New Year, New You: Top Fitness Apps

It’s New Year’s Resolution season! The local gyms and yoga studios are getting packed and millions of new diets have begun. Your busy, on-the-go lifestyle may not leave a lot of time for fitness but your new HTC One X+ or Windows Phone 8X is a pretty good assistant to help you strengthen, tone, and slim up in 2013. To help you start the New Year right, here are some of our favorite fitness apps to track your progress.


FitBit – A personal favorite, FitBit is a great activity tracker that you wear on a small wristband or belt-clip. Once synced, FitBit captures your movement activity throughout the day: stairs climbed, steps taken, calories burned, etc. Wear it at night and get an idea of how well you slept. Track your weekly fitness and weight-loss from their intuitive dashboard. Available for Android and Windows Phone.


RunKeeper – The purist app for runners, RunKeeper is a great companion for marathoners to mall-walkers. Set long-term goals or just tell it that you want to “do 5 miles” that day. For you hardcore data junkies, RunKeeper can integrate activities from dozens of other apps such as FitBit and Garmin to give you a more detailed view into your overall health. Available for Android.


Nike+ Kinect – This app is a great companion to Nike’s Kinect Training game for Xbox 360. If you’re not looking forward to braving the winter elements or you feel uncomfortable at gyms or boot camps, Nike+ Kinect Training is a great game & mobile app that you can use in the privacy of your own home.  Gain Nike Fuel points for each workout and, if you’re feeling competitive, throw out a challenge to your Xbox friends. Available for Windows Phone.


Pocket Yoga – With the explosion in yoga’s popularity it’s little wonder that there are numerous yoga apps available for mobile devices. Pocket Yoga is our favorite; a well-designed app that will help you practice difficult poses or hold your own session if classes are too crowded. Available for Android.


MyFitnessPal – Fitness doesn’t stop when you leave the gym or yoga studio. That’s where Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker from MyFitnessPal.com comes in handy. Track your caloric intake from a database of 1.1 million foods & meals, bookmark favorite meals & recipes, or scan barcodes while shopping. Available for Android and Windows Phone.


Endomondo – Popular among cyclists, Endomondo is for the goal-oriented athlete that wants to track their performance, especially in non-traditional workout activities such as skiing, skating, kayaking and more. Audio in Endomondo is also a standout. Turn on “Pep Talk” for those notes of encouragement from your friends or just zone out with your music playlists in the background. Available for Android and Windows Phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Priyadarshi-Das/1348304961 Priyadarshi Das

    The Apps Really Awesome Useful & User Friendly ,Kudos To Whole HTC Family 🙂

  • Russ

    My Fitness Pal and Endomondo for me. May try a Fit Bit at some point.

    • http://blog.htc.com/ Larry Meadows

      Hey Russ – I love Endomondo. Also use Strava for some of the more detailed stats.

  • http://lars-mueller.mobi/ Lars

    i use Runtastic for Android

  • Velociralphtor

    The Nike+ app is a super awesome companion for the Xbox game. Nice list, sir.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iblanca Ignasi Blanca

    Adidas micoach

  • Fili

    When will we get nike basketball?

  • Kara Griffiths

    Sportypal Pro is another great app for tracking your workouts. You can track runs/rides etc with gps, and check out the maps on the website version too. It’s also handy to be able to plot your route if you forgot to track with the app or didn’t take your phone with you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/sachvshah Sachin Shah

    Hi, I have got a new HTC One X+. I am using Runkeeper, Spotify during my run. During my run the phone activates voice dial (out of the blue) and starts skipping songs! Its really annoying 1) While running it disrupts 2) it tries to pick up the name and starts randomly calling people (Including international call!!). Has anyone had similar issues. Am I triggering a short cut to activate voice dialing while running?