is wrong with your systems, I am from M.E (from Egypt) and I still have Android 2.3.4 this is not okay!
    Note: I own another brand (Sony Ericsson arc s) and i upgrade it to work (ICS) three days ago and the phone works great really I love it
    I wish to see from HTC credibility in supporting their phones as do Sony

  • http://www.facebook.com/graham.jackson.54321 Graham Jackson

    It says don’t try to take apart your phone with the instructions.
    What it doesn’t say is you need to take it apart to be able to charge it.
    Even the guy at the store couldn’t find how to take apart the case to remove the plastic strips separating the battery from the contacts….

  • richard

    I have a sensation and to be honest I am dissapointed with it, the phone reception is the wrost I have seen, I get no reception in my house, I step outside and get 4 bars, it drives me crazy. The antenna is not good enough and simply holding the phone cupped in my hand can cause no signal. I upgraded to ICS and to be honest the phone is not a lot better, the screen freezes sometimes and cannot answer a call or I cant end a call as the screen does not respond. When I close a screen after reading an SMS the phone sometimes rests itself. My next phone will be a Galaxy.

  • Russell

    The communication from HTC to customers is some of the worst communication I’ve experienced. You fail to keep promises and deliver updates on time, and instead, you just keep raving about the new One X. This will be the last HTC phone I ever purchase.

  • Chrissy isidro

    My internal phone memory is getting lower but i did not do anything. Why is like that?

  • http://www.facebook.com/benetaou Efe Edizer

    I have a htc evo 3d. My next phone will be Samsung Galaxy S3 or Iphone 5 not a Htc. Samsung has started to say something about jelly bean but you just said one series even not one v. I want jelly bean. I dont want these ugly one models. Im sure that they wont get 4.5.0 either!!! (Poor One V)

  • http://twitter.com/Rusty5010 Rusty

    As a Desire HD owner I will not go near HTC again. you have trated me with utmost contempt. If you wish to redeem yourselves you should offer to update the phones of Desire HD owners who wish to take the chance, I am one of them so you can start with me. I await your answer.

  • asc123

    Please improve your service network in India my HTC salsa which is my prized possession has been lying useless for for a month due to lack of a proper service center in my city (Amritsar) . The service center or collection center u have here is terrible and your technician did not even know how to remove the battery cover !!!! How am i supposed to trust my phone in the hands of such people ? Pleasehelp !!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lawal.abdullateef.50 Lawal Abdullateef

    i have an htc G2. and its not right that it won’t be getting ics update

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.sentz Lisa Sentz

    I do love the new ICS update except a few minor details. I don’t understand the switching of the Ok / Cancel button. Ok or done was always on the left side and not its on the right. Dumb I know but when you are in a hurry setting things up and go to click done and now cancel is in that spot. Its a little frustrating to have to redo things. My biggest complaint however is my Alarm no longer works. I used to be able to have my phone on vibrate and my Alarm would still go off. Now it does not even make a noise. It will vibrate if I have it selected but that is it. And even with the volume up the alarm still does not go off! Very frustrating when my cell phone has been my alarm for years.

  • Vijay kumar

    i upgraded my phone (HTC EVO 3D)to ICS 4.0 .when i tranfer file from bluetooth to an android 2.3 phone
    (HTC EVO 3D) i cannot transfer the file .some phones are not discoverable even if they are in discoverable mode.please give me any solution if u have on this

  • http://www.facebook.com/chase.sundiata Chase Sundiata

    I think HTC needs it’s own Brand.(Series of phones) But what I mean is like how samsung has it’s own “Galaxy S” Brand. I’m sure HTC Could come up with a new cool name for the brand.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1134313880 Abrar Ahmed

    I have a Gnexus, and I find it much better than my cousin’s Sensation XE or my old HTC G2 which gave up on me… and I didn’t even abuse it. The internal memory just died of the HTC G2, therefore I have lost hope in HTC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rockerrushil12 Rushil Eric Andrews

    I’m using htc Desire V..after resetting my phone I;m having a problem with the animation..My phone doesn’t animate..when I tick the animation option from settings menu it gets disable itself..and also the other option of Animation in the Developer Options doesn’t get ticked..Please help..!

  • Abhishek Kadam

    I am using HTC Incredible S ,just now updated to ICS,but didnt receive indian language pack with this update..can you tell me ,why this has happened…

  • tsunamimommy

    well, nothing is right tonight. lost my first post. ok, my htc wildfire s says phone memory low, and i only received it 8/22. how do i free memory. some help please.

  • tsunamimommy

    thanks for nothing. i diddled around with it long enough to rid it of some garbage, according to the phone at least, and acquired some extra memory temporarily at least

  • Ozzy Os

    Hello, I’ve sendt my HTC One X to the HTC repair service after the common wireless issue appeared.. got it back repaired…but the screen was scratched.. I had to wait for my device for 2 weeks by the way … now I contacted the htc customer service they told me I should send them pictures of the scratched screen.. so I did .. after a week they told me that the case was taken by the escalation team … that was a month ago…still no reaction …. and now I found out that my device doesnt support usb otg … so anyone any advice what the best thing to do is ???

  • http://www.facebook.com/rizwan.mafia Rizwan Ansari

    ny1 cn help me…how cn i get my HTC ONE X phone it is stole when i am traving from Bangalore to mumbai..n this insident happen in andra…cn any 1 help me to get my cell fone back plz revert

  • mahesh

    Google Gesture App is not working on my HTC One V mobile.
    The application is crashing as soon as i entered a character.
    It is displaying an error message like Unfortunately, Gesture has stopped working…
    I tried re-installing many times but of no use.Even i reset my phone but all my attempts went in vain…:( Any idea why it happens.. and what might might be the issue

  • Hilary

    Have used an HTC Flyer over a wireless with proxy authentication, when I switch back to 3G, I get the error:

    “Authentication via the proxy server was unsuccessful”

    and cannot access internet using the internet app. Any solution to this??

  • http://www.facebook.com/coopergj Gary J. Cooper

    any info or thoughts on why my Inspire4g won’t signal an incoming Text thur my Bluethooth set? voice signal rings right thru. Jabra BT2080 is the bluetooth.

  • Владимир Морозов

    I have Desire Z and I’m disappointed in HTC

  • Guest

    Why does ICS 4.0.3 cause flickering issues for the HTC Amaze? The update overall has been fantastic, but when I use Chrome I get flickering on the screen; it’s rather bizarre.
    Anyone know what to do about this??

  • Diane Beal

    Disappointed with the memory in my wildfire phone, should have done the homework before buying this one.

  • http://twitter.com/Xaphoon148 Xaphoon148

    Have a Radar and it’s just GREAT 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/anjali.shinde.104 Anjali Shinde

    Hi, I am unable to attached contact from HTC desire c

  • http://www.facebook.com/haiderabbasshah1 Haider Abbas Shah

    you should release ics for htc wildfire s!

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.walker.92351 James Walker

    It really sucks,when you buy your first HTC.Then find out its crap,now I have to wait on the ics.That was promised last month.I mean really,what is going on?

  • alphafalafel

    I can’t believe how much people are whining. What a sorry state of affairs, are we forgetting how little phones used to be updated? A product just used to come out and function without updates until you got a new one or it broke. HTC have always taken care of their customers and I plan to remain a customer of their phones for as long as they’re still making them. Anyone who moans and whinges like spoilt little babies doesn’t understand how good they’ve got it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/felix.mollberger Felix Bamse Mollberger

    I have the Desire S and I’m quite happy with it most of the time, but it has a reoccurring bug that removes the shut down/airplane mode/restart menu, and the only way to get rid of it is to do a system reset. I have been forced to do so countless of times due to this bug, which is quite frustrating. Also, I’m really disappointed in that you just stopped updating us on what’s going on with the ICS update for Desire S. You promised us over and over that it would be released before August, and now it’s september. I used to think that you were cool because your latest phones are awesome, but this poor customer treatment is really pissing me off. Please keep us informed on what’s going on with the update!

  • cpc10001

    My frustration towards htc had reached the highest level .. Personally i owned one htc sensation set and the phone itself wont last longer than 1 year 1 month. I doubt about the quality and reliability. Phone just turn off and unable to power on just after my warranty had expired and i cant do anything about it but rather sending it to the phone shop for repairs. The phone guys told me that the JTAG device unable to detect my phone and the only way to save the phone is changing the board. But he advice me to change a new phone because its not feasible to pay the sum of money to replace board. Im really disappointed with HTC and the money that i pay wasnt cheap. I wont buy any smart phones from this company ever again.

  • Amanullah Ghazi

    HTC rhyme in Europe (Finland) seems to go DHD way.. No ICS upgrade yet.. Are you backing off on Rhyme also??

  • JimMNH

    I’d REALLY appreciate some compression controls added to the photo and video controls on my VM HTC One V. The images could be beautiful but the .jpg and .mp4 files are seriously compressed leading to blobby areas lacking definition. Leave the defaults at high compression as I figure you are doing this for the folks who don’t know better and just want small files. But for the rest of us it would be nice if we could lower the compression on our photos and 720p videos and get better quality from the capable 5MP sensor. Pretty please. Make a fairly pleased customer into an HTC fanatic.

  • Josh Racey

    i have a one x in white and it is amazing, looks great and performs even better, best phone i have ever had and will have for a while, would recommend to anyone.

  • http://twitter.com/marvinleetang Marvin Lee Tang

    What I love about HTC is the design and the materials used are amazing compared to the “Plasticky” Samsung product.
    But in order for HTC to stand out because people known “Samsung” to be a Flagship Android phone,HTC should streamlined with Google to create the best experience of Android it used to be in HTC throne, but now it’s Samsung’s turf.

    I might love the idea of A Blackberry QNX for HTC. seriously I REALLY HATE the quality Research in Motion is doing with their Blackberry, so if there’s a HTC + Blackberry! with QWERTY keypad! I’m sold. HTC needs a Brand new identity and Samsung has stole it. it maybe on RIM’s OS.

    if there’s a next smartphone killer it will be on HTC :

    1.) Square design contoured to the face, what makes the iphone cool is the Square design of the phone or maybe the Macbook Air design. a little thick on the upper side then contoured thin on the mouthpiece just to be exact on the face.

    2.) Strong Battery life. if it’s not strong or good, it’s not a smartphone. 2000mAH with low voltage and good software battery management

    3.) QWERTY is not Dead. I still prefer to type on a QWERTY phone rather than on the touch screen maybe a redesigned QWERTY keyboard will be nice.

    4.) Since HTC incorporated the Beats audio. Market it as an ANDROID/music player phone, that’s it’s Identity to separate all Android players. a good Music Library from HTC and a Good Music Store.
    it’s where Nokia gained Market Share with Xpress music 5800 phone before iPhone arrive the scene.

    5.) Lastly I believe the “Curve” glass will be the next big thing. I think the progression of mobile phone will be the Curve Design.

    If you think that these idea is worth doing HTC should hire me LOL. I’m just saying because I love the Company 🙂

  • Ryan Noverly Joseph

    I have a HTC Incredible S and it’s awesome… still work as fast as the first day I bought it(it’s rooted) HTC Sense is the greatest thing that ever happend to Android.. Now I want a HTC One S or X or maybe I’ll wait till next March to see what you guys Have to offer… and BTW DON’T YOU EVER MAKE AN EXCLUSIVE PHONE LIKE YOU DID WITH THE ONE X IN CANADA, I WAS GONNA BUY IT BUT I’M NOT GONNA SWITCH CARRIER FOR A SMARTPHONE.. THAT WHY SAMSUNG IS WINNING IT THIS YEAR CAUSE THERE’ S NO EXCLUSIVITY… I DON’T LIKE SAMSUNG THAT WHY I STICK WITH YOU GUYS..

  • http://www.facebook.com/muhamad.sofyanwijaya Muhamad Sofyan Wijaya

    my dream, hopefully someday released HTC hybrid dual on GSM,3.5G + CDMA, EVDO, Digital and analog tv,FM radio,HD video player,long-lasting battery, 8 mega pixel camera, the screen is scratch resistant gorilla glass / glass Lotus glass …..

  • HowardMatthews

    Everyone moaning about having a DESIRE HD and not getting ICS, just stick with gingerbread!!. I have a Sensation XE and ICS has ruined the phone. I get constant problems with the phone being laggy, restarting, data connection problems, wi-fi, etc etc. WISH I HAD GINGERBREAD STILL!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1147160274 Brian Veatch

    Incredible 2 owner waiting for the promised ICS update… I am an owner of the original Incredible and am extremely frustrated with the lack of customer communication. The vast number of I2 and Thunderbolt owners will be buying a new phone in the next year and this lack of customer communication is turning them away from HTC I’m sorry to say.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bzengdaw Brian Zeng-Daw

    HTC ONE S, best phone I’ve ever had. Its very fast and does everthing. Will it do 4G though? Thanks HTC.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tenovski Denis Ten

    I love my HTC One X very much. It is my everyday helper. Thank you HTC! By the way, I’m going to buy your next flagship phone as soon as it arrives in stores 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002496421507 Joshua McDowell

    My vi I’d is instabe since the ice update.

  • http://www.facebook.com/felix.mollberger Felix Bamse Mollberger

    I have a Desire S and I’m sick and tired of this bullshit. I have had it for over a year, and ever since I got it it has had at least one annoying bugg per update. Every once in a while I get a bugg that prevents the shut down/airplane mode/restart menu from appering when I hold down the power button, and the only way to get it back is by doing a factory data reset. I have been forced to do this countless of times and it’s REALLY getting on my nervs. I STILL haven’t got the ICS update and you guys just stoped updating us on what’s going on now that it’s running late, before you always responded with “It’s on schedule”. I used to think highly of you but this poor customer service has changed my opinion. If you ever release the update and it doesn’t fix this bugg, then I can assure you that you have lost a customer.

  • David Davtian

    Dear Darremn Krape, there is one issue that HTC phones are facing is loading issue when pressing the home button from any application that want to close. What i noticed from my son’s phone Motorola Razr X91, his phone never does this reloading whereas my HTC Sensation XL does. Do not tell me to go to the local service center !!! This is real issue with every HTC phone. What I understood, this is because of freeing ram. Motorolla does it automatically (shuts them down), but in HTC phones have to kill apps to get free ram. I have noticed even in HTC One X. Just test it yourself.

  • David Davtian

    What the hell is here only complaints !!!! Tell some good words as well !!! There could not be the complaints only.

  • http://twitter.com/rudirudolfset Rudi Setiawan

    my first reason to move from Motioning Research product is about batery, but after change it to HTC One X, the main problem is the same, even i have using super mode of batery saving on it, Samsung Gals 3 still has longer batery life time…. can you fix it and inform me if i can change my batery or any tips from you about it?

  • Ian

    Why does the site mention the carrier when on my phone it suggests using wi-fi to check for updates. Wi-fi is not carrier specific is it?

  • Tom Sobczak

    I have the Thunderbolt. After owning this phone, I’ll be adding HTC to my list of companies not to buy products from. The phone is god awful all around. Not to mention the ICS update we were “promised” by the end of August. The update is almost a month late and it’s kind of getting frustrating now. If I was to turn in my work a month late, I would fail out of college.

  • HTCFan

    I have the HTC Evo 4G LTE and I love it! However, as long as I waited and all the hype regarding the camera did not hold true. Some pics are superb, others are just awful. It’s no better taking an action shot with my Evo 4G LTE than my old Evo 4G so no improvement. I’ve tried many settings and the LTE falls far short of what I had hoped the new changes would bring. Is there a fix, will you have any kind of update that MAY improve the quality of pictures?

  • Warprunner

    I have a 3d and it sucks….but only one way. The phone rings, the screen stays blank, hit the button and it disconnects the caller. This is an issue that has plagued this phone from the beginning and no one has fixed it. FRUSTRATING!!!!! I spent good hard earned money #00-400 bucks for this and it doesn’t work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peyton.norman Peyton Norman

    I purchased an HTC Thunderbolt when it just came out. i am happy overall with it, but as of late, i feel duped ,

    • http://www.facebook.com/peyton.norman Peyton Norman

      as of now, i will not be returning to any HTC product of any kind, unless you guys give me a very good reason, as you have given me great reason to leave (a device plauged with bugs, a failed promise of an ICS update ( when i call HTC support regarding that, i was told “uhh looks like your not gonna get that update” ) . I challenge you to give disgruntled HTC users a reason to return. otherwise, you wont bw recieving any further business from my family and I, and when asked why i feel this way about it, i will be sure to expound upon all the problems ive had, and why i wont reccomend purchasing HTC products to anyone

  • http://twitter.com/jackoceanz Jack Liu

    I have multiple htc phones.

    They all stuck at older versions. From now on, I will only buy phones with stock android os.

  • http://www.facebook.com/okeyinka.adesewa Okeyinka Adesewa

    My HTC Wildfire stopped connecting to the internet through mobile network after a software update. Can anyone help with this?

  • Manju

    I have not Got any software update for my htc explorer since past 10 months really waste of HTC, other brands are better too.
    Really HTC going Down………………….

  • Robert Duncan Irvine

    Hi there, please help me! I bought an HTC one x in white, only just over a week ago and already the white plastic at the bottom of the screen and also all over the back is getting very discolured ! It’s a red/Brown colour, what can I do to make it look like new again? Is their a cleaning kit good for this job?, surely it should stay clean longer than a week, thank you, rob.irvine43@gmail.com

  • lynnette lynn

    I have. HTC sensation and I absolutely love it! however I made some customizations to my device. I also purchased a mugen extended 3500 mah battery because battery life was so poor. I now have my device exactly as I want it! I love my O.S. and now I have excellent battery life! I wouldn’t trade my device for a new one ever !its perfectly customized just the way I want! I’m extremely happy. if I don’t like something I simply change it. my device is truly my own! i love my HTC Sensation! still love it a year later!

  • Pradeep

    I have HTC One X. Would like to know that there is USB OTG support for One X… Pls help.

  • Guest

    plz plz plz!!!!!want jellybean update for htc one v 2!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  • http://www.facebook.com/rbwayne Robert Bruc Wayne

    I think as a software developer you are behind the times, as for hardware, I guess you are learning from the Thunderbolt mistakes. Speaking of Thunderbolt, You are One Month late with the ICS Update, now that is a record to not be proud of.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.hutchison.984 Greg Hutchison

    Htc evo 4g’s mine was great for about a year when touch screen went out. New replacement has to get repaired at Sprint every couple weeks. Most of the time camera lens comes out of socket. Sons was good for six mo then micro usb broke, replacement touch screen just broke. Wife same as mine pretty much.

  • http://twitter.com/abhi_stunning Abhilash Chintu

    Iam using Htc HD2 T8585 WINDOWS MOBILE

    when i was updating my rom software from my system suddenly
    that got dead and my mobile phone is not responding it couldn’t able to ON..


    actually i must to go to htc service centre but it is very
    farrer to my home town…..

    so,please help me…AND MAKE MY PHONE by on by sending that
    recommended rom software….

  • http://www.facebook.com/mellyd Melissa Daly Becroft

    I have a HTC Incredible S …will be upgrading next year , but Ii won’t be with a HTC ever again , at first it was great , but now it’s rubbish …I think once you past the use by date it goes into crap mode ……….

  • http://www.facebook.com/shivek.kapoor Shivek Kapoor

    i have htc one x
    for the last 30 days my phone is with you
    service centre people say it’ll take a week more and i have been listening this for the last 25 days
    this is the worst customer care service ever
    i will never buy a htc again in life

  • http://www.facebook.com/sescamilla41581 Stephanie Escamilla

    i recently broke my htc one x phone and need my pics to transfer to my other phone how do i go about doing this since my screen is broke.

  • amandeep singh

    I have a HTC One S. I am not able to change/delete T Mobile APN as i want to use Simple Mobile. This only happened after I updated my android version.

  • Manhal

    I’m from Iraq i have use desire & sensation & One X right now and all phones is great
    just one thing the Arabic font that HTC use it for middle east phones is not good at all
    please use default font that come with ICS or jelly bean its very nice
    or let as choose the font from software like Samsung without rooting the phone
    sorry for bad English
    I like HTC phones

  • http://www.facebook.com/sana.ahmad.50596 Sana Ahmad

    I Have A Problem My Htc One X Stucks And After It Automatically Get Off When I On It Though Holding A Power Key For 10 Seconds It Stucks After Appearing Home Screen And Get Off

  • frank chavarria

    i love my htc one x it rocks love it wouldnt trade it for the world. whish i had the jelly bean update though . o well still love it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelvin-McClamb/100000932443049 Kelvin McClamb

    I would like to know why you’re offfering yet ANOTHER exclusive deal to AT&T for the upgraded version of this device the One X+. Yet, other carriers dont even get the first one? You expect to get greater sales by limiting its availability makes no sense and it will not. You did this in April and saw how badly the HOX sales have been compared to other devices. This is because its only availalbe on one.Sprint received a revamped version. How do you plan on addressing the availability of your flagship devices going forward? Why do you allow the large carriers(AT&T) have an exclusivity deal on the same device twice in the same year and expect it to compete against the newly release iphone5 and the Galaxy S3 and expect good sales figures? Its not going to happen and you should know that by now. People want to buy your products but you MUST offer then on ALL carriers and not cater to just the big ones.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adeel.raouf SH Adeel

    i have Htc one S ………………the phone is amazing ….Just one big big problem its home button goes crazy many many times please HTc do some fix

  • raghav

    hi this side Raghav Mahajan

    For the very first time, i relied on htc for smart phone but that is the worst mistake i suppose i have done in my life.
    i bought htc explorer on 05/08/2012 and exactly after 2 months this machine not working at all. keep working aside, it is not turning on. what the crap it is. now i feel that i wasted my rupess 8800. my friends told me not to buy htc phone bt i did and now i m in trouble and facing problems, when i went to service centre they say there is a hardware problem and they need to send the phone to gurgaon. and more over all the contact numbers and other important data we will be erased. now i feel taht why i hadn’t opted for chinese phone for 2000-3000 than this gud for nothing phone. and more over i ll let my all near and dears let know how useless this phone and company is. in short it is simply bullshit. i ll never ever think of buying any of htc’s so called smart phone in my whole life. simply it is not done. my very first experience with this company is the worst experience that i ever had.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shahn00 Shahnawaz Mirza

    I want to know about HTC one S, as i really like its shape and specs, but i have learned from some sources that the anodized aluminum chips off for some people, it has something to do with the oxidation process trough which the body has been made like ceramic finish, this problem is only in black colour aur the gray one is also with this problem, please help me with it as i dont want back cover to be chip off. And the second problem about the signal reception when there is less signal the phone switch homescreen/multiple screen view on its own in very quick succession, and disable all the capacitive buttons. It will keep doing this until you find a spot where the signal is better. In the meantime, you will not be able to do anything at all: call, pick-up, use apps, whatever. Basically, you then completely loose control over your phone. And also has some problem with Wifi. Kindly help me in this it will be grateful of u. Thank You

  • Vidyadhar Gudulkar

    HTC One. I must say one hell of a show of thoughtful design and power packed performance. But the biggest turn down is some unfinished business still left. It’s been over 8 months since this phone is launched & wi-fi direct still doesn’t work. All I get to hear from the Support teams is very soon there will be a patch available for Wi-Fi direct. But I don’t see that happening any time soon – Wi-Fi direct still doesn’t work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shahn00 Shahnawaz Mirza

    I want to know about HTC one S, as i really like its shape and specs, but i have learned from some sources that the anodized aluminum chips off for some people, it has something to do with the oxidation process trough which the body has been made like ceramic finish, this problem is only in black colour aur the gray one is also with this problem, please help me with it as i dont want back cover to be chip off. And the second problem about the signal reception when there is less signal the phone switch homescreen/multiple screen view on its own in very quick succession, and disable all the capacitive buttons. It will keep doing this until you find a spot where the signal is better. In the meantime, you will not be able to do anything at all: call, pick-up, use apps, whatever. Basically, you then completely loose control over your phone. And also has some problem with Wifi. Kindly help me in this it will be grateful of u. Thank You

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000729550566 Aleksandar Petrović

    I have an HTC 7 Trophy. It’s pretty good and I find Windows phone better than Android. But that’s just my opinion. Only things missing: bluetooth file transfer and menu in dialer when I dial #100* Wish I could have One HTC 8X or 8S 🙂

  • fastidium

    why we so care about the camera in the back? let’s give less place to carmera and focus on how to design a perfect phone and we need to change the UI style,actually,user don’t care the clock so much,please give us a small or unobvious clock.htc sense needs to change,almost every user was tired of our poor ugly sense UI

  • Nuta Lucian

    we need OTA update for HTC EVO 3D here in Romania

  • Nuta Lucian

    ota update for htc evo 3d here in Romania ??? when???

  • Nikhil Kharkia

    Please send me the ics and htc sense update for htc desire hd…..on nikhilkharkia@gmail.com

  • Mugurel

    Come on HTC, give us S-off on OneX and all the other devices we paid for! Don`t you see you are loosing more and more customers every day? You will end up in the history waste bin!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.wallace.39501 Jim Wallace

    Hi, I still have the sad Thunderbolt… soon my 2 yr contract will be up.. i was excited to hear HTC had promised 4.0 by the end of August… it may have made the last months of my contract hmmmm more exciting.. now i am just disappointed.. again.. i will say i dont believe HTC will be my first choice when i finally can do away with the tbolt.. promises, more promises.. no results.. i cant deal with that

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashish.deshmukh.315 Ashish Deshmukh

    i got htc desire c but it does not have any button which can open in like htc explorer.. i wanted to update my status on whats app via htc desire c how should i do that please let me know…!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jose-Tejada/1349272136 Jose Tejada

    plz htc my mytouch4gslide is too slow for a dual core phone gingerbread is outdated needs 4.0 specs can handle it why not gingerbread is too sloww on this phone and it constantly loads during apps 🙁

  • http://twitter.com/gk1985 Georg

    i’m also kinda pissed of, that you seem to not care about your customers: HTC ONE X owners want S-OFF! it’s MY and JUST MY phone, why you don’t let me do with it what i want???

  • Maxx

    Listen.!!!! And listen well
    This is a high-end device and if they would alow us to do whatever we want with it , who will buy the new phones that will come out in the next months/years?.
    With this device we will be able to go trough all versions of android that will come in the next couple of years, and nobody will buy the new phones that will come out in the next couple of years,and that is something that they dont want.
    Thats why is ……S-ON etc etc……
    I will sell this stupid thing that i can’t use it my way, never buy HTC again.
    Ill stick with the s-off devices wich i can do whatever i want with.

  • Pauline Woo

    I’d like to say that when I bought my first Android phone, I chose the Sensation, and I was proud of it. However, over the 15 months I’ve owned it, I’ve had to replace batteries twice (on my third one now).

    Battery life starts weakening from about the 4th month of usage, the phone overheats when it’s charging, when I’m using apps (even messaging). It even started shutting down by itself without low battery warning. I’ve had to keep it on travel charger when I’m out and about, just in case I don’t get my calls, messages and emails. It’s hard to believe that the battery drain is due to the usage, because my kids use Samsung (cheaper, and boy, do they spend more time playing games and using the phone than I do!) and yet they only have to charge it every night.

    I’ve thought of switching to the OneX when it was launched, but decided against it as I won’t be able to replace the battery if this happens again.

    Please do something about this. Don’t tell me that the cause is all the apps I’ve got installed and running. Smart phones are smart only because we can use fancy apps to simplify our lives and entertain ourselves. Without these apps, I might as well stick to the traditional phones.

  • http://www.omghackers.com/ Arya Putra

    HTC One X sucks!!
    We want S-OFF..we want no locked bootloader..we want FREEDOM..if I want a locked expensive phone but with truly great update, I can just but an iPhone..with locked bootloader, no S-OFF, no update release date, no support, no nothing, HTC One X is just a rubbish product from rubbish company..why such a hustle for just a phone? Is it really hard to listen to what customers want? are you all deaf or what?
    If you want loyal customers, then make a good customers support..listen to what WE WANT, not what YOU WANT..or else, we’ll go to your competitors, but their product, and be happy..

    Galaxy Note already got Jelly Bean..when HTC One X will get the update??

  • http://twitter.com/stewrogers Chris Rogers

    I don’t understand how HTC managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. For a while it looked like HTC could be the brand of choice to rival Apple in the smartphone market, but from the dizzy highs of the HD2, you have become the also-rans. Too many different devices competing for the same customers. Devices that did not really offer anything different from each other. Your range became wide and full of mediocre phones that were out of date in weeks, always superseded by another generic looking touchscreeny thing that did nothing new.

    You then decided to isolate the very crowd that boosted your customer base – the developers. Because your phones were very customisable, they were very popular. Again, the HD2 has had nearly every mobile platform ported to it. A phone revered due to its tenacity, but unfortunately not matched by anything you have done since. Then you lock down boot loaders and limit what devs can do and you isolated the very people who backed you from the start.

    Sense is a nice interface, if a tad bloated. It should have been developed on a regular basis, not left as is until Android 4. If you had constantly improved it, made it less resource hungry and more slick for all those devices that suffered Android 2.X, you would have had Samsung (and the Android market) in your pocket, because frankly they do not do a good job with the Android UI.

    As things stand, no one can understand why the Desire HD did not get the Android 4 update and in fact you have probably lost customers because of that move. You have shifted focus so dramatically to the One range that even my Sensation XE, not even a year old, seems out of date. To add to your problems, you did not listen to what customers want and as a result, the One range is second fiddle to Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and soon-to-hammer-your-ass S3 mini. Their 2 handsets are holding back your 3 handsets.
    I’d be afraid to move to the One X in the chance that it will be out of date in a month. You have form and it is not in your favour.

    I am very seriously considering moving to Windows Phone 8 next. I think Microsoft are moving the right direction for the consumer with Windows Phone 8 being a pleasure to use on every device. Its slick and uniform across manufacturers. Or in other words, there is no compelling reason in the Windows Phone world to choose HTC over anyone else.

    You had you chance and you blew it. My Hero handset is rooted and used as USB memory. My Sensation XE will be on ebay. I look forward to my Nokia Lumia 920, but I was really hoping for the HD2 equivalent Windows Phone 8 handset.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kalanitg Kalanit Girshtel Postnikov


    I bought an HTC ONE X (international). After one week the front camera didn’t work. After talking with the USA HTC customer service more than 10 times to make sure they can fix my device I gave it to my mother who gone to a family visit in the state.

    No one ever called or emailed me to update me on my device status, I called every time to get the same wrong answer: “we are waiting for parts to ship from Singapore”.
    After almost two months I had enough of it. I asked for a decisive answer. And I got one after the supervisors hanged up many times(!!!) “we can ship back the unfixed device to an address in the states or give you a new AT&T device (due core and not quad core processor, 16GB and not 32GB compared to the international version I bought)”
    After hours over days trying to get a better option or any compensation for this unrespectfull care for my case I got NON!!!!

    HTC – you better change your ways of dealing with your customers!
    otherwise no one will buy your products no matter how “brilliant” they are.


  • http://www.facebook.com/nick.little.9216 Nick Little

    Well another lost customer. bought the HTC Desire HD but as all of you write helplessly trying to get an update to ICS.. Forget it… I bought htis off the back of the advert saying ICS would be available.. NOT.. BYE

  • http://www.facebook.com/maganathomas Thomas Magaña

    About 3 months ago I purchase two HTC One X. The camera is great both for recording videos in HD and taking pictures as well in HD, the speakers it has is great and the screen resolution is just phenomenal. How ever two weeks ago I noticed that my phone has been over heating around where the camera is and it normally happens when I am playing a game or watching videos. It has also done it with in minutes from connecting the charger. Just today my sister, the other person who has the HTC One X, noticed that her phone was over heating in her pocket and as soon as she pulled it out she noticed that the screen is shattered. After I inspected it for any signs of accidental hits to the screen or signs of her dropping it I was not able to find anything like that and the screen did break from heat. I don’t know if this is a flaw in all One X’s or just in the ones that I bought. I would like to see in the next generation of HTC whether it is an improvement of the One X or just a new phone, please take a look into this problem and see what could be the problem. All in all, I am happy with this phone but now I have to get the screen replaced or just get a new phone all together since it did already break the screen.

  • Ferdie De Guzman

    Hi Guys. I have updated my HTC Rhyme to ICS and I think it went well. However, when I tried restoring the backup SMS, it says, “Unable to restore messages”. What can I do? Please help! I thought when I update my phone to ICS, nothing bad will happen unless I backup all the files that I need and yet I experienced the bad part, especially to the important messages that I have 🙁

  • http://www.facebook.com/linda.glein Linda Glein

    Yikes. I meant…an HTC TROPHY. Before that w had the Samsung Rogue. Not so happy with that. Sorry.

  • Michael Wills

    I had my EVO 4G for 2 1/2 years and now I have the EVO LTE. After that I will buy the EVO 3 or what ever HTC will decide to call it in few years from now. I’m an EVO fan for life!!! Keep up the good work!

  • Gaagle Plas

    Bought a HTC One S from T-Mobile a few months back. After a couple of months (maybe even a month later) price was down by $100. Got an email about the One X+ and saw an advertisement saying get up to $300 back when you buy a new HTC phone. So out of curiosity I checked and HTC values the HTC One S at $100, but if I had an iPhone 4 16GB I could get $135? So my question is, if HTC doesn’t think their phones are better than the iPhone, why should I?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jamaica.kingston2 Jamaika KuttiCali Kingston

    This HTC LTE is the Best!!! In the Smart Phone world today. If you don’t have this piece of hardware, your seriously missing out..Kutti Cali with Universal Music Group.

  • James Johnson

    I purchased an Evo 4G Sprint phone. T loved it but there are a few drawbacks to it. 1) Is that as soon as I bought it HTC stopped any development on it. I was amazed that this company could screw me that way. This was my second and last HTC. Each phone was very good but: You know the onld saying screw me once… I’ll not buy another.

  • http://www.facebook.com/annette.robb Annette Bauer

    LOVE IT!!! I had an iPhone before and I am in-love with my droid!! I take a lot of pictures and this is so perfect for my lifestyle. Great camera, love the still during video option, sleek and modern, amazing sound quality on calls. Still figuring out the music part, but have only had it a month!

  • Stan Lee

    Reading all these comments below makes me felt that I am not alone. The software updates for HTC phones are just lame. I do not wish to compare HTC with other company, but it’s hard not too as it’s just vast differences. Even the Samsung Galaxy S2 is getting Jelly Bean, and my Desire HD is stuck at Gingerbread forever. That’s 2 generation of software BEHIND.
    I used to be a firm supporter, from HTC Touch to TyTn II, Diamond, Desire & Sensation. Now I will not get HTC phones anymore. Why? The software support is just lame.
    Guess it’s time to switch over when my phone’s up for a refresh.

  • Joao Caxias

    I think that someone in HTC changed the information of the HTC Location Service and now instead of receiving meteo information about the specific city I’m in, most of the time I receive generic information about meteo in Portugal. Any suggestion on how to change this? Thks

  • Magesh Kavungal

    HTC product have good hardware quality than others, that will make high price for every HTC devise. This is the main market flop for this company. Try to understand the taste of people, then do the marketing with the updated system. Otherwise!!!

  • Scott Parker

    Unlock? Boot Loader?

    People, people, people…

    Sounds like many of you forget that HTC is in business to deliver FINISHED PRODUCTS to end-user consumers who want the device, features and experience as they buy it. They want to turn it on and have it work. That simply, just like the one they saw demo’d.

    They aren’t selling development platforms, or do-it-yourself kits. If you want to design and produce the “perfect” mobile handset for your use, then perhaps you should do what manufacturers like HTC have done: invest in the competencies, people and other resources required to actually make one. HTC doesn’t have any obligation to support your hobby or your business plan.

    HTC sold a great mobile. You bought it. Do you really think they are responsible for satisfying all your limitless desires, great ideas or money-making schemes?

  • http://twitter.com/MyBeadingArt MyBeadingArt Jewelry

    I just want to say how disappointed i was to find out that i have (Desire Z) one of only a few HTC phones (i think) that can not get the new OS required to access Google Play. Pretty crappy! The frequent iPhone updates that i see everyone wait in line foe really turned me off when i started shopping for a smartphone, and was one of the reasons i went to Android. then i get my desire z and within months I have old technology again. Very frustrating. My other comment is that I love the hybrid approach that the desire z offers – the large screen like the iPhone and the flip out real keyboard like a blackberry – why not make more models and market as such?

  • Subhendu Narayan

    I am a great fan of HTC One X. There are lots of companies making Android phones, but HTC products are bit different. Because the way HTC understand android and integrated into it’s hardware is flawless. Super fine combination. So the device works great… like never hang or slowdown problem etc…

    But one of my opinion and suggestion that, HTC should release one high end DUAL SIM Moble, because if you have two sim in one phone and one network is not reachable then your loved one should not worry about you and can call to your other sim number. It is very useful in India, because here every carrier has lot’s of network issues.

    Please please make one high end DUAL SIM Mobile. (For example HTC One X DUAL SIM Version.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/freerk.speelman Freerk Speelman

    Hello, Right now I have the HTC7Pro and I love it. But I would like to get a windowsPhone 8 Are you going to make also a windowsphone 8 with hardware keyboard?

  • Guest

    Matthew, have to agree. Also I used HTC HD2 when it was promised as first MS platform phone to get Win7 upgrade. Year later with ridiculous explanation (one extra button) it was dropped. Before that I was great fan of HTC. Still have HTC phones “graveyard” at home because HTC did not gave ANY upgrade as other companies did. Now, family and friends “converted” to other market leaders. This year I almost thought to buy One X, but for the reasons Matthew clearly described, turned that down.

  • Margus

    Also, example to HTC. I have Asus Transformer Prime. It appeared to have problems with GPS. And talking about upgrades. Asus gave additional GPS hardware upgrade for free. Software upgrades should be cheaper(?)


    Hi my name is terry and i have the HTC WINDOWS PHONE 7 MOZART , This is the first HTC ive ever owned and to tell the truth the only phone now because it has and does everything i wont and need , I am disabled and my computer and my phone are very important to me mostly my phone as it holds all my information about my disability and my MOZART is the best i will never go to another phone company and i can`t wait for the HTC WINDOWS 8 as i wont one and its HTC so i know it will be top notch , I rate HTC the best phone company

  • Hugo Quiroga

    i have a HTC HD7, its a great phone, have all i need, the only pro is that cant update to new start 8, So Bad….later all its ok….

  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.sparks.507 Scott Sparks

    I have an HTC Desire. at the time I chose it over the iPhone because it had the capability of handling an expansion card. Only after a short time I discovered my phone was low on memory. I then discovered how to move various apps to the sd card, but the majority of the large apps cannot be moved. Hence I am stuck with a phone that is constantly low on memory despite having 5.6GB available. This has been my only real issue with the phone, but it is enough to steer me away from HTC.

  • Matthew Walaszek

    I love the HTC One S…smooth, creative and overall a great phone but I would love to see an update to the default text messaging where group messaging is one thread that has everyone your talking to in it. I don’t like having a separate thread to send the message and each person responding is a separate thread. This just gets old real quick…update it??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Luis-Vasquez/1642273111 Luis Vasquez

    Great product.. limit comments to 100 words.. very few people read LONG articles 5stars

  • kiruuta Ashraf


    My htc desire A8181 these days after screen lock it goes off light but after a time it lights (blinks)… I dont know the cause of that…. i need your help..

    Thank you

    my email is kiruutajunior@yahoo.com

  • http://twitter.com/Rondave23 Ronald Early

    I have no doubt that when you give reviewers a phone to review, it is the best of the best. but how good is your quality control? When I was eligible for an upgrade I chose to go with the EVO 4G LTe thru Sprint instead of waiting a couple of weeks for the s3 to come out and I’ve regretted it ever since. the first phone I activated lasted 3 days before the antenna stopped working (1st week of July). Obviously being w/in my 14 day trial period I was given a new handset. Two weeks later my wife was eligible for an upgrade and wanted a New EVO having had the previous version. when we went to the store they pulled out the only EVO they had and spent an hour trying to get it to power on, which it would not do. so my wife got the Samsung S3. She hasn’t had a problem with her phone while my EVO crashed at the beginning of October and I lost everything not saved to my memory card. And with the phone having 9 gigs of free memory (not the 16 it claims to have) was quite a lot. This phone has. been my most regretted purchase.

  • Chris Horn

    S-Off…..thats all….sort it out HTC. I’ve bought all of your flagship phones, The Hero, Desire, Sensation and currently the One X Tegra……..Yep, the awesome One X……why oh why do you insist in crippling your amazing phone in this way. S-Off gives us the ability to do what we want, with our phones. The clue is in that last sentence.

  • http://www.facebook.com/susanne.gifford Susanne Gifford

    I have purchased the HTC Sense with Boost Mobile. The phone has not worked properly ever. The worst thing is when you receive a text, you can not access it. The phone restarts twice and even then the only way to view the text is by going to the phone book and selecting the name (if you know it!) AND then select to send a text. Only then can you view the text. Otherwise it is lost. Overall, severe disappointment with this phone. Will not buy a HTC phone in the future.


    I own the htc evo 4 lte for Sprint and I think it’s the best phone there is…. So HTC I need a faster processor and a bigger screen than a 4.7 add more RAM plus ROM I have tried the iPhone and it’s not for me……I found the greatest phone ever built (HTC) ….SO DON’T LET ME DOWN

  • Lori Saname

    I purchased the HTC Status or HTC Cha Cha. Despite trying to LOVE this phone desperately,I HATE this phone. It is loaded with pre-loaded garbage. That is not usually a problem, but this phone has NO MEMORY. So simple tasks such as enjoying your pictures…you CAN NOT why because it has no internal memory so you have to DELETE pictures, texts, apps, and widgets. HTC had to be on drugs to think pre-loaded apps that take up the memory is a wise. YOU GAVE THIS PHONE NO MEMORY so the “fun” you should have with the phone you CAN NOT have because the phone does NOT HAVE THE MEMORY TO USE the apps. How much sense does that make? You have apps on the phone, but the user can not USE the apps because THE PHONE HAS NO MEMORY.

  • shubham

    I had a HTC desire S mobile. One day phone battery blasted in my pocket. Till that day I really liked HTC mobiles but when I talked to the customer care executives and when they said that they can’t help me because that mobile was purchased from outside country, I don’t like this company anymore.
    I feel that HTC products are no more safe. If at that when battery blasted I was talking on the phone just imagine how dangerous it could be.
    Experience with HTC products are really awful. 🙁

  • http://www.facebook.com/kip.anderson Kip Anderson

    I’ve always loved HTC phones, but the lockdown of ROMs and bootloaders has me questioning whether I will get another HTC when my One X is done. It’s an awesome product now that I have apparently voided the warranty by specious measures. Thinking that nothing not bearing the Nexus license scheme will be worth the trouble going forward.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ben.moliere Ben Moliere

    I have had many HTC phones in the since Apple came out with the first iPhone. I inherently had a strong hatred for the iphone when it first came out. I purchased what I thought would have been the competition then, HTC Touch. To no avail it was no where near the iPhone. I abandoned the HTC Touch and it upgraded version and switch to Apple. The iPhone was functional, it had a quick response and very user friendly. I still had a hatred for the iPhone all the way to iPhone 4S. And then came the very technologically advance One Series. I must say I was skeptical at first. I purchased the HTC One S. I was for the greater part satisfied with everything and not to mention the 25 Gig Dro-Box. The only problem I had with it was the battery life. Everything else was better than expected. And then came my wonderful charming dog (that is until she droped my phone and broke the screen( into my life. I then had to lay it down in hope I could purchase a screen replacement. The replacement price was just not so comprehensive. And so I stach it in back up phones (if I ever get to find an acceptable price to repair it. I was just a little to early in my purchase of my next HTC masterpiece, the ONE X. I bought it just to find out a more buffed up 1.7 Ghz quadband was on the way. I am missing out on it for a while or I will wait until the next modell come out for the One X+. In the end, I am still proud of my One X. It is a marvel in the world of smart phones. I only wish HTC would invest a little more in their battery technology. Other than that, My HTC One X is my companion for everything. It even got my wife jealous 🙂 That was not too hard to get out of that problem. I bribed her with an HTC One S and now she does not complain about spending too much time on my phone. She is too busy doing the same :).

  • kim

    I have the HTC ONE S and so far I haven’t had any major problems with it …. of course I am new to the smart phone thing since this is my first one. So Idk what u all r talking about with the bootloader or whatever, someone plz explain…….lol I feel like an idiot but like I said its my first smart phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/harry.tariq Harris Tariq

    One S was to get the JB update within Oct. Still waiting. :/

  • Suharsh Basti

    I just brought HTC Desire V, and i was very disappointed to see that
    1. we can use only one Sim for 3G
    2. No Front camera and the most important
    and very disappointing thing is HTC claims to provide 4GB internal memory
    but we can use only 1GB, why is that so, where the is rest 3GB and why
    they claim to provide 4GB. this is totally misleading and bad experience

  • Arno

    Pity HTC switching to the prehistoric Windows.
    HTC should just keep running on Android.
    Whether the same release with Android device and the prehistoric Windows.
    But I think for most people android best and right choice.
    Here is the yacht furthest degree, and must also go.
    If you go back to Windows, you go 10 years back in time.

  • ljtroy2

    So sad. The U.S. Samsung Galaxy SIII is getting Jelly Bean today (on T-Mobile), but the One X and EVO 4G LTE are still left in the dust WAITING! And there is no firm date of When or IF Jelly Bean is coming!! Sad day indeed!!!

  • Sam

    I am just going to echo what has already been said hundreds of times here and state that I am SERIOUSLY disappointed with the progress of the ICS upgrades. I have been very excited about this upgrade, and it has just vanished from the radar. And as for my actual phone, well I renamed it the Thunderfail, and let’s just leave it at that. I will not be buying another HTC product (unless I see some real change), and cannot wait until I can get a Samsung.

  • Nuta Lucian

    Any news for Jelly Bean for HTC EVO 3D??

  • Faraz Kayani

    I recently bought htc sensation. Earlier i was using Samsung Galaxy with an update android version. I was really surprised rather shocked to see that the pre historic 2.3 is still the latest update available for sensation.
    Since i was already using an updated version of android in Galaxy, now it really bothers me not to have that freedom and control on my phone which i want to. Cant even re-arrange apps as i want to.
    Many of the users have already requested for an ICS update for sensation but i think its time that htc MUST MUST release Jelly Bean update before people stop buying htc phones for being outdated ones.
    It a shame that such a beautiful hardware of htc sensation has an outdate kernel. Without htc sense, the htc sensation models are only …..ation there no sensation in it
    HTC please stop being Nokia and provide JB update for sensation.

  • ayin

    why cant i access market on my htc explorer?

  • http://www.facebook.com/chadunited Chad Ricketts

    Can someone help me, I have an HTC Sensation and I was really pleased with it until about 2 months ago when it started turning off randomly, simply cutting out. I then thought it was the battery and bought a new one. I thought that had solved the problem, but it has starteed again. If anyone knows of any way I can sort this it would be much appreciated.

  • Guest

    when is HTC one X plus releasing in INDIA……?????? fed up of waiting for this phone!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/stylenpunk Aamir Ahmed

    when is HTC one X plus releasing in INDIA……?????? fed up waiting for this phone!!!!

  • Chal

    as htc is acting right now i have to say: sorry to all the previous posters but htc does not read your comments.

    my first device was the qtek 9000. after my first htc device i was a proud owner of 29 other htc devices but now?

    my whole family and even my company has switched to htc because i suggested it. a little while ago i bought the htc one x because it was nice and had a htc logo on it. after htcs we are open bla bla on facebook i thought i can do the same with it as with my devices before. dont get me wrong the one x is a really nice device but i dont want to wait for my carrier to release jb or maybe i want to flash the next os version. htc for me was always a company which u can trust but im really sad to see a company destroying itself. lower number of sold phones, lower profit as in the past … are u blind htc.

    in german we say: finde den fehler und kreise ihn ein 🙂 but im not german 🙂

    htc go back to your roots or i will switch after the one x and so will my company with now about 70 active htc phones.

  • danakers

    Jellybean is great; I love using the stock version of it on my Nexus 7. I’ve tried it on my HTC One X, but on the smaller screen? Not so keen.

    Controversial, but I like to have Sense on my phone. However, my contract is with Vodafone UK who are notoriously slow at releasing OTA updates. However, it’s not Vodafone that’s stopping me from upgrading, it’s HTC, by not allowing us to achieve s-off on our handsets.

    Empathise with us, HTC: you have loyal customers who are eager to get their hands on the latest version of Android, Sense 4+ etc, but the networks are holding us back by dragging their heels.

    I enjoy tinkering with my devices, BUT… I’m actually quite happy to have a stock OS on my One X; just allow us to install it so we don’t have to wait for the likes of Vodafone to get their acts together. I’d also appreciate the CHOICE of an HTC stock ROM rather than the bloated, crapware-filled ROM that Vodafone push onto us.

    HTC, you make the best handsets on the market – the build quality is, in my opinion, unsurpassed. Your marketing spend is miniscule compared with the likes of Samsung, so, sadly, you’re becoming the Betamax of mobile phones – superior technology driven underground by poor marketing.

    So whilst your marketeers get themselves organised, perhaps you could improve your popularity with some good old-fashioned word-of-mouth advertising.

    Give us good customer service and we’ll tell everyone about you.

    Customer choice. It’s probably the most important aspect of great customer service… so can we have some please?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000281467175 Terry R Myers

    Droid Incredible 2 sure could use an update… love the phone but like having a computer with Windows 3.1 and the rest of the world has Windows 7…is like a George Goble quote.. ” The world is a tuxedo and I am a pair of brown shoes “….. a car a phone a toaster is only as good as the manufacturers support ! I rest my case !

  • http://www.facebook.com/kielo.boubou Kielo Boubou

    Loved it when I bought it last February but I’m so dissapointed that all of the updates have just made the phone worse when it worked perfectly fine ; bugs never occured before, now it’s too often for me… ;( Nothing’s corrected though many persons complain ; guess I’m gonna choose another brand next February…

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.walker.92351 James Walker

    WOW,it will be 2013 in about 2 weeks.There is still no sign of the ICS update for the Thunderbolt as of yet.Far cry from when september of 2012,when ics was suppose to be sent out .Matter of fact,everything has went quit on the update.What the heck is really going on?

  • http://www.facebook.com/erhanyangin Erhan Yangın

    I have a 1 year evo 3d phone using the wifi networks that are open unencrypted networks does not enter the factory settings does not enter yet again went to the emergency aid

  • http://www.facebook.com/stylenpunk Aamir Ahmed

    I heard there is a WIFI problem in HTC ONE X PLUS …..please resolve this problem ASAP because i am about to buy this phone …… thank you (INDIA)

  • http://www.facebook.com/stylenpunk Aamir Ahmed

    worst marketing…htc one x plus still not available!!!!!!!!

  • Rajesh Kumar Prusty

    I’m going through a very painful journey with HTC. I purchased a HTC One S from Ridhisidhi Mobile Store Bangalore, India ( http://www.ridhisidhimobiles.com/ ) on 19th Dec 2012 and on the second day itself I got a problem with the set, the mic was not functioning properly. I called Customer care and they suggested me
    to go to Service centre nearby. I went to the service centre on 21st Dec and they provided me a DOA certificate along with the mobile for replacement and suggested me to submit the DOA and mobile to the dealer for replacement. Now the problem here is if there is a problem with the set why shall I go to the
    dealer again, why HTC service centre doesn’t take the responsibility of providing the replacement? If I would have changed the city then!!

    Then I went to the dealer on 22nd Dec from whom I had purchased the mobile and he told me that they didn’t have stock at that time and told me to wait for one week and suggested me to come on the next saturday
    29th Dec to collect the new set. When I went to his shop on 29th he again told me to wait for 2 more days, again when called him on 31st Dec he told me that there is no stock available and to contact after 2 more days. Again after 2 days when I called him he didn’t receive my call even if I called him more than 15 times (he has saved my mobile number). The next day I called him from a different number and then he picked up and again told me to wait 5-6 days. First one week then after 2 days then again after 2 days then again 5 days what’s this!!! Don’t I have anything else to do!!! And Whenever I call the HTC Customer care regarding this they tell me to co-operate with the dealer… I purchased the mobile because at that time I had a trust on HTC and not because Iliked the shop…and if the mobile is having a fault then it’s the problem of HTC Quality, I don’t think it’s a dealer problem…why HTC is not taking this responsibility of supplying the replacement.. again and again I have to call the shop owner from different numbers, again and again I have to go to the shop, why!!! and everyone knows once the dealer gets his payment he is not at all at a mindset even to listen anything… He is not receiving my phone. I am really very much angry and upset with the
    kind of service HTC is providing…Never ever I would suggest anyone to buy any product from HTC, because by chance if you are getting a problem with the mobile, you ll be stuck like me… Now it’s more than 15 days I purchased the moble, but yet not able to use it. I feel ashamed of narrating this story, but it’s true. A real hard journey with HTC…..

  • Richard Mahoney

    My thoughts on my very first smartphone after 8 months of use? The HTC Wildfire S is nothing less than a piece of crap. My Application storage is all but full with applications that came preloaded most of which I don’t use. I can’t download any apps that I do actually want because there isn’t enough space. My SD card is virtually empty but I can’t move any apps there even though the low memory wizard gives me that option – still can’t get my head around that one. I now know why the sales manager directed me to this phone – he was simply trying to unload a piece of crap on someone who wouldn’t know any better. In 2 years and 4 months, I’m getting myself an iPhone or even a Blackberry. Anything but HTC.

  • Fifth313ment

    How about fixing phones you already have released such as the Sprint

    HTC EVO 4G LTE? See bugs below:

    I’m having severe proximity sensor issues which I had when I first got
    the phone but then the previous update fixed it, however it’s back with
    the Jelly Bean update. The little red proximity sensor dot stays on all
    the time after a call unless you put the phone on speaker before hanging
    up. I want to break my phone as sometimes if it’s dark my phone will
    not turn back on so that I can end my call or put someone on speaker or
    even answer another incoming call, ARG! It works better in super bright
    rooms but it worked fine before the update.

    My battery life is worse than before and I have almost all of the
    Google apps disabled except maps. The power saver always kicks on
    automatically when your battery gets low, which is more than annoying
    and there is no way to disable it.

    The 4X1 people widget is now gone and there is no way to make the
    other two fit to it’s old size. I don’t want to waste a whole or half a
    screen on people link access.

    The background wallpaper no longer moves when you swipe between each
    home-screen like it used to. So the image always stays static in the
    background and old wallpapers which were made to scroll are messed up.

    The new “Battery Use” power options are horrible. There is no real way
    to tell which apps are using your battery as the percentages don’t
    equal 100% and they removed the most important one, “Screen” which
    allowed you to see how long your screen has been on for?! They also
    removed standby usage option which would allow you to see how long your
    phone had no signal. So they basically handicapped the “Usage” power
    options and made them completely useless.

    The HTC Hub is gone along with the tons of ringtones, sounds, themes,
    etc. How are users supposed to download the flashlight and other HTC
    apps like the different calculators, word of the day, stopwatch, battery
    widget, etc? They forced us to use HTC Hub and now they remove it
    permanently? WTF?! The new update is so eclectic with many greens left
    over from previous sense versions mixed with the new blue color scheme.

    Many times since I updated my text messages refuse to send or send
    much later or never. Even with perfect signal I still have issues.
    Offline Google voice typing never seems to kick in when I have a crappy
    signal or no signal. The only way I could get it to work was by
    disabling 3G and WiFi? So what good is it?

    Typing always brings up a keyboard notification in the shade that
    keeps asking me which keyboard I want to use (input method), HTC Sense
    or Google Voice typing and it never goes away. Every time I start to
    type it pops up and then goes away when I’m done typing.

    The new sense keyboard a lot of the time misses words and spellings
    forcing me to go back and do it. The smiles are huge and there is no way
    to make them normal sized. And sometimes the mic icon on the default
    sense keyboard disappears and you can no longer do voice typing?! Only a
    reset I’ve found brings it back? This is extremely annoying! Not to
    mention some people are having sever keyboard distortion in which the
    keyboard is unrecognizable and unusable!

    The new voice-mail app is horrid and too bright. They constantly try
    to get you to accidentally click the monthly subscription to their
    transcription service. I want the old voice-mail app back. There is also
    a bug in which the screen goes black when listening to a message and
    all you can do is exit to get back to where you were?

    Various other bugs and issues include: You can no longer mute the
    phone while taking pictures for the shutter sound even when the phone is
    in silent mode. WiFi doesn’t work for some, I personally haven’t had
    this one. Many Bluetooth functions are now broken and no longer working
    as they did before the update such as controlling your phone from
    another device via Bluetooth (car, etc). I can no longer view my SD card
    as a drive when I have my USB cable connected which makes it annoying
    to transfer files and such. I’ve had some touch screen issues with the
    screen not recognizing touches similar to the folder touch bugs many
    have had in which the screen doesn’t detect the correct position for
    onscreen item selections. Adobe Flash Player can no longer be updated
    and it doesn’t even appear in the market anymore? The USB Debugging
    notification is persistent when a USB cable is connected even if the
    option is off!

    This will be my last HTC phone as this amount of bugs in a final
    release is crazy bad. I love my EVO but these issues are just too
    plaguing and serious. And I bet we don’t see an update to any of these
    for at least a few months if not LONGER! I just started this thread to
    get a list of the bugs started and that way perhaps we can get it to HTC
    to fix our phones, so here’s to hoping! I would stay away from HTC phones

    until they start getting their act back together!



    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      Hi 5th,

      Have you contacted the support team or your carrier about these issues yet? If not, you can contact our support team at http://www.htc.com/www/contact/email/

  • Sam Grant

    I would but there’s no way to review the one x+ on the facebook page or on this website!!! it’s a shame because i would give it 10/10

  • http://www.facebook.com/radiotrib Kevin Salt

    I thought the people at HTC might like to hear this story.

    I have always bought HTC phones because I like the handsets and I like HTC Sense, but since this most recent incident I have even more reason to buy their phones.

    A few months back I was working on my hotrod VW beetle, and my brand new HTC One-X slipped down between the engine and the firewall, into the cooling fan (turning at about 4000 RPM the time), flew out of the fan and finally smashed against the firewall and the top of the gearbox. Needless to say, it was pretty well written off.

    On the way home, later in the day, I got into my regular car, and after a moment the radio reported a bluetooth connection with my One-X and then proceeded to play music from the phone, which it continued to do for about the next 15 minutes, until it finally gave up. During that time I also checked my phone functionality… It wouldn’t dial out, but it still was able to report my call statistics and search my contacts list …

    Yes, even after going through the proverbial blender, my one-X refused to die … Pretty rugged eh ?? …

    The damage forced the guts of the phone out, but the only damage to the polycarbonate case was a sharp groove where the fan blade hit it full force, and that was more of a blemish than a cut .. the rest of the case
    was pretty much 100% intact.

    I’m definitely going to use HTC in the future. They’re still the best and most useable phones I know, but now I can say they’re probably the only phones that stands any chance of surviving life with me …

    It’s just a pity that I’m going to have to wait another 15 months before I can get another one 🙁 … my subscription is for 2 years …

    All I can say to that, is that it’s a good job I still have my faithful old Desire as a backup …

    Well done HTC … and thanks …

    Don’t know how to upload the photo .. but believe me … it’s a mess … the photo (taken on my Desire) is available if anyone wants to see the condition of the phone as it was when it left the fan housing !!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jayantgtx590 Jayant Singh

    I love my htc one x, and i would like to buy another one of your devices this year (2013) . I suggest that you use the newly released TEGRA 4 in your next flagship.

  • Tommy Chen

    My first HTC phone was HTC Touch Pro 1 which I loved despite the limitations of Windows Mobile OS. From there I went to Touch Pro 2 which I still have today. Whenever I travel abroad, I would break it out to take with me so I can use the local sim card. Despite the gimmicky 3D and no world phone capability, I stuck with HTC and chose EVO 3D for my current phone. My sister, who was with HTC even longer than I (from HTC Mogul on), left HTC for Motorola Photon. While she is willing to come back, we both agree that HTC’s current decision to leave out microsd card storage from recent phones might be straw that breaks the camel’s back. HTC One X+ or M7, not worth it.

  • christopher neblett

    I love HTC Sence but buying the One X may have been a mistake this time around, I think Htc should pay close attention to this BLOG!!!!!! and re-think there so called security restrictions its definitely a big balls up. Here’s awaiting s-off.

  • Torsten Jahnke

    In short words: I’m so pissed because HTC locked the OneX so hard down. You can’t do nothing with this phone. In the past the philosophy of HTC was whatever you want to do with the phone you can do. But now? Keep the trash – never, never again such a crap!!!!!! I sell it and will move to SAMSUNG!!! When I want to spend a lot of money for a crap hardware where I can do nothing with it I will buy a IPhone!!! Die off and hard!!!!!!!!

  • radhoy

    HTC there are two thing you should do with the one series

    1- Return HTC HUB where we can download more Scense – Wallpapers – Skins….ETC

    2- Return the 3D effect which was gone After JB update or at least give us option to tuirn it (On-Off)

    also HTC you should consider in future android devices the following

    1- Make better battery

    2- Add external Memories card options like other companies out there

    3- Make More Exclusive Applications for HTC


  • Deborah Blanc

    I have a HTC One X which I got last July. All was fine until around October / November last year when I started having issues with the screen. It would freeze or jitter. I needed to reboot to get it operational until last week when not even this helped. Have since been replaced with another handset, but still experiencing a problem. Is this common? Is it due to a faulty batch or something with a software update.

  • Don P.

    I have a thunderbolt, only complaint is I can’t
    hear callers as well as I would like to. I don’t know what the Ics is or if it would be better or not. Overall, I am happy. I’ve learned to relax and enjoy life, be happy with what you have. It took three heart attacks to me to learn patience.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ib.idjj Ib Idjj

    The whole world has been expecting HTC to seriously consider making a high end 4″ 720p (or around 720p) smartphone. The Desire X started well and it can be turned into a very high end product in 2013!!!!!

  • Denis Jović

    Shame on HTC. I’m going to keep recommending people around to be cautious, because HTC One X obviously can’t be bought, only rented. Voiding the warranty by unlocking the bootloader is a complete joke.What’s even greater joke is that you’re trying to rip people off by replacing the mainboard for even the slightest issue such as having to repartition the storage (which, by the way, is easily done having S-off). Give us S-off first, and then say that damages done caused by unlocking the phone may cause the warranty to be void. Give us S-off, and then create a discussion saying “My phone, my thoughts”.


  • http://evildevnull.com/thinktank/index.php?action=collapse;c=14;sa=collapse;d227fb2388ec=9e8bb86861f0686e54bcbaae99929bbd#c14 George Leon

    I *WAS* a loyal HTC customer from the days of the Blue Angel. Yep, that long ago & all the way to the One X+. However, after seeing the travesty of the One X update fisaco for users in the U.S., I have moved over to Samsung, a company I once disliked nearly as much as that fake sellout firm in Cupertino.

    HTC, you post polls & surveys, yet you only seem to listen to the tiny percentage of noisy bloggers that hate anything that isn’t pure Android. You saw the polls that were 10 to 1, showing that people wanted you to expand on the Sense ecosystem. Yet you kill off popular apps & widgets & you start stripping usefulness out of your devices. I got news for you, most that choose HTC do so partly BECAUSE of Sense. If I wanted a device that looked & functioned just like every Nexus device, in mediocrity, I would have become an iPhone user.

    Stop your half baked push into the content world, nobody wants, HTC Watch, & bring back the useful & well done things like the HTC gReader app, or HTC eReader with the MyShelf widget. Use common sense & if you are going to sell devices that may as well be hermetically sealed, then make sure they have ample memory & battery capacity.

    More than anything else however, you HAVE to take control of the update process. This waiting six months for an update that is 3 versions behind current Android releases has ruined your reputation. Samsung may take time with their updates, but they push it worldwide via Kies. You release nice devices, then forget about them as fast as you released them. The S2 & Vivid were released at the same time & the Vivid is now an unsupported device in regards to updates, while Samsung updates the S2 & even older devices. Customer service includes updates & nothing is more important than standing behind your product & providing best in class service. You’ve left too many devices dangling in the wind, stranding loyal customers with outdated firmware.

    And DON’T lie to the community. You will just make waves to big for you to swim in & won’t be able to handle the backlash. Don’t send SCUMBAG lawyers after community activists. If you want something, contact them in PERSON, communicate like decent people do, because sending lawyers is a hostile act & pick your battles. Maybe you do own the logo, but when you attack a community contributor, especially one that is active duty military, you are begging for negative press & big time community backlash.

  • Kevin Kearney

    Another HTC customer unhappy with the direction they have taken. Another enthusiast pushed to Nexus for my next device. I have bought my last three HTC phones outright and rooted them and de-sensed them and installed roms and launchers that made them great phones. Many of my friends and work colleagues have bought HTC phones on my recommendation. Never again! The last person to ask me for advice now owns a GSIII. Also knowing that these hundreds of similar stories will be ignored and treated with the same contempt as customers claiming warranty repairs, leaves me feeling angry. What happened to the trail blazing phone manufacturer of just a few years ago.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      Hi Kevin,

      is there a specific issue you have with a phone that i can follow up on for you?

  • Jimmy Buigues

    lower sense down, dont over lay it so much, get some stock google onto it like motorola devices! give us more features, make our ui more futuristic next level! sense back in the day was very good, now it’s really out dated… please change it alot:-(

  • Denise Birckbichler

    I am having a problem (never had before) with trying to upload my pictures to FACEBOOk..I have looked at all the settings. nothing says anything about preventing it or blocking it. It started Friday night. I have reset my phone..Uninstalled and reinstalled Facebook. with no luck..Please help me!

  • http://www.liberallyconservative.com/ Don Anastas

    I have the HTC Evo V 4g and it runs
    consistently warm on the backside, plugged in or not. Sitting unplugged
    for 10 hours unused the battery was down to 4% and the phone was still
    warm. The battery life is terrible and I optimize it with a task killer
    app, run on intermediate mode to save battery life with battery saver
    app. And why would the phone always run warm?

  • http://www.facebook.com/stylenpunk Aamir Ahmed

    Instead of solving the phone problems and updating the software of the present phones……HTC is launching new phones!!!!!! there is a sim detection problem on htc one x plus…it stops detecting every hour or so!!!i have to keep restarting the phone…..

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      Hi Aamir,

      Sorry you are having an issue with your One X+, I used a One X+ on AT&T for quite a while and never experienced this issue. Did you contact our support team for assistance?

      • http://www.facebook.com/vswwsv2 Valerie Bounds

        I am experiencing the same issue, and I have been told it i a common one for the HTC One X. I was given a new SIM, a new SIM tray, and now I’m trying to have it sent in for repairs. I hope HTC is able to resolve this issue, other than that- I absolutely adore my HTC phone.

  • udeep joshi

    hey will there be an update for htc trophy 7 windows phone to update windows 7.8????

  • Tamsin

    I am so attached to my HTC desirez with slide out querty keyboard, that I am actually not going to upgrade to a touch screen. Although all smartphones are going this way the tactile keyboard is much more userfriendly and I hope HTC will still make a model with the new technology and with a keyboard. Holding out for a while still, even though my phone is dented and slowed up, I would prefer it to a new touch screen. Thanks htc, you guys rock..

  • Okey

    I need help my Otg cable did not work on my htc evo view 4g

  • http://zexxesthemercurian.blogspot.com/ Zexxes Mercurian

    I think people who come to this blog need to note the kind of comments HTC respond to. It seems to me from what I am seeing, they only respond when you have a defined hardware issue or you want to say something nice about their phones.

    If you have questions or are angry about promised updates or the lack thereof? You hear nothing but crickets. Wanna vent about S-off and the, what I consider to be the biggest blatant corporate lie ever, company sanctioned and supplied, warranty backed boot loader unlocking? You didn’t really believe that, did you? Ohhh….so gullible.

    But the absolute worst thing HTC has done is abandon development of perfectly capable phones. And then wonder why their market share and stock prices are tanking. I’m being nice with that. Because at this rate of free fall if they keep to their current policies and flawed strategies I predict HTC being gobbled up by some larger entity within 3 years, tops.

    My HTC Evo 3D will be my first and last HTC phone. I am proud to say that I have personally talked at least a 50 people out of buying an HTC phone and conversations of discouragement for many many more. I feel as long as their is notion that corporate will and greed is more important than customer satisfaction then our only recourse is to hit them where it hurts. Profits.

    Are you listening Mr. Meadows? Anybody?

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      Hi Zexxes,

      I htink if you go look at our comments you will see we respond to a wide variety with any accurate information we have. It seems you have a lot of questions so I will do my best to address:

      The best information I can point you to related to updates is a new articlefrom Gizmodo (http://gizmodo.com/5987508/why-android-updates-are-so-slow) that outlines what all companies go through. We shared much information about updates and spent months responding to comments with the most up-to-date and accurate information we had.

      As for S-Off, you are correct, our phones ship S-On. We do provide you tools for unlocking the bootloader through HTCDev.com, along with a host of other resources for developers.

      Based on your comment, It seems you may have an issue with your Evo 3D, do you have a support number I can follow up on for you?

  • Zakaria Mintu

    My htc Chacha is not supporting Bangla fonts..
    Pls tell me the solution…

  • FMRazorbacks

    I need help and hoping someone can shed some light on this. I have the Windows Phone 8x and love it. However, the front facing camera option has been disabled. Not sure what app did it, but the 4th button that allows you to switch between front facing and back facing is GONE! I’ve tried uninstalling all the different camera apps I’ve downloaded, but still nothing. I tried the reset camera option in Settings, no good. I don’t want to hard reset the phone – if I don’t have to. Surely there is someway to bring this option back without a hard reset.

  • nana

    i forget my password plz help me:((

  • http://www.facebook.com/rachel.vanbeelen Rachel Andersen

    Which HTC mobiles have a Blue tick please?

  • michael

    I have the onex + and the bottom keypads are not working

  • proudlove

    Head phone control buttons,which app should I use?
    For the new HTC one.

  • michael

    anyone help me please,,,,i want arabic language in my htc desire s,but the phone does not support it,,and i want to know if it’s able where can i find the arabic software and download it and how can i install it in the phone,,guide or something,,because htc missed to add it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=593329471 Ariel Bleicher

    HTC, you suck…
    Sorry it had to come to this, but it’s the truth. I am a semi proud owner of an HOX, this is my third htc device, starting with the excellent nexus 1, advancing to the great DHD, and now the HOX. I’m not talking about the questionable build quality, the problematic antennas or the egg frying overhearing capabilities… I’m talking about still being stuck with an ICS Rom because of you’re decision not to allow s-off or super cid to your Israeli customers. Even though you know about the problematic Israeli HTC importer THOUCHGROUP, you will have nothing to do with it… Thanks a bunch!

  • http://www.facebook.com/arthur.ezeh.10 Arthur Ezeh

    It looks like my post keeps disappearing

  • Prateek Mittal


    I gave my phone for repairing on 14th May. The phone was off. No power.

    after calling them for number of times, they told me to collect the
    phone. Its been 11 days now. They said that the battery is changed and
    the phone is working fine.

    They took 11 days just to change the battery.

    when i collected the phone, the sim card was not getting detected,
    speaker was not working fine and now the network issue with the phone.
    The network is not stable. I have to restart again and again to get the

    This kind of pathetic service has been provided to
    me. I have called the no. 18002663566 twice. The issue was escalated
    but there was no response from anyone.

    The floor supervisor Mr Benedict was shouting on me for the same.

    disappointed with HTC. I found many customers with the same reaction
    and hence we decided to call the media and report the issue for the