Never Miss a Moment with BlinkFeed


Imagine having the information that matters most delivered directly to your home screen. It’s possible with BlinkFeed; a feature of the new HTC One designed around how you find, consume, and share news and information.

BlinkFeed brings you a stream of information and updates from the sources you choose, making it easier than ever to access current information every time you look at your phone. You can even select your news feeds today using HTC’s “Get Started;” then we’ll apply your preferences when you first turn on your new HTC One.

Learn more about BlinkFeed below or click here to experience it for yourself. Then, make sure you register for details about getting the smartphone Matthew Miller of ZDNet calls “the best smartphone I have ever used.”

47 Responses to “Never Miss a Moment with BlinkFeed”

  1. Will blinkfeed support Google+?

  2. avatar Steve Love says:

    I have a HTC one and whilst I like blinkfeed when will HTC add more sources? You can’t add them yourself and without more contentious may as well use Feedly or flipboard…

    • We will continue to add sources as we develop partnerships. IN fact, today we have added some more content sources in the Netherlands. Who are you most interested in seeing added to BlinkFeed?

      • avatar Paulus Repo says:

        Hey Larry, the IIHL (international icehockey league) is starting again in few months. Would be cool to check live results via blinkfeed.

      • avatar yoho says:

        Larry please add , the best news portal in poland

      • avatar Wes Allen says:

        HTC really needs to have an instagram plugin. BTW… got the phone yesterday on sprint in the US. Love this thing.

        • Hey Wes, what are you looking for with the instagram plugin that the app wont do?

          • avatar laura says:

            I think it would be best if instagram could be a part of the blink feed options and also a share function option. Will this happen soon? Just got the phone an hour ago and already miss the ability to share to instagram. Am I wrong?

          • Hi Laura – you can download the Instagram app from the play store. Once downloaded, share to instagram is an option on your photos. I do this all the time to my instagram account.

          • avatar Doug says:

            Instagram on blinkfeed would be fantastic. Blinkfeed tiles could be filled with the lastest photos taken by the people you follow, i.e landscape photographers, professionals, holiday destinations, friends and food. Your home page on the HTC would look so vibrant.

      • avatar jake624 says:

        ABC News, Fox News, Red State, CNN, NBC, The Blaze, Townhall, New York Times, etc.

      • avatar Steve says:

        Hi Larry, would be good. As the Dutch guy above said the ability to also choose a mix of Dutch and non Dutch sources in The Netherlands would also be good.

        Really just the ability to add our own chosen rss feeds is what’s needed.

        Apart from that I got my HTC One two days a go and it is indeed most awesome!

      • avatar Larry Baysinger says:

        Conservative news sources such as Fox News. We get way too much of the liberal point of view. Love the HTC One. Thanks.

  3. avatar Bogdan Stetco says:

    We need Google+ on BlinkFeed :(

  4. Hello Larry this looks great, will the UK be receiving developer handsets? or only US, thanks for any correspondance.

  5. avatar KiwiBri says:

    hey! PLEASE update the phone software to 4.2.2 and key lime pie as soon as you guys can. Also, any chance in improving the camera software? Seen many reviews saying the daylight photos are not very good :(

  6. avatar KiwiBri says:

    oh, and please have blinkfeed be more customable! thanks! looking forward to the phone!

  7. avatar Roope says:

    First of all: is there a feature inside of the Blinkfeed that if there are breaking news, something really important those major news could override minor ones and shown at the top? I can imagine my friend posting a picture in facebook and then something big is going on in the news and it gets somehow unnoticed in my feed.

    Hopefully you will also bring partners from Finland f.e biggest news paper Helsingin Sanomat.

    Thank you.

  8. avatar Tim Clifton says:

    My blinkfeed highlights only shows facebook even though i have other sources added can only pick them individually from the drop down but as soon as switch back to highlights only facebook again any ideas anyone?

  9. hi, i want to question ; blinkfeed rss support turkey ?

  10. avatar TristanSchaaf says:

    Hi, I have the HTC One, and I am very happy with it. However, I live in the Netherlands, and am a real gadget fan, but I don’t want the dutch sites. I can speak fluently English, and I want to add sources from other countries. Is this possible (preferably without changing the language to English?)

    • avatar radiotrib says:

      Hi Tristan .. Yes that’s possible .. just set up blinkfeed and tell it you’re in the UK – it wiil then give you UK tech sites. Once you’ve done that you can go back to an NL setting for the regular news. I did that to get UK newspapers and USA tech sites for example.

      • avatar TristanSchaaf says:

        So you go to the settings of BlinkFeed, change local content to an other country. Set up the content you want so that it will update that. Then go back to the settings, again to change local content back to NL and then it will get both?

        Doesn’t work with me.

        • avatar radiotrib says:

          Yeah that’s odd .. It worked for me once and now it doesn’t – so I leave my Blinkfeed ‘tuned’ to the UK

  11. avatar Dean Patterson says:

    I’ve had my One for a day and in theory I thought Blink Feed would be great since im always looking at ifans and TomsHardware i figured you could add RSS feeds but unfortunately you cant. Adding support for that would be awesome.

  12. avatar Danno Random says:


  13. avatar nukemonk says:

    In Russia we really need VK support.

    And another thing – we have here in Russia just two technical sources in BF, both not so good at all. But! It’s much more better to give ability in BF to select additional region. It solves a lot of problems with local sources. It’s much better to select local country news and, for example, technical sources from global english region. This common to many users for sure. Please, add this feature and BF will be a much more powerful tool.

    And to make it just fantastic tool you need to add connection to any RSS feed. That will make BlinkFeed awesome.

  14. avatar Carl says:

    No really liking Blinkfeed… Idea is good but I only seem to be getting US news (really not that interested who Obama appoints where), despite having it set to the UK.
    The tiles are a bit big for the resolution of the phone.
    Would be good to have phone calles email and text recieved

  15. I am getting used to it and I am really liking it. I think it is only a matter of giving it a chance. I have it set up to highlights and it has become my newsfeeder… ;)

  16. avatar BoB1673 says:

    blinkfeed needs to allow more 3rd party apps then i would use it

  17. avatar Luan Sundbom says:

    If HTC added shortcut settings in the notification bar and made it possible to get rid of Blinkfeed completely! then i wouldn’t have second thoughts about buying this phone

    • I can tell you I have both a One and a Droid DNA. Whenever I am using my DNA, i miss BlinkFeed, mainly because I don’t want to have to search for news – i like it on the home screen.

  18. avatar Luan Sundbom says:

    Also i live in Sweden and i couldn’t care less about news from USA ore something like that, so if i was going to use Blinkfeed i need more Swedish newspapers.

  19. avatar Paul Anderson says:

    I would ask how you can think of launching Blinkfeed missing the world’s most respected news source, the BBC, but then I see that HTC replies to a total of, let’s see.. um, zero of the questions asked here, so that would be like all of these questions, futile to ask.

    • avatar radiotrib says:

      Don’t worry Paul .. I know they do take into account everything which is said on this blog. Even though they don’t reply directly, everything which is posted here gets straight back and is considered.

    • Hi Paul,

      My apologies for my delayed response; I’ve been off for my son’s wedding. As for news sources, while we have nothing to announce at this time, we will continue to work to deliver the information that matters most to customers through BlinkFeed.

  20. avatar radiotrib says:

    I never really kept up with the news. Local news is a bit lost on me for language reasons (I’m a Brit living in the Netherlands) and I couldn’t be bothered going looking for UK news – always too busy to sit down with
    it. I also didn’t think Blinkfeed was much more than a gimmick and didn’t expect it to be any use to me. It was certainly not a factor in my decision to get a One.

    Fast forward to a couple of days after I got my One … Now I’m up with the UK news thanks to the Guardian feed, the world financial and political news thanks to the FT feed and all the latest in tech. thanks to the technology highlights accumulator … and I don’t have to take time out to check it out .. it’s there when I want it … thanks to Blinkfeed.

    It’s still not mature by any means … I would definitely like to see several of the feeds from the BBC on offer, and I would very much like to see my mail and messages integrated into my highlights display … but I know
    Blinkfeed is new, so I’m really hoping that it will improve and expand its capabilities over the next couple of iterations.

  21. avatar LiteBit says:

    how can I stop HTC’s big blue blocks with “hints and tips” from appearing from blinkfeed.
    I turned off all sources and apps, except my calendar, which worked fine (and was what I wanted, by lack of a more flexibel blinkfeed) for about 2 hours, now I have a small block of my calendar, and a big blue block, filling > half of the screen, telling me to create a “secure folder for sms”.
    I clicked it a few times, but it is on there now for 2 days. it is extremely annoying.

  22. Hi Ian,

    we have nothing to announce related to BlinkFeed partners at this time.

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