Making Movies with HTC One – Vote for Your Favorite

The challenge was simple – make a short film, no longer than four-minutes, in 24 hours or less.  For Frank Hannah, director of The Cooler, Damage, and Hunt to Kill, there was an additional challenge – he made his film using an HTC One X smartphone.  So how does a professional filmmaker put together a short film in less than 24 hours using a smartphone?  Let Frank show you:

Even for an experienced director like Frank, filming, picking music, editing and finalizing a short film in less than 24 hours can be quite challenging.  For the contestants in the 24 Hour Film Race, it can also be quite rewarding.  Now they need your help.

The finalists have been selected but there can only be ONE winner.  Visit our Facebook page to view the final videos then vote for your favorite (and help them win the race).  You can vote up to three times a day (and your first vote each day is your entry for a chance to win your very own HTC One X).

Then check out the One X and see how it can help you start capturing your memories in full 1080P HD video.

  • Abdul Hakim

    Please make a blog post about HTC Sense 4.1 new update. It would be cool to know what’s new on Sense 4.1. 🙂