Maximizing Storage on Your Android Phone


You’ve taken thousands of photos, loaded hundreds of songs, and installed dozens of apps on your phone. You’re getting everything you’d hoped for from your smartphone and then one day you’re suddenly greeted with a message telling you there’s “not enough free space.” Don’t panic and start randomly deleting files; rather, take a few moments to manage your phone’s storage.

First, you need to review your phone’s total storage and determine how much is still available. You can do this by going to Settings > Storage which will display the Internal Storage (usually reserved for apps) and Phone Storage (where your media files, downloads and docs are stored). If your specific phone has an SD Card, you will see this storage capacity also.

Under Internal Storage you can tap “Apps” to see the storage requirements for each of the apps on your phone. There are also a host of third-party apps like “Disk Usage” which show a graphical view of how your storage space is being used.

Once you know what is taking up space on your phone, you can take a few simple steps to free-up storage:

Automatically save photos to online storage

Photos, videos and docs on the phone take up a lot of storage space. To reduce the impact on your storage space, you can set your phone to automatically upload photos to an online service (rather than store them on your phone). Launch your Camera app then go to settings and then tap “Auto upload.” Choose which service (Facebook or Flickr) and then set the upload schedule and privacy level.

If you prefer to use Dropbox or Google+, you can choose to have files instantly uploaded as well.  In addition to photos, Dropbox integration in the HTC One phones allows you to save documents (including email attachments) directly to your Dropbox account.

Move photos and videos to online albums

Simply open Gallery from your apps, select which album you want to view, tap “Share”, and then choose which service you’d like to use for your photos or videos (Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, and more). Select the files you want to upload, click “Next,” then select the destination folder for the files you are sharing. Once the upload is complete, you can delete the copy on your phone.

If your phone doesn’t have Dropbox preloaded, you can download it from Google Play and enjoy the same Dropbox integration with your phone’s apps.

Remove unused apps and files

Do you have outdated navigation maps or games you no longer play? For general cleanup purposes, go to Settings > Storage, and then tap “Make more space.” Your phone will guide you through the process to clear the app cache. After this is cleared you will have an option to select any apps you want to uninstall. (Pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled, but can be disabled in Settings > Apps > All). If you ever need those apps again, check Google Play for a history of apps you’ve previously downloaded and quickly reinstall them.

You can also delete other content types, such as browser files, maps, or music, by selecting “Make more space” under the Phone Storage heading.  This will show how much space is taken by temporary files and applications saved to your internal storage.  Here you also have the ability to quickly select multiple files for removal to free up more space.

Export files and data to a computer

If you have work-related documents or other confidential files on your phone, you can easily move them to your computer.  Using your USB cable, plug your phone into your computer, and then select “Disk drive” on the connection type choice screen. Now your phone will be recognized as a removable drive, allowing you to access the file storage – which could either be the built-in memory or a storage card (if supported).

From your computer, look through your phone’s storage content and manually cut-and-paste the files you want to move. If you’re looking for specific files you’ve downloaded from your Mail or Internet browser apps, check the “Download” folder. And don’t worry about deleting any pre-loaded apps or personal data; those aren’t accessible from this view.You can also export data directly from some apps to make it easier to access it from file storage and move it to your computer. For instance, if you want to save your text messages for future reference, just go to Messages > Menu, and then tap “Back up SMS.” Once backed up, this file can be restored to the Messages app if needed.

For more tips, check out HTC user support or visit our online forums.  How about you? How do you maximize the storage of your Android phone?

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  1. avatar mark fortin says:

    What about the contents of the folder, Temporary files from HTC apps? When I selected it, a note popped that I can either clear it or cancel. How would I know if the files inside the said folder are safe to be deleted?

  2. avatar Ken Harrison says:

    They never mentioned using Play Music for streaming your music to your phone. You can pin songs, playlists or albums to your phone to keep your data usage low. You can also Stream the music from your phone over Wifi at home or anywhere with free Wifi. It’s great having your entire music library available all the time.

  3. avatar veronica buencamino says:

    My HTC wildfire has been with me for a year to date. When I first bought it, I was so happy cuz it’s a smartphone. You can upload easily to social working sites and I’m able to easily read my fave readers. I don’t have a lot of apps. Just the usual social networking sites and my google reader and email. I’m not interested in games and the likes, so I don’t have them. Until one day, I started having problems. I couldn’t text, reply to a text, make a call nor answer a call. It always says that my internal storage is low. I followed the prompts on settings saying that I need to clear or transfer to my SD card but it also says that I have nothing to move to my SD. I was forced into clearing my usual sites, etc. Still having the same prob. Until I reset factory settings just so I can start all over and be able to use the phone. Nothing. And I lost all my contacts by trying to troubleshoot it. I transferred everything I can to my computer and still nothing. What to do?

    • plz if u know anything for that problem tell me

    • avatar Brad Fennell says:

      You really need to have google back up your contacts in the future. Then when you have to reset a phone when you sign into google you will be able to restore your contacts. The suggestion for google+ is good too.

    • avatar Jenna White says:

      There is no solution for this ridiculous problem unfortunatley apart from options that void the warranty which I cant do to my work phone. I wish all app makers were forced to make apps that save to SD.
      It sure isn’t photos or other things saving to my SD card.
      I also wish there was a simple way to ensure everything saves to SD card, whats the point of having one if barely anything goes to it? i have a SD card with 90% free space and internal memory constantly complaining. I fix it by clearing my app caches every month, still frustrating and the reason I wouldn’t recommend a wildfire to anyone.

    • avatar James says:

      I also have a wildfire , bought 1 year ago – I love it , I hate it. I have 4 apps I downloaded because I want them. No more space for other apps I would like to use. I have about 100? (too many to count) apps which came with the phone and most I never use. I cannot remove them. When I got the phone I went through 2 factory resets to try to make it work better. And hours of talking to HTC support. That did not really fix anything. I hope new HTC phones have fixed this f**ked up system. I also have a 16 GB SD card for more space. It’s 90% empty because these useless apps cannot be moved to it. Only 4 apps are allowed to be transferred to it. The phone does do some things extremely well and so I will live with it another year and then upgrade to something better. btw, I don’t even use gmail (cannot be removed) or facebook(cannot be removed). The phone is just too slow to handle them. And back up with google ? that is another nightmare story – more trouble than help. It transfers 600 names from my e mail list to the phone – not exactly what I would like but it gives no option. I could go on and on but I’ve learned to live with it.

  4. avatar David Hayes says:

    I’d like to be able to delete the unused and built-in apps from Sprint – any thoughts on that?

  5. avatar LuXa Flex says:

    one x one phone thats fast and wasting speed at the same time…
    so many apps running in the background and i never started them or asked for it to start

  6. Wouldn’t it just be better to make sure you have a phone with a microSD card slot? Then you can never run out of storage – just pop another card in. Having your videos online isn’t much use if you want to watch them when you don’t have internet access.

  7. i would like to delete all the damn apps pre installed from telsa?

  8. avatar Olumuyiwa says:

    Any idea on how to connect my htc sensation 4G to a printer.

  9. avatar Olumuyiwa says:

    How do i connect my Sensation 4G to a printer and also get ICS?

  10. avatar Dwayne Selby says:

    Just buy a bigger ad card for photos, pics and music. That’s what I did and ive got tons of space on my Htc Sensation. I’d like an app for Root tho. There are a lot pf garbage apps

    • Dwayne
      It is not a problem of space on the external memory
      the problem lies within the phone.
      Some apps as well as the system cache and etc. are all stored in the internal memory. It is impossible to move the on your sd card.
      Sensation has more internal memory than Wildfire or Wildfire S.
      This is not a solution for many of devices.

  11. Thank you for the awesome info. I usually dont read things like this due to not understanding the lingo. You made this very easy to understand and follow. Thank you.

  12. avatar venkatesh says:

    why don’t you leave the price when you are launching the new product?

  13. avatar pradeep says:

    any which way possible for gaining space in HTC salsa then please post.

  14. avatar duni thakur says:

    [ I
    have HTC Chacha last month its touch stop start work and i go for the
    service station (CHDNGIGARH) they take one month to resolve. when i go
    to receive my the phone is same condition. even i call on customer care
    center to get mail id for complaint, the person send i m not giving
    mail do what you want do. what the set is this i am real feed-up. please
    help me out for the same problem. ] mail me at

  15. Why my HTC wildifire S supposed to have 500 Mo of memory but I have only 32 Mo available with 112 Mo used….total is not 500 Mo if I am correct, why?

    • i walked one year with my wildfire s, and unfortunately i must throw it out, because it ran out of memory, especially after installing HTC sense and Android updates

    • I rooted my WFS and Installled CM9. I loved sense but was sick of lags and bloat.
      I now use CM9 with link2sd for extra space and I have about 100+ apps and still 80 MB free. :D
      But yeah warranty is void.

  16. avatar John Carlo says:

    Why my music gets deleted whenever I clear temp files?

  17. avatar Prakhar Arya says:

    First Root your phone that use App2Sd to partition your memory card and use it as a internal memory.I used HTC salsa,it had only 128 MB but thanks to the above solution i now have 1 GB of internal memory. :))

  18. avatar Pranay Patel says:

    This is just like Rooting. Yes. Exactly the same.

  19. avatar Ravi Soni says:

    hTc is best company in mobile industry.. i was not thought this but when i use this phone,, i feel superb experience…. Thank you hTc

  20. Tell us how to move Facebook and Whats app like apps without rooting…

  21. avatar Sunitha Suni says:

    nothing is usefull in this post..

    1. storing online : every one dont have internet every time he wants to see pics.

    2. storing on system : We purchased mobile to store data in it.. not on system.

    3. uninstalling apps : we wont install useless apps.

    • avatar Amr Mostafa says:

      have you found a solution to your problem after three months of asking because you described my status perfectly, i only want to add that the memory card is almost empty but the internal memory is fucking dead

  22. avatar Kapil Gadge says:

    How can i manage a internal memory maximum for my htc chacha….pleas tell

  23. avatar E says:

    Best way to save space: remove Sense.

  24. avatar Joanne May says:

    My internal storage is 150MB, which as everyone knows gets fill up really quickly. But when I look at the apps which can’t be transfered to SD card, it only amounts to about 50MB. What is the other 100 MB being used for? Is it just the running of th phone or is there storage I am not accessing somehow?

  25. avatar Desaray says:

    I just got my HTC one x nd I wanna download songs on here nd I only have 5 songs nd it says I can’t download anymore because of insufficient storage space but when I got to my storage space it says I have over 9.33 gb left please help?

  26. i can’t use the letters A and Q on my htc salsa. What can i do?

  27. I want to move my apps to my ad card, is that possible?

  28. avatar WMD says:

    I need so help it possible. I have a HTC Incredible (I know it not the latest or greatest) I am getting an alert saying “low on space” I have an 8 gb micro sd card installed and have moved everything I can to the sd card via an app called APP 2 SD. I have used 735.5 mb and have 278.38 free of internal memory. most of the micro sd card is free. So what can I do? I don’t believe I have the skills to root the phone so I don’t think that’s an option for me. Thanks in advance

  29. avatar Jasbir says:

    Please suggest me how to root my phone

  30. avatar Dianna Hofbeck says:

    Have an HTC Thunderbolt. Friend just introduced dropbox. How can I transfer text pictures or music to my pc. Is this possible ?? Please… Not tech savvy. Answer as simply as you can. Thanks !! Do I need a NEW HTC phone to get more Free gigs ??

  31. I have a HTC Sensation, love it! A while ago it was replaced and now I can’t put in My Profile, I get a blank screen that quickly fades out and am back to People. If I keep at it I get an error message android acore has stopped. Any ideas? I used to use this a lot to send contact details by vcard.

  32. avatar Ubaid Rabbani says:

    I had remove 60% of data from my phone but still that dirty message is comming and when i try to connect it to htc sync (pc) it didnt connect From it.plz some one help me. :-(

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