Creative Smartphone Accessories


Need a protective case for your HTC phone? All you need is some duct tape and a little creativity.  Or, increase your speaker’s volume by putting your phone in a cup. These are life hacks: simple but clever solutions to every day problems.

We got an HTC One X and tested some life hacks we love, including some from our biggest fans.

What are your mobile life hacks? Share them in the comments!

Which is your favorite mobile life hack?

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64 Responses to “Creative Smartphone Accessories”

  1. is there water in the speaker phone cup? :O

  2. avatar Shen Ye says:

    I can do one better, Speaker Phone HTC-Cup

  3. avatar CryptoNoel says:

    nice! thanks HTC :D

  4. How do I make the case? That is seriously cool.

  5. avatar Mido Karam says:

    I really want to make the case and the stylus
    where are the tutorials?

    • avatar Darren Krape says:

      The stylus is pretty easy, just cut the chip bag and tape it over the end of the pen. Not all bags will work though and it can be a little bit of a challenge to get it situated so it writes properly. I found that using a pen with a retractable point works best.

  6. avatar Kip Hartwell says:

    Why no links to the hacks?

  7. avatar delia balsells says:

    I learned this new concept that I did not know :-), Amazing!

  8. avatar AerosmithNirvana says:

    Are there links for directions?

  9. avatar Umang Bhatia says:

    i like the speaker phone cup!!!!!!

  10. avatar E says:

    Best hack: rooting for an up to date rom, because you just know htc won’t do it for you.

  11. avatar Luis Herrera says:

    I have done the cup speaker but I bet you never heard of the stainless steal pot speaker! That is amplified!

  12. avatar Cat Isidor says:

    Just make sure nothing is IN the cup first. :P

  13. avatar Khurram says:

    Awesome ;)

  14. avatar note_lover says:

    Where are the actual links to make these, exactly what type of potato chip bag is needed (it looks to be foil type)?

  15. [...] want better sounding music without having to use a pair of headphones? HTC has put together a new blog post on its site, featuring a handful of life hacks which can easily be pulled of with a few office supplies or [...]

  16. avatar Nicholas Gray says:

    Back in the day, I had to hack together several pairs of headphones when HTC was still using 2.5mm headphone jack and its proprietary audio over USB connection. It’s like you guys didn’t want us to listen to music on our magical phones!

  17. [...] Wednesday 29th August 2012 by William Judd in Android. HTC have posted an interesting look at creative smartphone accessories or mobile lifehacks on their blog. [...]

  18. can we do all of these with the htc Chacha?

  19. avatar Maku Mayo says:

    how can i developed d sounds of my sensation z710e coz its too soft, unlike other models!…

  20. avatar Michael the incubus says:

    got one positive thing to report about the HW performance and capabilities of using the HTC ONE X (tegra3) in rather not so usual fashion: We had an ad-hoc LAN gaming/MMO gaming party with TeamSpeak 3 voice-comm; 5 laptops/desktops utilizing my stock/native HTC ONE X as a WIFI router and internet provider (thanks to HSPA+ cellular up-link with actual 12mbits down-/8mbits upstream). SupremeCommander:ForgedAlliance game takes a major LAN bandwidth connection, but the HTC ONE X took it just like that, AND managed surfing and the usual internet ancillaries. Am impressed. Always knew the hardware could do it, but the HTC ONE X makes it actually easy and doable for such ad-hoc events! Thanks HTC.

  21. avatar Aftab Qureshi says:

    i want buy that duct case , how and where from i can get this pls anyone help ,me and email me

  22. Sew one out of fabric. Assume it will be just fine and, of course, better than tape

  23. avatar Beppemi says:

    So funny accessories!! have to build some..ahha

  24. avatar adamantflasher * says:

  25. avatar qpstore says:

    how to root phone i have htc chacha,Buy best Electronics products Online at qpstore

  26. avatar Hert Niks says:

    wheres the tutorial for the stylus and duct tape case?

  27. нехватает инструкций по созданию некоторых девайсов,а так очень креативно))

  28. avatar Johnson P R says:

    HTC accessories are very hard to get, i am trying to purchase a HTC Bluetooth Car StereoClip in india, but cant get one for my HTC one S

  29. avatar FarazKaiser says:

    How to make the Duct Tape case?

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