Turn Up The Volume

Billy Dillon is a bass fanatic. He drives a Mazda 3 sound machine, powered by a 13-speaker Bose system, and welcomes the opportunity to share his music with anyone (especially in the car next to him).

For him, the challenge has always been getting enough volume to satisfy his audio needs (even with the bass levels maxed out).  That changed when he picked up his latest phone:

Now, with Beats Audio in his HTC EVO 4G LTE, Billy says he hears more of the music he loves, especially in the low and high ranges.  “I don’t have to turn the volume up as much and my girlfriend even noticed the sound difference.”

And that’s the power of Beats Audio.  Whether you’re an old school rocker jamming to Rush or Van Halen, a Hip Hop fan hooked on Jay Z and Kanye, a folk fan relaxing to Bon Iver, or you secretly play Lana Del Rey at max volume while cleaning the house, having an HTC smartphone with Beats Audio makes it possible for you to hear, and feel, your favorite music, the way the artist intended.

Now we’d like to learn more about how you listen to music on your HTC phone.  Are you like Billy Dillon, using Bluetooth to stream music from your phone to your car or do you have a different setup?

Share some photos and stories about your rig and tell us how you let those around you enjoy the music you love.

  • ali_1980_iran

      HTC please update DHD
    htc do it please
    htc is Liar ????

  • hemanth kn

    Right know I am using one v but no special effect for beats audio

  • ali_1980_iran

    you must update desire HD

  • Evgeniy Savchuck

    update desire HD  with ICS!!!!!

  • Сергей Беляков

    update desire HD  with ICS!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/dinkyrools Dinkyrools

    WHATS UP…..WHERE,S JELLYBEAN…..for the onex……. its coming…..when…….EX DHD USER,……was thinking bout onex …. BUT NOW ……your dreaming if you think i,ll ever buy another htc devive….PS htc flyer…..update….SURPRIZE NO…

  • http://www.facebook.com/rahul.nha Rahul Nath

    …UNfair HTC!!!please provide jellybean upgrade for HTC ONE V…it is very unfair that one v is being overlooked…its a very popular phone among youngsters in india…HTC seems to care only about the high phone users!!!…please release a jellybean update for ONE V…u cant blame the hardware for not releasing it..because a lot of other companies have already announced that they will be releasing updates for their phones which have similar specs as one V…HTC care nothing about the mid range lo/mid range customer’s satisfation!!!…i’m telling all my friends never to buy a HTC device!!!..

    • http://twitter.com/JamieMurphy4 jamie M.

      wait.. your upset about not having JELLYBEAN?? there is only one phone in the world that has it, and that’s because it’s Google’s phone! get a nexus if you want jellybean.

  • http://twitter.com/JamieMurphy4 jamie M.

    I love beats audio. I haven’t heard music sound this good since they did away with real sterio component systems. digital music has always been a letdown. beats brings back the sound. however, I only use my headset. it’s just too complicated and expensive to figure.out how to use my phone as a driver for some music device. I’d rather use a different device than my phone to broadcast music too. but as I said, as a walkman this is.ultimate.

  • Nick

    Hey HTC guys… please please release jelly bean for HTC One V… If you can create jelly bean ROM for HTC One V (CDMA) then why cant you make jelly bean ROM for HTC One V (GSM)… Requesting you to please create jelly bean ROM for HTC One V (GSM)… Hey dont make your HTC One V users upset…