HTCDev Celebrates Windows Phone 8


One of the great things about working at HTC is the privilege of attending announcements like the Windows Phone Developer Summit last week in San Francisco.  Of course, from the developer perspective, we’re extremely excited about Windows Phone 8 and the opportunities it will bring to the smartphone market.  As explained to HTC by Joe Belfiore last week, Microsoft is delivering a lot of highly sought after features to the platform, which will make a much richer experience for developers creating apps for the Windows Phone 8 platform; especially a shared core between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 as the center piece.

And this is only the beginning, as Windows Phone 8 and new devices are delivered later this year, we see a tremendous opportunity for the development community to either build new apps or extend existing solutions to this new platform.

So, developers of the world, tell us – what are you most excited about with Windows Phone 8? What apps do you want to see built or do you plan to create?

18 Responses to “HTCDev Celebrates Windows Phone 8”

  1. I am really exciting about WP8.
    In my opinion the NFC ability is one of the best features (e.g. for remote contol apps ).


    • avatar Leigh says:

      Absolutely, Daniel! They had a neat demo at the event of some of the real world use cases for NFC, it definitely got the imagination going.

  2. I’m super excited.

  3. I’m excited about WP8 but want to see HTC bring in some quality Windows Phones in the market.

  4. I’m mostly excited about the minimalistic focus of WP8, and I would like to see HTC do something crazy awesome with this. I for one am tired of charging my phone every night or second day, and I have faith in HTC to provide a phone that lasts a while :)

    • avatar Leigh says:

      Thanks Emil! Metro definitely has a clean, slick, and simple feel to it. I really love it.  Can’t wait for you to see the HTC WP8 handsets, think you’ll love it :)

  5. avatar Michael Neal says:

    HTC, PLEASE make another device better than Nokia (HTC Titan II). I dont want to buy a nokia!

    • avatar Oliver Mills says:

      Why not Michael? I love HTC but think Nokia’s phones look amazing too. It’s not like they’re forcing you to buy a BlackBerry…

  6. avatar Ernie Young says:

    I hope the HTC Arrive gets Windows 8!  Love my current HTC Arrive, especially the extremely functional keyboard option!

  7. avatar Suraj Aiir says:

    when will we get windows 8 and can we update windows phone 7.5 to 8?

  8. avatar Suraj Aiir says:

    when will we get windows phone 8 and can we update windows phone 7.5 to 8?

  9. avatar Stefan Berg says:

     oh man…i´ve watched the wp8 summit…it´s very interesting…okay…it´s to good to believe…everytime when the rollout began, ms give not all to us…
    so…we will see when it comes…and than we will decide…
    and htc…please…show some new phones…not like the “one”-series…also every phone looks like the other…it´s boring…
    and a little touch of colors on the body…

  10. avatar Bradley Panida says:

    Will the existing owners of HTC Windows phones get the updated welcome screen made available to them? TIA

  11. avatar Ajay Dada says:

    yeah its really good, if windows 8 support flash player and blue tooth file transfer then it is one of the best os for smartphone world..

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