Redecorate Your Home Screen

After sharing a few of my favorite wallpaper images from HTC’s Adam Hawes a few weeks ago, most of you said his Urban Graffiti was your favorite. Now it’s time to share your personal favorites.

To help start your creativity, here are a few more examples. Let us know which of these you like best. Then, email your own original wallpaper images to us at blog@htc.com.

We’ll pick our favorites and publish them to the world in January 2013.

Rihanna Soundboard, 777Tour, Mexico City.Hanging Library Lights, Culture Collide Festival 2010.Rihanna Live, 777Tour, New York City.

Autumn Leaves, Pacific Northwest, USA.Mos Def, Showbox SODO in Seattle.Wooden Path at Lightning In a Bottle Music & Arts Festival 2011