Congratulations — It’s 10:08 at HTC


Wow, what a fun night.  It was 7:08 PM in Everett, Washington but it was 10:08 at HTC!  Craig Van Hook, a network test engineer by day and bass player in the Everett-based band “Ri3″ by night, was at practice Wednesday evening when we interrupted the music to present Craig with a brand new HTC One S.

A long-time HTC customer and Washington resident, Craig was certainly shocked to find out he was getting a new phone, emblazoned with 10:08 on the box, to replace his current Amaze 4G.

Now the question shifts – “What happens NEXT at 10:08 at HTC?” Does Abdullah get his bubble party?  Does someone experience Beats Audio for the first time?  Does the clock strike 10:09 sixty seconds later?

Looking at our own HTC team, does our VP Greg Fisher take another flight to Taiwan? Does John Starkweather take a nap under his desk?  Perhaps Darren Krape sings Karaoke or Charl Pearce goes kayaking.  Let us know what you think (and congratulations Craig).

So, what happens at 10:08 at HTC?

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  1. avatar Craig Van Hook says:

    Hmm I’m not sure that pic is right…in real life I look more like a cross between The Hoff and someone from a teenage vampire movie. But fuzzier. Must be the lighting or something…

    Thanks guys…great experience. Now I just gotta activate that darn micro sim : – )

  2. avatar Janet Janet says:

    What a fun thing to do for your customers. Congrats to Craig & the others who have had 10:08 surprises sprung on them. :-)

  3. avatar Smoker0_o says:

    I wish that I had a new htc :( congrats and enjoy 

  4. avatar Paulo Almeida says:

    Next 10:08 I’m pretty sure #One of two things will happen. Either I’ll get greeted with an One X (which I currently cannot afford, since I’m on sick leave recovering from major surgery and treatment due to a thyroidal cancer) to replace my Desire HD, or ICS for Desire HD is released to bring a new life to my device, so it’ll look a new device to me all together.
    Either way, thank you HTC!!

  5. avatar Carol Taylor says:

    you can send me a phone to try ot i am with cricket right now i like the htc my friends have that phone and they love it

  6. Next 10:08, I’ll get an e-mail from HTC saying my EVO 4G LTE is in the mail. It’s HTC’s wonderful software that’s got me interested in programming in not only Android, but for computers, like Windows and Linux. Now I’m on track to become a computer scientist and software programmer as well. 

  7. the next 10:08 in boza al i get a new One S to replace my HTC Phone lol

  8. avatar Neil Eddy says:

    Next at 10.08 i am working hard at soccerworlduk with my kids football leagues & HTC comes in & gives me a new HTC ONE so i can text all the kids there fixtures in style after making a great success of our kids 5-a-side football league. Thus replacing my htc hd2 even though it is still an amazing phone.

  9. avatar Chris says:

    10:08? my rezound gets some ICS love with Sense 4.0. 3.6 is nice, but we all know the hardware on the rezound can handle the “stripped down” sense 4.0. Come on HTC make it happen.

  10. avatar Teji Gill says:

    i love my sensation xe but i would not mind if u send me one x

  11. avatar Christina Brundick says:

    congrats,lucky guy! Love my Status but would love a upgrade even more!

  12. avatar Matt Awang says:

    I don’t have anything at 10.08 to tell.But it happened a week ago when I was at a shopping mall.The story went by at the cashier when I took out my HTC One X from my pocket it showed 1234, I was surprised and said to myself how could it happened to the best phone ever and spontaneously asked the cashier what was the time then by looking at my phone. The cashier answered me it was1234.I was ashamed of myself for not being particular.I left the cashier and lol. 

  13. avatar Mark Davidoff says:

    Still loving my HTC HD2 with Android hacked onto it :D

  14. avatar Stuart James says:

    please if your thinking of giving away a HTC then i would be very grateful for one as ive had 2 stolen  in last 3 months.  only covered damage and loss..  now ive brought a HTC explorer ..

  15. avatar Eloren9922 says:

    He needs a haircut.

  16. avatar John-Gunnar Nielsen Kristianse says:

    July 3rd at approximately 10:08 My girlfriend and I will be at the doctor’s, doing ultrasound and looking at our first baby. It’s amazing, and I’m so happy I could burst :D

    (In all fairness, our appointment is 09:50, but I’m quite sure we’ll be watching our baby both before, during and after 10:08 this day :P )

  17. avatar Ronakmehta says:

    work starts at 10:08 at HTC n EOD at 10:08… i know this is not d ryt ans.

  18. avatar Ronakmehta says:

    work start at 10:08 at HTC n EOD at 10:08

  19. avatar Kerry Coleman says:

    going to go ahead and join the others here in saying that I am still using my HD2 with Android…

    I have: HeroCDMA, Evo Shift, Evo 3D, Kyocera Echo, Some other random Android phone, and played with the HTC One series phones at the local store…

    Conclusion? Still back on my HD2 and not planning on getting another phone… the HD2 is a work of art… still most active Development, if the HD2 where to get a camera button, not lose the 5 buttons on the bottom (I like my call/hand up tyvm), get a bigger battery, and newer screen tech (same size, give me 1280×800 or something else 16:10 aspect ratio, ill pass on NARROW SCREEN 16:9) and innards and adopt android… well… Id buy that phone…

    To sum it up:
    Only flaw for the HD2? its older… thats it…
    Give it a camera button
    Real power button
    Keep the 5 bottom buttons and sound buttons
    Newer screen (as described above)
    Dual or Quad core
    2GB ram

    Not going to happen I know, but I have a spare HD2 as backup for when/if this one breaks… LONG LIVE THE HD2!!!!!!!

  20. avatar Eloren9922 says:

    That dude needs to get a haircut.

  21. avatar Сергей Беляков says:

    update desire HD  with ICS!!!!!

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