Customer Spotlight: Nate Abbott – In His Own Words

Whether he’s hitting the slopes in Colorado or taming the concrete jungle of New York City, photographer Nate Abbott spends his time pursuing the perfect shot while following skiers around the world. As Senior Editor and Photographer for Freeskier Magazine, Nate focuses on using his camera to capture and tell stories as he lives his dream.


Wherever his “crazy work trips” take him, his trusty HTC One S is the one tool he says he can’t live without.

On how he makes a living: “I’m just a photographer; the rest of my job is about being engaged in the larger act of telling stories and sharing my outlook on the world.”

I’m constantly on the move so my social media presence has become something of an open forum diary for me.

On who influences his work: “The athletes I work with drive the stories I want to tell. Outside of them, I constantly try to explore and engage other people who are using any method—writing, art, design, photography or whatever—to share their world.” 

On staying connected: “I’m constantly on the move so my social media presence has become something of an open forum diary for me. My phone is the way I capture and share much of that content and snapshots are a huge part of that. I’m always typing notes to my future self and I’m a huge fan of diving deeper into the locations. I visit places by doing web searches and reading up on anything that captures my imagination. It also grounds me by keeping me in contact with my family and coworkers.”

On his must-have Android Apps:Google Maps, Evernote, Snapseed, Chrome, Camera+, Spotify, and United Airlines.”

Jon Glass

Nate’s best One S photo.

On the best photo he’s taken with his One S: “A quick snapshot of my co-worker Jon Glass taken during a weekend by the pool. For me photographing people is about gesture and emotion. I think this image is a perfect representation of Jon’s inimitable and special personality.”

For anyone looking to become a professional photographer, Nate’s advice is simple; “work hard, be passionate, and have an open mind.” Good advice, Nate. You can follow Nate’s photography through his website, blogInstagram, and keep up with his travels on Twitter.

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    I can totally relate to this. My HTC One X is the best thing that ever happend to me. I also am an amateur photographer, and the HTC One X just makes perfect shots, and it’s easy to operate. I would however enjoyed it more if the Beats Audio headset was included with it instead of the crappy ones..