Develop Energy Efficient Apps with HTC One

Many of us use Bluetooth everyday to connect our smartphone with the car stereo, headset, or even a fitness app like FitBit. The growing number of apps and devices that use Bluetooth for communication opens up a world of opportunity for developers, especially those taking advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

If you’re not familiar with BLE, it’s a subset of the Bluetooth 4.0 spec that uses a fraction of the power consumed by older Bluetooth-enabled devices. In a world where battery life is at a premium, BLE ensures communication between the smartphone and Bluetooth devices is simple, reliable, and efficient.

That’s why we’ve released a number BLE compatible devices, like the HTC One, HTC One X+, HTC Butterfly and Droid DNA, with an open API for developers interested in leveraging BLE in their apps. Some early examples of uses for BLE include the pedometers, heart rate monitors, and other sensory devices many of us use during our exercise and travel daily.


While we anticipate support for BLE in Android in the near future, today we’re calling all developers who have an idea for a BLE app or want to add BLE support to an existing app. Drop us a line or contact us through @htcdev and let’s start talking about how you can take advantage of BLE on HTC devices.

Want to learn more about BLE? Join HTC’s Dario Laverde at Android DevCon this May to learn more about what BLE can mean for your applications.

  • ugur islamoglu

    it’s very good designed.

  • Mark Weston

    I am hoping for FitBit One BLE support with the HTC One when I get it. Hopefully AT&T will have the One soon.

  • Uğur İslamoğlu

    İ have a Htc one