Early Reviews Praise the Droid DNA by HTC

Since announcing the DROID DNA by HTC last month, consumers and reviewers alike have eagerly anticipated the phone Mathew Miller of ZDnet calls “the best HTC device ever made.” Now, with the DROID DNA available in the United States through Verizon Wireless, some of our most passionate customers have started giving us their early reviews as well.

Check out what everyone is saying about the phone gdgt calls a “must have.”



“The Droid DNA sets a new standard for smartphone displays, with its 5-inch full HD (1080p) screen.”

Score 93 / Must Have
Follow: @gdgt (Full Review)

“…the HTC Droid DNA is the best Android phone you can get on Verizon.”

Android Central
Phil Nickinson
Follow: @philnickinson (Full Review)

“This Thing is Sick”

Brent Rose
Follow: @brentrose (Full Review)

“In my opinion, it is the BEST HTC device ever made…”

Matthew Miller
Follow: @palmsolo (Full Review)

I don’t think there are enough superlatives to describe how good this screen is…”

The Verge
Dan Seifert
Follow: @dcseifert
(Full Review)

“440ppi on a mobile device display is just plain crazy, but it’s the sort of crazy we could fast get used to.”

Vincent Nguyen
Follow: @nguyen
(Full Review)

HTC Customers


“This is a brilliant marriage between hardware and software…The engineers and designers were listening to us, because all of our dreams were filled.”

Steve Reddington
HTC Customer

Follow: @stevereddington

“A huge screen does not equate to a huge phone.  I can easily handle the phone with one hand.”

Wade Wachs
HTC Customer
Follow: @WadeWachs
(Full Review)

“I went to pay with the Starbucks card app and the barista actually stopped me and asked to check out the phone: ‘That’s a huge screen! And it’s so clear. Nothing ever scans that easily!’”

Eric Wilborn
HTC Customer
Follow: @ericwilborn

“The clarity in the photos was crazy and the colors are just so clear.”

Amy Barseghian
HTC Customer
Follow: @MommyMentor (Full Review)

“I showed [one of my co-workers] my DNA at work and he fell in love so much that he pre-ordered one right on the spot.”

Paul Thompson
HTC Customer

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=696112190 Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

    Great article Laura.
    Great reviews from professionals in field and from customers.
    The DNA is a milestone in HTC’s road, no doubt!
    Hope to see a match for it hitting the world … and beyond 😀

  • Amrit Phatnani

    When will it be launching in India???

  • http://www.facebook.com/rdjakhangirov Rustam Djakhangirov

    Amazing phone. wish soon it will be distributed worldwide.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rdjakhangirov Rustam Djakhangirov

      Saw the HTC Butterfly worldwide announcement. Is it true?

  • Fifth313ment

    How about fixing phones you already have released such as the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE? See bugs below:

    I’m having severe proximity sensor issues which I had when I first got
    the phone but then the previous update fixed it, however it’s back with
    the Jelly Bean update. The little red proximity sensor dot stays on all
    the time after a call unless you put the phone on speaker before hanging
    up. I want to break my phone as sometimes if it’s dark my phone will
    not turn back on so that I can end my call or put someone on speaker or
    even answer another incoming call, ARG! It works better in super bright
    rooms but it worked fine before the update.

    My battery life is worse than before and I have almost all of the
    Google apps disabled except maps. The power saver always kicks on
    automatically when your battery gets low, which is more than annoying
    and there is no way to disable it.

    The 4X1 people widget is now gone and there is no way to make the
    other two fit to it’s old size. I don’t want to waste a whole or half a
    screen on people link access.

    The background wallpaper no longer moves when you swipe between each
    home-screen like it used to. So the image always stays static in the
    background and old wallpapers which were made to scroll are messed up.

    The new “Battery Use” power options are horrible. There is no real way
    to tell which apps are using your battery as the percentages don’t
    equal 100% and they removed the most important one, “Screen” which
    allowed you to see how long your screen has been on for?! They also
    removed standby usage option which would allow you to see how long your
    phone had no signal. So they basically handicapped the “Usage” power
    options and made them completely useless.

    The HTC Hub is gone along with the tons of ringtones, sounds, themes,
    etc. How are users supposed to download the flashlight and other HTC
    apps like the different calculators, word of the day, stopwatch, battery
    widget, etc? They forced us to use HTC Hub and now they remove it
    permanently? WTF?! The new update is so eclectic with many greens left
    over from previous sense versions mixed with the new blue color scheme.

    Many times since I updated my text messages refuse to send or send
    much later or never. Even with perfect signal I still have issues.
    Offline Google voice typing never seems to kick in when I have a crappy
    signal or no signal. The only way I could get it to work was by
    disabling 3G and WiFi? So what good is it?

    Typing always brings up a keyboard notification in the shade that
    keeps asking me which keyboard I want to use (input method), HTC Sense
    or Google Voice typing and it never goes away. Every time I start to
    type it pops up and then goes away when I’m done typing.

    The new sense keyboard a lot of the time misses words and spellings
    forcing me to go back and do it. The smiles are huge and there is no way
    to make them normal sized. And sometimes the mic icon on the default
    sense keyboard disappears and you can no longer do voice typing?! Only a
    reset I’ve found brings it back? This is extremely annoying! Not to
    mention some people are having sever keyboard distortion in which the
    keyboard is unrecognizable and unusable!

    The new voice-mail app is horrid and too bright. They constantly try
    to get you to accidentally click the monthly subscription to their
    transcription service. I want the old voice-mail app back. There is also
    a bug in which the screen goes black when listening to a message and
    all you can do is exit to get back to where you were?

    Various other bugs and issues include: You can no longer mute the
    phone while taking pictures for the shutter sound even when the phone is
    in silent mode. WiFi doesn’t work for some, I personally haven’t had
    this one. Many Bluetooth functions are now broken and no longer working
    as they did before the update such as controlling your phone from
    another device via Bluetooth (car, etc). I can no longer view my SD card
    as a drive when I have my USB cable connected which makes it annoying
    to transfer files and such. I’ve had some touch screen issues with the
    screen not recognizing touches similar to the folder touch bugs many
    have had in which the screen doesn’t detect the correct position for
    onscreen item selections. Adobe Flash Player can no longer be updated
    and it doesn’t even appear in the market anymore? The USB Debugging
    notification is persistent when a USB cable is connected even if the
    option is off!

    This will be my last HTC phone as this amount of bugs in a final
    release is crazy bad. I love my EVO but these issues are just too
    plaguing and serious. And I bet we don’t see an update to any of these
    for at least a few months if not LONGER! I just started this thread to
    get a list of the bugs started and that way perhaps we can get it to HTC
    to fix our phones, so here’s to hoping! I would stay away from HTC phones until they start getting their act back together!



  • http://www.facebook.com/rdjakhangirov Rustam Djakhangirov

    Droid DNA is specially designed for the Verizon SP and will not be available for worldwide distribution. However, HTC Butterfly seems to be released to the world soon.

  • http://twitter.com/ApexPredation Patrick Ryan

    I agree with all statements above. The DROID DNA is by far the best Android device I have ever owened!