38 Responses to “Evolution of the Smartphone”

  1. “All of the preceding stats were true except one.”? ummmmm… i think its the iPhone 5′s screen size almost as big as the HTC One X… hahahaha… not even close…

  2. Has to be the “average smartphone usage triples to 150MB per month” claim. In 2011? Come on…

  3. That was awesome! Always loved stories by HTC :)

  4. it’s nice that you even mention apple.. but it would have been fair to put them in 2007 when they released what we now know as a smartphone.. and I am not an apple fan by any means but fair is fair

  5. oh wait you did.. it was just a small post I missed it.. ok.. so this list is in order.. keep it up..

  6. avatar Daniel Cabanaw says:

    What about the Palm Treo? That was a smartphone! Really it was!

  7. htc is one of my most admired mobile phone companies and i will love to see them do great thing and even take over the whole mobile scene. they should take advantage of emerging markets to expand their reach cos they have great potentials.

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  9. [...] 5 which apparently has a display “almost as big as the HTC One X” heh. Check it out below:HTC google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6817827819791984"; /* Unleash-280 */ google_ad_slot = "5926661097"; [...]

  10. avatar Marsg says:

    HTC forgot to mention that they were also the first to introduce a 720p display smartphone and now a 1080p that’s has 1.5x the pixels of Apples retina.

  11. avatar Christian Magno says:

    Great little infographic, good job HTC!

  12. avatar Ali Mazloum says:

    Waaaaw htc. I love your stories and your goods but sonu ericson was there in 2004 as a smart touch screen phone
    Iam a htc lover but fair is fair

  13. Wow Larry!! That was great!

    Interesting to learn how mobile internet traffic is now exceeding the whole internet traffic a decade ago!!

    Thanks for the journey …

  14. avatar samagon says:

    Ugh, one of the it guys in the web design company I worked at had a 9210, he was so proud he could bounce a service while drinking at the bar. 3 years later I was on xda downloading a skin for my winmo phone.

  15. avatar xoj_21 says:

    htc ur info is wrong, symbian and psion predates windows mobile..
    and symbian had most marketshare til 2011

  16. Wow, no mention of Palm tho?

  17. avatar Harry Harrison says:

    the fact is, it can’t take you to Dulles airport taxi. v funny.

  18. avatar Dario Kršek-Novoselec says:

    where will we be for ten year .. ”i need a teleport” :)

  19. avatar AnGeLFaCe77 says:

    HtC needs to put better radios and battery in their devices.

  20. avatar Karan Marwha says:

    That was awesome! Always loved stories by HTC :)

  21. Stunning Timeline with additional holy-war references :)
    Liked the writing style. You guys really know how to present the story

  22. avatar mgamerz says:

    No mention of Motorola? Seriously?