Troy ‘Von Majik’ – In His Own Words

Whether he’s performing before an audience or just having fun with friends and family, the world is always a stage for London-based Troy von Scheibner, aka “Von Majik.” Entertainment has always been his passion; now as a professional magician he spends his time pushing the boundaries of the believable. Armed with his trusty HTC One X+, Von Majik is always looking for inspiration for his next trick.

On his chosen field: Essentially, I do the impossible. Too many people are constrained by their own view of reality. I tell fans all the time to stop, question what they think is reality, and then look closely at my world to see where the boundaries are different.

His biggest influence: My biggest influence in magic is David Blaine. Watching him perform, how he constantly looks for ways to take his performance to the next level, really keeps my eyes open to find ways to improve my performance. Outside of magic, I wouldn’t be where I am today without my family and friends. They’ve always encouraged me to dream big, to keep going, always telling me I would go far. Looking back, they weren’t wrong.

How he stays connected: My Phone is a VERY important part of my everyday life. For my business, it’s important to keep my social media up to date, stay current with my email, and always be available for important phone calls. And Dropbox is a must-have for me. I take a lot of pictures, notes, and receive a lot of documents. Dropbox let’s me store these files while giving me fast access to anything I need, regardless of where I am.

Whether he’s taking pictures of quirky things, performing tricks with his phone, or listening to Chris Brown and Kendrick Lamar, Von Majik is a self-described cinema loving, tattoo-obsessed, fitness freak who’s always looking for the inspiration behind his next magic trick. You can follow Von Majik on Twitter or his web site for performance information.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=696112190 Ahmad Abdel-Aziz

    Wow! These are amazing tricks, Von Majik!

    Glad to see an HTC enthusiast who is so professional and who loves his work, like yourself.
    Thank you, Larry for highlighting Von Majik.

  • http://twitter.com/SuMaiden_ POLKA DOT. ®

    OMyGucci!, how did he do that?? cool!!

  • http://twitter.com/AmyBarseghian Amy Barseghian

    Wow! I need you to do a show for our son’s birthday! 🙂 Awesome Von Majik!