HTC One S Comes to the United States


Last month we shared some of the great reviews the HTC One X is getting globally.  And now, the HTC Ones S is garnering similar praise, especially for the camera and design features, after it’s US release on T-Mobile.

From The Wall Street Journal to USA Today to Engadget and The Verge, The One S camera and design features continue to impress industry experts.   Read the reviews about the phone TechnoBuffalo called “one of our favorite Android Devices yet.”

Or better yet, check out the One S for yourself  – at T-Mobile in the United States or check here for availability in other regions.  Already own an HTC smartphone?  Click here to review your phone and tell us what you think.

What the experts are saying:

“The One’s camera is a real draw. Its software is deceptively simple, only displaying the buttons or options that are needed at any given moment.”

Katherine Boehret, Wall Street Journal (Full Review)

“The HTC One S is appealing aesthetically and functionally. The gradient blue hardware is made out of an aluminum unibody frame. It weighs 4.3 ounces and is less than one-third of an inch thick. I’m impressed with its 4.3-inch Super Amoled touch-screen and the way the phone feels in my hand.”

Ed Baig, USA Today (Full Review)

“…whether you’re taking pictures while recording 1080p video at 30fps (in stereo with continuous AF), snapping HDR shots or stitching panoramas, the One S delivers…”

Myriam Joire, Engagdet (Full Review)

“The One S is among those rare few phones whose design moves the whole mobile industry forward.”

Vlad Savov, The Verge (Full Review)

“The Android ecosystem is made up of some amazing devices, but when it comes to performance – the HTC One S takes the crown.”

Nick Gray, Android and Me (Full Review)

“HTC’s One S is a beautifully designed Android phone with an awful lot going for it. The phone is thin and light, with a modern, premium-feeling design. It has impressive performance, a phenomenal camera and great battery life to boot.”

JR Rapheal, Computerworld (Full Review)

“The HTC One S is a spiffy, speedy little mid-size smartphone. Its lightness and super customizable OS make it a solid upgrade for those familiar with Android and a reasonable entry point for the computer-literate, first-time smartphone buyer.”

Jason Gilbert, Huffington Post (Full Review)

“The HTC One S is a very solid, very pretty, and very fast Android smartphone, one of the best and most enjoyable I’ve ever tested.”

James Pikover, IGN (Full Review)

“I am absolutely blown away by the One S in terms of design and build. This smartphone sets the bar for flagship devices in 2012, and I doubt many phones will even approach the One S this year.”

Zach Epstein, BGR (Full Review)

“There’s an amazing multi-shot feature that allows a user to simply hold down the shutter button in order to capture images in rapid fire. When you’re done shooting, you can choose to save just one image or keep the whole batch in an album. I love this option.”

Todd Haselton, TechnoBuffalo (Full Review)

“What is an improvement on previous HTCs is the camera…. With its dedicated HTC Imaging chip and a new, backside-illuminated sensor, the One S significantly raises its game.”

Vincent Nguyen, SlashGear (Full Review)

“HTC’s new One S, however, is an Android phone with a distinct personality: it’s seriously sleek and has an exceptionally good camera.”

Harry McCracken, Time (Full Review)

“It’s beautiful and rock solid—super thin at 7.8-mm, and light at 119.5 grams, with smooth edges and a brushed aluminum body.”

Brent Rose, Gizmodo (Full Review)

“I haven’t enjoyed reviewing a smartphone in quite some time, and the combination of the fantastic hardware and software on the HTC One S made it a pleasure.”

Marc Flores, Know Your Cell (Full Review)

“HTC’s ImageChip, alongside their already impressive camera app and the camera enhancements found in Android 4.0 bring the One S closer to a high-end point and shoot than I have seen in a smartphone that wasn’t specifically designed to be a camera before.”

Russell Holly, (Full Review)

“I guarantee you, this is by far the best camera we’ve ever used on an Android device.”

Joe Sirianni, Talk Android (Full Review)

“All in all, the One S is a fantastic phone and has plenty of reasons to gain your adoration.”

Sydney Myers, Phonedog (Full Review)

“It has all the right dimensions, a comfortable weight, a premium feel in the hand, and a stunning design. It’s rather quick for an Android phone, and comes loaded with tons of fun software.  I give it a fly.”

Jordan Crook, TechCrunch (Full Review)

“Mobile photogs and Instagram mongers should have the One S (or One X) on their wish list. HTC’s ImageSense technology is a stunning feat in mobile camera development that’s capable of some amazing tricks.”

Alex Bracetti, Complex Tech (Full Review)

“The HTC One S looks good, feels good, and runs Android 4.0 out of the box. It’s our favorite new powerhouse smartphone on T-Mobile.”

Jamie Lendino, PC Mag (Full Review)

32 Responses to “HTC One S Comes to the United States”

  1. avatar Vasilis P. says:

    why dont you mention the reasons of not selling the black version yet? I would assume if everything was fine with it, it would launch the same time as the grey one.


  2. I still would prefer MicroSD Card Slot. 

  3. avatar Craig Hughes says:

    A phone must have a SD card slot before i even think of buying it.

  4. Das One s ist nun mein fünftes HTC in folge, nicht weil die anderen defekt waren sondern ich gehört zu den verrückten die immer das neue haben wollen. Das One S ist für mich das beste was ich je hatte. Das es keine microSD hat ist mir egal. Ich lager eh alles online und ich nutze Google Plus (Business) mit 30GB für 4,50 Euro pro Monat. Das One S ist bei mir der dreh und Angelpunkt für Online Verbindungen und Foto. Meine Nikon P7100 (mit EYE-FI Karte) ist mit dem One S per WLAN verbunden. Jedes gemachte Foto wird direkt ans One S gesendet. Hier noch mal kurz Nacharbeiten (mit der HTC Software) und wenn mann will direkt online Einstellen oder später direkt an das Netbook Senden. Ich liebe das One S, ich habe es jetzt set er ersten Woche der Erscheinung und habe noch nicht einen Fehler finden können. Ich möchte mal behaupten, Das HTC hier ganze Arbeit geleistet hat. Glückwunsch…

  5. No sd card slot, not possible to change battery on your own, and 5 HOURS BATTERY LIFE??? AYFKM?

  6. sir i want that smartphone price.

  7. avatar Sreerag V R says:

    please launch one s in India.

  8. avatar ho siu says:

    When will HTC One S available in Hong Kong?

  9. When will HTC one S available in Singapore

  10. avatar Mohit Shah says:

    When will HTC one S available in

  11. When will HTC One S be available in Singapore

  12. avatar Sahil Shah says:

    This is the “one” I was waiting for.And still waiting here in India.:(

  13. avatar Santanu Brahma says:

    HTC just wasting too much time to release this one S and one XL.. but thy already did lots of marketing.. so we are waiting for it.. but after long wait nothing we get… Frustrating things…

  14. avatar Aashish Shaun says:

    When is it coming to india…???



  17. avatar Aldrin Munoz says:

    will a verizon version of this phone come out

  18. avatar Aldrin Munoz says:

    and when

  19. whn in India…?

  20. I finally retired my HTC Google Nexus One for the HTC One S, amazing work!  I am so happy that I have another sleek well engineering phone from HTC since the competitors phones are so bulky.  Thank you thank you thank you!

  21. avatar Rushit Parekh says:

    HTC One S available in India – Mumbai – Rs. 28,500…

    • where exactly? because ive tried croma n a few other stores and they havent even heard of it yet. even the htc customer care failed to provide me with proper date of availability. can u please tell me where i can get this phone, as i need it fast.

  22. When is at Indonesia?

  23. i really like it..when it is available in india? how much will be for this? any way i need this phone.

  24. avatar Matt Awang says:

    No word to say but only bravo for HTC & Uncle S!am

  25. avatar Jenny David says:

    Dear Mr. Harlin, I love my new HTC One S, but still would like to understand why is it missing the footprint feature, like the HTC Sensation has? The App called “Locations” is not in the phone and can’t be downloaded through Play Store. That is very disapointing!

  26. avatar Alexander Rivkin says:

    I am very disappointing to, I love footprint feature!

    Miss advertisement about “Locations”. And Director of Public relations don’t even want
    to respond on that.

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