Behind the Design: Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC


It’s a design that Wired calls “the Windows Phone to beat;” in fact, it’s like holding a live tile in right in your hand.  Over the past year, HTC and Microsoft engineers and designers have worked closely together to deliver a phone that looks and feels like no other – creating a new ‘signature line’ of Windows 8 phones made only by HTC.  Let’s look more closely at how the Windows Phone 8X and 8S were born:

Of course, inside this design both the 8X and 8S deliver an incredible camera with HTC ImageSense and Beats Audio.

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  1. avatar Kaan says:

    Make a 32gb version and take my money!!!

  2. avatar nanoware says:

    HTC, can you post a spec sheet PDF like nokia did for the lumia 920??

  3. avatar Paul Prior says:

    I just need to know when I can have one.

  4. avatar Antonio Alfaro says:

    The Nokia Lumia 900 has the HOTSPOT
    function, the HTC 8X haved?

  5. Hi, I’m new to pinning, so please forgive me. The HTC by Cushnie et Ochs giveaway was going to be announced on the 17th, but I cannot for the life of me see where it was announced. Would you please share with me where the announcement was ‘hidden’ – lol? Thanks so much!

  6. avatar CPANinjaDoug says:

    Why no LTE? That means these phones won’t be available on Verizon and won’t run on AT&T’s 4G network either. Too bad as they looked like a nice alternative to Nokia’s phones.

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  8. Are copy of Nokia Lumia…

  9. avatar Duncan Revol says:

    HTC HD2 will get kinda look as sooner or later :D I wonder why dont u guys create another powerful smartphone just like htc HD2!

  10. avatar Tim Butler says:

    Er, your flagship device only has 16GB memory that’s not expandable?

    No thanks. Lumia 920 has 32GB. Even better the 820 has a micro sd slot!

  11. avatar Troy Walker says:

    please make a tablet like this!

  12. avatar voleheart says:

    take my money! this thing is beautiful and on Verizon!! love it!

  13. avatar Nicholas Gray says:

    I wish there was a white or light gray option. Yes, they get dirty a lot easier, but I love the white One X.

  14. Great looking phones. I think the assortment of colors will go a long way to reaching consumers across several channels.

    The design is really cool as well. I like the way they taper at the edges. Almost like a knife edge. Looking forward to seeing one in person.

  15. avatar underst00d says:

    Will it do simultaneous data and voice on Verizon, like the other Verizon LTE HTC phones? If so, I’m ready to ditch my iPhone 5 already.

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  17. avatar dlgllhn says:

    Why do they have embedded batteries?? I usually keep a phone for about 4 years. Will the battery last that long? None of the phones I’ve had before have. I usually have to change the battery at least once.

    • It’s not a problem if you know a good service centre.
      Or you can find instruction and buy a new battery on the web

      • avatar M L says:

        I think the point was to be able to change out a battery for a fresh charged one during the day if needed, for those who would carry a spare, so you don’t need to be near an plugin all the time.
        Watching the vid about the design and how it’s all squeezed in for such a tight fit to make it as thin as possible, if they had to place the battery in a position to be removable, along with a removable door panel etc, not to mention then needing to enclose the rest of the insides so nothing’s exposed to potential damage when the average person opens the unit to change the battery…. I’m sure the phone would be much thicker. Can’t have everything.

    • avatar Androidtech says:

      Why keep a smart phone for four years when you can get an upgrade discount in less than two. If not as long as you have insurance your carrier will put a new battery in for you at no extra charge.

  18. avatar Jonathan Brookshire says:

    Please! Please! Pretty please! Make a 7in. tablet from this concept.

  19. avatar Anil Pekala says:

    Hi Larry

    When it is available in Indian Markets and what will the price tag of this product??

  20. We can’t seem to get a straight answer to this question. Does anyone know at this point?

  21. avatar Tannim says:

    To be quite honest, I care more about functionality than color, basic black or black/gray works for me….
    Does the phone work?
    does the camera work?
    Fast CPU?
    Large enough ROM/RAM for running apps?
    Latest stable OS?
    Large screen?
    Strong Antenna?

    These are my questions, not if they come in a lime green or pink.

    • It’s WM8-means it’s always stable and you will always have the official update.
      I’m quite sure that app devs are not going to make stunning apps. Not yet. Nice 3d games as galaxy on fire and etc.
      You don’t need much for that.
      Microsoft market has not many apps in it. Devs are less interested in this platform.

  22. avatar Akshay Zade says:

    95 unread mails, seriously? :P

  23. i’m looking for a smartphone with >=5″ screen (like samsung note), but under win phone 8. do HTC have something like this in plans?

  24. Darn I thought that when you said Now that you’ve got a taste it meant that you were going to announce a bigger display with 32gigs and an mSD drive.

  25. avatar Harry Harrison says:

    8V anytime soon?

  26. I heard VZW will have them all. Hope to hear the same for TMO.

  27. avatar Joe Murray says:

    Absolutely beautiful phones, but only having 16gb of memory with no SD expansion options on the 8x is killing it for me. I like the physical appearance of the 8S, but it is too low spec for me. Why would you guys only include 16gb of memory on your flagship device? Especially when streaming is becoming a non-option as all the carriers are killing unlimited data (I loose it on Verizon if I upgrade).

  28. avatar voleheart says:

    it has the verizon 4GLTE logo on it

  29. Ok. to sum up, when do we get full spec, replaceable batteried, microSD Zenith? Just hope my TouchHD and HD2 last till it arrives!

  30. avatar TRNR says:

    It’s devices like these that get me interested in Windows Phone. The look, feel and style of HTC’s devices are what sell WP8 for me. Only downside…WP doesn’t have a huge presence in Canada. Unfortunately. But these are great looking devices as usual.

  31. avatar Arnab Ray says:

    please please release the same cell phone with an android version…….

  32. avatar Antonio Alfaro says:

    The Nokia Lumia 900 has the HOTSPOT
    function, the HTC 8X haved?

  33. I will be voiding the warranty to add 16 more gb to this piece of sexy

  34. avatar Miki Pilato says:

    No SD card support… only 8 and 16 GB variants? And you wonder why your sales are flopping and Samsung owns you. Facts are if you want to compete you need to give us what we want.

  35. Show me 32gb and I will show u the money

  36. avatar Kelvin Lam says:

    gimme a 16gb but with a microSD card slot that supports up to 64gb….then take my monies!!

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