Realize Your Smartphone’s Business Potential with HTCpro

As John Starkweather pointed out last week, the improvements made in wireless networks and devices have made smartphones an integral part of our day. For instance, you might leave your laptop at home for a weekend away, but how often do you, or anyone you know, take off without your phone? Such demand has placed smartphones like the HTC Sensation and Evo among the best-selling mobile devices. Of course, we’re already seeing the HTC One joining the ranks of top-selling phones around the world. Personally, beyond all its design appeal, I’ve found my HTC One S increasingly indispensable throughout my day — not just for playing “Angry Birds Space” or checking email during meetings.

The same HTC Sense user experience that provides access to music, streaming media and social networks has also proven beneficial for getting work done and powering customized business apps. The smartphone’s appeal for personal and professional use has led to a phenomenon within the office known as “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD, for short).

Having such instant access to personal and work-related content is a true time-saver for individuals, but occasional security and compatibility issues make it a bit of a mixed bag for IT administrators. That’s where HTCpro comes in.

While HTC focuses on creating the best mobile experiences, HTCpro helps business and IT leaders understand the business potential of these devices that are commonly mis-perceived as insecure or “rogue.” We can provide guidelines for securely leveraging powerful smartphones, such as the One X, in the workplace, as well as access to business apps from HTC solution partners.

If you’ve yet to join the growing ranks of smartphone owners, we’ll offer guidance on a range of business-ready HTC devices that will meet your personal and professional needs. So whether you’re an IT administrator or business exec, mobile power user or still learning the basics, HTCPro is here to help you get more out of your smartphone investment and be more productive at work.

The HTCpro team will do its best to blog about topics that keep you up to speed on the latest trends, developments and mobile technologies—and don’t hesitate to tell us if there’s something specific you’d like to hear about. Occasionally, we’ll feature guest posts from some of our industry solution partners about the work they’re doing to help you be more productive on your HTC device.

So whether you use your phone solely for personal use, for work or a mix of both, check out the redesigned HTCpro website, where you’ll find a variety of business use cases, details about the mobile solutions that HTCpro is creating in conjunction with our partners, and access to HTC development resources for creating your own custom apps.

  • http://twitter.com/neekun Bryan

    Good article! This is what I need to know as a Security Administrator.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mdminhajuddin Minhaj Uddin

    does it have any HTC proprietary apps which can be installed on HTC phones to access the secured network like citrix or RDA ? is this related to dropbox & google drive for shared drive access ?

  • CGentileschi

    If you are going to have a site called HTCPro and gear it towards business professionals who use and rely on their mobile devices, should you not make the site mobile-friendly? Just had a look at this new site on my Sensation 4G and it is barely usable. I would also say that all of HTC’s web properties in general need to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Why is this not the case already??

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Desmond-Lee/741321984 Desmond Lee

    When I started with HTC as my biz smart phone a few  years ago with the first model I own, Diamond HTC, I commented aggresively that HTC is selling price is too expensive (US1,000.00) right directly in HTC blog but everyone turn a deaf ear to my comment. That was the time HTC never control the phone price in Malaysia. And the worst windows mobile 6.5 the worst OS i every own. Now Samsung, Apple and etc is emerging in so cheap. And the best is Apple Iphone control price globally, HTC is too late. No matter now many feature you added and how cheap you are people already moved to other smart phone. Everyone now is benchmark phone price against Iphone price.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=536296597 Tim Thomas

    I cant even get HTC to fix my volume button, a 5 cent part. My battery take hours upon hours to charge and the phone keeps downloading updates and and freezing the software. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/harry.p.williams Harry Paul Williams

      return 2 factory settins

  • http://www.facebook.com/lanqiushou Jim Teng

    In my opinion, laptop dock like Motorola Atrix is definitely necessary. Or, composition with phone, pad and notebook like Asus PadFone. But you can do better. You can connect phone and pad/laptop dock wirelessly with WHDI or WIDI, such we can place the phone in my pocket and just hold a pad/laptop in hands.

  • http://www.facebook.com/harry.p.williams Harry Paul Williams

    how do i root desire s

  • http://www.facebook.com/justforu.negi Deepak Negi

    i have htc legend i buyed it in 2010 and it’s more then 2 years still it’s battery rocks giving very good back up and last more then a day

    but now i m facing touch issue with it as it’s gorrila glass get broken and it is unavailbe to fix it in my area so sad

  • Cuauhtemoc Nieto

    I am still using the HTC Touch PRO 2 for my professional business needs.
    It is slow, but with WM 6.5 and Win Office Mobile 10 it has everything a serious professional needs (not a teen doing social networking and multimedia, which this is also able to do to a certain extent).
    It has been perfect for me.

    Well, the time will come when not even at eBay this phone will be available.

    Can someone recommend a similar Android phone?? specially if it has a physical keyboard??

    I already tried the Windows Phone 7 and it is just impossible. It does what it wants, no what I need. No access to the file system, forced to save documents to the cloud, no Google apps, etc. I wanted to love ’em but it just did not work.

    To the tech professionals: what about Android running on top of Java; was not this supposed to be bad?? slow because of being “translated” or “interpreted”??.

    Please help.

  • Rai Shahzad

    Please Inform, when updates comes out for Butterfly 4.1 to 4.2 jellybean??

  • Carmelo

    Hello I recently purchased a HTC one X and I must say that I am very well. I noticed immediately that the fluidity and multimedia are top notch, great camera and Beats audio for headphones but I must also say that the sound for music without headphones leaves a bit to be desired also can improve the style customization of characters or icons in the notification bar and add a toolbar of the main functions such as wireless, screen brightness or timeout etc etc … Finally I wanted to point out the most important thing that the Android operating system updates should occur simultaneously with the other top smartphones, see Galaxy S3 or LG optimus, I’m still at 4.1.1 while the others have already received 4.1.2 this means the negative effects to the image of your company that I did from school at all.