Staying Connected During Historic Moments


As Egypt prepares for an historic vote on a new constitution, information is a commodity everyone wants. For Ahmad Abdel-Aziz, a 35-year-old technology professional living in Cairo, where protests are almost a daily occurrence, staying informed is only part of the challenge.

Ahmad Abdel-Aziz in Cairo.

A long-time HTC customer, Ahmad recently shared with us how he’s using his HTC One X to stay informed, share information, and voice his opinions heading into the December 15 constitutional vote.

Above all, my HTC helps me keep in touch with the people who matter the most.

Larry Meadows (LM): Tell us a little about Egypt, what’s going on where you are now?
Ahmad Abdel-Aziz (AA):
In Egypt, everything changed when the Egyptian youth saw that practicing politics was a right for everyone and the glorious revolution was born in January 2011. It’s now almost two years since the revolution, when the Mubarak regime fell, yet Egyptians are still living in days of unrest. While one regime has fallen, another one is now rising and there is much unrest on the streets of Cairo. It’s important to stay on top of the news and in touch with family and friends so everyone knows what’s going on. I love my life and have great faith. I pray every day to protect my beloved Egypt.

LM: Sounds intense. How is your HTC helping you to deal with what’s going on right now?
Since the start of the revolution, my smartphone has had a great impact on how I interact with the surrounding circumstances. My phone keeps me connected to all the news so I know what is happening on the streets around me. Above all, my HTC helps me keep in touch with the people who matter the most. While I am a single man, I am responsible for my mother and also for the safety of the caregiver who helps me care for her. I don’t want anyone to worry about us.

Ahmad’s favorite apps in his “Handy” folder.

LM: Which apps do you use the most?
I get my news alerts through Flipboard, which I keep in my “Handy” folder. When breaking news is happening, I use Friend Stream to swiftly share news as it happens with my contacts on Facebook and Twitter. I also use smart folders to group my favorite apps like Flipboard, Dropbox, and Flashlight (some of my “Handy” apps). Using smart folders makes it easy to quickly access the apps I use most frequently.

LM: What other ways does your smartphone help you in stay up-to-date?
I use GPS to make sure I never get lost when heading somewhere, especially important during this time of unrest. While I do my best to stay clear of the hot spots, where I live is actually very close to the latest events. I also use it to listen to music when the going gets tough.

Thanks Ahmad. Anyone interested in following Ahmad’s updates from Cairo can follow him on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

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