How To Migrate Data to Your HTC One


You’ve picked up your new smartphone and now you’re wondering how to get all that information transferred from your old phone.  Fortunately, with the HTC One, we’ve made upgrading easier than ever.  Whether you’re looking to import contacts, copy pictures and videos, or move music, with your HTC One, you’ve got all the tools you’ll need to make the switch.  After all, no one wants to re-enter all those phone numbers, email addresses and other information.

For starters, you’ll want to sync email, online contacts, tasks, calendar items, and other online sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Evernote, Dropbox, and more.  The set-up wizard on your HTC One will walk through the process of setting up these initial accounts.  You can always add more accounts later using Accounts & Sync.

Once your basic accounts are set up, here are a few simple steps to help you get your most important data on your HTC One.

Importing contacts

Importing contacts to your new HTC One is simple with the “Transfer” app, which provides step-by-step instructions for copying contacts from your old smartphone to your new HTC One using Bluetooth.

After launching Transfer, simply select your phone make and model, follow the Bluetooth instructions on your HTC One, and confirm the passkey to pair the phones.  Once the phones have been paired you can copy the contacts to your Google account or directly to the phone.

With all your contacts copied, making a call is as easy as dialing a contact’s name.

Copying pictures and videos

After your address book, the camera is probably the most used feature on a smartphone.  So copying photos is an important part of the upgrade process.  We’ve made this simple with HTC Sync Manager on your PC (we’re working on a Mac version).

First, connect your old phone to your PC.  Windows will detect your device and the AutoPlay screen will appear.  Click “Import pictures and videos using Windows,” and follow the instructions.

Once complete, open HTC Sync Manager on your PC and import the photos and videos you want to copy.  Now, connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable, connect to HTC Sync Manager and tap the circular arrows in the upper right corner to finish.  Now you have the photos and videos you want on your new phone .

Migrating Music Playlists

With HTC Sync Manager you can also migrate music and playlists from iTunes or other music programs.

In the upper right corner of HTC Sync Manager, click the menu icon then select “Settings.”  Under External playlists, click “Import playlists” and select the playlists you want to add to HTC Sync Manager.

Then, with your HTC One connected to your PC, go to the music sync settings and click “Sync music to device” then click “Selected playlists.” Choose the playlists you want copied to your phone and click “Done.”  Your music playlists are now copied to your HTC One.

For Mac users, while we don’t have a version of HTC Sync Manager yet, you can still easily get photos, videos and music to your new phone.  Just connect your HTC One to your Mac using the USB cable and choose “Disk Drive” as the connection type on your phone.

From the “Finder” window on your Mac you can now copy pictures, videos, and music to the DCIM, Movies, and Music folders on your HTC One.  Of course, you’ll also have access to music services like TuneIn Radio, Pandora, MOG Music, 8tracks, and many more.

These are three quick ways to migrate data from your old phone to your new HTC One.  How about you, what other ways have you found to transfer data to your HTC One?

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  1. avatar ukscj says:

    This will be very useful for my brother who’s moving to HTC from iPhone

  2. avatar Ben Cunliffe says:

    HTC sync is not friendly with my Rezound though.

  3. avatar Blaireau says:

    May I remind the whole HTC staff that you have a phone currently coming out (later than the announced date) without ANY official information available ? (except for the product sheet)
    I mean, yeah the One serie is probably great, but as the Desire X is actually more expansive than the One V, I guess you guys could at least pretend it exists and maybe even talk a bit about it !

    I don’t see the point of pre-ordering a phone when even its manufacturer doesn’t care to mention the device on its blog …

  4. Why can’t I get my calendar data to two-way sync with Outlook? It will only sync from outlook to phone.

  5. avatar Fifth313ment says:

    HTC WAKE UP! I love your phones! I have an EVO LTE and I love it. However you never learn from your mistakes or listen to your customers!

    I will never buy another phone from you without a removable battery as my EVO LTE is already dropping battery life after a few minutes off the charger! My phone shouldn’t go from 100 to 80 within the first 5 minutes of taking it off the charger without using it!

    Also my EVO LTE has a microSD slot but I wouldn’t buy another phone from you without one. None of the HOX line models have them and that is what all the power users request, right behind a removable battery or vice versa. I wouldn’t mind so much if you released your phones with 32GB+ but I would really like to see 64GB become the standard before the microSD card goes away. I have 80GB on my EVO LTE with a 64GB class 10 microSD card and the original 16GB of on-board memory, yawn.

    Now on to Jelly Bean, WTF are you doing?! You needed Jelly Bean to be released on the HOX hero line before the Galaxy SIII! I guess it doesn’t have to be but if you want a selling point you will get it done. You should have Jelly Bean on at least the international versions of the HOX line now! This could be your only major selling point and you’re letting Samsung have it too which brings me to my next rant of selling points!

    Your HOX line is lacking behind the SGS3 and even the new plus + line refresh doesn’t beat it. Yeah the processor may be a little better with the upgraded Tegra but why not include 2GB of RAM and take them to it! For casual customers they look at all the bullet points of the SGS3 VS HOX (or HOX +) and the GS3 wins hands down. I hate the GS3! But for casual buyers bigger screen (HOX has better quality but ppl like bigger), larger battery (n/a +), 2GB of RAM, larger ROM (memory), and now Jelly Bean! I’m sorry but I could have been persuaded from my EVO LTE if when I had gone to buy it the GS3 had Jelly Bean! Jelly Bean brings Google Now (Siri) and Project Butter (smoothness and performance)! The HOX is a better phone that gets overlooked.

    The main reason people buy your phones are build quality and your update reputation.

  6. avatar Jack Wills says:

    would be much easier (and better) if there was a micro SD port on the HTC one X+/One X/One S

  7. avatar Cloud Ren says:

    cant transfer message?

  8. avatar D'rah Japri says:

    when is the HTC One x+ be in South Asia? can’t wait to get my hands on it

  9. avatar Man says:

    This is the worst, i can’t import a normal folder into my cell phone now…thanks HTC…not!!!

  10. avatar Kat Lawson says:

    Very happy (so far) with my decision to ditch iphone for the One V. I’ve followed the directions above to move music to my new phone. I’m sorry to confess that I can’t locate those files on my phone. Help please?

  11. avatar Ankush says:

    can you tell us about the tech space of HTC M7 phone ?

  12. avatar isabel chambon says:

    I wonder why someone wants to move from iphone to HTC ??? I would love to do the reverse ! Transferring pics from my HTC One X to the PC is a pain in the neck ! None of the “how tos” provided by HTC is accurate. My PC does not recognise the phone, and Sync Mgr is absolutely useless !!
    A disgusted Customer

  13. avatar Mahendra says:

    I am not able to connect My HTC one v to my pc where as i can connect other devises. I tried all the options. I do not understand wht the issue is. Can someone please help? I switched from HTC desire to One V which was the worst idea ever. This phone lags too much. Contact storage does not work sometime for more than an hour. Phone says tell HTC, send report. Every time i do send the report but no solution yet. I think HTC does not bother about anything. These guys are sleeping.

    I really need help…is there anyone who can help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  14. This is all very well, but when I sync music it doesn’t stay in playlists in the phone, it just comes through as alphabetically arranged songs. I have done it all just as described above, but my own playlists will not transfer. This wasn’t a problem with the Desire HD I had before.

  15. Just used the transfer function to import information from my Desire S to my HTC One. It’s only picked up some of my calandar events. Why is that?

  16. avatar K Kwarteng says:

    i cannot sync my calendar and contacts with outlook on my HTC one x. The Sync manager is only able to Sync music and pictures. any ideas or suggestions on how to resolve this?

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