Experiencing the New HTC One


To get a sense of how great the new HTC One feels, you really have to hold it in your hands. So we brought our roadshow to New York City, giving visitors to Times Square a chance to experience the phone and compare it against the competition.

Like the stellar press reaction, everyone we showed it to in New York loved the “sleek, smooth, and sexy” HTC One.

Click here for all the details about the new HTC One, including how to register and get one for yourself.

31 Responses to “Experiencing the New HTC One”

  1. Amazing how the sound is! In Times Square, and still I can hear it in the video! Wow!
    Thanks Darren.

  2. avatar Valter Fernandes says:

    First HTC ad that is really good.. connect with people! keep doing that!

    The only drawback on htc now is the waiting time to actually own their phones.. only releasing it after SGS4 presentation was a bad move on it’s own.. delaying it to the end of march.. even worst.. i’ve pre-ordered the HTC One the day after the presentation, already paid for it on the 13th, and now i will have to wait till April to have it.. if it is not delayed again.. but, anyway, eventhoug i talked about the SGS4, i only did because it was a bad plan by htc.. i would still, by far, far, get the one over any other phone on the market or already presented..

  3. So when is it coming out???

  4. This is amazing! People needs to see this device, test it, to testify what this baby is able to do :)!

  5. avatar Eric Lallana says:

    So impressive yet so frustrated by these delays that it’s now made world headlines. HTC has yet to apologize for not anticipating these problems. 8-(

  6. avatar Rissy says:

    I have an HTC Sensation XL and I’m converted from Nokia to HTC. I so want an HTC One…will definitely be my next phone!

  7. avatar Matt Awang says:

    Great new look, nice to touch and hold on. What’s a wonderful phone.

  8. avatar Arun Kumar Nechlani says:

    HTC One rocked times square.!

  9. avatar Avi Sharma says:

    Nailed it! Its awesome! Their reactions speak in favour of the HTC One :D

  10. avatar Krzysiek W. says:

    Love reaction of people when they touch ONE! ;)

  11. avatar LenaVeis says:

    It’s amazing!!! Nice idea of HTC!! :)

  12. avatar Jill Sweitzer says:

    Hi Larry – I’ve noticed

  13. avatar Robert Kay says:

    lol, march 14 he said… i wish.

  14. avatar Kenny Ho says:

    I want two HTC ONE, one for myself, one for my girlfriend!!

  15. I can’t wait but I have to. From the USA, so I hope the phone comes out by the end of April.

  16. Um, I know it’s slim and all, but not having a removable battery is an EPIC FAIL!!! Now, there is no REAL advantage over an iPhone…

  17. will it come out for the sensation xe? only had it a year and i need something to make it interesting again. Also after using iphones my htc always feel slow please release this for sensation xe

  18. Love my HTC One V, but I would definitely love to have this new one… Looks great, and has everything I need in an upgraded version of mine. :)

  19. avatar Angel Garcia says:

    Why doesn’t it have an SD slot again??? It’s like htc takes 2 steps forward only to take 3 steps back

  20. was this video actually recorded with the device ?

  21. Good job HTC!!!! Go ahead and connect with people like u just did..Do it more and more ,more ,more and more..God damn it…pls let those people know your innovations before they buy plastic phones just because of there heavy advertisement …

  22. avatar Ankur Sharma says:

    it’s gonna be my next buy for sure.. I was there {the guy with the sunglasses in this picture/video :)} and checked it out. My first impressions – a simply SEXY device. But, the delayed launch is sad.

  23. avatar David Khaev says:

    hello .. when it will be available in Europe (romania)??

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