Official Smartphone of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League


With close to four billion active fans, football (soccer) is the most popular sport in the world. Now, as HTC becomes the official smartphone of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, we’re excited about delivering the ultimate fan experience, in the stadium and on the move.

Whether it’s custom apps or fast access to content such as match footage, league news, and scores through the app, HTC is to empowering you to stay connected to the action from the comfort of your phone.

Think of your HTC as a front row seat to the most watched annual sporting event in the world. Who will you be cheering for?

43 Responses to “Official Smartphone of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League”

  1. avatar CFish says:

    Congratulations to HTC Larry! I don’t follow football myself but that is excellent news for the company, fantastic exposure :)

  2. avatar Loukas Siotropos says:

    Liverpool FC

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  4. BVB aka Borussia Dortmund with the best Fans arround the World .. Real Love BVB

  5. avatar Mehmet Ali Hacıoğlu says:


  6. Borussia Mönchengladbach

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  8. avatar Guido Conrad says:

    Real Madrid! This is the kind of advertising you guys been needing for a long time

  9. avatar Prof. Hori says:

    Hi HTC. Nobody in HTC realise that your company went down with sales since you quit cycling? Football si a good news, but never the best team in the world will be named HTC.And never a football match will be attended by 2 millions of fans like a Tour stage. You got that in cycling for a few years. I am yours because of that. Before 2008 never heard of you :D

  10. avatar ashfaq hadi says:

    Manchester United. I am a very big of HTC Smartphones. HTC is doing a wonderful job. Keep it up.

  11. avatar Suhail says:

    Bayern Munich and Celtic

  12. avatar mohamad yasin says:

    AC MILAN !!! for sure , WOW this is good news for HTC not just always being queitly :D

  13. My Choice Is – Barcelona

  14. Congr8 Whole HTC Family To Be
    Official Smartphone of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League

  15. avatar vlado maleski says:


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