HTC Nexus One in Orbit


After being selected by NASA to serve as the computing power for their “PhoneSat” program, the HTC-built Nexus One became the worlds first “smartpho-naut” after being launched to space on February 25th.

Still stuck here on earth but want that heaven’s-eye view? Installed on the new satellite is the 360app which will let us gravity-bound folks play big brother and request snapshots taken with the Nexus One’s camera. You can follow the action on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. They’ll also be sharing details on requesting your own “earth shot.”

Congratulations to the folks at Surrey Satellite Technology and Surrey Space Center for this historic launch.

4 Responses to “HTC Nexus One in Orbit”

  1. My first Android smartphone. I loved it so much that I replaced it with another Nexus One.

  2. avatar Diane says:

    My first Android smartphone was the HTC Desire but seeing what this amazing HTC Nexus One can do proves once again that HTC devices are here to stay!!

  3. avatar myhtcunlock says:

    this is amazing! ;)

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