Taking Photos with HTC Zoe


Life rarely happens one frame at a time, which is why HTC developed our new UlraPixel camera with HTC Zoe. With HTC Zoe on the new HTC One, a simple click of the shutter button captures up to 20 photos and a 3-second video image, including the last second of images before you tapped the picture button.

When’s the best time to use Zoe? Whenever you want to to capture the perfect photo. After all, you don’t want to miss the moment if you aren’t quick enough (or perhaps just too fast) to capture the best part of the shot. HTC Zoe turns your smartphone into a living photo gallery of memories and interests. After all, capturing a moment takes more than a single image.

Once you’ve taken your perfect shot, use HTC Share to put together your own gallery of up to ten images to share with friends and family. It’s a new way to share your experiences with those around you. HTC Zoe and HTC Share are the perfect camera accessories for our busy, always-on-the-go lives; and they’re a key part of the camera experience with the new HTC One.

What photo gallery are you most looking forward to sharing with those around you?

10 Responses to “Taking Photos with HTC Zoe”

  1. avatar KiwiBri says:

    >What photo gallery are you most looking forward to sharing with those around you?

    Of my family !! It will be easier to share interactive of my family moments with family overseas.

  2. What a great feature. HTC you are smart !!! Have to do more advertisement of the features in the Middles East and the all of the World !!!

  3. avatar HARSH CONTRACTOR says:

    what is final launching date in india?

  4. avatar rahul says:

    like your quality

  5. avatar rahul says:

    best for h T c

  6. avatar Yosef Oglo says:

    htc zoe .. where r u ???

  7. avatar cybe007 says:

    Can you change the number of still photos Zoe captures? Like, fix it at 9 to save space?

  8. avatar ericmittman says:

    I’ve been taking zoe shots and stills for about a week now and as far as I can tell individual frames look about the same as regular stills from the camera.

  9. avatar Dan Dieleman says:

    There not blurry or hazy at all, sorry to burst your bubble.

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