Top Three Road Warrior Tips for Your HTC


As a global company, we travel quite often, sometimes to the far corners of the globe. Thankfully we all have our smartphones to depend on while on the road. As the travel season heats up we wanted to share some travel tips for the road warrior. Have your own? Share them in the comments!

All the time in the world

Sometimes you need to track multiple time zones when traveling between locations. One easy way to stay on top of time differences is to create a “clocks” view on one of the home-screens.

While there are a number of widgets with this functionality, HTC Sense clocks are a simple way to create a customizable collection very quickly. Having a clock screen like this makes it easy to keep track of where you’re heading and when is the best time to contact friends and colleagues around the world. Personally, it has stopped me from accidentally calling my family at 2 AM in the morning!

Watching your data on the road

Having a smartphone on the road is invaluable. Whether checking-in via email or checking-out with some rocking music, we’re almost always using our HTCs when on the road. But a smartphone isn’t so “smart” without a data connection, which can be pricey when roaming the world.

Before setting off on a trip, we often purchase international data and voice plans. This buys somewhat reasonable calling rates and about 100 MB of data, incredibly useful but not a generous total. Luckily, HTC Sense 4 and Android 4.0 come with a handy data usage monitor. You can find it in Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Usage. To ensure you stay within your limit, set alerts for every 50 MB used and a shut-off trigger when you use it all. This is definitely a wallet-saver.

The one home for your trip

When traveling there are few apps we rely on more than TripIt. Basically you set up an account and email them the travel itinerary from your airline or hotel. TripIt automatically loads the entire thing into an easy to scan list. The pro version will also send SMS notices of gate information or flight changes, and track your frequent traveler programs

The airline or hotel point tracker has a particularly clever feature: when looking at a specific account, you can rotate your phone into landscape and it will show a simple display with the account number in big letters. This makes it really easy to show the clerk when checking-in to flights or hotels.

Have any of your own mobile road warrior travel top-tips? Share them in the comments!

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  1. avatar Balaji says:

    co- pilot offline gps maps… best, accurate positions and street name prediction… while travelling abroad..
    just forget about data connections charges for Maps :) 

  2. avatar NoneRequired says:

    If only the Sense clocks had UTC for a time zone. Yes, I could use London or something, but then you have to figure the “summer” time into the equation. Would it be so difficult to just include UTC? Please?

  3. We need Exchange Activesync with Client Certificate in Sense for HTC One X!

  4. avatar Sonya says:

    I just took my One X with me as my primary camera on my London India business trip! Got lots of great pictures!

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  6. avatar Adeel Tahir says:

    I have htc Desire HD, purchased it as brand new 2 months back. I am facing a problem – it switched off automatically while in pocket. When I feel, I am not receiving the phone calls, I check my mobile and found it OFF. It happen once or twice a week and I missed some important calls. Afterward turning ON is also an issue. In such condition, I have to open the battery cover , remove battery and re-insert in phone and close the cover. now I switched ON the phone. Without removing and re-inserting the battery, I can’t switched ON it. It does not reponst without that. If anyone can recongnise the issue…. I have no warranty card.

  7. “I have a big problem with my HTC Legend. It is absolute frozen. I can’t unlock it! Touch is chaos. Please, give me some advice! Thanks!”

  8. avatar silver says:

    It is truly unfair if HTC will not release Sense 4 into earlier devices with released ICS. While HTC is going to release new single core devices that will comes with ICS and Sense 4.

  9. avatar IDisposable says:

    and don’t install GB on your Flyer.

  10. avatar rohit says:

    why htc one x name does not show when i update my status in facebook,can anyone help me out

  11. avatar Shyam Prasad says:

    hi i am using htc hd2 8585 windows mobile which was bought by my friend from uk…
    o2 network 2 yrs back nw i want 2 convert my windows mobile 2 android is it possible 2 convert nw………………. please give your valuable suggestion 2 me………….
    plz u can mail me 2 

  12. avatar Jason says:

    HTC cancels Desire HD update to ICS, 收撚皮喇你!!!!!!!

  13. avatar shashidhar L says:

    when will we get ics for incredible s in india 

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