HTC Wins Red Dot Design Award


Time to make some more room on the awards shelf! Congratulations to the HTC Design team for receiving the “red dot award: product design 2013” for the Windows Phone 8X and 8S by HTC.

It’s a big honor from one of the worlds most prestigious design competitions that acknowledges the design quality of our flagship phones and the innovative approach our design team took to bringing the 8X and 8S to market.

Coming on the heels of the new HTC One winning Best Phone and Best in Show at Mobile World Congress, we’re honored to be recognized for designing devices that meet, and in many cases exceed, our customers expectations.



8 Responses to “HTC Wins Red Dot Design Award”

  1. Thank you Larry :)
    Million congratulations to HTC and its creative design team

  2. avatar Fuducky says:

    Congrats, I hear about red dot all the time.
    So I know what a big deal it is.
    The designers at HTC definitely deserve it.

  3. avatar shaikh aaftab ahmed says:

    feels proud to own HTC 8x .

  4. avatar Joseph C Kim says:

    Congratulations on a great looking phone!

  5. avatar Padam Kafle says:

    Yes Yes Yes!!! I am also holding HTC 8S….. Congo HTC..

  6. avatar ilhuns says:

    Congratulations But wait for new update and The importance of a little more new features please

  7. avatar Ordeith says:

    So forget about the One. and all the other Android powered crap you can make, and PUSH THIS PHONE.

  8. avatar ReiverBlade says:

    i have a 8x in california blue, i had a 32gb One X hummm WP8 hard transition but i love HTC!

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