Repin to Win the HTC One by Cushnie et Ochs


Many have asked, but only a select few have received.  And now you have the chance to join this exclusive group – owners of the HTC One by Cushnie et Ochs – by “repinning” an image of the black and white HTC One X on your Pinterest board.

Entering is easy.   Simply:

It’s that simple.  The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, September, 17.

Good luck, you could be the one unboxing your very own custom designed HTC One by Cushnie et Ochs.


164 Responses to “Repin to Win the HTC One by Cushnie et Ochs”

  1. avatar Umar Faruk says:

    oh great.. i’m in!

  2. it is awesome….count me in.

  3. avatar Nick DeSousa says:

    I wonder if it’s okay for us to modify the text to be more eye-catching. I’m new to pinterest and it wasn’t specified.

  4. avatar Loh Zhi Hong says:

    i wish i can get it .. :) thanks

  5. avatar Raza Hassan says:

    she sucks with htc one…..:)

  6. htc it’s super smartphone

  7. I would like to win it ….HTC is just the BEST =))))

  8. avatar Christopher says:

    Pinned it.

  9. I would love to win it ….HTC ONE is definitely the BEST ….my son allready has one =))))

  10. avatar Abel Gama says:

    Best company in the world produces the best phone the ONE X

  11. Of course, look forward to seeing your board!

  12. avatar Na Li says:

    its looks sooooo damn nice

  13. avatar ukscj says:

    hope I get it hehe but still good luck to you all :)

  14. HI Samantha, if you go to the image on your account and then copy that URL you can then past it back to the original image. It looks like your image URL is

  15. avatar Happywi Tan says:

    i have pinned it… hope i will win this to replace my HTC Incredible S…

  16. There is nowhere to leave a comment under original HTC image.

  17. avatar Mans550 says:

    Kool, Awesome phone too :)

  18. avatar Tom benhur says:

    Hi im using htc mobile since i love htc so much nd htc one is the best u ever seen..

  19. [...] Il vincitore sarà selezionato il prossimo 14 settembre. Per ulteriori dettagli vi rimandiamo al blog ufficiale di HTC. [...]

  20. avatar MELISSA TURENTINE says:

    how do I repin the image on the HTC page

  21. wow hope to win it ahah but i think that i can’t win it…

  22. avatar Viitor Neto says:

    coloca qualquer outra marca no bolso!!

  23. avatar MELISSA TURENTINE says:

    OK thanks

  24. avatar Umar Tarar says:

    I am Lost.. I have created account at Pinterest and now i am at HTCMobile page at Pinterest and i don’t know what to do next. Can someone help me?

  25. avatar bedesh says:

    HTC Stay with me…

  26. avatar MELISSA TURENTINE says:

    I don’t think I’m doing this right because I don’t see where I repin it onto my board

    • You’re just supposed to repin it to a board, and then there should be a link saying ‘see it now,’ and you click on it, and copy and paste the link to show that you’ve pinned it, on the image that you repinned.

  27. Do you have a link to official rules for this contest? what provider does the phone work on?

  28. avatar Fred says:

    The contest is for USA citizens only?

  29. Repin for a chance to win your very own HTC One by Cushnie et Ochs! Find out how at…. –

  30. Its has a black white crystal glassy effect..:-)

  31. avatar Lace White says:

    Would be a nice upgrade from my Evo 3D!

  32. avatar Arun Menon says:

    WOW!!!!!!! AWESOME..just can’t Wait for boxing day!!! :-) pllueeeeaaaaseee Lord lemme win :-)

  33. Good luck to everyone!!! altough I hope to win myself!!!

  34. avatar Dj Hidro says:

    Love the phone as I’m always torn between a white and black device. This is the best of both worlds.

  35. avatar Horus Jarilo says:

    I love you’r phones and this one is “just” a unique masterpiece!
    But I’m curious; here it says the winner will be randomly selected on sept. 14th but on Pinterest it says on sept. 17th…
    Which one is it then? :)

  36. avatar MJ Solo says:

    Do we have to pin more than one pic or what?

  37. Winner will be announced on Monday, September 17.

  38. avatar lukahn says:

    I really love everything HTC does with it’s phones and Sense, and this phone really showcases the best of this.

  39. avatar Hassan hlay says:

    Yes please….

  40. When i copy the link of the image that i choose to go and I put it in comment says. you have hit comment block. help

  41. avatar Nils Bö Er says:

    Why can’t you sell it ;)? I would really like to buy it.

  42. avatar martapiz says:

    Love it!

  43. I see it – that photo on the phone on the dock is my favorite also!

  44. avatar Rafał Żółkiewicz says:

    This cover is like my twins .Niby form a whole and yet they are two different halves :)

  45. avatar Fred Pitt says:

    How many photos I can repin ?

  46. ummmm why am i hitting comment blocks?

  47. avatar Joshua TImm says:

    I would love this, my HTC EVO 3D is Broken and this would be a great replacement to an amazing phone (especially cause I have no money for a replacement) I will be an HTC guy as long as you guys are around, you mkae great phones with a great OS to compliment Android keep it up!

  48. avatar TITUS says:


  49. Give it to me please! I never won anything in my life!

  50. I adore my One X already – and this one is GORGEOUS!

    re-pinned the phone is simply pure beauty oh n the women isnt to bad herself but the phone really helps to bring out her eyes. without the phone it would not be possible

  52. hai Mr Larry,this looks like a really good design. Hope i can get my hands on one.

  53. avatar Rohan Charlesworth says: Love my One X and this is so nice!

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  55. avatar Honora Livesey says: Repinned this amazing giveaway – love this phone.

  56. avatar Juanscv says:

    May the odds be in my favor.

  57. Who’s the lucky winner? :)

  58. The winner was announced a few hours ago on Pinterest. Thanks for participating, here’s the link:

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