Making Sense of HTC Sense

We love technology.  And we know that at the heart of great technology are great ideas and customer input.  That’s why we spend hundreds of hours every year working with customers like you, to better understand how you use your smartphone.  It’s this research that fuels many of the thoughtful ideas at the heart of HTC Sense.  In fact, it’s what makes a smartphone an HTC smartphone.

We look at everything from how you make phones calls or use navigation, to the features and apps you use most often.  Then we go even deeper, looking at how you personalize your home screens and what widgets you use (or ask for).  Why?  Because we know that your smartphone is a uniquely personal device that represents you.

Our goal is to better understand how you set up your phone for work, weekends, and even vacations.  This understanding allows us to deliver a tool that you can use daily; easily moving between preferences based on where you are and what you’re doing.  Everything we learn from our research plays a key role in what’s ultimately delivered in the products you choose.

After all, that’s really what counts, right?  The smartphone you use every day, for work and play, is thoughtfully crafted, easy to use, and designed to meet your needs.

However, we also know many of you have questions about HTC Sense:

  • “Why have you added more software to my phone?”
  • “Why don’t you just sell phones with the stock operating system?”
  • “Doesn’t HTC Sense just take up memory on my phone?”

These are some of the more common questions we see in forums and in our social communities.  Usually, these questions are specifically related to the software UI (user interface) on our phones commonly known as ‘Sense.’

Are we adding software to the operating system?  Actually, the answer is yes and no. In some cases we make additions, in others we replace applications entirely. This is all done in the interest of delivering the well-integrated experience we call HTC Sense.  And it’s an approach to software development we review regularly and that continues to evolve.

Our goal is to make the experience of using an HTC smartphone easier and more enjoyable than any other smartphone. Complete with more robust visuals, more apps and more widgets.  With HTC Sense 4.0 we delivered the software and design we believe showcases the thoughtful approach we take in creating the phones you love.

But back to those questions, why do we put HTC Sense into these smartphones?  That’s precisely the focus for this series of blog articles over the next several weeks.  We want you to know the “why,” “how,” and “for what purpose” we deliver our products with HTC Sense.

Next week, we’ll begin by taking a closer look at a key feature called “Smart Dial.” After that we’ll dig into other features every week – active lockscreens, text reflow, task integration, e-mail and calendar, Car Mode, Beats Audio, and much more.

In the meantime, please talk to us and tell us what HTC Sense means to you.  What elements of HTC Sense do you want to know more about?

  • http://www.facebook.com/prudhivisekhar Prudhivi Sekhar

    would have been good if we were given option for changing fonts .

    • TrinNY

      I would like the ability to uninstall the apps that are pre-installed with Sense, more Scenes and Wallpapers, an unlock Wi-Fi widget that keeps my phone unlocked when I am on my home network. This is my third HTC phone but first with Sense I think I like it, but I would probably prefer a shell type app with the ability to install add-ons

  • http://www.facebook.com/augustotome Augusto Tomé

    Hi John, I have an Desire S at this moment, this is my third HTC phone, I was not lucky with the first one, it broken the screen at half and supposedly it was my fault (!?), any way, even so, I still love HTC smartphones, and also love Sense.
    I have a suggestion for you guys, it would be nice if you give the final user the possibility to remove some apps that for any reason don’t have any useful utility, I give you an example. My phone came with an app “Amazon MP3” and in Portugal, where I live, this service doesn’t  work, so I don’t need it. There some other apps in this situation. I understand you must place the app on the phones for every other markets, but you could give the user the possibility to remove it, without root the phone, because I don’t want to root my phone at this time. Thanks and I’m waiting your comments. Cheers.

    • John Starkweather

      This is good feedback, and something we’ve heard before. When we pre-install applications (such as Amazon MP3 in your case) we try and minimize the footprint (amount of storage used) as much as possible – and sometimes only installing little more than a link to download a full-size app. But still, on a device with limited storage every kilobyte counts. So we’re constantly trying to balance ‘the experience’ you get out of the box on your phone with storage realities. 

      But thank you for the feedback. It’s clear comments like this that make it easier for us to understand what customers want and then get that feedback into future product planning.

  • http://twitter.com/Lem4 Limor Barenholtz

    I actually have an HTC Desire HD for 2 years now, and I love it – With HTC Sense as a big part of the reason why!
    I’m the one my friends go to in order to solve problems or adjust settings on their devices, and I must say I havent yet met a system like the sense system. It does offer great elements that to me were intuitive, and when I tried other phones I really felt “stuck” without it. Many times I told my friends – I don’t know why your phone doesnt do this or that, mine does, it just came with it. 😛

    In short – The HTC Sense is one of the reasons I can’t even consider upgrading my phone to one that isn’t HTC.

  • http://webweenie.blogspot.com/ Stephen A.

    I’d prefer just to have the vanilla stock operating system. Adding the branding is what usually takes vendors like your company to delay upgrades. There is no need for this. Give us the updates as Google releases them and concentrate on making your hardware better; forget about applications. Shouldn’t be your focus.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tj.wall.5 Thomas J Wall

    I like HTC Sense; it is superior to stock Android, but I think you should release fewer still handsets and double-down your effort on getting OS updates out to end users.
    For example, I own the HTC Sensation on T-Mobile USA, and have since the first day it was commercially available in June of 2011.  Android 4.0 was announced and released last Fall, but I didn’t get it until May.  That’s just not quickly enough.
    Moreover, 4.1 is about to be released, and I know that if my phone even gets it at all, it won’t be until November at the earliest.  I’m no expert, but I think you could focus on tweaking and perfecting new OS version updates for older handsets more quickly if there were fewer devices.
    Maybe make one flagship for all carriers without allowing the carriers to tweak or customize it much, a la Samsung’s GS3 and the Apple iPhone?  Granted, that’s basically what you did in the United States with the One X and S, but with only one carrier partner each.  The EVO 4G LTE and Droid Incredible 4G LTE are still examples of situations where it seems like you could have (but didn’t) let Sprint and Verizon sell the One X and S, respectively, as they are, with very few changes other than the difference in cellular radios.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tj.wall.5 Thomas J Wall

      I just want to point out that I don’t think it’s wrong to cater to the
    different types of networks the carriers have (Ev-DO, LTE, HSPA+) when
    you release the final product, but they should have less say in the
    external hardware and software of the devices.  As well, you shouldn’t
    feel bad about making a mid-to-high-end phone like the One S in addition
    to the One X; not everyone needs their phone to be the biggest and brawniest available, and that’s just fine 🙂

  • Mitul Chittoory

    I’m using the Sensation XE which is a mind blowing device even with the Gingerbread on it. The HTC Sense makes the Android UI look a lot better but the only problem its got is that it keeps on restarting when you have a bunch of applications on your device which are not even running but whenever you close one. Please see through that and one more thing is that give the user the chance to resize the homescreen widgets because some of the widgets occupy a lot of space than necessary. Sony’s Xperia UI and HTC Sense are the best UIs of Android till date!

  • http://twitter.com/cb0gus A. B.

    Personally, I could live without HTC Sense. It’s just another layer on top of the OS, draining precious energy from the battery. The carrier then adds another layer of their  share of clutter and bloat to the phone, too. Omitting each of those, the next OS version could be made available in a much shorter timeframe because it “only” has to run on the hardware and not interact with another layer of software.

  • Hemakshu Sabharwal

    when will update of htc sense 4 will come on htc sensation xe in india

  • Gareth Neale

    In the future i’d like to see the option of de-sensing. That we people who like the hardware and quality of HTC devices and the openness and design of stock android can have devices they love to use.

  • http://twitter.com/undercoversmile Drops of Jupiter

    I used to love the fact that you respond to customers immediately.. I
    don’t know if it’s just me, or is your “Contact Us” page broken? I hope
    it will be fixed as soon as possible.

    Oh, and I love Sense! Hopefully, HTC finds a way such that it won’t take up so much memory though; especially since phones such as One S and One X do not even have expandable memory.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

       Hi Drops,

      First off, please accept my apologies for challenges you are having getting a response.  Is there a specific issue you are having you need support for?

      Thanks for the kind words on HTC Sense.  I’m confident you will find the experience with HTC Sense on the One series of phones. 

  • Stephen Fofanoff

    I like HTC products, and love my Sensation 4G (my first HTC phone), but echo the frustration of not getting Android updates quickly enough. It makes me want an unlocked Nexus as my next device simply so I can enjoy the newest features as they become available.

    My other major concern is the inability to uninstall apps (like Facebook) from my phone because they are required system apps in Sense 4.0. I don’t have Facebook (and I know a lot of other people who are leaving Facebook as well) over privacy concerns. There are several apps bundled in as system apps that I don’t think are necessary and just drain resources on the phone.

    I agree that being able to turn HTC Sense on or off could be a very cool option. Perhaps a “dual boot” mode that allows the phone to boot up using the full HTC Sense experience or the vanilla Android OS would allow you to push upgrades to the Android operating system immediately (the vanilla boot option), while still allowing HTC phones (and their users) the ability to experience the richer HTC Sense UI if they want to use that version until you are able to develop/test the newest OS with Sense UI?Or, perhaps deploying HTC Sense UI as an HTC-only app available to HTC users, allowing you to deploy it over the vanilla Android OS so updates to the OS can happen quicker and you can develop Sense UI updates on a different schedule–making HTC phones always Fresh and up to date… the only major hardware maker to do so!Think of it: HTC… the only phone that’s always up to date with the latest operating system and the unique HTC Sense UI?? That would make me a loyal HTC customer for life. So far, though, that isn’t happening, and it’s frustrating to me as a consumer.

    • http://twitter.com/FurlingBird Furlingbird

      Well said sir well said. You speak for me too.

  • http://twitter.com/ISYanEmil emil kristoffer

    what happened to the efficient keyboard of HTC when One V entered my life? would be awesome if Android Jellybean brought that back to my device 🙂 or even better! A mix of swipe and predictive texting! that would indeed be heaven when texting!

  • FlexPlexico

    While there is no doubt that the UI stock Android in the past (before 2.2) was pretty bad, today there really is little need for stuff like Sense. On my One X I like the dialer and somewhat like the lock screen. But the rest provides little value. As I see it, if I dislike the stock Android Calendar I can download a new. I don’t really need you to help me with that. In fact, there is zero chance that you can provide a calendar that everyone will be happy about. Consumers want choice.

    Then there is stuff like Locations which is just useless. The only positive thing about locations is its offline support. Aside from that, the maps are mediocre and it is missing the integration to the internet. Of course I just use Google Maps instead. And if I wanted maps with offline support those apps exist too. Unfortunately, you have hard coded links into the Sense Dialer, People, and Calendar apps to use Locations. By doing that you just reduce the value of the Dialer, People and Calendar apps.

    Then there is the “why”. Some of the changes to Android are just because you can. They add little value. Like the Calendar app which really adds little value over the stock android app. And the clock app … why do I need a 3D world map which takes 2 secs to load?

    But the biggest problem with Sense is cost. The cost for you to build it and the cost to maintain it on old devices. I have no knowledge about how much it cost you to develop Sense 3.6, but it seems to me that you now have 2 branches of Sense. Don’t tell me that you are going to invest as much in Sense 3.6 as in Sense 4. Thus, you will make devices running Sense 3.x obsolete long before it is necessary. And sooner or later you will leave Sense 4 devices behind because it is too costly to maintain. I would rather have stock android with the necessary drivers added (because those I cannot add myself). Then releasing an update of Android would be very cheap.

    Sense also means you will deliver updates later than otherwise (though I recognize that you are among the best in class). On a fast moving platform, update speed is very important. Reading about Android 4.1 I really would like it on my device today. The incremental changes that Google provides have much bigger value than any value that Sense do provide.

    If at some point development of Android slows down, then Sense might make sense 🙂 again. But until then, please stay out of the software business.

    PS: I really like my One X. Only weird thing is that sometimes it takes ~8 hours to charge the battery (from an AC charger).

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000232151102 Garrett Lajoie

      I believe the reason they replace basically every app in the OS, such as the calendar as you mentioned, is so it fits the theme and mood of everything else in the phone. Everything needs to feel like Sense, and not like ‘Vanilla ICS with a few tweaks’. The calendar for example needs to look like the rest of the OS. 

      • FlexPlexico

        Yearh, but what is the point of doing this theming? It only makes life harder for users and HTC is not really making the product better by changing color scheme and adding a few features here and there.

        And again, this stuff isn’t free. The cost is that HTC will abandon users earlier than they otherwise would.

        With regards to the calendar: It seems that HTC has specifically made it difficult to replace “Locations” with something else, as Calendar (and others) are hard coded to use Locations. Not like the stock Google apps, there links between apps can be changed by the user.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1324502085 Jordan McMahon

    Why can’t you offer an option to simply run stock Android? Don’t get rid of Sense, some people love it, but there are those of us who love your hardware, but enjoy the stock Android experience, and the quick updates that come along with that.

    • Gav456

      Here here. I’ve always loved my HTC because it made sense of the mess that used to be android. Google have fixed this themselves… I’d like a “sense” pane in settings where the UI overlays and features can be filled on/off individually. I’d keep the camera, keep the dialer and widgets, lose the launcher and notifications bar and app drawer. Some things I love about sense and others not so much.
      Android has gained in popularity in no small part because of customization. Sense 3.6/4 has taken a step in the right direction, but is missing lots – who wants a 4″ hd screen with a 4×4 homescreen? I get that having options for everything might put off novice users or people that want a phone that “just works” (pfft) but what of those of us who want to resize apps on our screens according to how often we use them? Or want to’ve able to stretch and resize All our widgets how we want them? Can you not make an “advanced user” option so we can have the customization android is capable of? I like messing with my phone, when I get it how I like it, I download a new launcher and play again. I just wish I didn’t have to loose all the groovyness of sense to do it.

  • http://twitter.com/lalorosas Eduardo Rosas

    I just love Sense, those little things, hidden in some places. The moment you discover them and you think “wow, I didn’t thought this could be done just like this” it’s exactly the way it should be, as you guys say, it just makes sense. The little details, present everywhere. I love it, since the first time I got an HTC I cannot think of having an android that hasn’t got Sense in it.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Fowzzie

    What’s going on with  https://www.htcsense.com/, it seems that you removed a good serivce and replaced it with, well naf all. Also can we why can’t HTC Sense be a loader or skin as such and you could just change to stock if you wish to, I do love the lock screen. the people app rocks to, I do like the weather widget and the sysytem settings widget. oh and your music app it great as GOOGLE STILL HAS GOT GOOGLE MUSIC IN THE UK and therefore we can’t get google music here. You do need to all larger fonts as the font on your widget stinks…..

  • http://twitter.com/jplegat JP Legat

    I used to like Sense but it’s a burden in devices with low storage capacity like the Wildfire. In the end I finally unlocked my phone, installed a custom ROM and put Sense to rest.

  • http://www.brandongoodman.com/ Brandon Goodman

    Sense is unnecessary these days.  Please just release some vanilla Android devices.  HTC makes nice hardware.  Google has created nice software.  They’re a match made in heaven.

    • http://twitter.com/FurlingBird Furlingbird

      For some of us sense is what defines HTC, otherwise an HTC without sense is just like any other android phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=196603519 Burry Saleh

    Sense is fine with me for the most part, however, I do not like how the Evo 4G LTE multitasks! Now when I select a open apps it just restarts the whole process over rather than actually continuing where I left off. Why was true multi tasking taken away on this newer device? 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000232151102 Garrett Lajoie

    I love HTC Sense, and in many parts like it a lot more than Vanilla ICS, but the main problem I have with Sense is all the default apps loaded on the phone! I have about 40 apps loaded by default, and for my phone (HTC Status) with very little internal memory, every kilobyte counts! Some apps are convenient, like the News, Hub, Voice Recorder, and Quick Lookup apps. On the other hand, I feel there are some apps that are just unnecessary that should still come preloaded, with the option to delete; For example, do I really need a ‘News’, ‘Weather’, and ‘News and Weather’ app? Or a ‘Camera’ and ‘Camcorder’ app? Please allow us to delete unwanted apps (to a reasonable extent, don’t let me delete the Messages app by mistake or anything haha) 

    While I’m here, I’d like to mention I would like to see a slideout keyboard phone, as you don’t have any available here in Canada!

  • http://www.facebook.com/fernando.folchi Fernando Folchi



  • http://www.facebook.com/fernando.folchi Fernando Folchi


  • igritz

    Sense is nice. But it is a COMPLETE WASTE if it means a phone gets delayed 8 MONTHS from getting the actual next OS version (ICS and now JB) when the next actual google update is FAR SUPERIOR than any other crappy UI tweaks and small “additions” you guys add just to market it as your own product rather than sucking it up like every windows manufacturer does and sell the stock but focus on HARDWARE- like the battery life that you guys continually FAIL to deliver time and time again. After seeing the pathetic actions of HTC, Samsung, and Motorola about the EMBARASSMENT in how long it took to update even a tiny amount of your phone portfolios to the next OS I will never again buy a non-Nexus product. And if you guys continue along this dangerous and horrible path you are essentially leveraging Apple and hurting THE ENTIRE ANDROID ecosystem by tainting a great operating system with not only immense hardware FRAGMENTATION but also equally terrible software fragmentation. Google just announced its next major version yesterday, 4.1 jellybean, which is far superior to any 4.0 ICS phone even with sense or any of that other garbage you guys call “additions” and I highly doubt you guys will have a jellybean phone before the iphone 6 and iOS 7 is available on 90% of ios devices. Literally 1 year from the announcement of android 4.0 and google annnounces 4.1 when only 10% of all android users are on 4.0. That is just pathetic. Thanks a lot HTC.

  • http://twitter.com/neekun Bryan


  • http://twitter.com/JSLEnterprises Johann S. L.

    I’ve been using HTC phones since 1.6 doughnut (though during the doughnut years I was still predominately a Blackberry user and Hybrid maker)…. at first sense was very very simple…. then during froyo, it was something more bloated, and comical (if not gimicky and cartoonish). Sense 3.0 on gingerbread was ok, though the carousel was choppy, and still bubbly… this improved however with sense 3.5 (design wise). Sense 3.6 and 4.0 while for ICS, did away with the fully revolving carousel and brought back the non revolving style as found in sense 2.2. Though with a much improved, and greatly appreciated, dock/launcher (even if it’s because of ICS natively). However, design wise, I personally perferred the look and style of sense 3.5 (as found in runnymede). It was the only one I found ‘modern’ looking and could take seriously look wise with functionality and smoothness that was desired.

    One thing I do heavily miss is the fully revolving carousel/the ability to go to the last pane when scrolling left of the first (0), or the first pane when scrolling right of the last (6)(or however many panels the user has in total). If you’re on the first panel, and you want to get to the last, or second last…. it’s quite annoying having to either pinch and choose, or slide/drag to the right/left 5 or 6 times to get to the panel you want to get to in a quick way. It almost took a step backwards in this regards (going from sense 3/3.5 to 3.6/4.0 was like going from sense 3/3.5 to 2.x).

    Also, when going into the lock screen/lock state…. it should return to the center panel, panel #3 if you’re fully populated with 7(#6) in total so that when you unlock, you’re at your ‘main’ panel (also, it keeps your static wallpaper centered as well).

    On a personal note… It would be quite nice to see a skin that has a texture of blackened brushed aluminum (real brushed aluminum). Get your themer’s to make one and put it up on the hub 😉

  • http://twitter.com/jasoneastburn Jason Eastburn

    I do enjoy Sense and have stuck with HTC phones since the Mogul.  However, I wish HTC go away from competing services with Google.  Like Watch vs Play Movies.  Instead I would rather see HTC use their overlays on top on Google services.  For example, I like HTC Reader but would rather it sync and pull in from Google Books. 

  • http://twitter.com/JSLEnterprises Johann S. L.

    @Bryan: About half of those are apps included at the bequest of the carrier … SingTel in this case. A vanilla HTC WWE version of the rom wouldn’t have most of those apps. Though with ICS we have the ability to disable them, the only way to truly get rid of them  is with root to be able to mount and delete them (.apk + .odex) from /system/app.

    • http://twitter.com/neekun Bryan

      I would not want to go through the path of ROOT on my HTC.

      Those carrier are not local carriers in my country (Malaysia), so I guess HTC has to do something to get rid of them permanently..at least to handsets sold locally here in my country. 

      Thanks for the comment.

  • http://twitter.com/AMurder0fCrows K

    My first HTC device was the G1.  I followed that up with the Nexus One.  Both were sense-less.  Both completely open to modification and custom Roms.

    My current unit is the Amaze.  Man, what a difference.  Except for the camera, i really hate everything about this phone’s UI.  Maybe i was spoiled with open source drivers and released kernels.  I know that i much prefer the AOSP feel and look over Sense.

    HTC, it has been 9 months since the “Amaze” hit the market.  Please, make me have faith in your product again.  Help me be rid of Sense.  Otherwise, my next phone will be from someone else.

  • Ivan Ruiz

    Why try to justify sense? Sense was needed when Android looked like crap.  Those times have passed. Stock Android looks so much better than sense now it’s not even close. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.ariail James Ariail

    When will I get Jellybean on my HTC One X with AT&T?  

  • http://www.facebook.com/matt.luan.n Matt Luan N

    I have a HTC Legend and it is lack of the sense upgrade, I wonder why that is. Upgrading the firmware may be hard but HTC Sense is from HTC right? What’s with that?


    We need the ability to customize the lock screen on the EVO LTE

  • Adi Galih Wicaksono

    camera auto white balance  didn’t work well..to much saturation and red-ish

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000226806134 Erik Salapong

    A couple of weeks ago I received my new HTC One X and love it but after a little while I noticed a creaking noise from it. This made me think it was a design or manufacturing problem so I searched Google and found a few people talking about the image distort. It happens everytime I press it, or worse, it gets a little annoying everytime I put phone in my ear, it sounds like an old bed creaking. I got it from Mobily Network here in Saudi Arabia and they advised me to search for your site and have my unit checked, apparently I couldn’t find any way to contact you or look for any service center that would help me fix it. And again for the record, I visited several forum sites and I found out that this I’d a build issue. Please reply with your service center’s exact location here in Dammam or Al Khobar Saudi Arabia.. Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/singcheng_koh Sing Cheng

    Sense 4.0 is nice but please fix the following in One X:
    – Stocks widget unable to display third decimal (some stocks in Singapore rise/fall S$0.001).
    – a Settings widget to turn NFC on/off.
    – the “repeat all songs” in Music widget will turn off automatically after phone restart.

    Lastly, I want S-off!!!!

  • Alan Burnstine

    I have had the pleasure of being able to test and own numerous Android (and prior to that Windows Mobile) phones from HTC as well as Motorola and Samsung. By far, my favorites have been the HTC devices in a large part due to the value add that Sense brings to the user experience. The only things I wish wers supported that aren’t (at least as of my current device, the HTC Rezound) are landscape mode in the home screen and 3rd party scrollable widgets.

  • Ali jibran Leghari

    i cant understand a little thing that all the persons are working on the 4.0 sense, you people have also develop the 3.5 sense phone and their android software cant you update that, you all just in the behind of only one thing 4.0, 4.0, 4.0. Come on guys please do some for 3.5 sense also i am very disappointed with this act.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shahid.Javaid Shahid Javed

      I’ve received the update of Sense 3.6 on 1st June in Lahore Pakistan, how u didn’t get any update yet???

  • http://www.facebook.com/ramm.cababan Ramm Cababan

    hello HTC can you pls. add some apps in your HTC apps for windows phone

  • mwenn1

    I would like to see the phone come with stock android and the sense features be able to be turned off and on as the user wants. The problem with the manufacturer ui’s is the time it takes to get the new updates from Google. That is why i only buy nexus devices, no waiting for the updates to be incorporated into your ui. Please make the features downloadable and able to be controlled by the users.

    • http://twitter.com/mikrosmile Michael

      Yes, that is exactly what i want too. I love HTC as a Company. I bought tablet, phone i told my friends to buy HTC phones only. But because of HTC Sense we had delay of ICS, now Goggle announced Android 4.1 JB and how long do we have to wait? 5 monts. If HTC will listen custormers and allow users choose between HOLO and SENSE you got more customers. Because, some users could not like samsung, just because the label on the phone, but G.Nexus has pure Android and it becomes better and better, even now, google inlcude huge amount of things, that was only in sense or whatever. If it happens adn you will allow to choose stock android  i will not buy G.Nexus or whatever and i will continue supporting you as i can. 

  • http://twitter.com/CoolHour Mohamed Al-Refai

    The last two questions questions have not been answered, also here is another question: why would you take away the SD Card feature? it was a good thing to be able to remove the card for trouble shooting, also we can upgrade the memory on our phone whenever the money come.

    • James Robinson

      Agreed. That’s pretty much the only thing that’s making me a bit unsure of weather I should buy this over a Samsung Galaxy S3 or an iPhone. Its such an important feature. They could of at least had 64gb models too :/

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4WITZ4FXSCEO6YZHJTNLFAD2SI Akhilesh

    will there be a sense update for users with smartphones that operate on sense 3.0?

  • http://twitter.com/LabanNorge Laban

    Sense is great. I have a friend who uses iphone. He didn’t like Samsung UI, but he actually liked sense. And I think it rocks.

  • benynem

    HTC Sense 4 . I like:
    – sms aplication. I think it is the best because other smartphone & third party sms aplication can not do like HTC Sense. In HTC Sense, sms from defferent number but in the same contact can be combined in one threat conversation. It’s very helpfull. Thanks…
    – UI animations, i dont care about RAM because New HTC Smartphone up to 1 GB RAM
    – weather widget & animation
    – easy manage icon, sortcut, in beautiful & transparancy folder, so i dont need to install third party aplication..
    – ready to use social account like facebook & twitter, it makes battery life longer than install third party aplication..
    – and many more

    My hope for next HTC Smartphones :
    – support for Video Call over 3G, like in samsung & LG. Not video call via skype, fring, yahoo! But via WCDMA with pulse cost…
    – slot for microSD up to 64 GB beside bigger internal storage
    – support for USB On The Go to read USB Flashdisk…

    By @benynem

    • abc905

      My hope is a transition to AOSP (HTC labeling itself a “pure Android” company, and updates that don’t take more than 1 month to get to every capable device. On that day HTC will probably be the most celebrated Android OEM on the market.

    • http://twitter.com/FurlingBird Furlingbird

      If htc would only listen to these comments. I am sure they will win back their market share. Otherwise until they add a micro sd card slot and keep diss appointing us with little things like not providing updates to old phones. I have bought my new phone which is Motorola razr v. But I still love HTC. Am just waiting.

  • benynem

    HTC Sense 4 . I like:
    – sms aplication. I think it is the best because other smartphone & third party sms aplication can not do like HTC Sense. In HTC Sense, sms from defferent number but in the same contact can be combined in one threat conversation. It’s very helpfull. Thanks…
    – UI animations, i dont care about RAM because New HTC Smartphone up to 1 GB RAM
    – weather widget & animation
    – easy manage icon, sortcut, in beautiful & transparancy folder, so i dont need to install third party aplication..
    – ready to use social account like facebook & twitter, it makes battery life longer than install third party aplication..
    – and many more

    My hope for next HTC Smartphones :
    – support for Video Call over 3G, like in samsung & LG. Not video call via skype, fring, yahoo! But via WCDMA with pulse cost…
    – slot for microSD up to 64 GB beside bigger internal storage
    – support for USB On The Go to read USB Flashdisk…

    By @benynem

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=604276847 Edward Davison

    on my one x can I make more of the 32gb memory for apps? as I don’t use it for music as 32gb isn’t enough for music and have used the 2gb allocated for apps

    • abc905

      You use App2SD and save the apps to the rest of the space, thus making more room in the 2GB I believe. Not sure if thats also the case with non-expandable memory.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kielo.boubou Kielo Boubou

    Everytime there is a new update, I can do all the (few) things I couldn’t do before; the interface gets better with every update, that’s really appreciable! Thanks for your (thoughtful) work!

  • Ken Wong

    What is it in HTC Sense that means that the availability of Android updates to the phones is delayed by months, if it even becomes available at all?

    • abc905

      We should just have everybody petition for AOSP Android for HTC devices by default, or have HTC give us the option to install a official AOSP ROM, just like Meizu does. I mean honestly, how hard can it be for HTC to make a AOSP ROM for devices? Compared to Sense ROMs, it must be like cake.

  • http://twitter.com/Ash01_ Donald Ashworth

    After tinkering with the settings to increase the performance of my HTC one X, it still lags when using sense 4.0, its just not smooth enough. Please can you stop with the fancy graphics and just have a flat menu facia (because the current outside cube affect sucks and looks bad) or at least give us a choice. – Apart from that everything  seems good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tatenda.chinyuku Tatenda Chinyuku

    Please make a laptop, power desktop and all-in-one computer with Android HTC Sense. This is the time and I want HTC to be ahead when Android takes over the PC.
    I want to use my Photoshop, Corel Draw and Flstdio on an HTC Computer. Surely you can do that. Thats the next Android Revolution. HTC is the best already in the Smartphone and tablet world. There is no tablet like the flier it has an awesome pen and HTC Sense. I want a computer with HTC Sense. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1042344674 Bagas Isadewa

    When the officialy Sense 4.0 released for Desire S ?

    • abc905

      “Sense 4.0 requires hardware not present in legacy HTC devices” – Company talk for we won’t give it to you just because we’d like you to buy a HTC One device.

      • http://twitter.com/nascentt nascent

        Company speak for “we’ve bloated the hell out of it and unless you have a quadcore phone with 8GB of ram, Sense just can’t run.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000987360527 Au Jeffrey

    Pls Add The 3D scrolling for main screen in HTC One V

    • http://www.facebook.com/CerebalAssassin Main Man

      I’d love to see that on my One V.

  • http://twitter.com/astrodroid Andreas Angelopoulos

    While HTC sense (even on ICS) has some nice features but the settings, launchers & specially the multitasking screen are just inferior to stock android. HTC sense for me is just what come with the phone before installing CM9 or something similar.

  • Amro99

    To me sense 4.0 is way better than stock ics. But there are still o many things to be fixed in it: it is slow and laggggy! My one x is noticably slowere than my sensation with 3.6 – why should it not support mkv and other popular formats? – camera outputs are nothing special – no landscape on home screen – after restarting the phone, more than 800 mb of my ram is already in use, WHY? – battery issue and heating up are so annoying

  • abc905

    Sense is not nice and enjoyable if you’re using a legacy version that never gets updated, while stock android has long surpassed it. In this case Sense is only detrimental to usefulness and experience of Android. Sense 4.0 maybe nice and cool, but for users of Sense versions such as 2.0 or 3.0, starring across the divide at AOSP ICS and Jelly Bean is just painful. By no measure does legacy Sense bring anything to the table that Stock Android doesn’t.

  • Валерий П.

    Sense is great, but use toooooooooo many memory.

  • http://twitter.com/apa1102 Apa Chen

    Only one thing you should do for Sense. NEVER let launcher reloaded. If you can’t totally prevent launcher reloading. You have to make loading time shorter. Most popular launchers loading time are 2~3 seconds, but sense launcher takes 10~15 seconds and shows unnecessary title to remind user that “I’m reloading…AGAIN”.

    Most people don’t know what Sense is. Launcher is everything. Launcher is Sense. That is not true. But launcher is the most important software in the phone. Nothing you can do without launcher.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sujoy.kahali Sujoy Blue Heart

    HTC Desire C has Android™ 4.0 with HTC Sense™ 4 on 600GHz Processor with only 512 MB of RAM.

    So , Why HTC Incredible S don’t get The HTC Sense™ 4 ?


    • http://www.facebook.com/james.mojica.54 James Mojica

       i agree…and also to my EVO 3D…

      • http://twitter.com/LightScribed Michael Stagg

        I’m with both of you. This is my first HTC phone (Evo V on Virgin Mobile) and it might be the last if there’s going to be an issue with getting timely updates. Then again, perhaps it’s because I’m a Virgin Mobile customer…

    • http://www.facebook.com/arun.lunar Sai Arun

      600 ghz??? it is 600 mhz.desire c has has better gpu.

  • Treknologist

    I’d love to see HTC release a phone with the Sense widgets but with stock Android to allow for faster software updates.  It would keep the phone recognizable as an HTC phone but without all the changes that are typically made to the code with Sense.  Heck, you can even add a theme that gives the phone a unique appearance to make it recognizable as an HTC device.    

  • http://google.com/ Miguel

    I want you guys to give me the option to switch to stock or sense. I like sense but I like stock more.

  • ylauqc

    Too often, when I press the home button on my Evo 4G LTE, instead of taking me directly to the home screen it shows a loading screen for 10-15 seconds. I have heard this is a problem across Sense 4 devices, not necessarily just mine. Is HTC working on a fix for this?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/4MXVIMFXS3BTP4MQ6M2O7AFTUE eu citizen

      Thats never was an issue in GB and now on ICS. Maybe some sh*t app causing the problem 

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1524950978 Samir ElKamouny

        Sense is tttooo big. HTC does a much prettier job than everybody else, but fail at making pretty equal better, and they also fail at doing it quick. HTC took Android 4.0 and to be honest with you, they didn’t make Ice Cream Sandwich work or look any better. That’s where I feel that HTC gets it wrong. HTC Sense made a lot of sense before the dark ages of Froyo, but Android 4.0 stopped making the platform look bad. Surely Ice Cream Sandwich wasn’t perfect in many ways, but they should’ve focused only on improving what wasn’t there, and not on trying to skin everything, which in result makes the whole UI slower. 
         We need Jelly Bean Android 4.1 to help us!!! 2g of ram would of been nice too 🙁 

    • Chelsea Cisneros

      Mine does this as well.

      And when I hang up from a phone call, I get that same loading screen and it takes me home instead of back to the dialer screen. A lot of the times when I go to “recent apps” and use that to get to, let’s say: messages…it will try loading the messages screen yet never does (it’ll all be blank except the status bar at tthe top), but then take me home and give me that loading screen.

      It’s so frustrating!

  • ylauqc

    In addition to my previous post about the loadng screen, I would also like to voice my dismay regarding Sense 4’s implementation of the Android menu system. While I understand that Android is moving away from the stock menu button altogether, it seems like, when a phone with capacitive hardware buttons is concerned (read: every HTC phone on the market), using valuable harware space for a dedicated “multitask button” is a waste of space, considering that the old method of holding down the home key to multitask took a mere split-second longer. This is exascerbated by the whole “gigantic black menu bar” that I find at the bottom of my screen in pretty much any app that’s not Sense-optimized. Therefore I beg you to consider making it an option (in the settings) to let us revert to the old style of things, which would repurpose the multitasking button into a menu button, make multitasking accessible by holding down the home button, and eliminate that unsightly, screen-wasting menu bar.

    • fluxkompensator

      the current leaks for new Oe X roms  suggest that exactly this is coming. One V alreardy does it like this. Still i think its a shame that app developers dont follow Google guidelines – it would be a non issue if they did

      • ylauqc

        I didn’t know that about the One V, but it makes perfect sense: just hold down the multitask button longer to access the menu. I’d be fine with that if it was implemented across all of Sense 4. I also know that I am definitely not the only one put off by the menu bar. Several reviews I’ve read have given the advantage to the Galaxy S III for exactly this reason.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1524950978 Samir ElKamouny

          USE Scott’s Clean ROM. Changes it to Menu button for you 🙂


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1502946523 Arif Ferhati

    I am from  elbasan   albania i have  2  HTC mobile phone one Magik   and one aria but my needone mobile phones with big meorie what to recommend?

  • http://twitter.com/nascentt nascent

    I actually like the idea of Sense.  Some of the functionality (such as Friend Stream, flip-mute, Mail, Weather and some of the Widgets) are great.  But why does it have to use so much resources?  It uses around 50% to 75% on a regular basis according to Top.

    I fully intend to wipe my phone solely to get rid of Sense due to how damn slow it’s made my phone in recent updates (just holding out for CyanogenMod 9).

    Your utmost priority should be efficiency.  Light on resources, slick, as little bloat as possible.  Stocks should not be running as a service 24/7, what percentage of people use Stocks? 

  • http://twitter.com/abidouisme BOUSSAID Abd-Ouahed

    There’s only one thing that I can criticize: the weather application. It looks dam good, but it’s never accurate (I live in Morocco!).

  • Joseph Malabanan

    The weather widget is the best. I also like the text re-flow feature.

  • Amro99

    A good marketing idea for HTC to try: along with justifying the presence of sense, release a new series of your flagship (One X) with stock ICS and only features of sense that has everyone’s support, such as your widgets, camera app etc and call it something else such as (One X Pure 🙂 ) and i bet it will easily be your all-time best seller

  • http://twitter.com/ashoksanku1 ashok sanku

    I love HTC Sense for that purpose only i buyed HTC smatphones, as to new android ICS version has beautiful UI and is very fluid, please put stock UI also, and make more custamizable theme sense, put back 3D scorolling, Sense should be lite and fast.

  • http://twitter.com/OryOryZ Orazio Avellina

    I would have USB Host w/o using external power, ATM…

  • Pingback: The HTC Blog Helps Make Sense Of Sense | RickyCadden.com()

  • Игорь Ким

    I nead the file manager from box and button: @twitter-312173185:disqus Kill all app’s” in task manager!!!
    Also infinitely home screen’s, like in Go Louncher EX. In this louncher so many whery cute animations, that I would like to see in HTC Sense)

  • fvbasques

    I love Sense. Are you going to update HTC Sensation XE? I want Sense 4.0!!!! 

  • cybernova

    hello htc,

    i have a one x and i wish a better music player, where i can use a equalizer and a folder play. i don’t want to use another player from the play store, because they can’t use the beats audio preset. for the camera i wish more fine tuning for the option image adjustment, because the steps for contrast etc are too coarse.

    i hope that i could give a little inspiration, regards from germany 🙂

    • samuel walker

      Cybernova, I use Meridian as my music player (available on Play). It handles folders really well and has a gesture customization that I find very handy. 

      On my One X it uses the Beats audio when playing.

    • Pollob

      U can use poweramp player…..its also support Beats Audio…….

  • Akbar D.


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1601396179 Simarpreet Singh

    Its only bcos of Sense, I am buying my 4th HTC smartphone….. Can’t imagine a phone without SENSE….

  • http://www.facebook.com/pranaygupta Pranay Gupta

    i also have HTC salsa.please, i want to know whether there will be any further update to itor not..?? it has front camera also, but due to older android versions i cannot use skype for video chat. Also, the htc sense consumes a lot of internal memory which makes it almost impossible to install any other apps. when other smartphone in the same category has 300mb user memory, the salsa has only 150 mb and that too is used up by stock applications. can htc provide some update to increase the user available internal memory or let us delete dome stock apps which we dont use??. please reply………….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UIN6DBHBWKRECHJC2YVPAVR47M Jennifer

    Hi, I have sent my HTC Sensation XL to theHTC  service centre to upgrade to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich updates. Unfortunately, my HTC Sense still can’t function. Please help.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pranaygupta Pranay Gupta

    the gprs usage drains a lot of battery @ htc salsa….?? any way it can b fixe??

  • htcdesires

    Desire S still no update how long do we have to wait?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1524950978 Samir ElKamouny

    Jelly Bean brings another shot at making the HTC One series matter, and I’m on the list of people that wants to see it succeed. Let’s just hope you (HTC) push what works, drop what doesn’t work, and just get it right this time before Samsung beats them again to the punch. If their adoption will take more than two months, they’ll be too late.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1524950978 Samir ElKamouny


    • jaya sekhar

       HaHaHa…we are still waiting for ICS update on our devices and you r waiting for 4.1….HTC is so much in pressure now…


    HTC should upgrades all 2011 and 2012 HTC devices to stock Jelly Bean 4.1 and people who want Jelly Bean with Sense can upgrade later when HTC is done mixing it. Thanks.

  • YanIsmail

    Sense is the UI that I’ve grown to love.One X is my fifth HTC phone.Can’t wait to get jelly bean on this quad-core device.But at the same time I hope that Sense won’t take up much of the jelly bean goodness.Thanks a million HTC!

  • Ruben Avisena Palit

    Sense UI is awesome, since the HTC HD2 i love using HTC with sense integration, so now my second HTC phone the One X, im hoping for Jelly bean to fix some bugs on the ICS OS…. and hope that have a smoother Sense UI
    Recomended by Ruben Avisena (Indie Mucisian)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/AWG2U264RNXAZ4I3TCU6T2IYXU Henrik

    HTC Sense is the reason why I swopped out my Desire S with Google/Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

  • Gideon Dante

    Hi, I have had my first HTC (One V) for just over a month now and I read that you don’t know if it will get updated to Jelly Bean (4.1)! This is because of Sense isn’t it? If you just ran Android stock we could all have the update as Google made it available. So far not impressed with Sense at all. And to add insult to injury you can’t put the phone into airplane mode without first unlocking the screen! Second the clock on the lock screen and it’s usability is cumbersome and almost useless compared to my old LG. I find it hard to use the One V as an alarm. And I’ve only just got the phone! I hope I can grow to like something about Sense… Maybe if it gets the future Android updates, that would be a start. Thanks for listening.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Lightbody3 Michael Lightbody Sr

    ics for my Dinc 2? i love htc sense and will only buy htc in future!! next year i will get incredible 4g!!!

  • fedex acosta

    Amo que mi HTC tenga Sense. lo unico que estoy en desacuerdo es que no haya actualizaciones de android para mi HTC desire 🙁
    I love that my HTC has Sense. the only thing I disagree is that no are updates of android for my HTC  desire: (

  • rvichar

    I tried typing in a comment earlier but it disappeared when I switched to check an email. So my only MAJOR BEEF with HTC Sense thus far is the constant re-loading when SWITCHING between applications (lets not use the word Multi-Tasking).  Maybe some Project Butter will improve this on Sense 4.1 😉  otherwise this software and phone are amazing *HTC OneX*

    My Likes –
    Notes Integration with Evernote
    Tasks Sync with Google Tasks
    Great Hybrid Keyboard – no need to install a 3rd party KB!  I have many of them!
    Raw Speed and Power
    Decent Battery Life
    Nice Clean Interface – Recent Apps is nice
    Nice Build Quality on the OneX
    Awesome Camera
    People App *links contacts nicely with most cloud services
    Weather and lots of Clocks!  
    Nice Themes *the more the better

    My Dis-Likes –
    HTC Mail doesn’t work with Google Apps accounts (a.k.a. GMAIL for Business)Protruding Camera Lens
    Cyberon Voice Commander – Useless compared to Nuance Voice commands on BlackBerry * this may not be a sense thing I know but it makes voice dialling a nightmare out of the box!
    Folder icons are too tiny

    This is based on my Sense experience using the HTC OneX on Rogers Wireless HTC Sense 4.0 1.73.631.1 – Android 4.0.3

    I have only managed to slow this puppy down after using Chrome or Google Earth, after using these two apps in particular when I hit the HOME button, Sense takes some time to display my home screen “Loading”…..

  • pinteadana

     i have a question if you have an answer please mail me at pintea_h@yahoo.com and yes the question when android 4.0 ICS will be available for HTC DESIRE S

  • Alejandro Cedillo

    first of all: thanx a lot for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves, this is for me a new experience that at the same time feels familiar, I hope that you are indeed paying attention to what we write.. and thank you so much for creating the devices that most of us love and dearly treasure, you are masters in this craft

    I always try to be impartial, but when it comes to the Sense ui I must confess I find that a little hard..  I want to ask you not to give in to the request of releasing stock android without Sense, no matter what some or even many people think..  if they (for whatever reason I don’t understand, but I try not to judge) don’t like it or even dislike it and want pure android stripped of anything else, let them go to other brands –or if they like your hardware only, well they could take the risk of rooting and installing other roms..  Sense is your signature, your special contribution to the android world, and I personally think it’s an excellent impeccable work, as beautifully put by Eduardo Rosas (@lalorosas:twitter) and Limor Barenholtz (@lem4:twitter) in previous comments..  htc and especially Sense is for users who possess a refined sense of style and elegance, not for just anyone

    however, I do admit that some compromises could be made (if I may repeat I always try to be impartial) and I am able to spot a good and sensible idea when I see it  –for instance, Gav456’s interesting idea of cost vs. value or Stephen Fofanoff’s facebook app complaint in previous comments (btw, the latter: more than completely shared by me, since I’ve never had facebook)..  moreover, as my own contribution to the list, there are a few things that actually annoy me:

    * Wi-Fi keeps turning off when the device has been sleeping for a while, even though I specifically configured the option “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” to ‘Always’ in the advanced Wi-Fi settings of my One X, and it only comes back to life after I turn the screen back on.. I don’t know if this happens to me only, but I hope to see it fixed with the next firmware update
    * on the music player, when I manually add an album to the queue, if I switch shuffle on it shows a different album art from any random album in the queue (and not just for the current song but for all of them)..  so I have to go back to all the songs in my phone and start playing them all again, and then turn shuffle on
    * the most annoying issue, and actually quite disappointing, was that the magnetic compass was completely losing all accuracy whenever I plugged in the original htc headset that came with my One x  AND IT DIDN’T HAPPEN WITH ANY OTHER HEADSET.. I’m pretty sure of this because I did many tests in different places, turning airplane mode on and far away from any other electromagnetic field, with many different headsets and earphones, I did a factory reset but the problem persisted, and finally I did a test with another One X from the same retailer who sold me mine and the same happened to it immediately when the headset was plugged in.. ever since I bought my One x I was thinking of getting beats headphones anyway -and I did- so now I’m not enraged by that, but still I know that if for some reason I need to use the original headset I cannot rely on my device’s compass, and that thought keeps lurking on the back of my head

    I know that these are probably not precisely sense-related issues (especially the latter) but I hope that reporting them be useful in any way.. I really like htc and sense no matter what, so I did it with the purpose of helping rather than complaining or criticizing, and I wouldn’t like to see them utilized to do so

    sorry I wrote this much and thanx a lot for reading..  cheers

  • sam treloar

    Before I bought my One X I’d read a lot of reviews, most of them positive, but some criticising the browser and/or Sense UI. My opinion is, why buy a ONE X in the first place if you don’t like Sense4.0! It’s part of what makes it unique..
    But when it comes to the browser, I kinda wonder. The “Find in page” search didn’t return a result unless I could already see the word directly on the screen. But when I tried any other browser, they scanned the whole document as they should and found the desired word. I must be missing something, or does anybody else find the same problem? Strange indeed!

  • Ryan Low

    but the HTC One V does not have full Sense UI 🙁

  • Konstantin Aleshin

    Why sense4 Clock is so ugly now?  🙂

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isak-Andre-Woien/100000232331793 Isak Andrè Wøien

      You could easily remove it, and change it to another one… Try that, Konstantin. 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001179680719 Siem de Nijs

    Sense 4 is amazing, at least give the HTC Desire Z the official update, it was the best phone and now HTC is just leaving it behind , it’s really rude cause we are paying customers too , and deserver as much updates as any others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kukukulkarni Kunal Kulkarni

    Please tell me , Is it possible to upgrade my HTC Sense versin on My HTC Wildfire S. If Yes then can i upgrade HTC sense….? Please reply me fast as soon as possible.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.stratford Joseph Edward Stratford

      no you can sense is only installed on your phone it cannot be upgraded the only to get a better sense version is to get a better phone

    • http://www.facebook.com/vigoos Vignesh Iyer

      u to avi avi avi avi lut gaya… NO updates. RooT it and enjoy

  • Sherif Ramadan elShereif

    Hi I’m new with Android and HTC

    When it will be available in Egypt ?? Do I will be notified with that updated ? or I have to search it ?
    Appreciate your support.

  • pvengat

     Is it possible to upgrade my Android 3.x versin on My HTC Wildfire S ?

  • http://twitter.com/samsoniteguy gundam aesculapius

     Why can’t we as HTC user choose which apps can be installed or remove in HTC
    sense? Never use Stock in my case. Download linkedin for htcsense but can’ t use
    it because it doesn’t integrate with htc sense. I also found some apps that
    didn’t appear in apps list like Peep,plurk, eventhough they’re exist in my
    phone. Weird enough. Just give us useful apps like file manager, not bloatware
    that can’ t be removed unless you root your phone. FYI I’m using Rhyme with
    android 2.3.5,htcsense 3.5.

  • Mohammed Saleem

    hi, when can I expect to have the new Jelly Bean update on my htc one x ??

  • Murali Lee

    Hi I’m new with Android and HTC XL

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isak-Andre-Woien/100000232331793 Isak Andrè Wøien

      Inside the “settings”menu, you will find it at the bottom of the scrollpage as a (!)-mark, then you will find it at the bottom of the list in the “My phone”, menu, where you also find all sort of kernelbuild, imei-number etc.etc.

  • http://twitter.com/Emma22288 Mikó Attila

    Hi.I have my new HTC One V.Just bougth it 3 days ago.I dont have money to One x but i realy love my one v and i dont have any problem with the lite sense 4.0. I dont realy see any problem to get JB update on it.But if it dont get the update .. i vill be very sad :S

  • Sandeep Gupta

    Hi there! I have just updated to ICS. But after updating to ICS I am facing a problem in acessing my music and pics. Everytime, I try to play music or look at any pic, I get a msg that “Insert SD card”. Any suggestion?

    Sandy (NZ)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Isak-Andre-Woien/100000232331793 Isak Andrè Wøien

    I would love more use of the NFC functions, and some more AR functions…(AR-Augmented Reality.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000783729348 Anurag Bisht

    Why is HTC one V not likely to get 4.1 update!! its too sad that the strategy of HTC to keep their customers especially those at low budget phones is not at all acceptable!!! That’s what HTC lags when compared with biggest rival Samsung!!!!   Even though  i know that processor is too old to run sense UI properly,  but don’t you think that you lose trust from customer side,  who are actually happy with htc one v and want to get 4.1 update! its not acceptable to get a statement  like this from a very reputed company like HTC ,  your strategy should take care about customers and people of every type,  only boasting about One X will not serve the purpose, neither it will increase market share, and losing customers and market is very critical for a company, you know what happened with nokia which used to dominate the market 10 years ago!! so please update every possible One series phone,  you conformed for One S,X then why not give lite version for One V!
    i know speaking is easier than doing it,  but nothing should be impossible, and for a company like HTC whose phones are not less than innovation,  needs to take about this to get more market share!!!

    • http://twitter.com/pandianr79 Pandian Ramaiah

      unfortunately I am also a victim of this. I’ve been using Desire HD. I’ve no reason to change the phone except Indic support. Many of us requested HTC but no update. We are so upset, Samsung phones with Android 2.x versions have beautiful indic support. HTC is so adament and released it as part of ICS, though indic don’t need ICS.

      Atleast they should have released a patch for Indic for Desire HD, being a heavy investment for the customers.

      I’ve changed from Desire HD to One V – Now 4.1 comes… difficult guys. They need to customize themselves for better market in India & global Indians.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001739872242 Rann Xeroxx

        I have the HTC Inspire (almost a clone of the Desire) and I just rooted and put Jelly Time, which is a hack mod of jellybean from Cryogenmod10. The problem from HTC is that they REFUSE to release the drivers for the camera to the development community, who is picking up their slack, and therefore the cameras always have issues with the mods. Pathetic.

        • Albert Moravec

          I’m only interested HTC One V can run Android 4.0 with that low RAM and Sense 4, if HTC One V will get Jelly bean, how long it will take to boot …. 1 minute …. 2 minutes …..

    • pikeing

      same here I feel very let down by HTC after being loyal customer and now finding out my HTC one v which is a good phone will not get 4.1 update we all can not afford flagship ship phones I can’t keep buying mobiles think of your lower end customers HTC before you lose them to someone else

    • vir ingens

      Root it and install a custom ROM. This is not that heavy to do (I did it in 40 minutes when I was a complete noob). Probably you will even find a ROM with Sense AND Jelly Bean, but I like the AOSP ones more anyway…

    • Elio Levy

      Well, most of Samsung budget devices won’t be updated to 4.1 either…

  • Craig Antos

    You know what would make sense? ICS for the Desire HD.

  • http://www.facebook.com/NguyenDien802 Nguyen Dien

    May I to know, when does Desire HD A9191 will upgrade to ICS 4.0  ?

    • http://twitter.com/pandianr79 Pandian Ramaiah

      That’s pathetic story, DHD wont get upgraded

    • vir ingens

      As soon as you install a newer custom ROM.

  • pw pw


  • http://www.facebook.com/macinic.cornel Măcinic Cornel

    I have a Desire HD, despite the fact that I bought at the maximum price, then greatly decreased, and some joints failed in service resolved, i started to like the phone. But now i’m very disappointed by broken promises of an update, and that phones with the same configuration (Incredibles, Desires, ThunderBolt4G …) or weaker (OneV, DesireC, DesireV) runs or will run ICS. To regain a small portion of customers still hope for an update to DHD

  • MorningsideHeights

    The pre-ICS HTC calendar widget included a version that took up the space of a four-icon rectangle. It seems to have been replaced by one that’s four-icons wide. I preferred the rectangle. Also, when you tapped the old widget, it opened the calendar app. The new widget goes to the displayed calendar entry and there’s no way I can figure out to get to the calendar app from there. I preferred the tap opening the calendar app.

  • Ahmad Najib

    can htc sensation xe sense 3.6 to update sense 4.0

  • thami mogashoa

    I have an HTC One X and an HTC Flyer Tablet.Is there to integrate them. especially software wise… when i download apps on the one, Can I get it to automatically my other device… files are fine as I can use Drop Box

  • http://twitter.com/mouradre mourad

    only htc can make a quad core phone laggy ,infact u put it against a single core phone you wouldnt notice any difference, i hope jelly bean will be sense free, i hope htc will concentrate on how to make splendid picture not how fast it takes a shot ,i hope …..

  • navdeep saini

    HTC !!

    This is regarding my Case no’s # 12USCW27ENA000667, 12USCW26ENA000627, 12INCW23ENA000388, 12USCW23ENA000820, C2012007038301 wherein, I was approved a refund in lieu of my faulty device (HTC One V).
    As per your Company’s guidelines I was told by (Vishal, Martin & Yogita) the entire process takes up to a maximum 25-30 days to get the refund.

    Synopsis of the Issue:-

    16th June 2012 – Complaint filed about faulty device and Submitted at Salora International, Kalkaji, New Delhi.

    27th June 2012 – Received the repaired device having same fault. I refused to Collect.

    13th July 2012 – Received a New phone as a replacement having same fault again. I refused to Collect. Asked for a refund.

    13th July 2012 – Refund Approved per Vishal from Escalation team (I’m Having Call Recording).

    14th July 2012 – Vishal asked to submit the remaining accessories with the Service Centre which got submitted the same day (I’m Having Call Recording).

    17th July 2012 – Received a Call from Vishal saying the device is received and I should wait for 21 days for the refund (I’m Having Call Recording).

    19th July 2012- Martin called up and informed the refund process would take up to a maximum 30 days from the Date of Approval (I’m Having Call Recording).

    4th Aug 2012 – Received a Call from Yogita saying the refund would be provided by the deadline of 30 days as promised (I’m Having Call Recording).

    13th Aug 2012 – I called up your Customer Support for follow up and I was promised a Call back from your Executive by Yogita, after an hour however, no call received (I’m having Call Recording).

    Now, It has been over a month and I’m still counting. I’m extremely annoyed with your Support and have lost my patience.

    I’m all set and having sufficient DOCUMENTATION and CALL RECORDING around this issue that easily enables me to lodge a Complaint against your Company in COSUMER FORUM.

    I have given enough reminders and taken ample follow ups with your Support team, however, there is no go. Please treat this email as my GENTLE and FINAL reminder to your Company.

    I’m leaving the decision to expedite the refund on you thereafter, I will be taking this matter to the Court on 18th Aug 2012 for further hearing.

    Note* – The overall issue has stressed me mentally and affected me Professionally (Due to non-availability of a Smart Phone) as I have been missing my Office communication.

    Your Unhappy Customer
    Navdeep Saini

  • http://www.facebook.com/mayurvartak74 Mayur Vartak

    How to track lost HTC Smartphones via HTC Sense

  • http://www.facebook.com/damanpreetsingh.ghuman Daman Preet Singh

    i have a htc sensation and it has a big problem with this …phones power button is not responding and light issue with the phone is bigger than bigger on day by day….phone light is automatically on and off and home button is capturing the screenshots..i have android 4.0 ice cream sandwich…please help me..m very confuse…this is not a hardware problem this is a software problem on it…please htc help me…i like your phones..so please give me good service for my problem.

    • Pollob

      u can try Factory Reset………hope problem will be solved…….i was also facing that problem……..

  • http://www.facebook.com/roger.pivonka Roger Pivonka

    I have a Jetstream tablet. Is there a “vanilla” version of Android that I could load onto it OR can I remove “Sense” overlay? I ask this because some apps (several so far) say they are not compatible with the Jetstream and I’m guessing it’s the “Sense” overlay that gets in the way.

  • pikeing

    Just hope HTC one v gets Android 4.1 update its only 2 months old I want to stay with HTC but I can not afford to keep buying mobiles .my old wildfire s was great and lasted over 12 months

  • pikeing

    Do right by your loyal customers HTC I don’t want to have to go to another Mobile maker again Samsung and Nokia let me down not HTC as well after telling friends how good you are

  • http://twitter.com/fahmiiii_ Ahmad Fahmi Sazili

    I wonder why non HTC One series cant taste ICS + Sense 4.0, lots of different can be seen with Sense 4.0 and Sense 3.6.

    And why and why HTC Sense web not functioning ? My friend lost her phone before, and supposed can be locate using HTC Sense but HTC Sense for web not available. Then, whats the point having Sense?

    I, myself happy using HTC, to be exact HTC Sense, the heart of HTC. But, when this such matter happen, i feel a bit dissapoint with HTC. If youre appreciating your customer very well, you wont do. For example, Apple. their update are for all model they have and thats make they have lots of loyal user. I hope I can be one for HTC. Hope you guys consider all of this.

  • Naresh A

    i bought HTC desire V, looking out for some call record app, i tried many but coudn’t suceed, any one please suggest

    Thanks in advance…

  • http://www.facebook.com/kire.cadevski Kire Cadevski

    HTC’s strategy to not to update Sense UI 4.1 on previous existing HTC devices that meet the requirement to operate the sense UI 4.1 anyways.

    By doing this they are forcing you to buy the new handset to get the Sense ui 4.1. BUT!…

    What HTC did not think about it is, by screwing around it’s own customers, do you think they will buy a HTC mobile again? I didn’t

    Does HTC think that people will run to the stores to get a new HTC just because they want HTC sense ui 4.1? Don’t think so

    What HTC need to do.

    No one like or cares about your sluggish over sized clock that takes up the entire screen and everyone knows since windows mobile 6.5 HTC is unable to create a fluent UI! on top of an existing mobile operating system. HTC needs to accept that they are crap at this.

    No one wants HTC! SENSE! (READ ALL THE COMMENT THE PROBLEM IS HTC SENSE, LET IT GO!!!!!) I know HTC is trying to identify it self but spend more time in creating awesome phones, where the body of the mobile can be your identity.

    Even if all the previous phones can run the latest ICS people will always buy a new phone! as hardware is more attractive than software at the moment.

    Beats headphone, pumping them out because HTC has shared in the beat headphone is pathetic.l rather see quality phone with a cheaper price.

    Create a quality handset! with stock android. that will be your identity.
    If HTC is forced to create it’s own UI, then buy out SPB or Go Launcher they are much better then Sense in every way.

    P.S. Stop making phone that you cant change the battery, don’t concentrate on Apple products, concentrate in what HTC does best.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kire.cadevski Kire Cadevski

    WOW, thanks for removing my comment, you really know how to satisfy customers, enjoy your declining profits, i’ll defiantly share my experience on private forums. Lucky i screen shot my post.

    Will defiantly not recommend HTC to anyone now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kire.cadevski Kire Cadevski

    Shared my experience with screen shots on 6 forums and sent email to mobile review websites.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sufian.haq Sufian Haq

    Love HTC for what they have done with all the apps and the integration is also awesome(for most of the part)… But what annoys me is that htc should do some thing for lower end devices…. I have the One V because i wanted a small and compact phone…What i hate is the fact that this software makes my phone slow….. So my suggestion is if this makes the phone slow then leave it… I am currently using Nova Launcher and it work perfectly like stock ICS so plzzz next time u make phones… In ur budget offerings give us the most fast user experience even if it’s not sense…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherazahmadpwr Sheraz Ahmad

    i have htc salsa and how i can convert to icecream sindwch

  • Yang

    when OTA update Jelly bean on One X ? Is it come out together with Sense 4.5 UI ?

  • HVAC Engineer (Wojtek) PL

    I love my 4,7 inch One X display BUT! Wy HTC is using such a big fonts! And we even can’t change size of those fonts in widgets. My point is: my big screen is pointless because I have the same amount of content like on 3,5 screen. So please HTC squeeze more content specially on Widgets because font is ridiculous big. Please! Same story in HTC Sense 3.0 – Big fonts.
    In 3.5 Sense fonts were OK (HTC Sensation) I’m looking forward to be able to change font size in widgets in SENSE 4.5.

  • Nadeesha Hettiarachchi

    I really want the option to upgrade to stock Android on my HTC One X. If this single option comes to the One series and all future devices, good things could come to HTC in return.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cvale.reddevil Cvale Reddevil

    Why not enable users to decide wich apps they want to install on the first boot? Something like a list of apps and features that can be individualy checked and unchecked…

  • http://www.facebook.com/rollthezee Steven Kurtz

    How do I turn off the automatic upload of photos to FB? Very annoying.

  • http://twitter.com/Nimz89 Nirmal Niazi

    Can please someone help me. Today i reset my HTC Sensation to factory settings and now i no longer have HTC sense 4.0; like in software information it says Andriod Version 4.0.3 and in HTC sense version it says 3.6
    what do i do??

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001657166158 Amir Khan

    when will htc sensation will getting jelly bean(4.1) update ….&sense 4.0…..i think after ics update htc sensation has been under clocked…it is bit slower than earlier…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/Shuaib72 Shuaib Shaikh

    I’ve used Sense UI and I’ve used Stock Android…both on the One X…and though I loved both…i tended to love Sense more…mainly because of the Camera App and Gallery and also other eases of functionality…and also the color variance…and please…the One X has more than enough processing power to handle any amount of flashy animations which makes any arguments on those grounds for the One X pointless…but coming Sense 4+…i was slightly disappointed by the elimination of the scrollable wallpaper…i prefer tht as compared to static as it is one of the things that adds to the beauty of the One X and Sense…oh well…i’m sure xda community will come up with somethin…:)

  • Indy

    I had HTC desire S when you press Home twice then you able
    to see all the screens now I have HTC desire X and I can’t move the Screens and
    it does ‘t go all way round like cube.

    Can someone Help with this. Regards

  • http://twitter.com/khannaanshuman Anshuman Khanna

    I have been an avid user and fan of HTC Sense…so much so that I have stuck to HTC devices for many years…however lately I have found HTC not only lagging behing competition in terms of hardware but also Sense has been missing some key elements which has led me to migrate to others such as Samsung/Motorola…if these can be introduced by HTC I am sure it will see its fortunes getting reversed…maybe the new Phablet (Droid DNA) could be a starting point –

    1. Native video calling over 3G – Samsung has this, HTC Touch Pro 2 had it

    2. In call voice recording – it was present in HTC Windows Mobile devices

    3. Not mixing up similar numbers….i.e. 1234567890 and 2234567890 will not be distinguished by Sense.

    Can you please fix this!!!

  • Profcrab

    Sense and poor Android update schedules are why I will not be buying a HTC phone in the future.

  • Philip Wesley

    WOW, HTC themselves can’t come up with reasons to use Sense. The only advantage to Sense is the different style, but then, I can just get a launcher from Google Play if I really want my phone to look non-stock.

  • Ben Scarola

    Just got an HTC One V. The hardware is GREAT, but Sense is really frustrating!! The user experience pales in comparison to stock ICS or Jelly Bean. I have a Nexus 7 tablet and it is so intuitive and clean. HTC’s UI elements look very dated in comparison. The fact that you cannot bypass the HTC ring-lock screen if you’ve got a passcode or pattern lock enabled is downright offensive! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give your customers the option to use a stock Android build.

  • Dylan crowl

    I love my one x+ with sense 4+

  • http://www.facebook.com/vigoos Vignesh Iyer

    HTC Sense is nonsense. The website is crap. Poor people cant hire developers… LOL.

  • http://twitter.com/MasterCalvinCo Calvin Co

    I like, wait, I love the HTC Sense, never had issues with lag, well maybe sometimes, anyway, I’m using Sensation XE, 😀 with HTC Sense 3.6 and Android 4.0 but sad to say I can’t upgrade it to Sense 4 but it’s ok…
    Features I like about the Sense are, the animations of the weather, the launcher, and some other stuff… it just make htc phones unique,

  • disqus_AiMGuFV22d

    You should update all htc phones due to the fact that everyone can’t afford to keep purchasing phones.

  • pikeing

    All phones should get at least one update htc one v only 6 months old not even getting Android 4.1 it’s a let down don’t think I will be staying with htc after this and after being a loyal customer as well

  • Howard Brereton

    I find the seven home pages not enough on HTC 1x+.Any chance of having the option for more pages in the future.

  • Ted C

    are you actually defending bloat?

  • http://www.facebook.com/bryaaannnn Bryan Pietro Marzullo

    The new update is great for the HTC One X and having changed the green colour to blue gives it a much more pleasing look. It would be great if even the highlight of the words on top of the keyboard would be blue instead of green. In addition to that I also think the battery green may be better if it was blue as well. Overall the new update has improved a lot of features, making the UI more smoothly running. All positive improvments but a little recomendation for a future improvement is the colour change

  • http://www.facebook.com/92JLee James Lee

    I can’t stand HTC sense and their terrible attempt at multitasking on the One X. HTC should give the option to remove sense when you format their phones – ‘do you want to use Sense, yes or no’. I don’t want to have to hack my way around software to get android as Google wanted it.

  • Pav

    Just bought HTC Sense yesterday, but the desktop takes 8 seconds to load up even if I am just using the phone book or a message window. Is there a fix to solve this issue?

  • lieyanna ellyanna

    I hav this htc one x n been using this phone for 10 months already.. Wat Im upset is I have to reset my phone bcos of de system failure n de keyboard din display like usual.. After Im resetting my phone,all de important apps n everything was gone…Im.not really upset about it.. Wat I wan know is.. Is de system update paused itself n I dono how resuming my download.. Please do give guide,cos even I send error report seems like nothing action happen.

  • Sonnhy Black

    We’re are still here.. try to give us reason about why we haven’t bought SGS2 [Samsung announced JB for it] – cit. Every users with that crappy-fat-slow-halfblood Sense 3.6 on Sensation/XE/4G

  • Albert Moravec

    Will be next Jelly Bean Sense more optimized, so they won’t lagg everything and use less RAM?

  • DaveP

    My navigation bar suddenly disappeared. I can’t see if I’m on wireless, if I have mail waiting, whether something is downloading. When I use the hard Menu bar, click on Notifications, nothing happens. Nothing. I have tried rebooting (power off, back on), no help. Any ideas?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Teresa-Griffith/551463927 Teresa Griffith

    How do I turn down the volume of the telephone whilst using headphones? (HTC Desire Z)

  • http://www.facebook.com/la.cdesign.9 LA C’Design

    I have 3 of the HTC Amaze (Ruby) phones. Must say they are great phones, However I’m a tad disappointed with the fact that trying to find a new data/charger cable for it in Canada at a reasonable price is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Why is it that in the USA you can get one of these for as low as $2 but can’t get it shipped to Canada for less than +/- $20. Where as here it can be order in at a price of $20 to $40. I would think that HTC support should be able sell you a cable but apparently customer support can’t do that for you. So you get stuck either paying a crazy price for it or using a standard 5 pin micro USB cable that gives a slower charge/transfer rate. I think that if a non standard 12 pin extended micro cable is going to be used for so many HTC devices that replacement cables should be available to the consumer without having to special order it. Perhaps its time for HTC to step up to the plate and either have retailers selling their products carry a few of these cables in stock, start some sort of program in which end users can purchase directly from customer care, or send out some sort of adapter the allows you to convert a “Standard” micro USB to this apparently specialized extended micro USB being used. Kind of like how Apple has done. They use a special connector but they have made it so that you can buy a data cable anywhere even at a Dollar Store for next to nothing. Not saying that it needs to be that easy to find one, But it would be nice to be able to walk in to any store that sells HTC products and buy one of these cable for under lets say $10.
    As much as I like my HTC phone this cable issue might end up be the reason to make the switch to an iPhone at contract renewal time.

  • Jimmy Walker

    Will the new HTC One be going to the Cricket Network. There are a bunch of us that are budget conscious, and just flat out refuse to be tied down to the Big Four and the 2 year min. contracts. Please tell me Cricket is in line to get this Beautiful Phone! They have the iPhone, 4S and 5, they also carry the Galaxy 2 and 3, and they helped to popularize your HTC One V. Please, please, please (in my best James Brown voice).

  • http://twitter.com/FurlingBird Furlingbird

    One difference with Apple and HTC is that Apple support even their old devices hence keeping customers loyal. Everyone is special and taken good care of? While HTC just sells a customer a phone then forgets about him. And expects him to buy their latest phone which has a more latest sense UI or android version.
    Thanks to rooting and the hacker community some customers are unable to feel the Abandonment.
    But HTC should do something about their after sales support.
    Otherwise I would feel sad for such a great company to be doing bad in business.

    Also secondly the sdcard slot is important the dictating of space is a grievance for some of us. I had an HTC sensation XL which was 16 gig. Soon I ran out of space and I had reached the end of the road, a difficult situation to be in. It hurts when they are lots of cheap memory cards in town. And I wonder why HTC had to make such a torturing discussion, Apple is an amazing phone but also don’t have an sdcard slot and that’s why we don’t like Apple we like HTC.

  • maria

    hello, I have HTC Sense and I would like to install the driver to access the mobile from my computer (windows vista home premium. Could you tell me where to find those drivers? thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/bruce.feng.73 Bruce Feng

    Indeed, the trend of slow software updates in my opinion is HTC’s biggest problem. They flood the market every year with some 15-20 phones, so no wonder their software folks are having a heck of a time keeping up and the presence of Sense further complicates the issues when it comes to updates. In my humble opinion, the HTC Sense should be a downloadable launcher via the PlayStore (where only HTC handsets are qualified to download) so that users can choose whether or not they want want to use Sense or not. If HTC can do this, they will instantly become a trend setter and will win over many many folks who have left HTC.

    My first foray into Android was the HTC Aria, I had to wait some 11 months just to get Gingerbread on the phone, even though at the time of the purchase HTC/ATT promised Gingerbread updates within a ‘couple of months’. Needless to say I’ve steered cleared from HTC since then and have gone with Nexus devices ever since.

  • MJ Canga

    I have a HTC Desire S phone and sometimes it freezes, this means that the touch screen does not react to touch anymore. Nothing seems to work, except turning the screen on and off and then it starts working again for some time until it freezes again. Have you seen similar issues or know what is wrong, drop me an email. janette.canga@gmail.com. Thanks

  • Sujay Vilash

    Love the way this article promises “Next week, we’ll begin by taking a closer look at a key feature called “Smart Dial.” After that we’ll dig into other features every week – active lockscreens, text reflow, task integration, e-mail and calendar, Car Mode, Beats Audio, and much more” but have put nothing on since this article went up. Typical of HTC. All talk no action.

  • Juan Alfredo Duarte Guzmán

    I just got a Freestyle pd53100 and i need to update its software, i downloaded htc sync but I just dont know hot to use it. Also it just has the options to sync music and photos. I dont see any options that says update software.
    Please help me upgrade my cellphone, this is my first HTC and I dont know anything about it.
    i need to know what software i have to download, and also what are the steps to upgrade my phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gdanko619 Gary Danko

    How can I remove Sense and get pure Google experience on an HTC phone?

  • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

    —– Reply message —–

  • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

    —– Reply message —–

  • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

    —– Reply message —–

  • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

    —– Reply message —–

  • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

    —– Reply message —–

  • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Smartphone

    —– Reply message —–

  • Piyush Ludhiyani

    does the battery of htc one x will be improved in jb 4.2 update or not ……………..and will htc one x get 5.0 update or not???

  • Piyush Ludhiyani

    does the battery of htc one x will be improved in jb 4.2 update or not ……………..and will htc one x get 5.0 update or not???