Creating the HTC One by Cushnie et Ochs

It’s the fashion week exclusive everyone is talking about, the black and white HTC One by Cushnie et Ochs; which MTV Style calls the “ultimate complement to whatever outfit you’re wearing.

Unveiled at Milk Gallery during Ben Watts Mixtape, this custom HTC One X is inspired by Cushnie et Ochs upcoming 2013 Spring / Summer collection.


We spent a few minutes with HTC design lead Daniel Hundt to talk about the collaboration with Cushnie et Ochs.

Larry Meadows (LM): Tell us a little about the new design you worked on with Cushnie et Ochs – how did this project come together?
Daniel Hundt (DH):
It’s fashion week in New York, where exclusive designs are a big part of the excitement.  This year we had the opportunity to work with the Cushnie et Ochs designers to bring their sleek and sexy aesthetic to our HTC One X.  The result? We’ve delivered a beautiful, and also disruptive, smartphone where the worlds of fashion and technology intersect.

Design Sketch of HTC One by Cushnie et Ochs

LM: How do you approach a custom model like this?  What is the creative process like?
DH: It was a very intriguing process because fashion designers and product designers have different ways and media to create and express their vision.  The challenge was bringing both worlds seamlessly together to design a meaningful and beautiful experience.  While we started with a traditional design sketch, we gave the Cushnie et Ochs designers the tools and freedom they needed to express themselves and bring their unique perspective to the world of mobile phones.

LM: In many ways, the smartphone is becoming an indispensable accessory, how does design work to create an emotional connection with customers?
People always have an emotional attachment, whether positive or negative, to the products they use.  At HTC, we use design – a combination of form, color, and materials – to create an object that fits people’s lifestyles.  And a smartphone is definitely a very personal device. For some people it’s a personal tool used to be productive and stay informed, for others it’s a part of their life, almost a way they can express themselves and make a statement.

LM: Thinking about overall design in general, where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?
As designers, we are naturally curious observers. We follow the newest technologies, materials, and construction methods and let them fuel our designs.  But, we get our biggest ideas and inspiration from people – by watching their behaviors and seeing how they use their products.  We want to know where we currently meet their needs and where we don’t. We’re interested in things like fashion and architecture, what people wear, where they live, and what they surround themselves with, like art. Our goal is to create a smartphone they love and they want to carry with them.

What do you think of this exclusive fashion week design?  What other design styles would you like to see from HTC?