HTC Earns Praise of Nobel Prize Winner

Dr. Christopher Sims.

At this year’s Economic Forum in Taipei, we spoke with 2011 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, and HTC customer, Dr. Christopher A. Sims. In addition to developing economic theory and policy, Dr. Sims’ interests include staying connected to family and work through his HTC Incredible.

In his profile with Taiwan’s United Daily, Dr. Sims shared how he and his wife have been using HTC phones for three years. He told United Daily he uses his HTC Incredible for teaching and personal needs, saying HTC makes the best phones in the Android market.

Dr. Sims with Jack Tong, President of HTC North Asia, testing the new HTC One X+.

How have you used your HTC smartphone to impact global macroeconomic policy? 🙂


Note: Dr. Christopher A. Sims is the John F. Sherrard ’52 University Professor of Economics at Princeton University.  Along with Dr. Thomas J. Sargent of New York University, Dr. Sims was awarded the Nobel Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences for his development of a method, based on vector autoregression, to analyze how the economy is affected by temporary changes in economic policy

  • http://www.facebook.com/rdjakhangirov Rustam Djakhangirov

    This news shows how technology affects the lives of all people, even the life of such a great person. I am very proud to know that his choice stopped on htc.

    Suppose that an htc phone should be handed to each meaningful individual in this world. And when I say meaningful, I mean scientists as Dr. Sims.

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