HTC One Named Best Phone


That certainly didn’t take long! One week after being unveiled to the world, the HTC One has been named “Best Phone” and “Best in Show” in the inaugural TechRadar awards at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


TechRadar’s Gareth Beavis credited the “combination of stunning design, alternative camera technology and cutting edge specs” of the HTC One as the impetus for winning Best Phone award.

In what Gareth described as a “tricky category to call,” the HTC One was named “Best in Show” thanks to the large crowds of people “clustered around the HTC stand to play with the One.”

Thank you TechRadar for such an honor. We’re proud to be the first winners of your MWC Awards!

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  1. by
    the way can htc stop making phones with no expandable memory and no
    removable battery. i admit the htc one is sexy and the specs r pretty
    impressive especially the new technology of the ultra pixels. but a
    phone were i cant remove the battery and pop in a fresh new one, and a
    phone that i cant make its memory larger, is no use to me. i might as
    well buy a shitty iphone. and please could you make the screen at least
    five inches. if your new phone will include these features i will
    continue buying htc smart phones like i always have been. with the titan
    and then the titan two and then the touch pro two and the evo 4g and
    evo 3d. and thats what i have right now. and i m very tempted to buy a
    samsung but if i do it will upset the love of my life who is taiwanese.
    so please fix this. tell that to peter chou

  2. I have HTC OneX+ with 64 GB and unable to fill it, so expandable memory really does not matter as cloud services are more easy to use

    Congrats for the win

  3. Of course it is! It looks amazing and pretty much perfect!

  4. avatar Tony Tan says:

    when will htc gonna launch in singapore and it is already march ????

  5. avatar samrat majumder says:

    Check And remove Old htcdriver could not be found error prompting each time i try to install htc sync mnager , plz help . I have tried after un-installing also and also after deleting all htc files/folders from my laptop. Still the error ” Check And remove Old htcdriver could not be found ” prompts

  6. avatar Fuducky says:

    Don’t screw this up HTC. You owe it to your team to market it properly and get the word out there.
    Do what you have to do so that another great device does not get drowned out in the sea of ads from your competitors. This summer, let me answer ‘Yes this is the HTC one’ and not ‘No this is not that galaxy phone.’

  7. avatar Bill Gibson says:

    Which Bluetooth keyboard(s) does it work with?

  8. avatar Mr Holt III says:

    This will be my 3rd HTC PHONE. I had the EVO, the EVO LTE. AND AS SOON AS THIS DROPS, ILL OWN THIS TO. This phone looks amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! HTC PHONES ARE GOOD STUFF. SAMSUNG’S ARE JUNK!

  9. avatar Kia says:

    When does the new HTC One phone come out? Is it March or April?

  10. So when can I BUY one ???

  11. avatar Kevin Sheridan says:

    I have one question,..and a concern. I have a HTC Thunderbolt, and if not for power managemnt apps, Id have to charge this 2.5 full times a day.—The new HTC One looks great!!…What about battery capacity, especially since i understand you cant get a larger battery upgrade?

  12. avatar tiffJr says:

    does anyone know when this phone will be available to sale!? I’ve been dying waiting to get this phone! I can’t WAIT!!!!

    • avatar Fatu Yu says:

      its being said that it will come out end of March…. Call your carrier and see if they can tell you a date. I called Tmobile today and they said to check back with them in 2 wks so I’m thinking end of March?

  13. avatar Aaron says:

    When/where can I get this?

    • avatar Fatu Yu says:

      I think end of march, Tmobile and Verizon will be carrying the new HTC ONE i think sprint also but not sure. I am practically harrasing my carrier every wk just to know when the date is lol.

  14. avatar Fatu Yu says:

    This will be my first HTC phone I cannot freaking wait for it to come out!!! I waited 2yrs for an upgrade because nothing out there made me go WOW not even iphone 5 (junk). I keep calling my phone carrier every wk just to find out when I can hold this BEAST in my hands lol

  15. avatar D Colbert says:

    Sounds like HTC One is great but problem plagued like all the others.

  16. avatar Antonio says:

    Ok, ok, when is it going to be available at AT&T ? I want to buy it NOW!

  17. I have the One S I love it but can’t wait for this to come out. I am leery about the camera, that’s what I love most. The pics are awesome. I too am bugging my local T-Mo store for it! I am not due for a full update until April but not sure I can wait!

  18. avatar Ryan says:

    I so far from what I’ve seen love the phone. I just hope that blink will be able to be turned off. To me my favorite part of sense is clock. Second is the launcher, at least how sense 4′s is. Third is weather, when u open it and its animated. But my favorite thing of android in general is customization. I need/want to be able to have w/e I want on my home screen and with android 4.2 it’s widgets on the lock screen. I really hope that I will not be limited in customizing it. So when the hell are we gonna be able to buy it?

  19. avatar Brian Fehrle says:

    I like how us HTC users just seem to genuinely love our phones, and feel compelled to cheer on HTC as a company. I’m on my third HTC phone, and I can guarantee my next will be HTC. I went from Hero -> EVO -> EVO LTE. They simply get better and better with each phone I get.

  20. avatar martin says:






  21. avatar All Time Fresh says:

    Samsung s4 will beat HTC one. S4 has 13megapixels on rear camera, 130g in weight, 5inch screen and 2600mah battery. That’s is the highest development on smartphones. Samsung is the best ever!

  22. avatar Cat says:

    I should probably also clarify since the article is about phones, and not about MS vs apple [I might have gone off on a tangent there] ; with linux you certainly get what you pay for, though android is respectable, it is well below par with os/x in so many ways. Personally, when VMware fusion comes to iOS, I’ll run both iOS and Android on my mobile device/s. I would get an ipod touch and an HTC only because with HTC I can swap out the SD Cards [I believe, unless I am wrong]. That is the advantage of them to me.

  23. avatar Tristan Stiek says:

    No expandable memory… That’s just rather stupid…

  24. avatar shb says:

    Bought a HTC one recently, negatives are as follows:
    1.Wi-Fi crashes causing the phone go into stand still, over heat and non functional. cannot switch off or on the Wi-Fi at all, leaves the only option to restart the phone. it is very risky if the power button doesn’t work, then I got stock, because the battery is not coming out. the SIM is not coming out easily and needs the HTC pin only. so get stock if I want to do any of these to get the phone up and running.
    >> HTC , DO NOT COPY IPHONE<< , people choose HTC for several reasons, otherwise they could go to iphone in the first place.
    2.there is only 4 pages for apps and widget available, not 5 pages as the blink cannot be removed. there is very nice and must have widget on the phones but lack of space is a killer. the front page could only be changed to a blank page.
    3.blink feed cannot be what you desire, such as your favourite news, emails, apps or other useful stuff. HTC decides what is on blink and not you. it is useless to business or professionals as the blink is for socialising purposes only. : the pictures taken on the computer is hugely different to my HTC Desire HD picture quality with only 8MP on the computer. nevertheless what others offering on 13MP. HTC needs to get the technology right first and then offer the products. it appears that HTC expecting people to buy phones and upload or express their experiences or perhaps their frustrations with the phone to reduce HTC's costs and lack of sufficient laboratory tests.

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