Get Behind the Scenes in New York


As the lights and cameras were being put in place for the HTC press conference tomorrow, we went behind-the-scenes to share a glimpse of the action.  Of course, we’ve got a few more hours before we can divulge all the details.  In the meantime, make sure you’re following @HTC on Twitter to catch our ‘live tweeting,’ where you won’t miss any of the action.

36 Responses to “Get Behind the Scenes in New York”

  1. avatar Navraj Bhatt says:

    excited about the event tomorrow but what happen with the htc one X contest that was taking couple of days!!!

    • avatar Navraj Bhatt says:

      −Hey John, i wanted to know when is HTC going to announce the winner of HTC one X by Cushnie et Ochs repin contest? Can you help me with this query? Actually the original post by Larry Meadows has been closed :(

  2. avatar Clinton Jeff says:

    Cant wait! It’s bright early morning over at my side of the planet though :D

  3. avatar D says:

    Can’t wait what you have to offer for Windows Phone 8 fans. I have a Titan and I feel it’s better than Nokia’s offerings.

  4. avatar Frettfreak says:

    cant wait… hope you have some android love for us!!

  5. HTC fan right here. I’m excited :D

  6. avatar Earnest Hart says:

    Windows Phone 8 devices could be the big thing for the holiday season.

  7. avatar Internetubes says:

    Hopefully no Android crap announced. The world needs less malware, not more.

  8. avatar Cody6er says:

    Bring on the one x 5!!!

  9. avatar Richard Wolf says:

    Please be my next Windows 8 phone (-:

  10. avatar HTCFan says:

    Oh let there be exciting news for Evo 4G LTE…great phone but needs more camera improvement!!

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  12. avatar LionStone says:

    Bring it HTC Baby!!

  13. avatar Mouse says:

    They better announce when the 4.1 update will be for HTC One X

  14. are these images taken with the new device which you are about to launch????????…………well! ……..if yes the camera on the new phone is got to be great

  15. avatar Mark Richey says:

    Happy Titan owner here. Please please please Windows Phone 8….and carriers in Japan….

  16. HTC fan since HTC touch with Windows Mobile 6.0 :P
    feel sad when awesome looking HTC Sense fails to function properly on my HTC One X… still have faith…

  17. avatar Mark H says:

    Does anyone know if we can watch this event live anywhere? Thanks.

  18. avatar Luis Trejo says:

    HTC is the REAL next big thing… Please don’t let Samsung or Apple marketing kick you guys out of the game… Your Windows Phones are AWESOME!!!

  19. avatar Sumit says:

    Expecting an amazing Windows Phone 8 smartphone. So far liked Nokia’s Lumia 920 the most among the WP8 devices announced yet. Hope HTC could announce something even better.

  20. avatar Kit Pogi says:

    One X+ …please come to T-Mo …pretty please

  21. is there any live video streaming for the event??

  22. avatar Nicholas Gray says:

    Can’t wait to see what you guys announce. Wish I could be there.

  23. Another Titan owner here (actually two in our home). Looking for a new phone for Windows Phone 8 with 4.8″ + HD screen, removable battery, microSDHC, HDMI out, and a great low light camera. I sure hope you deliver today!

  24. avatar Hemen Babu says:

    Well,i’d love to see windows phone in action and also some updates for my htc one x,Its currently suffering from the tegra 3 disease

  25. avatar adel ranjbar says:

    expecting amazing android phone with smooth touch screen plz


  27. pls 4.1 for htc amaze (ruby) :D cant wait for the new stuff

  28. avatar Timothy McCandliss says:

    Apparently the “Zenith” is not going to be announced…if this is the case, huge FAIL for HTC!

  29. avatar SoBe Couture says:

    What is the freaking stream site? Ridiculous

  30. avatar SoBe Couture says:

    Live tweeting? That’s it… Live tweating… USTREAM IS FREE YOU MORONS… What the…

  31. i think they are going to release desire x

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