How to Take Great Low Light Photos


For over 20 years Seattle-based photographer Rick Takagi has been taking amazing shots in one of the harshest environments photographers face – low light.  Whether he’s on assignment for a wedding, a party, or taking photos of Snoqualmie Falls or wildlife, Rick has found a few tricks for taking great low light photos using his DSLR and HTC One X alike.

Snoqualmie Falls at sunset

Horses grazing at sunset.

Which of the above photos do you think was taken with an HTC One X?

Whether using a professional camera or the one on your phone, here are some tips from Rick for taking great photos in low light.


Use the Low Light Setting

In my opinion, most pro photographers would rather not rely on a flash.  Instead, we’d prefer to use natural light. With my HTC One X, the built-in Low Light setting, accessible under the camera scenes, makes it easy to take a great photo without getting the unbalanced look that often occurs when using the flash.

For example, the picture on the left was taken using the Auto (default) setting.  While this isn’t a bad shot, look at the same picture on the right.  It’s easy to see how much better the photo turns out when taken using the Low Light setting.

Lake Washington at sunset using Auto setting.

Same shot using “Low Light” setting.

To get to the Low Light setting, go to the camera and you’ll see an “A” (for “Automatic”) in the lower left hand corner of the screen. Touch the A and it’ll open up a whole menu of options, the last one is Low Light. You can touch the words or the little radio button to activate the setting.  Once selected, you’ll see the setting activated on the screen where the “A” used to be.

Take Wide Shots Without Zoom

Many people have a tendency to zoom-in tight on a person.  To take great photos when lighting is poor, the best trick is to keep the lens wider, allowing more light to enter the frame.  You can always crop the photo in the camera’s editing tools.  I use the crop feature in the One X often and it works like a charm.  So, don’t zoom in.

Selective Focusing for Exposure

This sounds more complicated than it is (and is by far my favorite camera feature on the One X). Do you ever notice how some great photos have a slightly blurry background while the subject is sharp and crisp in the foreground?  This is because of selective focusing.  On your HTC One X, you can tap anywhere on screen to shift the focus to that section.  The exposure will also be corrected for the selected part of the screen.

What does this have to do with low light photography you ask?  When lighting is low, selective focus allows you to determine the main subject and the camera directs light to the selected area, making your subject look best.

Tapping the character on the right shifts focus to the subject.

Always Use a Tripod

A good tip for all low light situations is to make sure your camera is stabilized on something, whether it’s a chair, a table, or a tripod. I use a tripod for all of my low light shots, whether I’m using my DSLR or my One X.

You think your hand is stable when holding your camera, but it’s probably not stable enough to give a clean, crisp shot. Using a tripod removes the risk of unsteady hands and makes it much easier to come away with a great shot.

Handheld shot of a local store.

Less “noise” when taken with a tripod.

About Rick Takagi:

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Rick Takagi has been living and working in Seattle for over 20 years.  His work has been published in National Geographic, CNN, 425 Magazine, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Weekly, Parade and many others.  He lives with his wife, three children, and their two dogs in Kirkland, WA.  Rick’s work can be seen at his website and his blog.

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  1. Great article Rick!
    Thank you

  2. Brillant and very useful article, Thanks a ton

  3. avatar TJ Wall says:

    Which of the two photos at the top was the One X? I’d guess the right–the left looks too detailed for a phone photo.

    • avatar Rick Takagi says:

      Your right TJ, the photo on the right was taken with the One X. The phone was stabilized on a guardrail over a small bridge and then taken.

  4. avatar Mimo Dakdouk says:

    Oh, very nice post, thanks, Rick. I’m hoping the HTC WP 8X also has this low light feature.

  5. Very useful advices for all kinds of cameras.
    Another advice for those who use macro shooting. Get a cheap lens and use it to focus

  6. avatar Darren Peck says:

    Thanks for the advice and insight Rick! You just made up my mind on purchasing the HTC One X !

  7. I have a Wildfire S. Can I do the something on it as this?

  8. avatar Norman Vyi says:

    is there a tripod I can use for my
    HTC Sensation?

    • avatar Rick Takagi says:

      Hi Norman, actually you have a few choices. Look up the “istabilizer” which works pretty well and is super light. The istabilizer stretches out to suit different widths but is maxed out on a One X.

  9. avatar BHAVINBHATT says:

    excellent article…..
    good one rick…

  10. avatar Wessie Pang says:

    Thanks for the tips! I’ve always wondered when to use the low light function, and end up using auto (which doesn’t always give a great photo).

  11. avatar Karlo says:

    Horses picture has too much red tone. and lake pictures is good but grainy as all pictures with one x camera, I’m not satisfied with it. I think it could be a bad pixel on lake pictures (the yellow one). I thnk this camera should be much better on this phone.

  12. thx sir
    I love to take a photo using my mobile
    but one question
    what do you mean by Tripod
    and thx in advance

  13. avatar Mark Reisch says:

    Another tip I would suggest to remove motion is to use the timer feature. set it for 2 seconds gives you enough time after you press the button to settle your hand down.

  14. avatar Ruben Swing says:

    Hey Rick can u pls suggest if I should use 16:9 or 4:3 on the One X

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  16. can’t find low light setting, has this changed with th Jelly Bean update?

  17. avatar sunflowerjane says:

    A very nice post, thanks.

  18. avatar A. M. Blake says:

    Wow – these are some amazing shots, can’t believe they were taken with an HTC!

  19. avatar erwin cahyadi says:

    Thank You, very useful information

  20. Hello, Rick, in your opinion, do u think HTC one camera is better than HTC one x camera?

    • avatar ricktakagi says:

      Hi Chee, thanks for writing. The camera and software used in the new HTC One isn’t in the same league as the prior cameras. The biggest difference right off the bat is the clarity and depth that can be achieved by the new sensor, which I feel put’s the One in the same category as a good point and shoot. I love the camera on the One X and X+, they take great shots to be viewed on a smaller screens, like a phone or tablet. The noticeable difference with the One camera is the ability to pinch and zoom into a photo, while maintaining the original clarity and sharpness. I think you’ll see what I mean once you get your hands on one. I haven’t been this excited about shooting with a mobile device in years.

      Another quick difference is that HTC decided to focus on the quality of the sensor and not simply megapixel count. People love to see high numbers as an upgrade but it’s just not true when it comes to camera sensors. My primary camera for work is a Nikon d3s, which takes amazing pictures in the lowest light. My D3s is a 12.1 megapixel but I wouldn’t trade it for a 24 or 36 megapixel just because the quality of the sensor is that good….HTC took the same approach and knocked this one out of the park.

      Thanks for the question Chee and feel free to ask any more you might have.


  21. avatar Jo Burg says:

    How do I access files on my phone using the new HTC sync Manager? Thanks, Jo

  22. avatar Heu3BecTHbIu says:

    HTC thanks for awesome divices

  23. avatar patrik69 says:

    I wish I had a tripod for my One X. I have a tripod but no way to mount it. I’ve looked at various mounts on Amazon but wondering if anyone on here has a suggestion for a good one.

    • avatar Rick Takagi says:

      Hey there, this is a great question and I hope to do a small writeup on the mounts that I like to use. I try to always support the device with a tripod or whatever is available in order to lend some solid support.

    • avatar phil gordon says:

      You could try buying a sat nav mount as used in a car, that would allow you to clamp the htc by its sides, then either use the suction cap of the mount onto a smooth surface like a table or a small mirror etc?

      • avatar patrik69 says:

        I actually just placed an order for a Joby Grip Tight mount. I looked and looked and Joby seemed to have the best reviews.

  24. Actually, I don’t see the ‘A’ on my screen anywhere. I’m using the Butterfly, so wondering if this feature applies on my phone.

  25. avatar Robsa Walker says:

    Rick, HTC have just updated the OS to improve image quality under daylight conditions – would love to know if you have this update and what you think now?

  26. avatar Matthew Yee-Fong says:

    I’ll try this out, especially the low light. I never really messed with the camera settings because I don’t know much about photography, so I just left it on automatic. This all about to change on my One, thanks for the tips!

  27. avatar RenJie Yi says:

    I am as a consumer in us and I never see any of the abs for HTC one AT ALL. I really love the phone but HTC really need a new marketing team in US, they are really sucks. I don’t how HTC going to win Samsung in marketing. Samsung have abs at youtube and TV and everywhere. No wonder galaxy is the best sell phone in US. I know the camera for HTC is awesome but they really need to work on the marketing and let everyone know that awesome camera!!! sorry been post some not really about photo.

  28. HTC realy needs to something about this PROBLEM! In Dubai, I have been waiting to get the HTC ONE phone for the last 3 weeks but there is no stock! while the Samsung S4 is availble, so HTC is not even giving us the choice, I need a new phone as mine is broken, I want the htc one but I am not sure If I am ready to wait longer… I will end up going for BEST/AVAILABLE in the market…

  29. avatar Stephen Freeman says:

    Verizon version?

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