Re-paper Your Home Screen


You’ve set up your home screen and added the widgets you need to get the most from your HTC.  Now it’s time to change the wallpaper to something that provides a glimpse into your interests and style.

Changing wallpaper is easy, just tap: Settings->Personalize->Wallpaper. The real trick is finding the right image!

Here are some of my personal favorites taken by the newest member of the HTC Social Media Team, Adam Hawes. Adam comes to HTC from a wide background in both core media and action sports, recently moving to Seattle from Lake Tahoe, CA.

Which of these photos from Adam do you like best? What other types of images would you like us to collect for the next set of downloads?


Bassnectar w/ DJ Z-Trip, San Diego, CA 2011.

US Post Office, Bellevue, WA 2012.

Iconic urban artwork, Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA 2010.








Backstage at Gorillaz w/ Lou Reed. Los Angeles, CA 2011

Autumn Leaves, Seattle, WA 2012

Stand-Up Paddleboarder on Lake Tahoe, CA 2012


43 Responses to “Re-paper Your Home Screen”

  1. avatar Rafał Żółkiewicz says:

    Hawes_Graffiti is very nice.I really like how the picture is a lot of colors.

  2. Great wps. wish to have more on HTC Hub.

  3. avatar William Siew says:

    HTC OneX+ when will launch in malaysia? i hate my HTC oneX now…

  4. the bassnectar one looks really great on my sensation xl! i would like some more travel pictures to download or some htc one x + new wallpapers! :D

  5. Thanks Larry,
    Abstracts with simplicity grabs my attention the most.
    I love my home screen to be simple an easy on the eye!
    Bluish colors and green gradients are my favorites.
    I really loved the “Stand-Up Paddleboarder on Lake Tahoe, CA 2012.”
    If it were with no human, I would have downloaded it.
    Thanks again.

  6. avatar DarapaN says:

    Should upload to HTC Hub such creative works ! Much appreciated :) Ty BTW :)

  7. wish there was a red skin for sense…purple passion?…should be a red passion

  8. avatar Adam Hawes says:

    Hope you all like the wallpapers! Let us know which are your favorite, and what you would like to see for the next batch. Enjoy!

  9. US post office & Bassnectar… wud like to see more live wallpapers :)

  10. How can i upload some great wallpapers i have?

  11. bassnectar wall is so awesome. thanks much Adam!

  12. I think HTC has cheated me.It was promised 512mb internal memory but I’ve got only 150mb in my HTC Explorer.

  13. love the last picture. Peace within nature. Amazing and calming.

  14. avatar Vijay Suriya says:

    I have HTC chacha n its internal memory. is 150 mb only… i have many problem with that….any solution…….

  15. avatar Abdul Wahab says:

    Nice Wallpapers but guys please update HTC hub thats very sick that now even dont open the the wallpapers that are in HTC Hub please update your hub. I’m a great Fan of HTC. Thanks

  16. avatar E says:

    I really like that wallpaper I get on Jellybean because it’s the closest thing I’ll get to JB on a Desire HD.

  17. Larry It’s amazing what htc did with the blog. Big pics and additional scripts made it really nice.

  18. I absolutely LOVE the urban graffiti! I would like to see more of these wallpapers…

  19. Other great wallpapers would be Abstract! Gota have me some abstract ;)

  20. Hi Jose,

    We are working on a way for you to do just that. stay tuned!

  21. avatar JasonDSQ says:

    I would some a space/starry-night-themed wallpapers. Particularly ones that are overall relatively dark, and not visually cluttered. A simple variegated star-field could be perfect.

    I prefer them dark, to use up the screen less, to not draw attention when using my phone in the dark, and to improve readability of icons. Readability is also why I like them not visually cluttered.

  22. avatar Pratik kadam says:

    hey frnds m using htc desire c 4.0 android but now a days my apps r not geting update judt downloading is comming only plz help me for solution

  23. avatar disqus_lCo76ymvrL says:

    Love the bassnecter wallpaper

  24. Hoping for more to add to the collection.

  25. avatar Shane Willetts says:

    Nice – again, as many people have posted – either HTC Hub needs these or the .com website needs to include them (as well as other phones other than the One X+) – and congrats on the redesign!

  26. avatar Vignesh Iyer says:

    Same here.. HTC Salsa and HTC Wildfire S and CHaCha.

  27. avatar Vignesh Iyer says:

    Root your phone and i will give you jellybean and 1gb internal memory

  28. avatar Harlemtwin says:

    Loving the pics!

  29. On my HTC One X with the JB update wallpaper scolling is not possible now. If HTC enables this feature it would have been lot of fun with these wallpapers…. Awesome wallpapers :-)

  30. avatar Ahmad Abdullah says:

    With my jellybean update the HTC hub is gone on my HTC one s.isn’t it available for sense 4+ devices

  31. How i can download this wallpaper?

  32. I am not able to connect to htc hub at all from my newly bought htc evo 4g, why is that it keeps saying unable to connect try later

  33. The htc evo 4g is my first smart phone what do all those preinstalled apps do and how do u figure that out, there should be a catalogue or instruction book explaining what they are and what is thier use, please help a begginer, im not really getting the most out of my phone, its almost as if i just have a regular old cellphone, can someone point me in the right direction to catch up and teach myself what I can

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