Cross Training With Roberta Mancino

With over 7,000 jumps in the last ten years, it’s safe to say Roberta Mancino enjoys living on (or actually jumping off) the edge.  A champion skydiver, world-class B.A.S.E. jumper/wingsuit pilot, professional model and one of the stars of HTC’s Free Fall Fashion Shoot, Roberta is well known in the extreme sports community for her adrenaline addiction.

We caught up with Roberta in Los Angeles last month as she gave a couple of friends, pro surfer Nick Rozsa and X-Games skater Curren Caples, new HTC One X phones, then spent some time cross-training in their sports. While everyone wished for bigger waves, the real question was “can a world champion skydiver ride the waves and grind a rail?”

Mix these three athletes together, sprinkle in a bit of crazy,  and we shall see!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PVWBQRPEEPRAX7425KEUXR3BHM Benny

    sky diver is friken hot

  • http://twitter.com/GuidoConrad Guido Conrad

    So sick to see Curren Caples there. Man he’s grown

  • http://www.mrmobileperformance.com Mr. Mobile Performance

    I wonder if he’s already experienced the HTC One X’s mobile data connection issue where the notification bar icons indicates a mobile data connection while you actually have no internet or email. To date the only fix is turning on airplane mode and turning it back off. 

  • http://petermeadit.com/ Peter Mead

     Hi and thanks for a great blog post.

    I have just purchased the HTC One X today…

    So far it is a great phone, the best one so far. I have been a HTC supporter for years, and then a friend of mine wrote a review on the X vs S. http://androidfirm.com/htc-one-x-vs-htc-one-s/ It was a great review and it made me go out and make the purchase today.

    Hope to have many more years with this phone like I did with my old HD2.

  • ali_1980_iran

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      • ali_1980_iran

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  • Nicholas Gray

    I need to get a new skateboard. It’s been over 10 years! Way too long.