HTC & Playstation Mobile Deliver Free Games


What’s better than free games on your HTC smartphone? Thanks to our friends at PlayStation Mobile, starting today, customers in select countries* using an HTC smartphone with Sense 4+ have the opportunity to download one free game per week through the end of February.

Head on over to the PlayStation Mobile download hub to get the PlayStation Mobile for Android App and set-up your Sony Entertainment Network account.

PlaystationMobileFEATURED-CUBBIXThis week’s free game is “Cubixx.” A reinvention of the classic action-puzzle game Qix, Cubixx challenges you to cut away the surfaces of a mysterious cube and free the energy within. With 20 mind-boggling levels of increasing difficulty, Cubixx is sure to challenge you with split-second decisions as you climb the high score table to claim your position at number one.

Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday for the next free game.

* PlayStation Mobile is currently available for HTC owners running Sense 4+ in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia.

30 Responses to “HTC & Playstation Mobile Deliver Free Games”

  1. avatar ukscj says:

    Nice move by HTC
    hopefully more countries will be added to the list in near future

    good post Dan

  2. avatar Rafał Żółkiewicz says:

    I install every game that appears.For me, working on Polish territory but my account had to be put on another country

  3. avatar Patrick Ryan says:

    It’s not compatible on the DROID DNA. :-[

  4. avatar Travis Hymas says:

    Fat lot of sense this makes, USA One S doesn’t have JellyBean.

  5. avatar Robert Terry says:


  6. avatar gacl says:

    This looks like a super low-res, low-tech port. If Sony started putting out some native Android games, that would be huge!

  7. avatar Zlatko Huzejrovic says:

    * PlayStation Mobile is currently available for HTC owners running
    Sense 4+ in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy,
    Germany, Spain and Australia.

    …although it seems like a good announcement, the question is what is the HTC users in the rest of Europe for HTC & Playstation????Greetings from Serbia

  8. avatar James stymiest says:

    Every time I open psm it closes after showing an error message. HTC one s

  9. avatar Milad Parsa says:

    How about droid DNA ?

  10. avatar Akio Yeh says:

    No Taiwan!?

  11. avatar Rusty Hyatt says:

    This works on the DROID DNA. If you have the phone rooted with ViperDNA ROM installed, look in VenomHub and install PSM app from there. It will ask you to update it when you first run it, then you can sign in and get the free game.

  12. avatar DanielJacobsen says:

    So why do I still get an error on the HTC Droid DNA?

  13. [...] us all to check every week for a new game. See the source link for the full details. Source: HTC; via [...]

  14. avatar Philip Hadlam says:

    HTC is the best mobile dedicated phones I have had the pleasure of owning.HTC the future.

  15. avatar Jimmy Buigues says:

    works good on my HTC one X rooted also running android resolution 18.1 :-)

  16. avatar Breakingillusions says:

    yet nothing for HTC windows phone !!!!

  17. avatar Tony Kitchen says:

    I sign in and every time it just signs me back out saying my session has expired :(

  18. Again, I ask, why no VZW DROID DNA support?

  19. avatar Sean Rigg says:

    I have a One X on AT&T, and according to the software profile it has Sense 4.0. So unless 4+ refers to an update from 4.0, One X owners should be able to get everything just fine. Haven’t tried personally, as the games thus far haven’t really impressed me.

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