8X Takes Center Stage at Windows Phone Launch


It’s the phone everyone is talking about: from Engadget, who says “we’re madly in love with the design of HTC’s Windows Phone 8X,” to The Verge, who says the “8X makes the Lumia 900 feel thoroughly outdated

After stealing the show as the most beautiful presence on the stage (OK, perhaps second to Jessica Alba), the 8X continued to drive excitement when everyone attending the San Francisco launch each received their own 8X.

Check out our media gallery from the event.  Then, look at the full specs of the Windows Phone 8X and let us know which features you’re ready to start testing.



9 Responses to “8X Takes Center Stage at Windows Phone Launch”

  1. avatar Jim Wilson says:

    Hey, Larry! I can finally replace my Trophy, the only Windows Phone on Verizon. Can’t wait to get my hands on the HTC 8X! BTW- I also liked your “history of the smartphone” piece this week. Good stuff!

  2. avatar Md Nazeer says:

    Htc expurle e maymure lower plz swptwar aptudata tanks

  3. Next time I decide to buy a phone I possibly will get a Windows Phone

  4. now im going to replace my htc one x with a windows phone……its all over the web…nyc one htc

  5. avatar Robert Sims says:

    Nokia have really messed up their launch of their lumia devices. I have a lumia 900 and was looking forward to getting the 920. However because of their exclusive deals I’m looking forward to coming back to htc and the 8x looks amazing!!

  6. avatar in love with one X <3 says:

    pretty awesome

  7. avatar Sir Robert A Searcy says:

    Your address book has a lot to undesired. It erased 10 phone #’s and won’t allow me to reindeer them.

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