Bringing Audio Speak to the Masses


There’s one in every family, the self-described audio engineer. Our eyes glaze over as they share their thoughts on the EQ settings of our car stereo or give detailed explanations about the rich, warm sound of vinyl records compared to the CD’s and MP3′s of today. Of course, we just sit back and wonder “what are they talking about?” This week, we share our guide for helping you decode the world of “audio geek speak.”


5 Responses to “Bringing Audio Speak to the Masses”

  1. Waiting, waiting, still waiting

  2. avatar ukscj says:

    7 more days & we’ll find out
    Very creative artwork :-)

  3. avatar Horus Jarilo says:

    Oh boy, oh boy…. I’m smelling KDDI advanced speaker technology. Hooray if that’s true.

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