Our Best Friend; Always By Our Side

They’re our best friends, waiting patiently for our return anytime we leave.  Usually they simply want to sit with us, but they love it most when we play.  Whether it’s at a park, the yard or even just inside the house.  And they love it when we bring along another friend – our camera phone.

For many of us, capturing the fun, playful moments with our pets quickly turn into the background picture on our phones.  For others, it’s the wall post put on Facebook or Google+.  And whether it is a cat, dog, bunny, hamster or some other animal, they are the companions we love to spend time with.

Fortunately, you have a pretty good camera — with some really cool features — on the smartphone you carry around everyday.  Whether it’s the action photo of your dog running in the park, a burst mode photo set of your pet playing or even slow motion video, you have the tools you need on your HTC smartphone to capture fun, playful memories.

Over the next few days we will be sharing photos of Saxon, a Viszla (a Hungarian breed known for their loyalty) who is the best friend of one of our HTC teammates, a “cat vs. dog” challenge, and some of the top Android apps for pet lovers.

This week is your opportunity to share as well.  From the blog, to Facebook to Google+, we can’t wait to see the photos and videos’ you’ve taken of your furry friends and hearing your suggestions for top apps for pet lovers.

So let us know – how do you use your smartphone to capture memories of your best friend?  We’ll share out some favorites on our Facebook page at the end of the week.