Bringing Your HTC Music to the Car


Ever since we introduced you to bass fanatic Billy Dillon, many of you have asked how to get the most out of your Beats Audio-enabled HTC phone while traveling. With HTC Car accessories, it’s easy to play your music library, stream radio stations, or connect to any music app on your phone. And getting everything connected is easy.

What are your favorite car accessories for your HTC phone?

3 Responses to “Bringing Your HTC Music to the Car”

  1. avatar CNL says:

    I want HTC One X+!!! When it’ll be available in Ukraine?

  2. Any news on when and where these accessories will be available to purchase? HTC Car Mic HTC Car StereoClip (Aux) HTC Car Kit. I have checked online and in numerous stores in Chicago, IL and surrounding states and burbs.

  3. avatar says:

    Such a smart man and golly, I just bought one!

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